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Desire the best for yourself

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Issue# 58 oct 2010

diversity model search details inside

departments 11 Industry Profiles

UM magazine takes a look into the industry to give you a better behind the scenes look into the people and happenings that make the industry what it is; Focusing on everything from business to entertainment.

17 Politik Me

This section represents all things that influence the politics of today; from oil prices, wars around the world to education and economic concerns. We look into how all things impact the politics of today and how those in leadership roles seek to sway our views and interest around the many issues of interest to us all.

21 Explore Cinema

Urban Mainstream takes a look into the industry of film and television. Highlighting new happenings and focusing on people, events, new productions and issues impacting this area of the industry.

24 Delicacies of Life

The enjoyment of life is essential to encouraging peace of mind and prosperity in society. In this section we try to find those things and places that foster an appreciation of life, love and happiness.

34 Fashion Forecasting

A look ahead into the upcoming fashion trends and styles. Taking you to fashion weeks and trunk shows from Los Angeles to Milan and covering high fashion, couture, trendy fashion and fashion events.

48 SelfishStyles This section is about the wardrobe stylist,

individual dresser and fashion connoisseur.

PHOTOGRAPHER Models lauren jennings Styling & Clothes olethawear Hair victress Mua scholastic

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2 oct 2010

modeL: ashley

Hair: victress makeup: scholastic

2010 OCT



“What we want in life though simple is often made complicated by our lack of appreciation for simple things. ” -UM

4 oct 2010

the 3 tenents of UM magazine 1.) We Cater to and focus on the Masses.

We are not just Urban and we are not just a Mainstream publication. We find value and substance in people of all walks of life. Their cultures, passions, identities, pains, fears, love and inspirations. 2.) We Define Ourselves.

A person that allows others to define them, in essence, lose themselves. DEFINING Self, is the Path Towards connecting with the powers God has placed in us all. 3.) We do what We Want.

Our actions are an outgrowth of our Passions,Inspirations and Beliefs. As we are rooted in these things. They act as the RULE and Guide towards our very existence. Without these things we do not exist.

model: sally G Hair&makeup: Victress scholastic

2010 OCT


Publisher Urban Mainstream Media Group, Inc. Editor-in-Chief/Founder Shinobi Muhammad Editor Michol Mahon health & fitness Editor Bianca Spicer Graphic Design/Layout Pi Zy Freelance Writers Randi Krasny Rouge Stylist Amanda Alisca Danny Hobrock Glenn Paul Stephanie Maxwell PAM MORALES-WORSHAM Stephanie Moore Nicole Williamson Cynthia Agalaba Chief Photographer Shinobi Muhammad Intern Photographers Jean Carlo Gomez Jenny Wilson SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT PHOTOGRAPHER

Ming Han Chung Follow My Story

Makeup/Hair Services Mgr. Cynthia Algaba Errors & Omissions: All articles expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the views and thoughts of its publisher or founder. All submissions of articles and content accompanying to be used for editorial purposes are the responsibility of the writer. All communications to any listed writer and or editor is subject to being used as editorial content. Any questions please refer them to our magazine at: attn: Questions Copyright 2009 - 2010 Urban Mainstream Media Group, Inc.

6 OCT 2010

Model: Lauren Jennings mua / hair: Scholastic & victress wardrobe: Olethawear


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Writers for our Editorial board: UM magazine is seeking writers

Seeking a Team

who have a passion for delivering the news, a strong desire to have their views heard and understand the importance of being an outlet in assisting others who are unable to speak out. Send Writing samples and contact information to: attn: Writers

Proofreaders: We are especially seeking out college students who want to gain experience in copy editing. Students will receive full college credit and an opportunity to grow with our magazine. Send brief resume and interest to: attn: Proofreaders


If you love taking pictures of fashion, art, people, etc, contact us. We are looking for photographers who are creative and who enjoy what they do. Get your work featured in our magazine as an editorial, feature, or even a COVER PAGE! Talented photographers anywhere in the world who want to get placement can contact us at: attn: Photographers

let us know what’s happening on the streets!!!

What’s happening on the streets in your town? Let UM magazine know all about it! We are looking for that breaking news. We want to tap into the pulse of what’s really going on. Scams, Gossip, or whatever, you tell us because we want to hear about it. If it is hot enough it could even be a cover page feature.


Your feedback is always appreciated. We are seeking to advance our online magazine while we prepare for our national print run. We want to hear from you, the readers of UM Magazine. Let us know your views, thoughts ,and opinions about our magazine and how we can make it one of the most read online magazine worldwide. Follow up with us at

mua & Hair: Scholastic & Victress Model: eva duvall

2010 OCT


photo by Shinobi

model: Snhea mua/hair: Premium Hair & Spa

“Just keep it MOVING. ”



editor's note

Sometimes we get so caught up in our pasts. Worried about how it will suddenly pop up and ruin our present or furture endeavors. There are those who fear so much about the unveiling of their past that they will resort to killing in order to keep the door to their past shut. Often people worry that once someone knows your past they will often try to use it against you.

Shinobi Muhammad Editor-in-Chief

"Fashion is our focus. real models is the expectation. The industry as a whole is what we aim to represent. "

It is true that people often will seek to use your past with the plans of somehow belittling and undermining you. There are those who gain power over others based on the fears and manipulation of ones past. That power can often be mentally, spiritually and physcially crip;ling . Based on the importance one puts on their past will always determine how far they will go to protect or do whatever to keep their past locked away.

Often easier said than done is the ability to nullify the power of someone with the intentions to use your past against you. Having an attitude where you don’t really care of what someone knows of your past is often good enough to eliminate the power of the manipulator. Letting them tell what they will sends them a message that they can “Just Keep It Moving”.

It goes without saying that you should let know one use your past to control you. Your past is what it is and has no more power over you than what you allow. Condition yourself to be able to have the right stern attitude to stand your ground . Though it may be a heavy price it is cheaper than being a slave to a puppet master. Others control when we loose control. U


Shinobi Muhammad Founder/Editor-in-Chief Urban Mainstream magazine



question of self leadership

Cover editorial Politik me

Desire the best for yourself Some of us our lessons for the other. Our lives are full of challenges. There are things we accept. Things we do not like and yet we are forced to deal with. Situations which arise at times where it appears to be at the worse possible moment. We experience the loss of life and love. Enduring hard times and being overwhelmed by good times. Our lives are what they are to become for whatever reasons or factors. We all have accepted in most part that the life we are blessed with only comes once. That the tastes, smells, touch, sight, and sounds we experience is for a prescribed yet unknown time. Everyday we awake to that reality and everyday we close out with that reality. My dad once told me something that has always stuck with me. Something of wisdom that combintes reality with hope. My dad told me one day:

“No matter what we know this to be truth. We will be born and we will die. However, what matters the most is what we do in between. That the beginning and end is not of our control for only God can dictate the beginning and end but what happens in the middle is what God gives you to explore, grow and enjoy life.” I took these words to heart. I have been up and down. Life has whooped me up here and there. However, I remember those words. The words that constantly get me back on track. Words that re-ignite my passions regardless of what I have or am going through. Every human being must strive for the best for themselves. I believe it is in our nature. Often we are exposed to those who desire in excess of what God has for them and they do harm to others in order to get what they want. Sometimes that person is us and sometimes it is others. The reality to that is things will happen good, bad and ugly. We should expect that. Thinking with wisdom we should also expect that we will be able to adjust, refocus and get on the right path. Desiring the best for yourself is more than buying clothes, cars, and property. It is improving your spirituality, sense of purpose, knowledge, experiences and abilities to do right by others as you would want them to do by you. Negative things will happen but it is expected. Often we cannot control all aspects of any negativity we are exposed. However, we do have control how we respond and to what extent we are effected. It’s like being a school bus driver full of screaming and over energized children. Now as the bus driver you acknowledge the confusion and the chaos but you can’t keep stopping the bus to settle them down and you can’t put to much attention on their activities. If you do then for one you’ll never be able to stick to your schedule nor will you be able to have your senses honed in on the traffic ahead and activities to your left and right. At the end of the day, you have their lives in your hands. You have the trust of the parents that you will insure the safe and timely arrival of their child. So as in that analogy life can be compared to a barrage of chaos and distractions. However, there are things that must be done regardeless to whom or what. You have to think of your goals and keep your head in the game. There is so much in life to enjoy. Make sure you are doing what you can to get the best for yourself.

by shinobi muhammad 10 OCT 2010


2010 JUNE


Industry Businessprofile focus me Politik

DailyCandy Turns 10, Adds DailyCandy Deals to Portfolio Company to Offer Major Savings from Select Local Merchants, Allowing Readers to Experience City in New Ways thru DailyCandy Lens PR Newswire NEW YORK, Oct. 28 NEW YORK, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, DailyCandy, the popular women’s lifestyle company celebrating the 10-year mark, announced the introduction of its third business unit, DailyCandy Deals. DailyCandy Deals will offer subscribers savings (40-70 percent), exclusive perks and custom packages on handpicked stores, designers, restaurants, and happenings they love. The service will beta launch in Philadelphia in early November; New York City will launch by the holidays and other cities, such as Los Angeles, will follow in Q1 of 2011. DailyCandy began as an email-only newsletter in 2000 and has grown to a multiplatform content company delivering 3.4 million subscriptions. Swirl by DailyCandy, the company’s apparel and accessories site, launched in November 2009, will reach nearly 500,000 subscribers by year’s end. DailyCandy Deals is the company’s third business unit, the second to be introduced under Comcast ownership. “DailyCandy has always uncovered the best new services, boutiques, restaurants, and happenings locally and nationally, and deals have been a key part of that,” said Beth Ellard, general manager and SVP of DailyCandy. “Our new Deals business will round out DailyCandy’s existing suite of businesses, delivering readers a broad array of content and great savings, served up the way they want.” DailyCandy Deals will partner locally with carefully chosen businesses to create a unique selection in each city. Deals will be delivered twice a week (to start) to existing subscribers in launch cities. By making DailyCandy’s discoveries more accessible with great savings and perks, readers will be able to experience their city as never before. Partner merchants, meanwhile, will gain access to a loyal and interested reader base more likely to become regular clients. “Most deals sites target an extremely large audience, most of whom are looking only to score a discount,” said Tricia Han, GM for DailyCandy Deals. “The DailyCandy audience trusts this brand to deliver a cool experience. Deals will allow subscribers the chance to try something they otherwise might not have. We’ll deliver an experience they’ll love and would go back and pay full price for.” The introduction of DailyCandy Deals occurs simultaneously with the company’s tenth anniversary party, and the inaugural session of DailyCandy Academy: a small-business incubator that pairs winners of the Start Small, Go Big Contest with lifestyle titans including Isaac Mizrahi, Marcus Samuelson, Rebecca Minkoff and Loeffler Randall. DailyCandy’s tenth anniversary party takes place tonight in New York City, and will bring to life the company’s first decade of daily discoveries, as well as its expanding future with DailyCandy Deals and Swirl.

