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arrivals Lisbon toward Porto by train (Alfa Pendular) 

At the airport o At the front door, take a “táxi” to go to the “Gare do Oriente” train station  Expected cost………………………………. 15 €  Expected trip duration…………………. 15 min.  Ask the taxi driver to leave you on the entrance nearest for the AlfaPendular train; it’s on lane #1.  Go to and ask for directions to “Gare do Oriente, Portugal”, the result will be this:

Considering that, what’s inside the red squares are the airport and train station areas, in the middle is just a big avenue. There are known cases of taxi drivers trying to charge more than it should be. Ask before and let the driver know that you know how long and how much it will be. The cost of 15 € is already exagerated for the full service, that includes the amount displayed on the “taximeter” and, eventually, an extra for the luggage. It’s not clear for me they can charge for the luggage, in my opinion that’s an absurd; I’m going to double-check that. As for the 15 min., unless there are an accident in the middle of the avenue, there is no reason to take more than 10 minutes so, I’m already considering 15. 

At the train station o The ticket box is on the 1st floor; o The lanes are on the 2nd floor and Lane #1 is yours, for AlfaPendular direction North (Porto/Braga); o On the 1st floor there are screens with the timetable and sound system announcing the trains; o If you arrive very early:  on the other side of the street there is a Shopping Center; o If you arrive with less than an hour for departure:  In the 1st floor, on the opposite side of the ticket box, there are a coffee shop if you want to get something to drink and/or eat a sandwich;  WC are at the street level; it’s ok for men but, for ladies it’s preferrable the Shopping

arrivals 

Center or, if impossible, the train; The train has a bar-wagon and it’s ok to take a walk and have a water or a coffee but, prices are a little higher and coffee is not good (but I always have one );

Alfa Pendular o On the link below you can find all the details about the train and also buy the tickets; o The ticket is printed by you, an ID document number must be provided; that ID document can be asked on the train so, bring it with you (e.g. Passport); o Don’t know if valid for international cell phones but here, the ticket is a message on the cell phone; o Check the “Special rates”, be aware that are non-refundable tickets, but a good deal if you’re sure that you will get that train; o The train has an excellent average of “on time” arrivals; from my own experience, it never fails for more than 5 minutes (one exception for the occasion when we stopped due to an accident on the railway); o If you want to listen radio or tv, pick the headphones on the bar-wagon (it’s free); o All stops are announced in the sound system and in a display.

Arriving Porto o Your destination is “Campanhã”; the station before is “Devesas – Gaia”, after what you should not miss the view when crossing the bridge over Douro river (the final stop is immediately after exiting the bridge); o The train stops at Lane #8; o If I’m not already waiting for you there, just seat and wait, I’ll be arriving in a minute.

arrival in Lisbon  
arrival in Lisbon  

for those who will arrive in Lisbon and will take the train to Porto