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Burkina Faso Prime Minister Visits UNAMID UNAMID Police Chief of Operations Inspires FPUs



IN THE UNAMID MEMORIAL EDITOR’s NOTE CHRONICLE INDEX INTRODUCTION 1- Cover picture 2- Editor’s note 3- Police Commissioner’s Foreword

FOCUS ON MANDATED ACTIVITIES 1- Acting Police Commissioner decorates Djibouti Contingent 2- Deputy Police Commissioner Policy and Planning pays working visit to Nyala 3- UNAMID observes International Day of UN Volunteers 4- UNAMID Police Chief of Operations inspires FPUs

VIP VISITS UNAMID Burkina Faso Prime Minister visits UNAMID

UNAMID MEMORIAL Dr. Mutasem commiserates with Rwandan and Tanzanian Contingents

CAPACITY BUILDING Launching of GoS Women Police Network


UNAMID DJSR visits Sector East-El Daein Burkina Faso FPU Medal Parade Evacuation training exercise in Sector Central Central Sector receives additional FPUs Sector West UNAMID Police Women Network welcomes the new Sector Commander 6- Closing ceremony of three days Explosive Remnants of War training for UNAMID staff


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olleague Peace Keepers in UNAMID, another month’s edition of the Police Chronicle is here. I take pleasure in informing you that the month of December, as usual, witnessed a flurry of activities within the Police Component. In this edition, we bring you highlights of the launch of the Government of Sudan Police Women Network (GPWN) at the Al Zubair Stadium in El-Fasher which was witnessed by the Deputy Police Commissioner Policy and Planning in the capacity as Acting Police Commissioner. He noted that ‘it is not good for women to be seen and not heard’ and that ‘ with persistence, coordination and unity, women can make a difference.’ We also bring you highlights of the Djibouti Police Contingent Medal Award Ceremony held in El-Fasher on 5 December 2012, and witnessed by the Ag Police Commissioner Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam. During that ceremony, the Ag. Police Commissioner used the occasion to commend the Contingent for their selfless service to the people of Darfur; in pursuit of achieving the mandate of UNAMID Police Component. Also in this edition, we report on Dr. Mutasem’s (Deputy Police Commissioner Policy and Planning) working visit to Sector South, Nyala, on 17 December 2012, and his interaction with Heads of Formed Police Units and various Unit Heads at the Sector Headquarters; through which, he briefed them on UNAMID’s Police Senior Leadership Strategic Plan towards the implementation of the Review of Uniformed Personnel (RUP). As Ag. Police Commissioner, Dr. Mutasem on December 24 participated in receiving the Burkina Faso Prime Minister His Excellency Tiao Luc Adolphe; who was on a fact finding mission, with a view to acquaint himself with the operations of UNAMID and also lifting the morale of his troops and Police Advisors on the ground. As representative of the Acting Joint Special Representative of UNAMID, the Police Chief of Staff Mr. Cyprian Gatete attended the “International Volunteers Day” held at El-Fasher University on December 17, 2012; where he stated that UNAMID is ‘mighty proud of our Volunteers and recognize their achievements across the Mission’s area of responsibility.’ UNAMID Police Chief of Operations’ familiarization tours to Indonesian (Garuda) and Egyptian Camps in El-Fasher on December 9 and 10 respectively are also featured in this edition. The tours according to the Special Assistant to the Police Commissioner, were to introduce Dr. Tarawneh as the new Formed Police Unit Coordinator and to identify the challenges of the Formed Police Units; so as to communicate these challenges to Management. As part of Management’s concern for the welfare of Contingents, Dr. Mutasem in the capacity as Acting Police Commissioner in the month of December, commiserated with the Rwandan and Tanzanian Police Contingents; following the death of their Contingent members: Police Advisors Rukabu Comrade and Hawa Luzy respectively. This month’s edition also covers the operations of the GoS/ Movement Office, news briefs, and the activities of UNAMID Police Leadership and Advisors in thev Sectors. On behalf of the Police Public Information Office, I wish you all a pleasant reading.