12 OCT 2010


Teen apparel brand GARAGE e-commerce site in the U.S., fueling launchesinternational growth.

MONTREAL, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ - GARAGE, a Canadian apparel brand which has been delivering affordable casual fashion to teens in Canada, the United States and abroad, today announced the launch of its much anticipated U.S. e-commerce site, Garage’s new and existing customers are now able to shop online, with effortlessly cool styles being shipped to anywhere in the United States. This lifestyle brand’s online store showcases a full range of sweaters, hoodies, denim, and tees - frequently updated with up-to-the minute fashion looks. The emergence of e-commerce in the U.S. follows close on the heels of the Canadian transactional site launched earlier this fall. “The Canadian transactional site’s sales performance has exceeded expectations thus far, and we are excited to extend our online presence in the U.S. in time for the Holiday season”, says Anna Martini, President of Groupe Dynamite, the parent company. The launch of an e-commerce channel in both Canada and the U.S. is part of a larger-scale plan to broaden access to the brand & fuel Garage’s aggressive growth strategy over the next 3 years. “By delivering compelling brand experiences, and by infusing strong brand character in our product, we are reaching and connecting with teen girls like never before”, says Martini. With ongoing expansion & the development of new channels, Garage shows no signs of slowing down. Garage’s landscape continues to broaden its reach with the opening of more stores in the U.S, (Miami, FL and Buffalo, NY in the last six months, and upcoming locations in Providence, RI, and, Texas in the upcoming months), and abroad (Dubai this past May, and upcoming locations in Middle East). website:

2010 OCT


Industry profile Editorial Politik me

Ann Taylor to Significantly Accelerate Factory Outlet Expansion in 2011 NEW YORK, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- AnnTaylor Stores Corporation (NYSE: ANN) today announced that it expects to significantly expand its factory outlet footprint in 2011 through the opening of approximately 35 LOFT Outlet Stores and 5 Ann Taylor Factory Stores. To accelerate its expansion in this channel, the Company is leasing premium store locations at leading factory outlet centers across the United States formerly occupied by Liz Claiborne Inc. Kay Krill, Ann Taylor’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “As we have previously noted, we had identified our highly productive factory outlet channel as an area for future growth, particularly for our LOFT brand. This extraordinary opportunity to open premium store locations significantly and efficiently accelerates our planned expansion and represents meaningful growth for our very successful LOFT Outlet business. Finally, we are delighted that this opportunity is expected to result in the creation of approximately 1,000 new jobs across the country.” The Company plans to open approximately 40 new factory outlet stores during the second quarter of fiscal 2011, which are expected to generate incremental fiscal 2011 revenue of approximately $75 million and to be accretive to its fiscal 2011 earnings per share. Capital expenditures associated with this strategic growth opportunity are expected to be approximately $25 million in fiscal 2011. There are no direct costs associated with the transfer of these locations from Liz Claiborne Inc. to Ann Taylor Stores Corporation. As of July 31, 2010, the Company operated 110 stores in the factory outlet channel, of which 92 were Ann Taylor Factory Stores and 18 were LOFT Outlet Stores.

14 OCT 2010


Women Like to Smell How They Feel, Reports Mintel CHICAGO, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- While factors influencing fragrance purchase for women, such as price, celebrity endorsement or season may be well known, latest research from Mintel reveals that the biggest influence may not be a fixed factor. It seems mood is now the most popular motivator of fragrance choice for women, as over half (54%) of female fragrance users decide what fragrance to use based on how they’re feeling. Coming in at second place, 31% of fragrance users say they decide which fragrance to apply based on their activity (work function vs. a personal outing). Meanwhile, 26% of users decide based on the time of day and 25% decide based on what they’re wearing. Over 45s are more likely to wear one fragrance, or a signature scent—so they’re less likely to base their choice on their clothing or mood. “Women in the 18-44 age range are more prone to change their fragrance based on a number of different factors, while over 45s are more brand-loyal,” says Kat Fay, senior beauty analyst at Mintel. “This may be a result of these younger women juggling multiple activities and responsibilities with a busy work schedule. While they may deem a certain scent appropriate for the office, they might choose a more flirty scent for social functions.” Motivations for fragrance purchase differ just as much as fragrance choice, but the clear favorite is in-store samples. Sixtynine percent of fragrance owners say they’re motivated to purchase a new fragrance based on samples they’ve tried in a store, while 26% cite a recommendation from a family member or friend as the impetus behind a new purchase. “Women have to experience a scent to make sure it’s appropriate, as there aren’t many objective criteria they can use to test smell,” adds Kat Fay. “Female consumers often say that a fragrance smells different on their skin than it does out of the bottle, so trying an in-store sample increases the likelihood that they’ll still be happy with their purchase once they get it home.” For women who don’t wear a fragrance, 28% say they have no interest in using them, 20% say they’re allergic and 14% say they’ve yet to find a scent they like.

2010 OCT


Mua/Hair: Scholastic

Mua/Hair: Scholastic

Industry profile Photographer SPOTLIGHT Politik me

Chloe Bowman Photography United Kingdom

Model: Gemma Parnham mua/hair: Natasha Bowman

Company Name: Chloe Bowman Photography Your full name/trade name: Chloe Bowman Country/City/State: London, United Kingdom Website: (click website link to see more images) UM: What got you started in the business? CB: My mother was a make up artist and used to take me along to photo shoots when I was young thinking I would also take to make up, but it was the photographers who caught my attention and I wanted to be just like them. . UM: What are some of your challenging moments? CB: Working with people in general I was always a shy one, but my career choice meant I had to get over that fast. . UM: What motivates you to stay in the business? CB: Photography is my career but at the same time it’s also my hobby so doing something I love motivates me enough. UM: Who and or What are some of your inspirations? CB: Ellen von Unwerth she photographs lingerie and I hope to be as good as her one day. Mark Ryden a new artist who’s paintings inspire some of my photography with its dream like qualities. UM: Is it difficult to have a stable relationship in this business? CB: No not really I’ve never been one for routine. UM: What are some of your accomplishments you’d like to speak about? CB: I’m still waiting to do that big thing that I consider to be a great accomplishment in my life.

18 OCT 2010



Layla A’idah

hair/mua: Natasha Bowman

UM: What do you offer that is unique to the industry? CB: That is a hard question, I offer my style and the experience of working with me I’m a one to one person. UM: What are your views concerning Urban Mainstream magazine? CB: I think Urban Mainstream magazine is very refreshing because it is one of the only magazines I have seen that shows an equal amount of ethnicity’s, as well as being very informative. UM: Why did you agree to do the interview? CB: I agreed because any exposure would help me out and was very flattered to be considered. UM: How would you best describe your creative energy or flow? CB: Hmm the best way to answer this would be think of the character ‘Luna’ from Harry potter or ‘Casey’ from Skins (English tv program) and you get me, very quirky. UM: What advice do you have for others trying to make a name in this business? CB: I’m a student I don’t consider myself to have made it in the business but what I can say is never stop trying a photography career is not something that just happens you have to work hard to make it your business. UM: What kind of mentality does it take for you to survive in this business? CB: You have to be a grafter if you don’t have a hard work ethic then you best give up now. UM: What were your dreams growing up regarding what you would become once an adult? CB: I wanted to design wedding dresses. I drew them all day long until I finally got to study textiles in school, and realised I couldn’t sow at all. Then I wanted to be an artist but I couldn’t paint and then finally I found the camera. UM: Top 3 things for new people in the industry to be careful or mindful of? CB: I’m still learning but my top tips are be prepared to be criticized but don’t let it get you down. Choose the right model it can make or break your photo, and the same goes for make up artists the wrong make up can ruin your image. UM: Have you ever been scammed and if so tell us your experience and what was your resolution? CB: Thankfully I have not been scammed so I can’t answer this question.

2010 OCT


Chloe Bowman Photography United Kingdom

Emma Fogg mua/hair Natasha Bowman

Chloe Bowman Photography United Kingdom

Lylah A’idah mua/hair Natasha Bowman

Kelly Ealy Photography Chicago

Kelly Ealy speaks: This Editorial was very special to me, the idea for the concept had been discussed for months with Model Laura Meyer. Laura was to be heading to Japan in a few months to further her modeling career and we knew we wanted to get another shoot in before she was to leave and i also knew that the concept would run great as an addition to the magazine. The idea was for a old time farm family which meets High Fashion concept and we had planned for months to use the kids as a very important part of this editorial. Shopping for the pieces and putting them all together was such a joy to see unfold and when the day of shooting arrived we could not have asked for better conditions to shoot. Laura Meyers was in addition to being one of the models who was also the MUA and helped so much in putting the concepts into action and the results are what you see here in UM. Through the process of shooting this Editorial my daugher also realized her love for modeling as well and we will embark on new territory with her in the upcoming months, definatley something to watch for... Kelly E


Kelly Ealy Photography Chicago

Kelly Ealy Photography Chicago

Kelly Ealy Photography Chicago

2010 SEPT


UM Teen Magazine Atlanta

Introducing some of our teen models who are being featured in UM Teen Magazine. A select few of young people who range in ages of 12 to 18. They are untapped and raw talent who are looking to get into the modeling business. Urban Mainstream magazine acting as their mentor is assisting them via UM Teen magazine with enhancing their skills and portfolio. Over the next few months we will be expanding UM Teen to over 200 high schools. We currently have over 45 students from Texas, Illinois, Georgia, North and South Carolina. visit UM Teen Magazine at:


UM Teen Magazine

Issue#2 Nov. 28th

Megan age: 17 North Carolina hair/mua:


