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Written and Directed by Ping Chong & Talvin Wilks October 24 - November 3 2019 Whiting Proscenium Theatre Rarig Center

Collidescope 4.0 is produced in association with Ping Chong + Company Collidescope: Adventures in Pre & Post-Racial America was commissioned in 2014 by the School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies at the University of Maryland-College Park. Collidescope 2.0: Adventures in Pre & Post-Racial America was commissioned in 2015 by the School of Theatre at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Collidescope 3.0 was commissioned in 2016 by Wake Forest University.


In response to the unjust killing of Trayvon Martin, the debate around Stand Your Ground Laws, and the seemingly perpetual killings of black men and boys for unarmed offenses, Collidescope was developed as a collision course view of the legacy and psyche behind this history of racial violence, racism and social injustice in America. Taking an “alien” view of this aspect of “human” behavior, the gaze of Collidescope places these issues under a microscope. The proceedings on stage form an anthropological POV. All scenes are associative, not linear, connecting thematically - creating an impression of free association. Traveling from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement, exploring the pre-Revolutionary War era when freedmen and slaves were contemplating their rights in a soon to be independent nation, then back to present day, the work creates a cubistic frame, revealing different angles from which to observe the often-tragic history of Black and White race relations. The original Collidescope was developed at the University of Maryland and was shaped in collaboration with MFA design students to create the first alien world. That collaboration put an indelible stamp on the ongoing concept of the play. Collidescope 2.0 identified key stories from the pre-Civil War era, the radical 60’s period of campus protests and the challenges of racism today. These stories were woven into the existing structure of Collidescope, thus creating an original and uniquely relevant production for the UMass/Amherst community. Collidescope 3.0 placed its gaze on the particular umwelt revealed by investigating North Carolina history and the Wake Forest University community. Due to issues of unrest in Charlotte, rampant voter disenfranchisement, along with the history of segregation and its slow dismantling at the University, the journey of Collidescope 3.0 was an elucidating experience for all involved, audiences and artists alike.

After an extensive Creative Collaboration in the Spring of 2019, which focused on dramaturgy, context and storytelling, Collidescope 4.0 shifts its focus to the history of Minnesota and includes three new investigations that also travel through time, the 1860 Abolitionist liberation of Eliza Winston, the Duluth lynchings of 1920 and a contemplation informed by the Campus Divided exhibit at the Elmer L. Andersen Library. Through unearthing history of Place that connects to the national understanding of Race (and Racism), this poetic overview is a shorthand of the injustices perpetuated against African Americans across time in these United States and the unsung pioneers involved in fighting against them. We hope other Collidescopes on other campuses and in other communities will follow. We are grateful to the University of Minnesota Theatre Arts and Dance Department for sharing this journey.

-Ping Chong & Talvin Wilks

CAST Maje Adams................................................Nero, Sam, Robeson, and Ensemble Marguerite Arbogast....................Morgan, Wickham, Blitz, and Ensemble Noah Branch.........................................Willie, Manning, Sheriff, and Ensemble Sabrina Diehl....................................................................Eva, Flora, and Ensemble Amber Frederick........................................LBJ, Prescott, Arens, and Ensemble Scott Larsen...............................................Jack, Reuther, Pinkett, and Ensemble Ethan Lizotte..................................Jimmy, Bennett, Burt, Mary, and Ensemble David Michaeli....................Carlton, Rauh, Edward, Coffman, and Ensemble Tyra Ramsey................Pharoah, Fannie Lou, Hancock, Eliza, and Ensemble Emily Rosenberg.......Newman, Cant, Mrs. Lamar, Richard, and Ensemble Cole Seager............Prince, Murphy, Clement, Nickerbocker, and Ensemble Derek Sykes................................Mildred, Powers, Mrs. Carter, and Ensemble Sophia Watkins.......................Hattie Mae, Rebecca, Charlotte, and Ensemble Genevieve Wisdom...................................Irene, Ella Mae, Slowe, and Ensemble


Director & Author Director & Author Assistant Director & Writer* Choreographer Assistant Choreographer Music Director Vocal Coach Fight Consultant Scenic & Properties Designer Costume Designer Media Designer Lighting Designer Sound Designer Original Sound Designer Assistant Costume Designer Assistant Media Designer Assistant Media Designer Assistant Lighting Designer Assistant Sound Designer Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager

Ping Chong Talvin Wilks Nathan Aastuen Leslie Parker Derek Sykes Shelby Smith Keely Wolter Annie Enneking

Arina Slobodianik Mathew J. LeFebvre Katherine Freer Patricia Goodson Montana Johnson Jeffrey Dorfman Emily Rosenberg Katie Edwards Dustin Morache Ellie Simonett Alexa Lewis Stephanie Kahle Diana Chen Ella Egan

*Research and additional script material were developed in collaboration with students in the Spring 2019 TH4380 Creative Collaboration class.