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e have just ended the year 2012, and I wish to thank all those who contributed in diverse ways to achieving our mandated tasks of capacity building for the Government of Sudan Police (GoS), security enhancement activities and community policing endeavours. In retrospect, the Police Component in 2012 made significant gains in the area of capacity building for GoS Police. Available records show that we were able to train a total of 3210 (three thousand two hundred and ten) GoS Police in areas of Human Rights, Computer skills, Criminal Investigations, Detention and Treatment of Prisoners, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Public Order Management among others. In our quest to continue to offer selfless service to the people of Darfur, the Police Component in 2012 received new Police contingents from Ethiopia, Djibouti, Indonesia and Tunisia; to add to the already men and women from other Police Contributing Countries (PCC) serving in Darfur. Management is very grateful to the governments of these countries for accepting to send their Police contingents to serve in UNAMID. I wish to note that in 2012, high profile personalities paid courtesy calls on the Police Component from the Department of Peace Keeping Organisation (DPKO) and the Government of Sudan Police. These were signs of concern and appreciation they have for the work we are doing. There was the visit of Ms. Anne-Marie Orler – Police Advisor to UN Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General Mr. Dmitry Titov – DPKO’s Head of Rule of Law and Security Institutions, Lt. General Hamid Manan Mohammed – Director General of GoS Police Training, Dr. Shoaib Dasagir – Deputy Police Advisor and the Jordanian Police delegation among others. At senior management level, we had five of our colleagues who left the mission after completion of their tour of duty: Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh (Police Commissioner), Fakri Bani Doumi (Chief of Budget and Planning)Richard Luhanga (Reform &Restructuring Coordinator), Madam Kadi Fakondo (Donor Coordination Officer), and Mr. Moses Jagaba (Formed Police Unit Coordinator). These officers tremendously contributed to achieving the Police mandate and bringing peace to the people of Darfur. We wish them success in their new assignments. In the same vein, I would like to applaud the appointments of four senior officers within the Police Component in 2012. These officers have brought in their experiences and policing skills to contribute to the attainment of our mandated tasks. I would therefore pay special tribute to Dr. Mutasem Aljadid Almajali – Deputy Police Commissioner Policy and Planning, Mr. Michael Makaka – Sector East Commander, Ms. Juliana Aba – Sector North DDPD Coordination Officer and Mrs. Mamouna Ouedraogo – Sector West Commander. In spite of our achievements in 2012, we have also had few daunting moments in our operations. We lost many of our colleagues through hostile attack such as BP 7696016668 Constable Igor Ali of Bangladesh FPU and others through natural consequences. Our deepest sympathies go to the families, friends and colleagues of our departed fellow peacekeepers. The kidnapping of two of our colleagues from the Jordanian Formed Police Unit based in Kabkabiya: Sergeant Hassan AL .MAZAWDHI and Corporal Qasim AL SARHAN was also a difficult moment we went through as a Component in 2012 On behalf of the Police Component, I would like to express our gratitude to all those who supported and helped us achieve our mandated tasks in 2012. I equally so urge all my colleagues to brace up for the daunting tasks ahead of us in the year 2013. I implore you all to diligently work towards sustaining the confidence that the people of Darfur have in us.


Dr.Syed Kaleem IMAM UNAMID Police Commissioner (Ag)





edal of Honor is symbolic of more than just individual heroism; for recipients know that they are representatives of all the men and women who are currently alive and the tens of thousands whom have ever served valiantly and thus deserve recognition. We all have a responsibility for each other. In difficult situations, fear does not win, and never wins, among people of honor. As thanksgiving approaches, those who serve have a lot to be proud of as UNAMID has a tradition of expressing gratitude to them for their services and sacrifice. Police contingent’s Medal Award



Ceremony is one of hope and promise; as such, UNAMID is passionate and dedicated to reminding everyone about the sacrifices those in uniform make to preserve the Police mandate. This was proved to be true when the Ag. Police Commissioner Dr Syed Kaleem Imam with a team of Officers attended the medal parade of Djibouti Police Contingent at the R&I Rub Hall in Super Camp, El-Fasher, on December 3, 2012. It was a colorful occasion celebrated amid pomp and pageantry; as it attracted lots of dignitaries within the UNAMID Police family. Welcoming the audience, the Djibouti Police Contingent Commander


thanked the entire invited guests and the audience for honouring their invitation despite their busy schedules. He gave a chronological history of Djibouti as a nation and the country’s Police contributions to peace keeping in the world. The Ag Commissioner Dr Syed Kaleem in his address urged the Djibouti Police Contingent to be proud of being ambassadors of their country in this hybrid Mission in Darfur; adding, that in spite of their limited strength, their contributions to achieving the mandate of UNAMID Police was and still commendable. He said that service medals are in recognition of their commitment to duty, experiences and

professionalism to bringing hope and future to the people of Darfur. He said he was proud to be part of the ceremony and congratulated the Djibouti Police Contingent for their wonderful medal parade. The Guest of Honour Mr. Mohamed Younis (Deputy Joint Special Representative) praised the exemplary contributions of Djibouti Police Contingent in UNAMID and urged them to continue to exhibite high level of discipline and professionalism in their day to day activities. Presentation of United Nations medals to Police Advisors climaxed the occasion.