Megan age: 17 North Carolina hair/mua:


if you are reading this then god allowed you to wake up this morning. know that every day you are awake is another opportunity for you to act on your dreams. all opportunities begin with god so learn the value in that before you say you don't have any opportunities in life. - shinobi muhammad

Megan age: 17 North Carolina hair/mua:

Scholastic Photo by JeanCarlo

Maria age: 17 Georgia hair/mua:


Haylee age: 17 Georgia hair/mua:


Pave a way for the future now because there can be no future without a present - shinobi muhammad

about UM Magazine Our brief 3 year history:

Urban Mainstream magazine was and is being formulated with the concept of diversity, not just in the races and ethnicities of those we feature but also the diversity in information, ideas and realities which make us all who we are. We have been very confident that our product is one that stands alone. While others grapple with who they are while seeding perceptions of their validity. Urban Mainstream magazine is fulfilling its core values and principles. WE are about REACHING the MASSES, DEFINING OURSELVES and the overall promotion of DIVERSITY from those of all walks of life. In three short years we have been blessed and we will continue to show gratitude for those blessings by strengthening our base and growing our business one business, model, photographer, makeup artists, fashion designer, community organization, man, woman and child at a time. Some we will please and others we will not but at the end of the day we photo by Shinobi

would have had an impact. Urban Mainstream Media Group, Inc. (UMMG) a company found January 1st, 2007, by Chicago native Shinobi Muhammad, as an online magazine publishing company is now preparing to launch its flagship trade magazine, Urban Mainstream (UM) in the second quarter of 2009. Urban Mainstream Magazine (UM) has a specific niche centered in diversity in culture, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. UM Magazine over the past 20 months reached over 6 million readers as it developed its brand and unique style of content delivery. UM magazine, has gained a readership of 48% White, 34% Black, and 18% Latino and others via U.S., Caribbean, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Greece, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. UM Magazine has provided an open forum to Fortune 500 PR Firms such as 5WPR, Edelman and regional PR firms like Marone Agency, Echoing Sounds, The Promotion People (Canada) and other local PR companies. Featuring Tyra Banks, Jade from American Next Top Model, Tim Gunn – Project Runway, Elena Miro – international fashion designer, Melyssa Ford, and various celebrities, models, entertainers and well known individuals in the industry. UM Magazine is about Diversity in Media, Local to International Collaborations, and Fashion. We seek to bridge the many gaps in media as expressed in the online and offline environment. Website: Market Reach: 48% White 34% African-

40 Oct 2010

American 18% Latino and others with a Household income: 32% $100,000 +, 40% $49,500+, and 28% $27,000+ (all data based on 87% of our total readership sample survey conducted April 2008) 450,000 readers with a projected 1 million per month readership increase over the next 3 months mua: i4anEyeRtistry hair: Jamilah/Knuckleheads, Inc. Model: Michele Grey

In the beginning of all things we find ourselves finding examples by which to follow. As human beings we are hot wired to study those who came before us. This in essence is the fact regarding Urban Mainstream magazine. Three years ago the magazine and its concept of diversity and individuality all under one roof was not present. Magazine publishing via an online outlet was in many cases something more for major print magazines to explore. Many of those magazines found at that time still did not grasp the understanding of an online publication online. As technology grew and the creative eye of those wanting to bring to life the online world of publications. The seed of thought manifested for Urban Mainstream magazine. A magazine which focused on the fashion, modeling, and entertainment world from a different angle. A magazine with no real motivation to become a print publication but rather a strong publication whereas readers could find things in it similiar to what they were familiar with and then those things that were new to them.

Haylee age: 17

Georgia hair/mua: Scholastic

we define ourselves our magazine has always been about doing things our way. it's what makes us unique. Model: Poison Photographer: Junichi Arakawa 2009 June 41 J-Chan’s Designs

Industry profile Fashion Feature Politik me


spring 2011 Maxi dress source:

Written by Daniel P Dykes

Maxi Dress Goes See Through Want to start building up you 2011 wardrobe well in advance of spring 2011? Then put your money where we would: on a fusion of maxi dresses and the sheer fashion trend. At the time of writing we’ve only noted two takes on the sheer maxi dress / maxi skirt trend (more will join an set-to-grow list below), both worn by supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw with which to inspire you but don’t let that dissuade you: this is a trend in its infancy, and we’ll have plenty more of the look coming soon. There’ll be catwalks, there’ll be celebrities, there’ll be street style.

Model La Cholita Photographer Jamais Vu Makeup Accessories Nae

Sheer Maxi Dress

42 oct 2010

Abbey Lee sheer skirt

spring/Summer 2011 denim

Industry profile Fashion Feature Politik me

superfinelondon source:

2010 oct


Industry profile Fashion Feature Politik me

Interfiliere: spring 2011 Trend motifs source:

Interfiliere, a fashion industry body dedicated to lingerie and beachwear correctly peg Spring 2011’s fashion trends as an evolution of several recent fashion trends; key amongst them is the continued reinterpretation of classic styles along all heavily influenced by the ‘lingerie as outerwear’ trend that has been touting for some time now. Key look: loungerie For the latter, they’ve coined a new term: loungerie. With the elements of lingerie, be it girly or overtly sexual, so prominent in street fashion, Interfiliere see Spring 2011’s key street wear trends as a mixture between lingerie, swimwear and streetwear (which they group as loungewear), and lingerie. Hence the portmanteau. In their own words: The new Loungerie takes a leaf out of, and gets the best of, lingerie for an alternative, parallel wardrobe; [one that is] light, intimate, and impossible to “classify.”

44 OCT 2010


Industry profile Fashion Feature Politik me

Tulle-trim bras: daily discovery Written by Tania Braukamper Indulging in lingerie as outerwear is still a favourite way to inject some sensuality into an outfit. The concept may not have changed, but if anything the mood has: follow the path away from the strict fetish and bondage influences and skip towards the ultra-feminine. Trimmed in tulle and in delightful candy pastels today’s discoveries are these toogood-to-hide soft cup bras by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

2010 OCT


Industry profile fashion forecasting Politik me


Urban Mainstream magazine is doing a search for independent and serious fashion designers. We are looking for those in the U.S. and overseas who have their own fashion line. If you are good and your pieces are quality we want to feature you. We will showcase your work under the FashionForecasting section. Let people learn more about your brand and style. The great thing is that starting August on ModelMayhem we will be promoting our magazine to over 1 million new readers/viewers every month. The month of July we will begin our casting calls for exclusive models for our Makeover Cover Girl shoot and Fashion Beauty over 40 shoot. Both of these will be covers for issues running in August and September.

Designer : search showcase

Cover Page Opportunities

We want to give you the opportunity to be seen for what you love doing, Fashion Designing.

photo by designer zac posen


photo by designer herve leger

Designer: search showcase

Fashion Designer’s Cover Page Opportunity DESIGNERS SIGN UP NOW!

photo by designer zac posen

2010 OCT


model: natasha & Sundria Hair: Victress mua: scholastic

carry into action what you believe. believe in what you can achieve. - shinobi muhammad

online facts:

"57% of shoppers 18 or older say

the internet is their

primary source of information

for pre-purchase. "- Burst Media "63% of purchases resulting from online research occur offline. "-Comscore "The internet is expected to influence

nearly half of all retails sales in 2010. -Jupiter

2008 oct


model: natasha, Steven & Jhessika Hair: Victress mua: scholastic

3rd Year and 58th Issue and Urban Mainstream magazine has changed its look and now planning to further expand and become more of an industry media outlet for the established and up coming stars on the horizon. The magazine can professionally provide an outlet for brand and media awareness.

Reach 450,000 Readers Inexpensive Advertising

Readers in the U.S. and Overseas

Local online versions of magazine in NY, LA, Ontario and UK coming Spring 2011



Industry profile Fashion Editorial Politik me


Fashion Trends Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 turtlenecks We all want to look fashionable but this is impossible without knowing modern tendencies in the fashion world. Some of the Spring/ Summer 2010 trends will be out and some will still be hot. And a few absolutely new trends will shatter the glamorous world soon. Sexy turtlenecks. Although the turtleneck seems to be one of the clothing items that simply cannot be sexy we say that sexy turtleneck is a hot trend for Autumn/ Winter 2010/ 2011 season. Everything depends on how you wear it. Try to mix colors and add some funky accessories to your look and the turtleneck will change from the very dull to a stylish piece.

high collars High collars. These aren’t only fashionable, they are very practical as well. In addition to making you look modern high collar will keep you warm from cold winter winds. Fall Winter Trends 2010 2011 maxi dress


maxi dress

Maxi dresses. Femininity will always be fashionable. So, dear ladies, if you feel the need to look womanly, maxi dress will be the perfect option. Lots of styles of maxi dresses will help you choose something that will fit your figure ideally.


Military. As a huge contrast to the lattest trend comes the military style that is getting more and more popular with women all over the world. Even Gisele Bundchen wore military for the photo shoot for Vogue, isn’t that a good reason to try this trend?


Patchwork. To wear patchwork you have to be creative because if you put too many accessories on you’ll definitely overdo, but if don’t put any something will be missing. What is great about patchwork is that you’ll never be one of a crowd, you have millions of ways to stand out.

2010 OCT


Industry profile Fashion Editorial Politik me


Fashion Trends Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 poncho Poncho. This trend will require great fashion skill from you. Poncho is not an ordinary item, so being able to complete the outfit with it successfully is not easy. Be creative and it will work!

Quilting Quilting. Winter is cold and the warmer garments you wear the better. Quilting technique is always used for making coats because it provides warmth to the wearer. And It looks great, too!


Thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots. These boots have become a favorite with many women. They look sexy and feel comfortable. To add to this, they provide a great coverage to the leg that is essential for winter time. So, it’s still a trend and you have one more season to rock your best pair!

wide pants

Wide pants. Lots of wide pants were presented at fashion shows this spring. Some were simple and monotone while others were full of color and sparkle. So, it’s up to you to choose what’s closer to your wardrobe.


Fringe. A few seasons ago fringe was one of the top trends and now it seems to be coming back. However, this time fringe isn’t as widely used. It goes only on clothes. No shoes, bags or any other accessories see so much of it this fashion season.

