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GTC Electric Telecommunication Metal Industry and Trade Limited Company

Address: Oguzlar Mh. 1602 Sk. Hukukcular Plaza 1/68 Ankara / TURKEY Phone: +90 312 999 05 95 Fax : +90 312 969 2775 e-Mail:

Energy Transmission & HV Substation Turnkey Solutions

Your Reliable Solution Partner

GTC Electric Company

" International Leader in Providing Integrated Energy Transmission & HV Substation Solutions "

Who we are... Our team of engineers , planners , construction specialists and environmental specialists provides a full set of services and construction required within the electricity Supply industry. We specialize in environment and property services, institutional reform and development , strategic planning , power systems analysis , power quality , project feasibility development , detailed design , construction and construction supervision for GTC Electric Company



Engineering Our T&D project works

It all starts with the design‌ * It all ends with transmission structures * Conceptual and Pre-engineering Studies * Network Development that are field-fit * constructible, cost effective, weight optimized, live- Strategies * Lines and Substations Electrical and Optimizational *

* Transmission and distribution analysis and network planning; *

line * maintainable and reliable. * GTC’s state of the art design

Transmission Line Efficiency And Design * Power generation systems analysis; * Substation primary and secondary project design; * Power

technology systems, * coupled with the most experienced in-house staff of * engineers in the world, ensures that your design work will

system protection; * Communications; * Supervisory Control and Data be done perfectly on time and with an eye toward quality, reliability and constructability. * Substation Site and Line Route Selection * Acquisition (SCADA), metering and energy management systems; * Load dispatch centers * High voltage underground cables; * Transmission line route and land * planning; Substation siting and planning * Sub-soil investigation and earthing systems; * System efficiency and loss reduction programs; * Construction of T&D and supervision; * Test & Commissioning; * Traning and technology transfer.

Geotechnical Studies * Substation Layout * Environmental Impact

Criteria * Environmental Impact * Climatologic Studies .

Strategic sourcing and materials management Our strength and scope as an electrical utility distrib utor allows us to shore up inventory. So materials are available when needed.

Mitigation * Optimized Conductor Selection * Tower Geometry and Tower Families Optimization * Grounding and Lightning Stroke Protection * Optical Fibre Cables * Foundation Design * Optimized Tower Spotting * Detailed Support Structure, Tower and Foundation sign * Tender Document Preparation, Preselection of * Bidders, Bid Analysis and Assistance with Contractor Selection * Project Implementation Planning and Project Cost


GTC Electric Company

ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE TURNKEY PROJECTS GTC offers a complete single-source solution for even the most ambitious infrastructure projects , where the erection of high voltage overhead transmission lines plays a crucial role. Overhead lines transport electric power over great distances -form its source , across a variety of networks , to centres of public and industrial consumption.. The full -service portfolio of GTC is based on our competence , which is vendor independent , together with our detailed knowledge of the processes, operating resources and technical systems involved in network operation..

FOCUS Based on decades of experiences , GTC is one of the main players in energy infrastructure construction, delivering customised state-of-the-art solutions for all links in the asset management and asset service value chain. The company's various business units focus on: * the design, construction and maintenance of turnkey transmission lines and substations * the supply of customised automation and geographic information systems, and * the development of IT-assisted asset management and maintenance concepts.

GTC Electric Company

Spend Analysis With its patented powered spendclassification engine that learns data idiosyncrasies for entire industries such as energy utilities , GTC off ers both standard and custom spend taxonomies that can be leveraged to accelerate analysis and drive spend classification accuracy across all cate gories to 90 % and beyond . The complete GTC Spend Analysis solution (iAnalyze, iCost, iMine) empowers utility companies to: Perform powerful multidimensional spend reporting, identify cost-savings opportunities and gain greater control over noncompliant spending Identify more opportunities for placing fragmented MRO (Main tenance , Repair & Operating Supplies ) and large indirect services cat egories under management by procurement Track spending in context of global commodity pricing in telligence to inform category sourcing strategies and formulate independent understandings of total cost drivers in complex subcontract award processes Automatically identify and quantify costsavings opportunities across spend categories such as MRO and engineering services, IT and professional services etc..