In another engagement, the Acting Police Commissioner Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam, accompanied the Ag. Joint Special Representative Madam Aichatou Mindaoudou Souleymane on her visit to Addis Ababa from 12-14 December 2012 to attend the African Union Security Council meeting regarding the situation in Darfur and the progress made on the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) which was presided by Mr. Ramtane Lamamra Commissioner for Peace and Security at the African union (AU) . The Acting Police Commissioner met Mr Abiodun Bashua - Director/Head of Office JSCM/UNAMID. Issues of common interest were discussed in the meeting regarding continued cooperation and working mechanism .



he perception that Senior Strategic Managers do not do much work is a myth. Senior Management members work around the clock. The least they can do is delegate responsibilities, but, they are responsible and accountable for delegated actions. “We work till late in the evening, our phones must not be switched off, and I sit in my office during weekends to do work.” These were the intimates of Dr. Mutasem Aljadid Almajali, Deputy Police Commissioner for Policy and Planning who doubled as the Acting UNAMID Police Commissioner when he met with the UNAMID Police Command in Sector South on 17 December, 2012. He was accompanied by personnel from UNAMID Mission Headquarters in El Fasher. Dr Mutasem interacted with Heads of Formed Police Units and various Unit Heads at the Sector Headquarters where

with the mentality to pay lip service to their work, will slowly but surely be eliminated in this Mission. If you do not live up to expectation you will not appeal to any of the panelists.” Dr Almajali compassionately disclosed. The Acting UNAMID Police Commissioner was emphatic that the change in the interview system is to enhance coordination between Mission Headquarters and Sectors which will lead to good service delivery to the people of Darfur. “The Mission is also on the verge of specialization where Police Advisors would be deployed to areas where they possess the requisite skills, experience and or academic background”, The Police Chief explained. He also encouraged officers with necessary experience and qualification but who are not shortlisted for interview to inform him for consideratio. Acting Sector South Police Commander,

Mr. Edmund Ohene-Bosompem, thanked the Acting Police Commissioner for sparing time to address Police Advisors. He assured the Commissioner that he will ensure that all the directives are implemented. The Acting UNAMID Police Commissioner earlier in the day, on same date, presided over the Bangladeshi FPU Medal Parade at Super Camp-Nyala. He gave a brief history in his speech about Bangladesh in Peacekeeping Missions worldwide and also highlighted that Bangladesh FPU was the first batch of FPU to be deployed in UNAMID. On behalf of the UNAMID Police Leadership, he thanked the Contingent for their foresight, dedication and commitment towards the service of humankind. He however, encouraged the medalists to continue the hard work towards the realization of UNAMID’s Mandate; adding, that escort duties and training of the GoS Police which the UNAMID Formed Police Units render are key to the realization of the Police Mandate. He also encouraged them to be vigilant, cognizant to the security dynamics in the form of security threats directed at UNAMID and also the issue of carjacking.


he briefed them on the UNAMID Police Senior Leadership Strategic Plan towards the implementation of the Review of Uniformed Personnel (RUP). He informed the meeting that the drafted UNAMID Police Concept of Operations has been approved by the Mission’s Leadership and will soon be implemented. He therefore advised the officers to encourage their personnel who are deficient in attitude

and performance to double their efforts since extension and other benefits will be performance based and not holistic. “We need to ensure that personnel at the Team Site and Sector levels speak the same language with the Mission Headquarters (MHQ). We mean business. If appropriate foundation is laid, the result is we will get a strong building. It is about time people work for what they are paid. Otherwise, those


DPC P&P Dr. Mutasem in a group photo with Bangladish FPU Photo by Emelia VORSAH






“It is not good enough for the women to be seen and not heard. Studies have shown that the presence of women can bring about beneficial changes in policy for all. Women, with persistence, coordination, and unity you can make a difference. Men lets support them”

n this special day 20 December 2012, UNAMID and Government of Sudan (GoS) Women Police and all stakeholders gathered together to celebrate the launching of GoS Police Women Network (GPWN) at Al-Zubir Stadium. GPWN President, Enaam Mohammed Essa in her opening remarks, stated that the launching of the Network will create a new platform for all GoS Women Police to get to know each other better and to develop a common goal in policing. She noted that women are for security and development and that the role of women in the police institution has become more important and more vital and that it would remain so in the future. “GPWN is still in her infancy stage to implement her goals and it therefore still needs more support both from GoS Leadership and other stakeholders including UNAMID” Enaam hinted. UPWN President, Habiba Twumasi-Sarpong threw more light on the statement of the GPWN President. She highlighted the objectives of the GPWN which she said were: to improve the welfare and build the capacity of GoS Police Women as a means to ensuring that women and their children in IDP Camps and other communities are protected from physical and psychological harm. She expressed the hope that GPWN would rise up to the occassion and wished them rapid achievements to attaining their common objectives of bringing peace in Darfur. With these remarks GoS Police Director Maj General Omer Elameen Mohamed Hamadelneel pointed out the success of GPWN will depend on the support and continued patronage of UNAMID Police to implement and excel in its objectives. He promised to recruit more qualified Police women in the coming months to take up leadership positions. Ag. Police Commissioner Dr. Mutasem in his remarks explained the idea behind the formation of Women Network. He said that it was established within the core guiding principles of the United Nations/African Union. This, he further expressed, indisputably reflects a commitment to the equality of men and women in all aspects of human endeavour. “It is not good enough for the women to be seen and not heard. Studies have shown that the presence of women can bring about beneficial changes in policy for all. Women, with persistence, coordination,

