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“. . . expanding the intellectual and emotional capacity of our students . . .”

We awarded 22 scholarships to 22 deserving students. Susan Mulholland Breedin ’86 Scholarship Austen Weathersby ’17 Albert R. Klein Memorial Scholarship Angel Cowen ’18 Morgan Gresham ’17 Cynthia Mullins ’18 Jacob Savage ’18 Arts for the Community Scholarship Levi A. Manuel ’18 Jessica N. Merritt ’18 Rosemary Ingham Scholarship in Theatre Claire Crusott ’18 Keith Belli Scholarship in Theatre Taylor Kiechlin ’17 Jessica Knapp ’17 Alexander Newton ’17 Michael Townsend ’17 Edward Yates ’17 Nina Bushnell Scholarship Neal Gallini-Burdick ’19 Catherine O’Meara ’17 Alexander W. Holsinger Scholarship in Theatre Andrew Baynard ’17 Debby C. Klein Scholarship in Theatre Megan Khaziran ’17 Fred R. Winer Scholarship Beverly Kippenhan ’17 Lee Wingate Pappandreou ’40 Scholarship Gwen Levey ’17 Barbara Crickenberger Hall ’69 Scholarship Madeline Petroskey ’20 Claudia Moore Read Scholarship in Dance Michayla Rice ’18 Sonja Dragomanovic Haydar Scholarship in Dance Taylor Shelton ’17

Honors and Awards Robert E. Ingham Award in Theatre

awarded to a graduating student who has contributed substantially to the excellence of the academic and production programs Taylor Kiechlin

Honors in Theatre conferred by the faculty to graduating students in recognition of academic excellence and extraordinary accomplishment in THEA 482: Senior Project Amanda Barnes, Morgan Gresham, Jessica Kemp, Megan Khaziran, Taylor Kiechlin, Beverly Kippenhan, Gwen Levey, Catherine O’Meara, Austen Weathersby

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UMW Theatre Annual Report 2016-17  

UMW Theatre Annual Report 2016-17