GTC Electric Company

GTC Electric Company

GTC Electric Company



GTC Electric, installs, inspects, upgrades and maintains transmission systems— from the deepest foundations to the tallest structures and every inch of line in between. Any configuration. Any voltage. Any terrain.

Beginning with site preparation and ending with energizing, GTC Electric substations of all sizes.


Connecting renewable generation is a natural extension of the interconnection services we’ve provided for decades. Renewable related services include substation construction, switching stations and interconnection of solar fields, wind farms and biomass generation.

Overhead, underground, energized, aerial, inaccessible, straightforward or straight through town, we build the systems that take power to the people.



When storm evacuations are underway, we’re often mobilizing and moving in. At GTC Electric , we take pride in the part we play to restore a sense of normalcy along with the power following an outage.


Supplier Management

* Transmission Line; * Distribution Line; * Power generation system; * Substation; * Power system protection ; * Communications ; * SCADA , metering and energy management systems; .

to : Proactively

Construction Sequence of Transmission Line ;

categories Enhance supplier development programs by comparing supplier performance on

The GTC Supplier Performance Management solution (iPerform) enables procurement measure supplier performance

and risk (financial , operational


reputational) Employ KPIs (key performance indicator) customized for energy utility supplier SLAs (Service Level Agreement) and other contractual obligations.

* Geotechnical borings ; * Mobilization ; * Building access roads and site preparation ; * Installing tower foundations; * Assembling the structure; * Stringing the line; * Restoring and re-vegetating disturbed lands;

Contract Management

Construction Sequence of Substation ;

* Geotechnical borings ; * Mobilization ; * Foundations , ground grid and conduits ; * Assembling steel structures, major equipment, and conductors; * Control and power wiring ; * Testing; * Site restoration and clean-up;

The GTC Contract Management solution (iContract ) minimizes ris k exposure in contracts and empowers procurement to: Ensure use of proper standard clauses and important SLAs for a wi de variety of purchase types (for example transmission transformers , po wer generation etc.) Match transactions to contracts to ensure utilization and complia nce to pricing and other performance

terms Make sure that contracts are never renewed

automatically witho ut proper due diligence Ensure supplier service level agreements (SLAs ) are part of contrac ts to minimize risk in subcontracting activities Reduce supply chain risk by providing a centralized repository for al l enterprise contracts and obligations .

GTC Electric Company

GTC Electric Company

PERFORMANCE YOU CAN TRUST Trust is one of the greatest things we deliver to our clients. We work hard to earn it and harder to uphold it. One area where this is most evident is estimating. We don’t play games. We don ’t cut corners . You can trust a proposal from GTC Electric is complete. It’s as simple as that. It’s not unusual at GTC Electric to run into a member of our leadership team who started in the field , and it shows in our approach . GTC Electric projects are bid and run based on real world, field knowledge and powered by the latest technology and best equipment available.

Our client list and project portfolio prove our capability. In fact, we’re known for conquering the toughest projects for some of the largest client names around.

GTC Electric Company

Specialist for Energy Supply Networks and System The name GTC stands for large-scale as well as specialist service and systems know-how in the field of energy technology. Since it was founded in 2013, the company has been closely involved with the construction and development of electricity distribution network in TURKMENISTAN and internationally

GTC Electric Company

GTC Electric Company

Address: Oguzlar Mh. 1602 Sk. Hukukcular Plaza 1/68 Ankara / TURKEY Phone: +90 312 999 05 95 Fax : +90 312 969 2775 e-Mail:


Global transmission company  

Our team of engineers, planners, construction specialists and environmental specialists provides a full set of services and construction req...

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