2010 OCT


Industry profile Fashion Editorial Politik me


Fashion Trends Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 Mens wear The fall is being at its height while most men don’t seem to be changing their summer clothing habits. It’s not been real foul outside yet so we are still keeping our tees, summer slacks and sandals in use. The weather forecasts for the nearest future though promise some rains and temperature drop. So it must be the right time to think of some fresh things to add to your wardrobe. And thus, it makes the perfect time for us to tell you what the men fashion trends for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 are. This autumn menswear trends proceed with some last year’s pieces and bring the world a few new ideas as well. Renewed military style, new cuts of suits and velvet cloth are some of the main things to dominate men’s of fashion minds this Fall/ Winter season.

1. Military is back again! This time it is deriving inspiration from 40-s and 50-s. Great coats, aviator jackets and aviator boots with shearling. Burberry Prorsum Neil Barrett are some of the brightest representatives of this trend. men fashion trends fall winter 2010 Tom Ford 2. The men’s suits have moved

away from the ’skinny boy’ suit. The new cut can appeal to a military officer, one that accents a sense of the masculine through three key silhouette elements: - broad shoulders - a slim waist - slim trousers


3. Men’s velvet is a new trend; it has been a fabric of choice for the most fashion forward gentlemen for some time now. But don’t get away with wearing anything made of velvet. You can wear velvet jackets with trousers of different cloth or velvet slacks with some other jacket.

2010 OCT


modeling 1on1

modeling 10n1: tips and industry insights plus size modeling source:

The world is finally realizing that people are not all as slender as some models, and fashion houses, boutiques and designers are making clothes for the “real women.” Of course with the so called “real sizes” you will need women who can model them and this is where plus size models come in. More and more designers are making larger ranges for their larger clients and plus size models serve the purpose of being the wearers of these outfits for range showings and ramp work as well as photographic shoots for promotional purposes. Plus size models are not just anyone, however. They are chosen specifically for a look and their size must be a healthy looking large size. She must appear to be happy and healthy and this also means that she should exercise regularly. A plus size model does not mean that you can join an agency very easily. You will have to work just as hard and prove that you are healthy, you exercise, eat fairly well and are naturally big boned or larger. The general size that they look for in plus size modeling is if you can wear from size 12 to 16. You can start doing your research into agents, because not all of them offer plus size modeling yet. Contact the largest agents that you know of, and if they don’t do plus size modeling, find a reputable agent who does. A great way to find out what agent to join is to keep your eye on the latest plus size models you see doing magazine covers, or store modeling. Ask them who they are with, or ask the store which agency they use for their shoots and promotions. If you are getting involved in the ramp work side of things, you will still need to be of a certain height, usually about 5.7 feet or taller to do ramp modeling. It also depends on the agency and fashion house that is asking for models. In some cases they might want only shorter plus size models. All you can do is put yourself out there and get the best agent for your needs. As a plus size girl or guy, modeling can allow you to speak up against some society trends and help people that want to conform to the normal images they see of models, even if their bodies are not made to be that thin. You have the chance to show others how they can love who they are and for what they have. To do this, and be a positive role model for people, it is imperative that you remain healthy, stay active, be passionate and give off a positive attitude in everything that you do. You don’t have to attend a modeling school to become a plus size model. Your agency will give you the training that you need and from here you can also branch out into ramp work, photographic work, range showing or all of them. On occasion plus size lingerie models are also needed and if you are very comfortable with your body, then you can do this as well like Tyra Banks promoted on her Full Figured Top Model show. Men can also be plus size models and many clients find that a plus size male model can draw attention to their product and sell some products better than ordinary male models.


58 OCT 2010

Click any Website Address in UM Magazine and go directly to the web page mentioned in the story.


modeling 1on1

modeling for television commercials


On the set of a film shoot or a television commercial, you may be surprised at the amount of people that are involved. You will not necessarily be the focus of their attention and they might have other actors and leads to worry about.If you are selected for a part in a feature film or commercial you will need to know how everything will work when you get there. You will need to arrive just before the time specified. You need to report to the person you were told to find, usually one of the assistant directors (AD’s). They will make a note that you have arrived and relay the message to the director and other crew members. You will be told where you go to get your hair and make up done and you will report there when told to. If they don’t need you right away and are busy with other cast members, you will have to wait like everyone else in the specified area where there will be chairs and tables for you, along with a catering table for drinks and snacks. After you have been for hair and make up, you will be taken or asked to report to the set. The set will be where the main shooting is happening and where you will be used.You will be told exactly what you have to do and be prepared to do it a few times until everything is perfect. It might not be you that is not perfect, but the lighting, camera filters, sound, other actors and extras, and lots of other things have to be taken into account and must all be corrected until perfect. A tip for someone who has never been in front of a film or video camera before for a movie or TV show is to never look directly at the camera. If someone does this, they will call cut and retake the scene. Your day will usually be 12 hours and you will get paid extra for any time over this. If you have an early morning call like 4am, you will get breakfast and lunch and leave at 4pm. If you have a later call from say 10am you will get lunch and supper and expect to shoot until 10pm that night. This will depend on what the film is about and if they need night scenes to be filmed. Usually a television series will be shot in a studio and here your day will usually be from 6am to 6pm. Once your day is over, and you have been “wrapped,” you can get dressed and report back to the AD that you signed in with. He or she will give you a release form to fill in which is to state that you were at the shoot for the day and have now finished. If you don’t do this, you may not get paid, so don’t forget.




by Sarah Motley

scams badService unprofessional no-shows horrorStories

Hair stylists Mary Lou Rose MM# 705451

Sweetp Hair MM#782456

KANAKO MM#835598

The Traveling Stylist MM#878251

Mary Lou, when working with photographers you have to take into consideration the work that is about to be done and how you as a hairstylist benefit from it. Although your work looks beautiful, it’s barely visible. How would someone know to hire you if they can’t see the work in your portfolio? When doing TF’s or any photo shoots, it would be within your best interest to review the concept of the shoot with the photographer before going forward because when you don’t, it’s just a waste of time.

Sweetp Hair, when entering in the entertainment industry as a hairstylist, it is imperative that you show versatility or else this will be a downfall. It’s understood that the photos of your models may not be the best due to the fact that you are new to the industry but the goal is to intrigue the audience that you are attempting to work with and limit yourself to one race or ethnicity.

""report: Scams and Badbusiness KANAKO, the same model, same hair texture, and most of the same styles does not help your portfolio at all. In fact, I thought it was the model’s portfolio! I see more of the model than the hairstyling work. Your portfolio made me very interested in the model and the photographer and less interested in you. It’s all about presentation and versatility. You need to have both in order to make your work pop! Next time you shoot with a photographer, make sure he has at least a little interest in showing your work instead of making another portfolio for Geisha.


mwh Photograghy MM# 761760

MWH, your photography work has shown to be poorly done. This is because models are badly posed, with too much light exposed on some photographs and not enough exposed on others. A photographer should have some idea of what a good pose should look like, in your portfolio it appears no one had a clue. Also do you know how to touch-up a photograph? Models are being negatively represented in your photographs. The work done in your portfolio appears as if an amateur had taken them. It would be greatly appreciated if you worked on your photography skills better or just put down the camera.

Traveling Stylist, your work is beautiful but it is a shame that the models are in the dark and the styles are barely visible. How is this benefiting you? When working with photographers, take into consideration how his/her work can add to your portfolio. Ask the photographer to also take headshots of the models. This would help your portfolio and not just theirs

Donald E. Photography MM#506223

Donald, as a photographer, your work looks so amateur. The photography of the women looks so sub-par. The posing, styling, hair, and makeup of the models are ridiculously low budget. Many of these women believe they are so close to making it as a model because some photographers fill their heads with high hopes. In most cases it is always “Guys with Cameras” who just take pictures for sport and play while showing themselves off as knowledgeable professionals. It would be wise to learn from other experienced photographers. Your current presentation shows you need advice and better instructions on how to be a more skillful practitioner of photography.

contact OnBlast! at

attn: OnBlast!

60 nov 2008

modeling 1on1

agency preparation

In a models life, going to agents can seem daunting and you wonder if they will like you and want to represent you. You cannot model in any job without an agent, so this is vital for your career. Being prepared is always the ideal for any job interview and going to see a modeling agency is no exception. Here are a few things that you can expect and that will be expected of you when you go to an agency: * They will want to see you for who you are. Be cheerful and relaxed (or as relaxed as you can be), smile and show off yourself in the best light. * Some agencies will expect you to have some knowledge of the modeling industry and where you see yourself in it. Have ideas about what type of model you would like to be and where you want to start as well as lead your career. * Agents will expect you to be punctual. If you have an appointment, never ever be late. If you are late, they will see you as unprofessional and hesitant to accept you, because for the actual modeling jobs you cannot be late. * You should expect them to ask you questions. They will not simply look at you and make their decision. They want to find out more about you, if you are looking at modeling as your career or just to make some extra money, and how flexible your time is. * Expect to be given modeling training and courses if you are accepted. You need to learn about the modeling industry and the way that particular agency works. Even if you are changing agents, you may be required to do a refresher course. This is to ensure that all models are fully prepared, trained and ready to make the agency look good. * Expect a photo session for your portfolio. All agencies will want updates pictures of you and done by a professional photographer. Your headshots and other full length pictures will be taken either at the agency, or they will refer you to one of their professional photographers. * Expect to be told to do certain things. You might be told to lose weight, trim your hair or cut into a different style, get a tan, etc. This will depend on the market and what people are looking for at the time. You should never do anything that makes you uncomfortable and you have every right to refuse. If you are told to have a trim because your hair is split and messy, this is different. * You should already have in mind what you will and won’t do regarding the modeling jobs that come up. If you only want to do body modeling, that is fine, if you just want to so swimsuit, this is your choice. * Expect the agent to explain everything to you in detail. Ask them questions if they don’t about their commission fee structure, how they operate, and how jobs models usually get per month. Anything you want to know or check, you should not be afraid to do so. Any agent that is not willing to help, might not be the best agent for you after all. source:


2010 OCT.


model: Snhea Premium hair salon & Spa

You Want to Be on the Cover? Screening Taking Place Now! CLICK PAGE WITH MOUSE TO MAKE WORDS BIGGER

Industry profile Industry Insight Politik me

REPEAT SECTION BASED ON MODEL EMAILS SAYING “Industry Insights was the most informative I’ve seen in a while..”

by Corey Cox


Click Video Image or link below:

64 OCT 2010


industry insights 1on1

Many of the models we come in contact with are always looking for more sources of information to enhance their skills and insight into the modeling and fashion world. Our magazine tries to find different ways to fulfill our readrs need for information by researching to find those answers or points of reference needed by our readers. This issue we are focusing on Posing, Runway, Headshots, Getting Paid as a model, and doing an interview.

industry insights 1on1

A MUST view

Tyra Banks on how she got started One on

One interview documentary

part: 1

Click Video Image or link below:

part: 2

Click Video Image or link below: 2010 OCT


Industry profile Industry Insight Politik me

industry insights 1on1 source:

1. Do not be a “no-neck monster.” Try to elongate your neck for ma mum extension. 2. Do not pose like a hoochie. (If you don’t what a hoochie is, er, that’s probably best.) 3. Do not be a limp noodle. Always pose with tension in your body completely from H2T (head to toe). 4. Do not play it safe and stay in the same pose. Mix it up with innovative poses, your wildest pose could be the one that’s picked. 5. Do not show up to a photo shoot unless you are clean shaven, have a clean face and clean hair. 6. Do not let hating how your hair or makeup is done affect your performance. Model through it. 7. Do not stare aimlessly when posing. Create intensity for the camera through your eyes. Smize (smile with your eyes)! 8. Do not slouch on the runway; pretend you have a wire through your spine that is pulling you up to the ceiling. 9. Do not be forgettable. Make an impression by showing your distinctive personality. 10. Do request to have your favorite music playing when you do a shoot! The beat will kick your poses up ten notches!