and unity you can make a difference. Men let’s support them.” Dr. Mutasem confided. Ag. Joint Special Representative Mr. Mohammed Yonis reiterated that Police networking is important for three principal reasons: it will bring exposure of female Police through interaction and exchange of ideas and strategies; it will enhance capacity and above all, it will create the basis of unified force, which can always support and reinforce the actions of one another. He emphasized that the GPWN would not have come fruitful without the support of Government of Sudan authorities especially the Wali and Police Commissioner. The Minister of Health North Darfur, who represented the Wali of the Region, praised UNAMID and UPWN in particular for the tremendous efforts in making GPWN a reality. He said UNAMID has been their partner and have worked together with the GoS to overcome challenges to peace. He assured of GoS commitment’s to collaborate with UNAMID in achieving lasting peace and real development that will guarantee female empowerment and protection of all persons from violence. He concluded that he was confident that GPWN would be effective; cognizant to the fact that women are endowed with natural attributes of hardwork, patience and kindness. Dancing to songs played by the GoS Police band climaxed the occassion.



By : Emelia VORSAH





ecember 5 every year is observed as International Volunteers Day. On this Day, United Nations recognizes the efforts and results of thousands of volunteers who serve with dedication and commitment across cultures and borderlines to make our world a better place to live in. UN recognizes that volunteers are making critical contributions to peace and locally sustainable development, especially in post-conflict environments.



Darfur (UNAMID) observed International Volunteers Day in collaboration with the El-Fasher University and Ministry of Environment of North Darfur State, with the theme: “Volunteer for Environment.” The ceremony was held at the El-Fasher University and was attended by the Minister of Tourism and Environment Mr. Adam Al Nahla, Minister of Education Mr. Tejani Ahmed Seninin, the Vice Chancellor of ElFasher University Professor Osman Abdul- are mighty proud of our volunteers and Jabbar, Directors of Faculties, students and recognize their achievements across the It is on records that the International community members. Mission’s area of responsibility.” He also Volunteers Day for Social and Economic acknowledged the work of the Nafeer Development was established by the United Addressing the gathering, the Vice (the traditional volunteers) and the Nations (UN) General Assembly through Chancellor noted that the Day was essential role they play in bringing peace Resolution 40/212 on 17 December celebrated to promote, protect and improve to their localities. Stressing, that UNAMID 1985. Since then, Governments, the UN the environment so as to make it green. Volunteers acknowledge and appreciate system, civil society and ordinary people the traditional custom of helping each from all walks of life, have paid tribute UNAMID was represented by the Police other. to the hard work and dedication of the Chief of Staff Mr. Cyprian Gatete on behalf thousands of volunteers around the world. of the Ag. Joint Special Representative. He The Minister of Environment and Tourism By combining UN support with a grassroots noted that in Darfur, there are 448 dedicated acknowledged that ‘volunteerism is mandate, International Volunteers Day UN volunteers who tirelessly work to assist embedded in the Holy Quran and is a unique opportunity for people and UNAMID in achieving its mandate for the teachings of the Prophet. And expressed volunteer-involving organizations to work benefit of the community. That these UN the importance of instilling the spirit of with government agencies, non-profit Volunteers are working with a combination volunteerism in society. institutions, community groups, academia of professionalism and a strong spirit of and the private sector. service, extend their professional skills and Planting and distribution of trees climaxed experience to support communities and the occasion. On December 17 this year, the African Union national colleagues at grass roots level. and United Nations Hybrid Operation in In his words, he noted; “we in UNAMID


By : Ayman TAWFIQ


utstanding leaders, most experts agree, tend to view the world in similar ways; though their individual strengths and abilities may vary.

on 11 December, 2012, discussed the operational status of his unit and the unit’s readiness for operational activities. The Chief of Operations mentioned in his address that UNAMID Police Mandate cannot be achieved without involving the FPUs and further remarked that FPU training must be enhanced to meet the requirements of the Police operational mandate. He advised that personnel welfare in terms of sports and other social activities must be taken care of so as to get the best performance from them. The entourage later inspected Egyptian FPU facilities including the mobile workshop.