SCENERY AND PROPERTIES Resident Scenic Designer Technical Director Assistant Technical Director Production Assistant Technical Director Scenic Charge Artist Props Coordinator Props Assistant MFA Shop Staff Undergraduate Shop Staff Practicum Students Stage Run Crew

Chelsea Warren Jason Allyn-Schwerin Zeb Hults Sarah Hasker Angelique Powers Abbee Warmboe Lydia Anderson Justin Parks, Arina Slobodianik Killian Coffinet-Crean, Katie Edwards, Ella Egan, Angie Gagliano, Sarah Hasker, Josh Koser, Alexa Lewis, Remmi Middleton, Taylor Robers, Ella Van Haren Noah Branch, Soap Curtis, Lydia French, Jonathan Haller, Wesley Hortenbach, Patrick Kennedy, Remmi Middleton, Juncheng Mu, Zachary Sanders, Renee Schwarz, Imanuela Sequeira-Ribein, Katrina Soholt, Carolyn Solberg, Caroline vanVilet, Ruby Wesley Elliot Allen, Irena Voznyuk

LIGHTING Resident Lighting Designer Lighting Supervisor Master Electrician Assistant Master Electrician Light Board Programmer Light Board Operator MFA Shop Staff Undergraduate Shop Staff Practicum Students


Resident Costume Designer Costume Shop Supervisor Costume Draper First Hands/Undergraduate Shop Staff Wardrobe Crew Chiefs MFA Shop Staff Practicum Students Costume Run Crew

AUDIO & MEDIA Audio/Media Supervisor Media Engineer A1 Mix Engineer MFA Shop Staff Undergraduate Shop Staff Practicum Student

STAGE MANAGEMENT Production Stage Manager Practicum Students

Marcus Dilliard Bill Healey Dan Featherstone Lila Sell Dan Featherstone Mark Sun Matthew Gawryk, Patricia Goodson, Smaida Rizzotto Dan Featherstone, Rose Hogan, Lila Sell, Ellie Simonett, Evette Star Brittany Brederson, Martin Cruz-Gonzalez, David DeNeui, Angie Gagliano, Grace Hillmyer, Minha Jee, Alexandra Jorndt, Rachel Kaisler, Yan Yu Khoo, Ethan Lizotte, Robert McGrady, Andrea Narveson, Lila Sell, Mark Sun, Catherine Vorwald Mathew J. LeFebvre Susan Binder-Pettigrew Christa Ludwig Diana Chen, Soap Curtis, Kierney Gray, Riley Kelly, Yan Yu Khoo, Miki Lim, Claire Looker, Emily Rosenberg Soap Curtis, Kierney Gray, Riley Kelly, Yan Yu Khoo, Miki Lim, Claire Looker Ani Mosity Abram Blitz, Sabrina Diehl, Amber Frederick, Jacob Greathouse, Denys Karia, Rashid Massie Jr., Katelyn McLane, Emily Pofahl, Emmalee Pommer, Gabrielle Stephens, Ruby Wesley Cora Casper, Persephhone Mo Montana Johnson Dustin Morache Sean Lynch Dustin Morache Alexa Lewis, Rachel Tennier, Julie Zumsteg David Meis Christine Swartwout

Keivin Vang, Maria Vaught

MARKETING AND FRONT OF HOUSE Marketing & Communications Specialist Graphic Designers Marketing Associates Head House Manager House Managers Practicum Students

Amy Esposito Celia Bizien, Katie Tolliver Madi Boveri, Ginger Dallin, Emily Rosenberg, Gracie Stockton Amber Johnson Ginger Dallin, John Patterson, Emily Rosenberg, Gracie Stockton Michael Haubner, Caeley Hanson, Phong Le, Claire Loveall, Gretchen Nelson, Kassidy Wellnitz