66 OCT 2010

industry insights 1on1

Model Dont’s (and a Do)

“Utilize the information we give you in Urban Mainstream magazine to assist you in improving your opportunities. Remember, you don’t know everything.”

2010 OCT


Industry profile Industry Insight Politik me

Information provided for research purposes only. We do not endorse any products or services.

Karthy Amarati (Book Publisher) I’m sure we’d both agree model photographers and posing models themselves are paid extremely well – if they’re good at what they do. But what makes the difference between a weekend hack and a super model or photographer to the stars? I’ve pondered this question, as I’m sure you have, for a great while and with all the models and photographers I’ve studied, I’ve invariably come to the same conclusion every time. In short, anyone at the top of their game has invested a great deal of time and energy into studying their craft. With that in mind, I think I might have taken this to the extreme… I’m pretty much a modeling fanatic. The truth is I’m always on the internet looking at anything and everything I can find on modeling and model photography. Only $17 250 Page eBook

A Professional Guide For The Creative Model, Director, Photographer. CLICK PAGE WITH MOUSE TO MAKE WORDS BIGGER 68 OCT 2010

Along The Way I’ve Found Information That’s Just Plain Wrong... Along the way I’ve found tons of information that’s just plain wrong - information, I think, that does more harm than good. If you’re like me, you’ve probably found your fair share of the same – you may not have even realized it was harmful. Anyway, a few months back I was doing some research on Harriett Shepherd and Lenore Meyer two of the most respected model photographers of all time and I uncovered a gem. If you’re looking to become a model or take model photography I have found the model posing guide bible.

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industry insights 1on1

Posing Pose

Click Video Image or link below:

Introducing “The Perfect Pose”... This book is not a compilation of ‘Do’s and Dont’s.’ It your image. seeks to organize thought on the part of photographers, directors and models as to where posing for camera be* Establishing a basic composition and post, then regins and how it is accomplished. Step by step, the reader fining it through small adjustments. is taken through the major and minor components of the posing figure and how they function in relation to * A little known 4 step method to building the perfect the camera - their possibilities and their limitations. pose. Once you know how the figure functions, and the results thereby obtained, it is up to you to decide whether the pose is desirable or undesirable for the job at hand. For instance, a certain hand position during your posing for camera may be generally recognized as awkward or conspicuous. This position would be undesirable if you wanted your picture to express grace and loveliness. On the other hand, it could very well serve to characterize a gangling teenager or call attention to an object or important copy in an advertisement.

And that’s just the beginning. In short, you’ll get over 50 years life experience condensed into one book.

Please note: This book is not meant to impose personal opinions upon you. Its intent is to increase your awareness of how symmetry of figure in pictures follows a consistent pattern. That pattern, when analyzed, establishes basic truths that beat like a motif throughout prize-winning and time-tested pictures. These truths Here’s a few more things you’ll discover in “The Perfect are the fundamentals of posing for camera. Pose”... All art (and I do consider posing for camera an art) as * Different modeling postures and when to use them – well as a science, has its basic fundamentals. Teachers all with illustrated examples. readily admit that rules have a tendency, at first, to be confining. However, after they are learned well, creativ* How to correctly study people, and their movements, ity springs from the sound foundation they form. to help you know when to snap that perfect shot. This isn’t some tiny 30 page ebook either - it’s fully loaded with prized information in over 250 pages! As your * How to master the most difficult aspect of all - “get- skill and knowledge develop, you yourself will burst ting the hands right”. Discover what ‘hand stops’ are the confines of these basics of posing for camera to imand how they can get you positioning a person’s hand’s provise in good taste. No longer will you be laden with in the most natural way. technicalities; you will be free to create. * Posing to make the legs, feet, and rear look their best. * Getting the right expression and creating a mood in 2010 OCT


industry insights 1on1

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staying focus A model's job is never done models: erin, jhessika, Steven & natasha mua: scholastic Hair: victress

sed Issue 59 will be featuring one on one model interviews, special features and more for january 2011. so stay focused more of our models is to come.

Jodie Simms Photography England

Jodie Simms is a young photog-

rapher who is only 17 years old. As you can see she is already grasping the concepts and creative side of photography. We are featuring her full interview and some of her other work in our UM Teen magazine which is scheduled to release its 2nd issue by Nov. 28th.


shopping spree

We truly do


74 OCT 2008

Modeling Opportunities:

L’aigner La’Key

We are looking for models to be on our MAGAZINE cover, appear as GUEST models on our new tv show filming. We only want those who really can model. Those who know how to “EARN THE RIGHT” to be a model and not just a “HOPELESS HOPEFUL”. We want the real deal. We want real POSERS, DRESSERS, INTELLIGENT, INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGEABLE, and those with a LOOK for HIGH FASHION, EDITORIAL, COMMERCIAL AND AVANT GARDE. MEET the CHALLENGE TO STAND APART FROM THE IMITATORS.

Published Exposure Go to the scroll down and click on: “CLICK HERE” fill out a submission form. INCLUDE IMAGES OR LINK TO A MODEL SITE. NO MYSPACE OR FACEBOOK PAGES.

Models: Natasha & Mathew Fox Mua & Hair : Scholastic 2010 OCT


Why Posing Skills are Important? As a Model, your truest worth is in your ability to pose. Posing with little or no direction is what the industry wants. Models who show up at shoots saying they don’t know how to pose or they don’t have much experience in it. Should not call themselves models. Developing posing techniques does not require the time of an experienced photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist or fashion designer. You don’t deserve that if you don’t invest in your own abilities on your own time.




Fashion editorial

written by Shinobi Muhammad

The Faces of Urban m a i n s t r e a m In the coming months, Urrban Mainstream magazine will be taking a front seat in its quest to be a positive force and vehicle for models, artists, photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers and all of those who are in the industry seeking a way to express their talents, stories and points of view. We are currently planning more editorial, fashion, commercial shoots and media events where our current and new readers will get a chance to explore these great talents. Our overall goal is to maintain DIVERSITY in our approach. When we say DIVERSITY it is more about the mixture of talents than that of models based on race or ethnic background. We want to expose rising, established and curious talents to each other. Whether you are in Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Isreal, China, Bogata, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada or the United States. Our mission is to expose your talents. Open up a bridge of exchange. Each issue of the magazine we will further our reach. Seeking out those from around the globe who want to be seen and heard. The FACES OF URBAN MAINSTREAM is all about the cause of the many. We are all at heart driven to explore beyond our own worlds. The reality however is that most do not know how. Connecting our worlds through our crafts is both inspiring and unlimited. Urban Mainstream magazine is about the faces of the MANY. Seeing in each of us that which God has gifted our hands and minds to create. To connect us beyond borders, ideology, race, ethnicity and financial status. As we are inspired we are driven to impact the world around us. It is the lack of inspiration which dulls the senses of society into boredom and decadence. It is the lack of true inspiration which drives us away from our passions as human beings and true creatures of God. We are many yet we are one. In this is the ILLUMINATION OF MIND, BODY AND SOUL.

78 OCT 2010


Model: Natasha Mua: Scholastic

Model interview

Natasha Fox U.S.A - Atlanta, GA


UM: What got you started in the business? NF: I had a promotional job as the live model for a videogame character. I travelled all over the country to trade shows like Comic-Con and Dragon*Con. When I returned to Los Angeles, I began building a portfolio. UM: What are some of your challenging moments? NF: Fixation on the end product above all. We each have our own success criteria, and when I get photos back that don’t meet mine I never say, “Oh well, at least it’s the journey that counts.” It’s disappointing when that happens, and one can only hope to have learned something to improve on. UM: What motivates you to stay in the business? NF: I keep my toes in the water of the industry because I’m moved by striking photography and compelling fashion. I enjoy making art and honing skill sets, so modeling is an outlet. UM: Who and or What are some of your inspirations? NF: Urban fashion and entertainment. The culture of what people really wear and when, the media they consume, and the technology of creation. I travel to music festivals like Coachella and Ultra—there, people dress in borderline costume… as if enhanced, bolder versions of themselves. It’s a voyeuristic dream. UM: What are some of your accomplishments you’d like to speak about? NF: I channel creativity into a lot of genres. Professionally, I develop computer games and it’s where the majority of my heart is. I’m also learning to produce electronic music in my own time. Art is art is art no matter how you slice it and pursuing it is my life’s work. UM: What do you offer that is unique to the industry? NF: All my proverbial eggs are not in the basket of this industry—it allows me to exclusively accept work that I believe will be beautiful, purposeful, or stirring, so I’m going in for the kill at every shoot. I’m grateful for opportunities to work with talented artists and do not squander them. A strategy of quality over quantity. UM: What are your views concerning Urban Mainstream magazine? NF: I read several issues when it was first brought to my attention. I found it to be forthright, astute, relevant, and articulate. These are qualities that I value very much, but don’t always expect from fashion publications. I was taken aback and wanted to get involved. UM: Why did you agree to do the interview? NF: How often does someone ask you what you’re truly all about? People are so remarkably unique, and I hope that readers might enjoy my perspective as much as I have others. UM: How would you best describe your creative energy or flow? NF: Ha… endless? There isn’t anything I do in my professional or personal life that’s not entirely fueled by creativity and persistence. But it’s fragile, too. You have to sleep right, eat right, and ultimately take fine care of your physical being in order to have full access to your mind. 80 OCT 2010

UM: What advice do you have for others trying to make a name in this business? NF: Oh, plenty. Follow up, be persistent—this is really the most useful thing I’ve learned in any business. Stay grateful for your circumstances and for the effort of others. Be respectful of industry standards without confining your personality. Set specific goals, else acknowledge that your work is for pleasure. Know what your applicable skills are, and be ready to break them out in any situation. UM: What kind of mentality does it take for you to survive in this business? NF: Simply, whatever works for an individual. I know myself. I pursue my desires. I do not flounder. It works for me. UM: Top 3 things for new people in the industry to be careful or mindful of? NF: Getting your feelings hurt—don’t. Grow stronger rather than weaker in the face of criticism. Next, know what your work is well suited for, and don’t pin all your hopes on something it’s not. Lastly, someone that truly wants to work with you will not try to sell you anything. UM: Have you ever been scammed and if so tell us your experience and what was your resolution? NF: Not much. Scamming comes often in the form of callbacks which try to funnel you into acting classes or costly photoshoots, and I’ve always been wary. If I fall for something, I figure it out quickly, cut my losses, and move on.