Chief of Operations check Egyptian FPU’s equipments Photo by Ayman TAWFIQ


challenges to Management. At the Garuda Camp on December 9, 2012, the Indonesian FPU Commander Lt Col Reza Arief Dewanto briefed the Chief about the unit’s strength, operational structure and assignments. He however raised challenges,

a feel of support; hence we want to live with you. We can achieve our mandate only if we play in the same field together.” He informed the unit command to contact him if the need be. The Police Chief inspected Indonesian FPU facilities, and equipment t o

familiarize with and to assess their conditions. The Egyptian FPU Commander Col Waleed Hosny, who hosted Dr Al-Tarawneh and entourage from Police Mission Headquarters


Such leaders provide a sense of direction for others by showing appreciation and support for them through nurturing, seeking their opinions, and supporting to enhance their capacity. Such leadership qualities were demonstrated by the UNAMID Police Chief of Operations Brigadier Dr Mohammed AlTarawneh on December 9 and11, 2012, during his visit to the Indonesian and Egyptian Formed Police Units (FPU) at the Garuda and Egyptian Camps in El-Fasher. The visit according to the Special Assistant to the Police Chief, was to introduce and familiarize himself with the two units, in order to know and communicate their

some of which are difficulties in clearing their IT equipment from Government of Sudan (GoS) Customs, insufficient lighting facilities in areas outside UNAMID/GoS Police Co-location Centers and conditions of some facilities used by the FPU especially in Zamzam; where the Indonesian FPU is concentrated and also the unavailability of Internet facilities at the Camp. The Police Chief of Operations commended the Indonesian FPU for their commitment and dedication to duty. He encouraged the unit to continue with the good works, and assured them that he will convey their challenges to the authorities. “Our main concern is your security. We cannot protect civilians if we are at risk. Management wants you to have

Chief of Operations check Indonisian FPU APCs Photo by Ayman TAWFIQ

UNAMID Police Chief of Operations Inspires FPUs

CAPACITY VIP VISITS TOBUILDING UNAMID Burkina Faso Prime Minister during his visit to UNAMID HQ Photo by Sojoud Elgarrai


By : Brima KAMARA





he Burkina Faso Prime Minister His Excellency Tiao Luc Adolphe on Monday 24 December 2012 visited UNAMID with a view to boosting the morale of the Burkinabe Troops and Police Advisors deployed in UNAMID and to also get a firsthand knowledge of the operations of the Mission. He was received by a high powered delegation at the El-Fasher Airport including the Wali (Governor) of North Darfur State and the Acting Police Commissioner Dr. Mutasem Aljadid Almajali. After a brief stay at the Airport lounge, the Prime Minister and his delegation were driven to the Mission Headquarters where he inspected a Guard of Honour mounted by a detachment of the Gambian Military Contingent. He then paid a courtesy call on the Acting Joint Special Representative and Deputy Joint Special Representative Operations and Management Mr. Mohamed Younis. A briefing session was held at the Conference Hall of Block 14 to acquaint the visiting Prime Minister and his entourage on the operations of UNAMID. Opening the session, Mr. Younis warmly welcomed the

Prime Minister and stated that it was an honour to the Mission to have the Prime Minister on records as the highest ranking official ever to visit UNAMID. He dilated on the peace agreement signed five years back and the current Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) and the challenges faced in UNAMID’s quest to achieve its mandate of peace in Darfur. He praised the professionalism of Burkina Faso troops and the Government of Burkina Faso for contributing troops and Police Advisors to the Mission and expressed the hope that his presence would help to boost the troop’s morale. Responding, His Excellency was full of praise for the warm welcome accorded him and his entourage since arriving in the Mission. He reaffirmed his government’s commitment to supporting UNAMID. He was thankful to UNAMID for keeping and maintaining peace in Darfur for which he said Africa as a continent was and still proud of. Brief presentations were done, starting with the Joint Military Analysis Centre and Security. They dilated on the current security trend

as at 2012; the Military dilated on their roles and responsibilities; the Police presented their deployment status, new configuration, activities, challenges and the way forward; the Civil Affairs on their scope; the Political Affairs Division spoke on the provisions of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur and lastly was the status and challenges of the Humanitarian Affairs. After the briefings, His Excellency thanked the entire staff of UNAMID for giving him a feel of what obtains on the ground. He requested to know UNAMID’s short term strategy to peace in the wave of attacks and criminality on the ground; whether the people of Darfur consider UNAMID as protecting them; the main challenges rebels consider for not joining the peace process; and whether there are good relations between UNAMID and South Sudan. The Acting Joint Special Representative shed light into all the issues raised by the Prime Minister and thus brought the briefings to a close. His Excellency and delegation later left for Forobaranga in Sector West to meet with the Burkinabe Troops.