PING CHONG + COMPANY STAFF Artistic Director Executive Director Associate Director Managing Director Education Director Artistic Collaborator in Residence & Community Projects Associate Company Manager Generation NYZ Fellows

Ping Chong Bruce Allardice Sara Zatz Jane Jung Christina Bixland Ryan Conarro

Kristina Varshavskaya Kenya Bullok, Irisdelia Garcia

SPECIAL THANKS Priscilla Page Sonja Kuftinec Ping Chong + Company Lydia Bolder Marcus Dilliard Millie Reid Amy Esposito Susan Haas Michael Sommers Lisa Channer Sonali Pahwa Lynn Lukkas, Monica Moses Haller, Emmett Ramstad and the Department of Art Jessica Waller Matt LeFebvre Dean Coleman CLA Dean’s Office College of Liberal Arts Allana Olson

Credited sources, references and inspirations: The Lynchings in Duluth, by Michael Fedo; Eliza Winston and the Politics of Freedom in Minnesota, 1854-1860, by William D. Green/ Minnesota Historical Society; “The Man of All Work,” Eight Men: Short Stories by Richard Wright; A Campus Divided: Progressives, AntiCommunists, and Anti-Semitism at the University of Minnesota, 1930-1942, curated by Emerita Professor Riv-Ellen Prell and Sarah Atwood, Doctoral Candidate/Elmer Andersen Library; Mary Chestnut’s Diary, by Mary Boykin Chestnut; Petition to the House of Representatives for the State of Massachusetts Bay, January 13, 1777; Fannie Lou Hamer Testimony before the Democratic National Convention Credentials Committee, August 22, 1964; Paul Robeson Testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee, June 12, 1956; James Baldwin speaks at the West Indian Student Centre, London (Baldwin’s Nigger), 1969. Music Credit: Cornbread Crumbled in Gravy, Regina Carter, Southern Comfort/Sony Music Entertainment

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Ping Chong is an internationally acclaimed artist and pioneer in the use of media in the theater. His theatrical works

bring his unique artistic vision to bear on major historical issues of our times, and focus on bringing unheard voices and under-represented stories to the stage. Encompassing puppetry, dance, documentary theater, sound, media and other experimental theater forms, his works have explored a wide variety of subjects from a hidden genocide in Africa to modernization in China to the experiences of Muslim youth in post 9/11 America. Throughout, the common thread has been a unifying commitment to artistic innovation and social responsibility. Since 1972, as founder and artistic director of Ping Chong + Company, he has created over 100 productions which have been presented at major theaters, festivals and museums worldwide. Major interdisciplinary works include Collidescope: Adventures in Pre & Post-Racial America (with Talvin Wilks, 2013 University of Maryland, 2015 University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2017 Wake Forest University), Alaxsxa|Alaska (2017 LaMaMa and Anchorage Center for the Arts), Throne of Blood (2010 Brooklyn Academy of Music and Oregon Shakespeare Festival), Cathay: Three Tales of China (2005 the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts), Kwaidan (1998 Center for Puppetry Arts, Jim Henson Festival), Deshima (1990 Mickery Workshop Holland), Nosferatu (1985/1991 La MaMa), Angels of Swedenborg (1984/2011), among many others.

In 1992, he created the first Undesirable Elements production, an ongoing series of community-based oral history projects, working with real people to explore issues of culture and identity. Representative works in the UE Series include Difficult Lives (2019 Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre), BEYOND SACRED: Voices of Muslim Identity (2015, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center and touring), INSIDE/OUT: Voices of the Disability Community (2008, Kennedy Center), CRY FOR PEACE: Voices from the Congo (2010 Syracuse Stage) and GAIJIN (1995 Yomiuri Prize, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.) Theatre Communications Group has published two volumes of his plays “The East West Quartet” and “Undesirable Elements: Real People, Real Lives, Real Theatre”. Ping Chong is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a USA Artist Fellowship, two BESSIE awards, two OBIE awards, a Doris Duke Performing Artist Award, a 2015 Ford Foundation Art of Change Fellowship and a 2014 National Medal of Arts.

