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What is UN Youth? UN Youth Western Australia aims to increase young people’s understanding of and interest in international issues and the United Nations. We believe that everyone, particularly the younger generation, has as stake in the challenges faced by the international community. We run engaging educational activities which not only expand the knowledge of young people, but also develop their skills in vital areas such as debating, problem solving, negotiation and leadership. We also facilitate the delivery of young people’s opinions to government, playing a dual role as an education and advocacy body for young people. UN Youth WA is entirely by volunteers under the age of 25 and is part of the national organisation, UN Youth Australia, which has branches in each state and territory.

What we do

State Conference

Held annually over three days in March, State Conference brings together some of the brightest and most engaged young minds to one of the largest youth conferences in Western Australia. Delegates have the chance to explore the international system and issues of concern to young people through a particular theme. Activities over the weekend include interactive workshops and speakers’ session, tricky problem solving activities, model UN debates and, of course, Friday Night Games and the Saturday night dance! Delegates also create the Youth Motion document, conveying the change they want to see. We collectively present Youth Motion to representatives of each of the major political parties on the Friday following the Conference.

UN Youth Voice

Young Leaders’ Forum A Young Leaders’ Forum is an exciting way for Year 10 students to learn about topical, challenging international issues. Throughout the day, they get the opportunity to hear from expert speakers and participate in workshops on a particular topic. Attending a Young Leaders’ Forum is also a great chance for engaged, bright students to meet other like-minded young people.

UN Youth Voice is an exciting new public speaking competition for years 8-10. First run in 2011, UN Youth Voice has emerged as a popular and accessible flagship event of UN Youth WA. It promises to become a notable event on the state’s public speaking calendar.

Evatt Trophy Competition The WA Round of the Evatt Trophy Competition (formerly known as the Hammarskjold Trophy Competition) is one of WA’s largest debating competitions. Students compete in teams of two representing a country at a mock session of the UN Security Council. Teams must debate, negotiate and strategise their way to achieving results beneficial for their country. The top 3 teams in 2012 will be selected to attend the National Finals, held in Brisbane in December.

Regional Activities Road trips to Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Northam and Broome take our education programme to schools in those areas. We also run rounds of the Evatt Trophy Competition in Geraldton, Bunbury and Mandurah.

Education We bring our interactive workshops, problem solving challenges and model UN debates to your school and tailor them to suit your needs! Turn over the page to find out more...

What can we do for your school?

School visits School visits are a popular education initiative and available to all schools, whether in Perth or its surrounds. These are a unique opportunity to enrich students’ learning on a massive range on topics, in particular international issues and the United Nations. They involve UN Youth facilitators coming to a class to run interactive and educational activities. We find that students respond well to these visits due to the youth-for-youth style of informal learning. A school visit typically includes a mixture of workshops, interactive problem solving activities and MiniMUN (a small model UN debate).

Options for your school You may choose from one of the sample packages, or make up your own combination of activities. Our workshops or activities are catered to meet your requirements, and what particular areas of focus you might have in mind.

We can create activites on a wide variety of international affairs topics, including:

Revolt and Revolution Climate Change Peacekeeping

Australia and the UN Nuclear disarmament Gender Equality

Natural Disasters

Responsibility to Protect

Human Rights

Australian Foreign Policy

Indigenous affairs Poverty Diversity and discrimination The Millenium Development Goals Trade, development and rights International Trade and Economics Rights and Responsibilities Peace, security and sovereignty

Global health Refugees

Activities Workshops Our workshops are interactive and engaging, as well as educational. The Introduction to the UN workshop is our most requested. It is an excellent foundational workshop, covering the history, bodies and purpose of the United Nations. We run workshops on the topics listed on the left and can tailor them to suit your needs. Alternatively, we can design a workshop specifically for you on another international relations topic.

MiniMUNs MiniMUNs are miniature “Model United Nations� debates. Students or teams must achieve the best outcome for their allocated country in a debate on a particular issue. This is a fun and hands-on way for students to improve their knowledge of an issue and develop speaking and negotiating skills. MiniMUNs can be run on any international relations topic.

Interactive Problem Solving Students are presented with a particular hypothetical scenario, based on real-world issues. Representing one of multiple interest groups, students must negotiate to achieve the best outcome for their group and avoid a crisis! This activity gives provides an insight into the challenges of resolving controversial issues.


Below are a number of Packages, or visit structures, we would suggest from our extensive experience of running school visits. However, these are flexible! We can alter the length of activities and are happy to run just one or a number of them.

Please feel free to request the exact activities you would like!

Package 1 Intro to the UN workshop (45 mins)

Workshop on chosen topic (45 mins)

Package 2 Intro to the UN workshop (45 mins)

Interactive Problem Solving (45 mins)

Package 3 Workshop on chosen topic (45 mins)

Interactive Problem Solving (45 mins)

Package 4 MiniMUN (1.5 hrs)

Package 5 Intro to the UN workshop (45 mins)

Workshop on chosen topic (45 mins)

MiniMUN (1.5 hrs)

Education Programme 2012  
Education Programme 2012  

This document contains what UN Youth can offer your school on the education front!