IN THE UNAMID MEMORIAL Dr. Mutasem commiserates with Rwandan and Tanzanian Contingents By : Aaron Christie


r. Mutasem Almajali, Acting UNAMID Police Commissioner visited the Sector North Commander George Rumanzi and Rwandese Contingent members to express condolence on behalf of UNAMID. On his arrival, a minute of silence was observed in memory of Police Advisor Rukabu Camarade who

collapsed and died at Entebbe International Airport while waiting on his flight to Kigali. Dr. Almajali reminded the gathering that the deceased has paid the ultimate price in serving the people of Darfur. He further stated that he will ensure that all the paper works are properly done to compensate the deceased family. In closing, he assured the Rwandese members that he will be available in case of any assistance. George Rumanzi, Sector North Commander on behalf of Rwanda and his Contingent members extended thanks and appreciation

to the Acting Police Commissioner for the visit. He further went on to say that the message of condolences from UNAMID will be extended to the deceased family members back in Rwanda.

Acting UNAMID Police Commissioner consoles Tanzanian Contingent


By : Nabila YASMEEN

11 DECEMBER 2012

case of any further assistance needed. The Tanzanian Contingent Commander Mr. H. M Msangi on behalf of the Tanzanian Contingent members extended thanks and appreciation to the Acting Police Commission for the visit. He further said that the message of condolences from UNAMID will be extended to the deceased family members back in Tanzania.


r. Mutasem Almajali, Acting members on 23 December, to express UNAMID Police Commissioner condolence on behalf of UNAMID. Dr. visited Tanzanian Contingent Almajali on his arrival first noted down his comments on the condolence book and asked for an observance of a minute of silence in memory of the late Officer-in-Charge of Welfare Hawa Shaban Luzy, who passed away on 21 December in ALFIDELSI Hospital. Dr. Almajali reminded the gathering that she was a good officer and that she would live in our sweet memories. He assured that he wouldl speedily facilitate all the paper works to foster the proper compensation to the deceased family. In closing, he urged the Tanzanian members that he will be available in



n December 10, 2012, the Ag .Joint Special Representative (JSR) Madam Aichatou Mindaodou visited East Darfur State to launch the “16 days of Activism campaign against Gender Violence. She was welcomed at the El Daein Air Strip by the Deputy Wali of East Darfur State Mr. Abdulmadjid Zaeid, the Sector Head of Office (HoD) Mr. Landing Badjie, the Chief DPPD (Doha Document for Peace in Darfur) Coordination Officer and Ag Sector Commander Mr. Samuel, the Nigeria Battalion, (NIBATT) Commander Sector South Brigadier General Sanusi Muaza and other dignitaries.



urkina Faso Formed Police Unit (FPU) held their Medal Award ceremony for 50 personnel on 5 December, 2012, at the Sector East Headquarters. The ceremony was witnessed by the Deputy Wali for Eastern State Mr. Abdulmadjid Zaeid, UNAMID Police Chief of Operations Dr. Mohammad AlTarawneh and other UNAMID staff. Upon arrival at the Sector East Headquarters, the Chief of operations inspected a guard of honour mounted by the Nigerian Battalion 34 (NIBATT34). Welcoming the guests, the Commanding Officer of Burkina Faso Formed Police Unit Lieutenant Colonel Doleam Minoungou thanked the Wali and other Government of Sudan (GoS) authorities present for the protection and cooperation given to the Burkina Faso Contingent since their arrival in El-Daein. He extended appreciation to all UNAMID components for their support, orientation and partnership. Addressing the medallists, Dr Tarawneh thanked them for their commitment, integrity and dedication to duty during the







past six months. He praised the exemplary work of the Burkina Faso FPU and implored them to continue to be dedicated to their duties, in the service of peace. In his words he stated “people of Darfur need your protection for a safe environment; therefore, you should excellence, integrity and professionalism in the discharge of your duties; such as the protection of IDPs as well as UNAMID’s facilities and personnel”.




he newly deployed Police Form Units (FPUs) to Central Sector arrived Zalingie on 14 December, 2012. The two contingents of Senegalese and Togolese FPUs were redeployed to Zalingie from El-Geneina and Mournei Team Sites respectively for security and confidence building patrols. The Togolese FPU, with a composition of 137 members and led by Superintendent of Police Pidassa Bakai and is based in Zalingie while the Senegalese FPU of 140 officers and led by Chief Superintendent Falilou Tall is based in Nertiti Team Site. Both Formed Police Units are properly integrating in their Areas of responsibilities.