2009 OCT



Health &



One Life To Live by Kyle Barnslow

It is surprising to know that with the rise of health care cost and many who just don’t have it. Most have not just considered preventative options. A decrease in foods and lifestyle activities that negatively impact health. Looking up tips on workout regiments or even just getting out for a light jog or walk. A lot of people look at their bodies and complain about how it looks. They constantly remind themselves of what they don’t like about themselves. It does not matter young or old. People in many cases who do not take care of their bodies are more likely to have self conscious attitudes towards themselves. Some of these issues can be detrimental to a person’s self esteem. I’d be the first to admit that to workout may be fun at first but if you are serious it has to be more than that. Sticking to a routine and adjusting your eating habits and just trying to stick to it can be so hard. In most cases, it is not the health aspect that motivates us to stay with it but the physical outer appearance. Hey, whatever it takes to keep you in the game, do it. That’s my personal belief. However, at some point we have to consider the greater benefits. For me personally, I don’t want to live out of a medicine cabinet. I don’t want to feel like I am going to die for just going up a flight of stairs. As a man, I don’t want to look like I’m 6 months pregnant and thinking it’s sexy. So, my goal is to have a good looking body that is strong and will get me the best out of life that it can. Remember, we only live once so let’s make the very best of it.

82 OCT 2010


Lifestyle impacts on cardiovascular health

Two large studies from Northwestern Medicine have 30 per cent for three factors, 17 per cent for two and confirmed that a healthy lifestyle has the biggest im- 6 per cent for one or zero. The results were similar for pact on cardiovascular health. men only, women only, black only and white only. “Health behaviours can trump a lot of your genetics,” said Donald Lloyd-Jones, chair and professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and a staff cardiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The second Northwestern Medicine study examined three generations of families from the Framingham Heart Study to determine the heritability of cardiovascular health. Heritability includes a combination of genetic factors and the effects of a shared environment such as the types of foods that are served in a “This research shows people have control over their family. heart health. The earlier they start making healthy choices, the more likely they are to maintain a low- The study found that only a small proportion of carrisk profile for heart disease.” diovascular health is passed from parent to child; instead, it appears that the majority of cardiovascuThe first Northwestern Medicine study investigated lar health is due to lifestyle and healthy behaviours. why most young adults, who have a low-risk profile for heart disease, often tip into the high-risk cate- “What you do and how you live is going to have a larggory by middle age with high blood pressure, high er impact on whether you are in ideal cardiovascular cholesterol and excess weight. health than your genes or how you were raised,” said Norrina Allen, the lead study author and a postdocThe unhealthy shift is the result of lifestyle, the study toral fellow in preventive medicine at the Feinberg found. More than half of the young adults who fol- School. lowed the five healthy lifestyle factors for 20 years were able to maintain their low-risk profile for heart The Northwestern Medicine study looked at three disease though middle age. generations of families including 7,535 people at age 40 and a separate group of 8,920 people at age 50. There are big benefits to reaching middle age with a The goal was to see who was in ideal cardiovascular low-risk profile for heart disease. These individuals health at these two critical periods in middle age. will live much longer, have a better quality of life and generate lower Medicare bills. Both Northwestern Medicine studies build on previous research from the department of preventive The study followed 2,336 black and white par- medicine that has provided the core for the national ticipants, ages 18 to 30 at baseline, for 20 years. definition of cardiovascular health over the past deResearchers tracked participants’’ diet, physical ac- cade, noted Lloyd-Jones. tivity, alcohol consumption, smoking, weight, blood pressure and glucose levels at the baseline year, The studies have been presented at the American year seven and year 20. The participants are part of Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2010 in the CARDIA (Coronary Artery Risk Development Chicago. in Young Adults) multi-center longitudinal study sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood SOURCE: Institute. WWW.TIMESOFINDIA.INDIATIMES.COM After 20 years, the prevalence of a low-risk profile was 60 per cent for participants who followed all five healthy lifestyle factors, 37 per cent for four factors, 2010 OCT



Health &


Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days and Get Fit Quick by Rumi I created “Lose 10 pounds in 3 days” diet especially for women who must look gorgeous very quickly (coming party or anniversary). This is your starring moment – you need killer looking NOW and IMMEDIATELY. Warning: This diet is very drastic and is for limited period usage. If you have health problems, first consult your doctor and ask him for an advice. The diet below is tested on myself and it works, but I can’t guarantee that if you have health problems it is suitable for you! The main principle of “Lose 10 pounds in 3 days” diet is that you not only need to lose pounds but you also need to cleanse your body from toxins, so you skin looks shiny and smooth. The first day Prepare 2 litters of detox tea; you will drink it for the whole day. You can make a mix of herb teas or you can buy my favorite Daily detox tea, it is famous of its cleaning and detox features. Add 2 spoons of honey. My recommendation is to drink the tea hot because hot liquids foolish your cravings. Breakfast Fresh juice made from carrots and apples – 10 oz (app. 250 ml)You can drink as much as you want from your detox tea.


After breakfast An apple Lunch Cucumber and avocado salad, for dressing use only balsamic vinegar and salt. Drink hot detox tea. After lunch An apple, drink detox tea. Dinner Salad of grated carrots (you chose the quantity), fresh lemon juice on taste, salt and a spoon of olive oil. Drink detox tea. The second day Breakfast Fresh juice made from carrots and apples – 10 oz (app. 250 ml) You can drink as much as you want from your detox tea. After breakfast An banana Lunch Tomato and avocado salad, for dressing use only balsamic vinegar and salt. Drink hot detox tea. After lunch A banana, drink detox tea.

Breakfast Fresh juice made from carrots and apples – 10 oz (app. 250 ml)You can drink as much as you want from your detox tea. After breakfast Grapes – 5 oz (app. 150 grams) Lunch Salmon steak and cucumber salad. After lunch Grapes – 5 oz (app. 150 grams), drink detox tea. Dinner Sweet salad: grated carrots, apple, raisins and 1 oz (25 grams) walnuts. Drink detox tea. As I mentioned above this “Lose 10 pounds in 3 days” diet is very strong and its purpose is not only to lose weight but also to cleanse your body. The result is less weight, shiny skin, self confidence and good mood. Because you eat very low calorie I don’t recommend exercising during these 3 days, but long walks are of benefit. There are some unpleasant feelings because of this diet: you start to clean toxins and this cause headache. Because of low calories you will feel weakness.

Dinner Cabbage salad (you chose the quantity), vinegar, salt and a spoon of olive oil. Drink detox tea. Hint for the cabbage: After you cut the cabbage, add salt and with hands smash the cabbage – it becomes more juicy and easier to chew. Drink detox tea.

At the third day you will start to feel the benefits of the diet – you will experience mood improvement and your clothes will look lose :-) .

The third day

Wish you to look gorgeous on Christmas

84 OCt 2010


dgetfit eating to live or living to eat? Stomach vs. Brain: Discovering Why Some People Can Resist Dessert While Others Can’t by Melinda Beck for Wall Street Journal

CLICK LINK BELOW TO READ ARTICLE 704288204575363072381955744.html

illegal butt augmentation kills woman.

get into fitness modeling There is no one way to become a successful fitness model. There is no single path or magic secret. There are however some key things a person can do to greatly improve their chances of “making it” in the fitness biz as a model, and perhaps using that success as a launching pad to greater things, such as movies, TV, etc


A 22-year old California woman recently died after getting butt implants illegally, underscoring the importance of always choosing a board certified plastic surgeon.

CLICK LINK BELOW TO READ ARTICLE illegal-butt-augmentation-kills-woman/

the top 10 fitness myths You're probalywrong about. Think water flushes toxins out of your body? Think it’s crucial to stretch before a workout? Think again. Here, the most popular fitness and diet myths you’ve bought into -- and why they (and you) are wrong.

CLICK LINK BELOW TO READ ARTICLE strategy/top-10-fitness-myths/




Health &


bianca spicer Health & fitness editor

Currently attending the University of Georgia, Bianca Spicer is a 22 year old, fourth year, Health Promotion major student. Playing sports in high school, Bianca is not new to fitness and staying in shape. Conditioning in the gym to get better at the sports, she played she fell in love with weight training. However during the first year of college she stopped working out to focus on her studies and gained weight. After seeing a picture of herself in a bikini her sophomore year, she vowed that she would get back into the gym and back to what she loved. After learning how to train from reading books, magazines, experience, and academic classes, she lost ten pounds and leaned how to eat clean. Over the past year she has entered two NPC competitions in the bikini divisions placing 3rd in both shows. Bianca has also became a AFAA certified personal trainer. continue next page 86 OCT 2010

2011 get fit

fitness reviews

dgetfit Bianca Spicer (continued)

“For me, physical fitness has become a very important aspect in my life. Our bodies are our temples and I believe that we honor God with our bodies. I want to take care of mine and I do so by eating clean and getting regular exercise. I want to share my love of fitness with people especially women. With women, I want to show that fit and toned can be sexy. Many women feel that lifting weights everyday will bulk you and make you manly but that is not true. You can be curvy, glamourous, sexy, and fit at the same time. We have to take care ourselves.�

2011 get fit

fitness reviews

In the upcoming year, Bianca will be competing in more NPC shows pursuing her dreams of obtaining her pro card. She will also be trying to launch her career as a fitness model and guru.

