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HP printer is a highly reliable printer amongst others; it can do multiple tasks such as scanning, printing, copying and faxing as well. Nowadays it is widely demanded by many commercial and residential sectors for printing purpose.

To maintain the benchmark of HP printer, we exist to provide you technical assistant for any kind technical error on your HP printer . Through HP printer customer support New Zealand, we provide you our valuable assistant from New Zealand .

Furthermore, our hired technicians are very experience in the respective field. They have years of working experience in providing technical assistant. In this article, we have provided you few simple steps as how HP printer scans paper and send them by emails.


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Step1- Initially, locate a single paper down on the glass and then put the top of the sheet face down, toward the top left corner, where you will see the white arrow. Multiple papers go into top tray, face up.

Step2- Now log into the printer/copier. You will see user information now. Step3- Later on, you have to press the scan button on key pad. Step4- There after click on the Email button.


Step5- Now on the email screen tab to and then tab input. Now you have to type email address of the user or select recipient. Now notice shift key for upper scan & option to CC or BCC. When it will finish click on the Ok button .


Step6- Now you have to enter subject, file name, single or multiple page. Click the file button to rename the file. By clicking on the back space or clear will remove the default numbered File Name, using the typewriter keys you can give it a name. Select multiple or single and leave file format at PAF and tab ok .

Step7- Click preview if want to see after scanning. Press the blue scan button to start scanning.

Step8- Once finish click Job finish.


Step9- At the last step press the access key once or Function Clear button twice on key pad twice, or let it time out.

All these are steps are very easy to follow and also it will guarantee fix your issue.

For Quick help dial HP Printer Support Number New Zealand – +64-04-8879109 Original Source Thankyou

How hp printer scans paper and sends them by emails  
How hp printer scans paper and sends them by emails  

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