he Sector Commander, Mr. Michael Nkaka on 4 December, 2012, joined other Police Advisors, military, civilian and International Non Governmental Organizations (INGOs) staff members to attend a one-day evacuation exercise in Zalingie. The course was organized by UNAMID Security and Safety Unit, to update the knowledge of staff members and acquaint them with contingency plans and procedures in the event of serious crises that may require relocation. After reviewing the existing contingency plans and procedures in Sector Central, the participants were guarded through their expected roles at assembly or concentration areas, order of evacuation and documents required to be carried along. In a whole, the training session was very rewarding.


The Police Chief of Staff, Mr. Cyprian Gatete on 3rd December, 2012 called on Sector leadership (OICs and Team Site Commanders) to intensify command and control measures in a bid to enhance efficiency in the discharge of their duties. He however spoke against personnel not complying with CTO’s procedures.

The Chief of Operations Dr. Mohammad Al Tarawneh Officially opened a course on “Report Writing Skills” on 11 December. He said that report writing is pivotal to the operations of the Police Component and that the purpose of the training was to train Officers on the methodology of writing reports so as to develop and enhance their



n December 3, 2012, UNAMID Deputy Joint Special Reprersentative (DJSR) Mr. Mohamed Younis with his delegation paid a one day visit to El Daein, Sector East UNAMID Headquarters. He was welcomed at the El Daein air strip by all UNAMID components and various GoS authorities including the Deputy Eastern State Wali and the Sector’s Head of Office Mr. Landing Badjie. The DJSR proceeded to inspect a guard of honor mounted by a detachment of Nigeria Battalion 34 (NIBATT 34) at the Sector Headquarters. From the

UNAMID Sector East HQ, the DJSR visited the Wali and local authorities. Speaker after speaker among the local authorities praised UNAMID’s endeavors in promoting peace and security for the people of Darfur. Responding, the DJSR thanked all the authorities for their warm welcome. He recognized and praised the security calmness in El Daein and throughout the eastern state and assured of UNAMID’s support at all times. The DJSR and the Wali later donated 300 beds and mattresses to the general hospital From the El Daein hospital,. the DJSR joined the Qatari delegation to Neem IDP camp where a huge crowd of IDPs welcomed him and his entourage. The


The UNAMID family joined the rest of the world on December 2, 2012 to comemmorate the “World AIDS Day” under the theme “ZERO torrerance, zero new HIV infection, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related death.”



n 5 December, 2012, the Ordinance Disposal Office in collaboration with Sector West Training Unit organized a training on “Explosive Remnants of War” for 31 participants; drawn from the three components: the Police, Military and Civilian. Present at the ceremony were the Sector West Police Commander - Madam Mamouna Ouedraogo, Sector West Police Chief of Operations - Mr. Tefutor Kaletsi and the Acting Sector West Police DDDPD Coordination Officer - Mr. Saqib Kazmi. The Sector West Head of Office (HoO); Mr. Dysane Dorani thanked the organizers for the course and noted that it would help to improve the security situation in the Sector. He advised the participants to use the knowledge acquired to save lives and protect the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and help in their smooth return to their various villages. The Sector West Police Commander advised the participants to put into practice what they have learnt for the benefit of the Sudanese, themselves, and their countries. Awarding of certificates climaxed the occassion.

13 DECEMBER 2012

writing skills which will help portray the mandate of the Police.

Police Women Network President’s Directives, whiich emphasized on the need to give her support by working hard and showing professionalism towards the implementation of UNAMID’s Mandate. The new Sector Commander Madam Mamouna Ouedraogo thanked the Network for the lunch and promised to support the Network in her capacity as a Commander and also as team member. The Acting Officer-in-Charge of Family and Child Protection Mr. Hussein Alodat in his welcome address, promised to support the Sector Commander just as they supported the out-gone Sector Commander.