2011 Health & Fitness


Urban Mainstream magazine starting issue 59 will begin focusing on Health and Fitness training, lifestyle and nutrition. Our focus is to bring to our readers ways for them to set goals, improve their health and get inspired to maintain a strong body. Our editorial team will research the best possible information, videos, and bring to you experts and trained professionals in the health and fitness field. We will also feature those who are at different stages of their health and fitness goals in order to find out their stories and motivations behind getting in shape.

get featured: if you are a fitness trainer, nutrition expert, medical doctor or someone who is interested in being featured email: attn: UM Fitness CLICK PAGE WITH MOUSE TO MAKE WORDS BIGGER 2010 oct




skin allergy There are about 6 million chemical agents in our immediate environment. Out of these approximately 3000 act as allergens (agents causing allergy) to the skin. Skin allergy occurs when these allergens bind to certain carrier proteins and present themself to the immune system of the skin and the body


The Beauty Advantage Most of us have heard the story of Debrahlee Lorenzana, the 33-year-old Queens, N.Y., woman who sued Citibank last month, claiming that, in pencil skirts, turtlenecks, and peep-toe stilettos, she was fired from her desk job for being “too hot.” We’ve also watched Lorenzana’s credibility come into question, as vintage clips of her appearance on a reality-TV show about plastic surgery portray a rambling, attention-obsessed twit, stuffed to the brim with implants and collagen. (“I love plastic surgery,” she coos. “I think it’s the best thing that ever happened.”) Creepy, yes. But for all the talk about this woman’s motives—and whether or not she was indeed fired for her looks—there’s one question nobody seems to want to ask: isn’t it possible Lorenzana’s looks got her the job in the first place?

makeup 1on1: beautiful me



big sexy lashes

Long, upturned eyelashes not only make your eyes look bigger, but they’re also a characteristic associated with youth.Even though lash length and shape is genetically programmed, there are many things you can do (some easy and quick, some drastic and pricey) to create the illusion of long, batty eyelashes. Source: more on lashes at link below - click to visit:

88 OCT 2010

Mineral-makeup-tips-for-Women-2011 makeup 1on1: beautiful me

Why mineral-based cosmetics can make your skin look flawless. When cosmetic companies first brought their lines of what they called “mineral makeup” to the public in the late ’70s, corporations called them radical, and quickly pushed them out of the mainstream market. However, after grinding it out for the last 30 years on infomercials and by word of mouth, mineral makeup is finally getting the public’s attention. Today, it’s in the pages of magazines and at the top of celebrities’ must-have lists. But what is mineral makeup? Read on to find out. What is mineral makeup? “The whole idea behind mineral makeup is to not use anything known to interrupt the skin’s natural function,” explains Ruben Potrebenko, makeup artist and national educator for Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. “What makes it so unique,” he continues, “is that it’s usually free of fillers like talc — which clogs pores — and FD&C colour — a known carcinogen.” According to mineral makeup manufacturer Pure + Simple Cosmetics, the minerals themselves, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide mixed with pure pigment offer many skin care benefits. Titanium and zinc are natural anti-inflammatories, so they calm and soothe the skin; titanium dioxide is a natural sunscreen and carries an SPF of 15 to 20; and the minerals won’t support bacteria growth like standard makeup, because the minerals are inert. Quick application Most mineral foundations are four products in one — foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen. What this means for you is that it’s faster to put on. “Another thing that makes this product so easy,” explains Potrebenko, “is that it can be as simple as possible for the makeup beginner or challenging enough for the makeup artist — it covers every realm. The more you put on, the more colour, coverage and sun protection you get.” While it’s true some women swear by mineral makeup, others find it can look or feel dry or even cakey. If so, manufacturers recommend trying a lighter application of the product, or waiting for your moisturizer to completely absorb before applying. It may be worth trying it out at a makeup counter before buying. Get some glow Not only are the minerals lighter and easier to put on, but they also give you a fantastic natural glow. “The reason mineral makeup is doing so well is because it makes the skin look fantastic,” Potrebenko says. “The minerals actually reflect light off the skin like millions of little mirrors, which make the wearer look flawless. This product is also highly water resistant, so it won’t rain off, snow off or cry off, and you can swim in it for up to 80 minutes without it lifting off the surface of the skin.” source:






2011 Hairstyles

What hairstyles will be in fashion in 2011. Pictures Of 2011 hairstyles in a hairstyle gallery. 2011 Hairstyles Trends – 2011 marks the new beginning of every one’s life. So, why not make it look much more beautiful with latest fashion trends in your hands. Hair styles plays a vital role in defining a person’s look with glamor and richness. In 2011, hairstyles unstructured hair was all the rage, creating an edgy urban look. On stars and in the street, 2011 popular hairstyles were visibly layered and short. Some hairstyles required regular professional upkeep while others were low maintenance from day to day. 2011 hairstyles Colors Colors were more natural and muted in 2011. For blondes and brunettes, highlights and low lights in similar shades formed a blended look that mimicked sun-kissed color. In some cases, streaks were obvious, but only around the face. This was especially true for angled cuts or those with deliberately uneven ends. Natural colors are attractive on everyone and compliment the romantic look.

short hairstyles 2011 Short hairstyles are classy and sophisticated and can be worn to the office, a special occasion like a prom or wedding. These short to medium haircuts are right for women who want ahair styles that can change quickly to very short or long hair. 2011 short hairstyles are great because you can dress them down for a more casual funky style by adding different accessories.

2011 Medium hairstyles Medium length hairstyles are the most dominant hairstyle for women as it is the safe area around which different haircuts can be tried out with out much effort. 2011 Medium length hairstyles are the most suitable haircut for any woman. Medium hair styles are very popular among the high school girls with lovely hair. Most of the teen girls try out different 2011 medium hairstyles months before going for thier 2011 prom night to wear the best medium hairstyles that will make them look more gracious and beautiful giving a sexy glazing look to the face.


2011 hairstyles bangs In 2011 featured long hairstyles that were sleek or curly and often fringed. The sleek look was simply that, long and smooth. This process required little more than a flat iron and hair product to make the hair shiny. The 2011 long hairstyles, flowing locks with big curls were a soft look that went well for any occasion. This medium hairdo was worn by the famous pop and R&B singer Beyonce. 2011 hairstyles bangs The distinctive bangs of 2011 hairstyles were very low, extending to eye level. They concealed the face slightly for a mysterious but youthful effect. This begs the question as to whether high-cut bangs will be a natural follow-up on this trend.




URBAN MAINSTREAM MAGAZINE (UM). EMAIL: CONTACT@URBANMAINSTREAM.COM ATTN: AVANT GLAM INCLUDE: Name, Pictures of work, Phone, Where you are located and best time to call. model: Eva Duval hair: Victress mua: Scholastic

2010 OCT


ent ert ainme rock pop metal alternat countryhip-hop r&B



Revolution comes in cycles. It happened with the British rediscovery of American blues in the sixties and it’s happening again in 2010. Albany Down serve up their own blend of original infectious contemporary blues-rock music, whilst not forgetting to give a respectful nod of recognition to the glorious past. Fresh from recording their début album produced by studio legend Greg Haver, the British 4-piece are putting the finishing touches to the massive launch of their first opus, entitled “South Of The City”. With a great team behind them and a glittering future in front, it is only a matter of time before Albany Down become one of the UK’s most recognisable super bands. The sound of Albany Down is stripped-down-to-the-waist no nonsense rhythm and blues with a bit of jazz-funk to mix it up, quite 80’s in places, but with a vintage heartfelt sensitivity and contemporary aggressive energy. Influences include, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, The Who and The Rolling Stones. Paul Muir is the band’s excellent front man - delivering powerful vocals with just the right balance of arrogance and angst. The bruiser with the floppy hair is bassist, Billy Dedman -his bass play fast and deadly. He has a prowess for solid bass lines - but demonstrates the aptitude and dexterity for a higher vision and pulls off some nifty bass solo pieces. Drummer Jonny Bescoby is as fast as the white water at the Grand Rapids, after a heavy downpour. Often the funky beat needs a drummer with loose wrists and an understanding for rhythm with a grooving back-beat. Jonny is prescient enough to provide reliable and thunderous percussive downpours in the more conventional blues settings. Paul Turley on lead guitar makes most of the magic happen on stage. He puts on an accomplished performance with a few daring and flaring Hendrix-style licks but reverts down to a sensible chug-a-chug chord or two when things are brimming. Albany Down can be counted on for insistent guitar hooks, stripped down licks and rattling good-time rock. Instrumentation Paul Muir - Vocals Paul Turley - Lead Guitar Jonny Bescoby - Drums Billy Dedman - Bass WEBSITE:

"your ears are missing out if you haven't tuned into Albany down"- um magazine


ent alternative dANCE beardriver

London, England


Described as “...kind of like children’s party entertainment by Arcade Fire”, Bear Driver mix fuzzy pop songs with ambitious choruses,and a playful use of instruments. Debut single ‘Wolves’ was released July 2010 through Animal Farm / ADA Warner. A UK tour followed in October. In spring 2009 Bear Driver released their debut ep ‘Paws & Claws’, a dreamy-psychedelic-pop record cooked up in a bedroom studio, that quickly found it’s way on to the airwaves. A further release ‘Mind Attack’ appeared that summer on Dance To The Radio, and soon the band were invited to play Leeds/ Reading and End Of The Road Festivals and later appeared at In The City and The Great Escape. “The Leeds band’s latest is the best (skewed) pop single of the year so far, no contest.” - Dan Cairns, The Sunday Times “For an outfit only just finding their feet, Bear Driver’s debut single Wolves is nothing short of astonishing” - Paul Lester, The Guardian “Somersaulting into the catchiest of chords...layering harmonies with riot grrl shouts. This is dizzying uplifting power-pop with more than a strum of sophistication.” - Laura Silverman, The Times “Bear Driver’s debut single comes fused with mandolins, accordions and three-part harmonies to create some perfectly-formed psych-pop.” - The Fly “Bear Driver, a band I’m lovin’ at the moment!” – Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1 “Check out ‘Mind Attack’ by Bear Driver. Then give them a record deal...Good stuff!” - Chris Martin, NME Radio “I’ve never heard anyone do that before!” - Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music ‘Listener’s Choice’ - Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 2 Instrumentation Harry Dean Oli Deakin Cassie Solon-Parry Joseph Croft Jon Rulton Richie Harwood WEBSITE:


"An experience in indie music worth being added to your personal collection" - um magazine 2010 OCT



Baton Rouge, Louisiana Rock Winbourne was founded in Baton Rouge, LA in December 2008 after changing its original sound and title as the former band Align. With roots grounded in church soil, the five Louisiana natives combined their shared passions for music and morality. They began writing songs and performed their first shows in January 2009. In their short time together, Winbourne has been featured in The City Social, Tiger Weekly, The LSU Daily Reveille, 225 Magazine, and The Advocate, most of which have described the band’s sound as alternative rock. Winbourne entered the Baton Rouge music scene by storm playing at every popular local venue including Chelsea’s, The Varsity and college gigs not to mention they have joined forces with other popular local bands such as Jake Smith. With a rapidly growing fan base flocking to its Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook web pages, Winbourne has received avid local support of their originals. Fans’ favorites include “Easy,” “Let Me Love You,” and “Street Signs”. Fresh out of the studio the band’s focus is spreading their music to the world on their new pilot EP album “As We Are”. The six track record is now available on iTunes and at live shows. Their loyal south Louisiana fan base now spreads outwards in hot response to their EP and enthralling live performance. Winbourne is preparing to get back in the studio to release a full length LP in the spring of 2011. In the mean time they continue to play locally and regionally as well as prepare for stage time in a slew of music festivals within the southeastern U.S. Whether blasting their live performances from the stage or rocking their “As We Are” EP through your own speakers, Winbourne will inspire you to Live Loud. Instrumentation Jordan Earles - Vocals, Guitar Drew Miller - Vocals, Bass Terry Cheramie - Drums Matt Cloessner - Guitar Kris “Doogie” Nicholson - Guitar

"we played their music over and over again..amazing" - um magazine



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Cannoneersofthenewcommand Rock

Los Angeles, CA

Joseph Taylor, Robert Pierret, Tim Galvin and Michael Monosky formed in 2009 and began writing tracks for what has now become Cannoneers of the New Command. The fellas come from varied musical backgrounds...and the alamgamation of the parts creates a sound that has been likened to Primal Scream, The La’s, The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr. Cannoneers released their debut 7-inch vinyl of, “Sadie Was a Girl/Shake the Law,” in May 2010 at Spaceland in Los Angeles with support from Spectrum (Sonic Boom, Spacemen 3), and The Meek. Currently the band is holed up in Los Angeles with Mark Rains (BRMC, Shooter Jennings, The Shys) recording their first full length LP. Instrumentation Michael Monosky Joe Taylor Robert Pierret - Bass Tim Galvin - Percussion, Drums Discography 7” Single: “Sadie Was a Girl” & “Shake the Law” (2010) Digital Release: Going Home, Coming Down (2010) Links

“There music is exhilirating to say the least.” -um magazine

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2010 OCT


AlyTadros Austin, Texas


When Aly Tadros was offered her first paid gig, she had three original songs under her belt. The set time called for two hours. She took it anyways. Two years and over five hundred shows later, that gutsy attitude has defined Tadros as an ardent and auspicious voice among young singer/songwriters. Spacious and melodic, salty and moving, her classical guitar tempts each listener out of the vacuum-sealed sterility of every day life; writhing in a fusion of Latin, Middle Eastern, and American folk. With a timbre as angelic as it is weather beaten, what resonates about Tadros’s vocals is that “they sound fresh, genuine, and from the gut” (Bootleg Magazine). Born and raised in the small border town of Laredo, Texas, Aly developed an early fascination with the written word. Between flamenco lessons and theatre rehearsals, she spent hours memorizing, correcting, and transcribing the lyric books of her favorite artists; Fiona Apple, Ani Difranco, and Janis Joplin. “I was a selfproclaimed bookworm,” Aly jokes, “but not like you’d expect.” She recalls taping hand-written lyric sheets to the inside of her junior high textbooks and burying herself in the back of 6th grade Algebra. An early interest in travel led Tadros to leave home at seventeen, moving between Turkey, Spain, and her father’s native Egypt. Immersing herself in Spanish, Turkish and Arab culture, she developed a keen ear for contemporary and traditional world music. She names Oum Kalsoum, Ali Farka Toure, Duman, and Silvio Rodriguez among her favorites. Years later, The San Antonio Current would attribute Aly’s unique folk-stylings to her extensive travel, calling her “born to fingerpick & execute a perfect cuban clave…a musical sponge that absorbs everything she hears wherever she goes.” “By the time I was done traveling, the most obvious choice was to study politics and reclaim my chair as the back-seat dreamer,” Tadros recalls. But by her second year at Sarah Lawrence College, Aly was spending more time behind her guitar than her

textbooks. “And then one night, as if a switch went off, I realized school wasn’t for me. So ditched cramming for a major final and wrote my first song. ” Aly made her home in Austin, Texas dedicating her full time to songwriting and live performance. She released her debut, “Things Worth Keeping,” produced by Duane Lundy (Ben Sollee, These United States, Vandaveer) in August 2009 amidst her first and second national tours. The self-booked tours spanned seven months, and twenty-five U.S. states. Summer of 2010, she completed her first international tour with Toronto-based Chloe Charles; including Germany, France, England, Ireland, and Italy. In addition to numerous national radio, print, and digital press; Tadros’s DIY release and tour received coverage from USAToday. com. Other 2009/10 performance highlights included CMJ, SXSW (unofficial), Folk Alliance, and Southwest Regional Folk Alliance. She is a two-time winner of the Eddie’s Attic Open Stage in Decatur, GA, where she returned in June 2010 to compete for first prize in the infamous Eddie’s Attic Shootout. Banned with a classical guitar and a cajon, Music Connection Magazine calls her stripped-down set “a mixture of humor, honesty, and playfulness [on] the stage...with the acoustic prowess akin to Amos Lee.” With the full-band, The San Antonio Current dubs the breadth of her live performance as “fierce...larger than life”. She is currently on her third Southeast & Midwest US Tour with Chloe Charles (Toronto, ON). Aly has shared the stage with Lucas Nelson, Sara Hickman, The Paper Boys, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, and Walter Tragert. Links

"Aly epitimizes the untapped and pure musical talent indie bands have to offer"-um magazine

96 OCt 2010

centrevol Long Beach, California


Four years ago, Peter, Jon and Nate spontaneously disappeared, leaving behind a simple note for their loved ones: Gone to see about a band. With little more than a guitar, bass and snare drum, the boys dubbed themselves Centrevol (centr + love backwards) and, in one fell swoop, toured/moved from Boston to Long Beach, California. Inspired by the likes of U2 (because, let’s face it, who isn’t?), the killers, Coldplay and early Police, Centrevol began writing highenergy-down-to-earth-dance-rock or “music for the morning workout.” With the help of engineer/producer Wyn Davis (Sublime, No Doubt), the band independently financed “Beggars and Thieves” (LP, 2008), and added the multi-talented, Berklee-bred Kai-Ping Liu to play keys and lead guitar. That same year, Centrevol beat out more than 500 competing bands in the International Emergenza Festival and won first place and a $10k prize in the Mai Tai Rumble’s Battle of the Bands. The energetic quartet was also the most booked act at the 2008 NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) West Regional Conference. Working with producer Eric Palmquist (The Ataris), mixer Jason Livermore (Rise Against, MxPx) and mastered by Pete Lyman (The Mars Volta, Bloc Party, BRMC), the boys have recently completed work on a new “Momentum” EP released in September of 2010, a barroom hymnal composed of pop hits that the whole world will sing. Instrumentation Peter Guinta - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals Kai-ping Liu - Lead Guitar, keyboards, Backing Vocals Jonathan Guinta - Bass Guitar Nate Burkhardt - Drums, Backing Vocals

Website: photo by Aaron Young

"If you're looking for a band that will keep you in the groove while really connecting with you then you've found them"- um magazine CLICK PAGE WITH MOUSE TO MAKE WORDS BIGGER 2010 OCT


ima g e

Industry profile indie fashion designer Politik me

Eva Danielle Black Miami Collection by model/fashion writer Iryna Storozhuk

About : Eva Danielle is a high-end women’s fashion line in which couture style meets casual wear. The collection is an exciting fusion of elegance and sex appeal. Eva’s travels have allowed her to experience and appreciate the uniqueness of other cultures and their customs, the harmonious symmetry of architecture, and the skill and precision in a single brush stroke. These inspirations manifest as lush colors and fine thread tightly woven into the fabrics. Ranging from casual to formal – while always remaining playfully versatile – her creations can be dressed up or down. As a family owned and run business, the Eva Danielle staff positions include head designer and President Eva Danielle Wittels, mother and design consultant Jill D. Wittels, and brother and Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Wittels. Founded in 2005, Eva Danielle began lighting up the trade show circuit with her first collection. She has since opened up her own Flagship store in Miami, Florida’s prestigious Bal Harbour alongside Gucci, Prada, Cartier, and other high-end establishments. Eva Danielle’s designs are also available both nationally and internationally in designer boutiques from New York City to Tokyo. As a designer and an innovator, Eva Danielle has been compared to the likes of fashion icons Roberto Cavalli, Vivian Westwood and Betsy Johnson. In 2009, Eva Danielle expanded to accommodate growing demand – the new online store has lead to a large amount of media attention, an increase in celebrity followings, and greater accessibility to fashion-enthusiasts worldwide.

98 OCT 2010


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I take simple photography. I don’t aim to please to gain accolades. I am a photographer who can capture your look. I am not limited. I am not void of creative fluidity. I can shoot in my sleep. I can shoot in any condition. My confidence comes from my creator. I close my eyes and can see better. Through my lense I can see your soul. Your strengths and weaknesses cannot hide. It is the frailty of being I capture. You freely give me the ultimate power in defining how you are to be seen. I am a conduit of your self expression. -Shinobi Muhammad

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