Talvin Wilks is a playwright, director and dramaturg based in New York City and Minneapolis. His plays include Tod, the boy, Tod, The Trial of Uncle S&M, Jimmy and Lorraine: A Musing, and As I Remember It with Carmen de Lavallade. Acclaimed directorial projects include the world and regional premiere productions of UDU by Sekou Sundiata, The Love Space Demands by Ntozake Shange, The Shaneequa Chronicles by Stephanie Berry, The Ballad of Emmett Till and Benevolence by Ifa Bayeza, This Bitter Earth by Harrison David Rivers, The Peculiar Patriot by Lisa Jessie Peterson and ongoing collaborations with Ping Chong’s Undesirable Elements series and Collidescope: Adventures in Pre & PostRacial America. Dramaturgical collaborations include major works with Bebe Miller and Company, Camille A. Brown and Dancers, Urban Bush Women, Ain Gordon, MIA/Jon Boogz/Lil Buck, and Baba Israel. Talvin Wilks is currently an Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts and Dance at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

ABOUT PING CHONG + COMPANY Ping Chong + Company produces theatrical works addressing the urgent social justice issues of our times, striving to reach the widest audiences with the greatest level of artistic innovation and social integrity. Led by National Medal of Arts Recipient Ping Chong, the company produces original works by a close-knit ensemble of affiliated artists. The company is committed to artistic innovation, collaborative practice, community engagement, and amplifying unheard voices on stage. Ping Chong + Company receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Ford Foundation, Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation New York Theater Program in partnership with the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York, Howard Gilman Foundation, Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation, Hyde and Watson Foundation, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, Shubert Foundation, Leon Levy Foundation, and many generous individual donors. For more information visit www.pingchong.org / social media: @pingchongco

Northrop and Walker Art Center Present

A.I.M BY KYLE ABRAHAM Sat, Feb 29, 7:30 pm Mixed repertory One of today’s most in-demand choreographers, Kyle Abraham makes his Northrop debut with his company, A.I.M, in a diverse range of works.


» $10 U of M Students » $15 Students from Any Other School » $20 U of M Staff/Faculty and Educators from Any Other School Many other discounts available.

A.I.M by Kyle Abraham in Drive. Photo © Steven Schreiber.

Film Screening THE HATE U GIVE Wed, Feb 19, 6:30 pm Best Buy Theater FREE and open to the public




Thought in Motion

www.TheatreDance.umn.edu (612) 625-6699 theatre@umn.edu | umdance@umn.edu Follow us on social media @UMTAD

Presented by University Dance Theatre December 5 - 7, 2019 Choreography by Andrea Miller, Robert Moses, and Leslie Parker Directed by Erin Thompson Whiting Proscenium Theatre z.umn.edu/ThoughtInMotion

The Skriker

February 27 - March 7, 2020 By Caryl Churchill Directed by Lisa Channer Stoll Thrust Theatre z.umn.edu/Skriker

The Merchant of Venice

April 2 - 5, 2020 Written by William Shakespeare Directed by Steve Cardamone Performed by the BFA Acting Second Year Company Stoll Thrust Theatre z.umn.edu/MerchantofVenice

330 21st Ave S Minneapolis MN 55455

To purchase tickets please visit z.umn.edu/UMTAD or call (612) 624-2345.

For more information on performances, press inquiries, or ASL interpreting (or any other disability-related accomodations) please contact Amy Esposito at aesposit@umn.edu.

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Through programs in design/technology, performance, and history/literature, the BA in Theatre Arts explores the process of theatrical creation. Each program invites students to develop and articulate creative choices and think critically about their consequences through a variety of techniques. These include close textual analysis, historical contextualization, physical approaches to performance, and collaborative creation.

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The University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program offers an undergraduate training curriculum, which leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. In a unique actor training partnership, The University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts and the Guthrie Theater combine outstanding academic preparation with the artistic vision of the internationally known Guthrie Theater.

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"Collidescope 4.0: Adventures in Pre & Post-Racial America" 2019  

Created and Directed by Ping Chong and Talvin Wilks. Whiting Proscenium Theatre, Rarig Center, October 24 - November 3, 2019. International...

"Collidescope 4.0: Adventures in Pre & Post-Racial America" 2019  

Created and Directed by Ping Chong and Talvin Wilks. Whiting Proscenium Theatre, Rarig Center, October 24 - November 3, 2019. International...

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