Umda of Neem Mr. Mohamed Dabuk Ibrahim thanked the visitors for the food donation to IDPs and impressed on the DJSR to continue in their drive to protect the people of Darfur and implement more Quick Impact Projects so as to improve the social status of the people. He expressed their willingness to voluntarily return to their original places when their security and social needs are met. Finally, Mr. Azhar Ahmad Sharta the Commissioner for voluntary returnees announced Qatari’s Government financial pledge to address issues of security, health, education and water for IDPs.s



ector West UNAMID Police Women Network held a welcoming lunch for the New Sector Commander Madam Mamouna OUEDRAOGO at the Sub Camp Conference Hall On 2 December 2012. After the welcoming note from the Sector West Women Network Chairperson Madam Fatou Gaye disseminated the UNAMID



The GoS/Movement Advisory Unit is one of the key units within the Police Component working towards the fulfilment of UNAMID.s mandate. The Unit is staffed with well trained and highly experienced Police Advisors, whom are supervised by the Officer-in-Charge at the Mission Headquarters Mr. Naji Al-Thobary. Its primary responsibility is to liaise and bridge the gap between UNAMID Police and the Government of Sudan (GoS)/Movements Police, so as to enhance good working relationship with GoS /Movements Police; communicate and facilitate the convergence between officials at the highest levels; facilitate the visit of UN personnel to the GoS/ Movement detention centres to check on the welfare and conditions of detained persons. Our officers usually have weekly and monthly meetings in all the five Sectors with GoS/ Movements Police and Community Policing Volunteers to produce and implement policing plans that detail the immediate and long term operational objectives and how institutional development will be achieved. The Unit also supports the institutional development of the GoS/Movements Police by linking with Reform and Restructuring Coordinator and UNAMID Police Training Unit so as to identify development and training needs. It monitors capacity and operational activities of GoS/ Movements Police and Community Policing Volunteers by assessing and enhancing their adherence to international accepted standards.


The Unit is currently involved in on-going construction of Colocation Centres at Abu Shouk. Each Centre will have three co-location offices and a palliation. Zam Zam will be next, followed by other Team Sites and Sectors. We are working closely with GoS Police to achieve these entire goals. The Unit in collaboration with GoS Police, has gathered relevant information about the number of GoS Police Headquarters, main Police stations and the number of sub-Police stations in the first three Sectors of North, South and West Darfur. These information were used by the Government Information Services (GIS) Unit to produce the current GoS Police Map in Darfur. The Unit is presently working on updating the same map to include the two recently established Sectors. The Unit has established Security Committees in the Sectors and it has liaised with engineering section for facilitating the construction of Police Training Centres. The Unit also facilitates and coordinates with GoS/Movements Police on issues related to UNAMID’s mandate, use of UNAMID flights among others.

By : Mohammed Al-Sairafi are still challenges militating on the successful implementation of our mandate. Issues such as fragile security situation, social and cultural differences, territorial control by different factions, UNAMID’s logistical constraints, establishing neutrality (UNAMID), mistrust for UNAMID and persistent demands by GoS Police for more equipment and furniture at the on-going Co-location Centres. Our future plans are: to work cooperatively with GoS Police so as to get them to participate in joint patrols with UNAMID Police; with a view to building the confidence of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The Unit will continue to support the efforts of the GoS Police in their drive to maintain public order and trust and will also continue to build their capacity through the organization of Challenges In spite of our good work in Darfur, there specialized trainings and joint operations.



Mohammed Al-Sairafi

Dear Colleagues , in this month’s edition, we shall continue with a collection of the most useful words and phrases in modern standard Arabic. It is hoped that this would be of great assistance to peacekeepers in their day-to-day interaction.

Food & drinks, beverages

To hire a Room I want to rent a room I want a furnished room What is the rent? I want it for ….(period) I want to clean the room Put the things her

Oureedou an asta’gour gourfa Oureedou gorfa mafrosha kam el eigaar? Oureedou el gorfa lemodaa’… Oureedouk an tnazef al gourfa Daa’ el agrrad hona

I want from this kind Can I try this? What is the price? Discount Cheaper I do not want this kind

Oureedou min haza alsanf Hal astateeou’ an ogarib haza? Kam al sia’rouh? Takhfeed Arkhass ’La oureedou haza el nnawa

Photo Gallery 1.

Deputy East State Wali welcomes Ag. JSR in his office

2. The Force Commander decorates a Sierra Leonean Police Advisor during their Contingent Medal Parade.


3. The Acting Police Commissioner Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam decorates a Bangladeshi Police Advisor on their Contingent Medal Parade


4. The Deputy Police Commissioner Policy and Planning Dr. Mutasem decorates a football participant during the “Love for Peace” campaign.

5. The launching of GoS Police Women Network at the Al-zubiar Stadium on 20/12/12


6. Police Chief of Staff (seated centre) in group photograph with Police Advisors during a visit to Sector North.


7. Chief

Staff Counselling and Welfare Officer Dr. Hussein Bulhan in a group photograph with participants at the opening ceremony of “Peer Helpers” course


The Deputy Police Commissioner Dr. Mutasem (seated centre) in a group photograph with Inductees


9. The Training Coordinator Mr Francis Aryee Ayitey (seated center) poses with UNAMID Police Training Officers.










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