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Thrive Here. Students at the University of Montana embrace the spirit of the West to pursue their education with passion. Collaborate on real research projects in science and medical labs. Explore Montana’s wild landscapes. Produce Emmy Award-winning documentaries on issues around the region. Develop business and marketing plans as a springboard to a career running your own company or working with top corporations. Build a strong foundation in the humanities. Our world-renowned faculty and your imagination will guide you. Break out of the classroom and embrace the right college experience for you.

UM offers a diverse array of academic programs, allowing you the flexibility to explore your interests and find a course of study that suits your unique strengths.

UM students work with talented faculty in the fastest-growing fields in science, technology and math. Delve into the diverse ecosystem of the Rocky Mountain West through one of the top wildlife biology programs in the country. Explore the final frontier and join the hunt for Earth-like planets in the nearby universe. Immerse yourself in the great outdoors and study wilderness and land ethics through interdisciplinary courses in the Wilderness and Civilization Program. Take your passion for education and become a teacher for the next generation. Learn how to detect oil-rich shale formations. Convert the fierce prairie wind to power for Montana’s communities.

A recent graduate survey showed that 95% of students in the College of Forestry and Conservation landed jobs or internships while in school, 97% are fully employed or in graduate school, and 85% currently work in their field of study.

“I love it. It’s truly a meaningful part of my life. I’m a big believer in giving back to the community that gave me so much.” – Eric Sprunk

Eric Sprunk has found joy in teaching at UM since he first started guest lecturing nearly a decade ago. The Nike chief operating officer graduated from the School of Business Administration (SoBA) with an accounting degree. Now he comes back regularly to share insights from his two decades at one of the world’s top companies.

UM students gain real-world experience to launch careers with top businesses or as entrepreneurs. Work with industry leaders to blaze your own trail in business. Promote Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival through a social media campaign or host a local talent competition through the Entertainment Management Program. Develop killer digital marketing strategies to gain maximum ROI. Become the type of accountant that Fortune 500 companies hire. Learn how big data informs not only science and research but also government, the private sector and international development. Work one-on-one with the experts at the Blackstone LaunchPad on campus to evolve your business plan into a reality, get technical support while developing your app, navigate nonprofit status applications, explore investor options, prepare your “pitch,� identify customer needs, find suppliers or manufacturers and determine marketing strategies.

UM alumni work for companies including Disney, Boeing, Google, Nike, Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

UM students enter health professions with one thing in common: extremely high success rates. Prepare for a career in medicine, pharmacy, neuroscience, nursing, athletic training, physical therapy, veterinary medicine and more. Work in campus labs or at one of the hospitals or specialty clinics in Missoula and the region. Enter the Pre-Medical Sciences Program for robust advising and experiential learning opportunities to prime yourself for medical school. Dig into pressing health care issues with faculty members on nationally funded research projects.

Over the past 5 years, 70% of pre-med program students have been accepted to medical school. The national average is 45%. Some medical schools accepting UM grads are University of Washington, Ohio State, Hofstra, Cornell, University of Wisconsin and University of Indiana.

“I chose UM because when I came here to tour I fell in love with Missoula, the campus and the Oval. But the pre-med program has met and exceeded all my expectations.” – Ashlea Duke

“Whiplash� star conducts the UM band during Homecoming.

UM alum J.K. Simmons won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

UM faculty and students were responsible for 375 visual and performing arts exhibitions and performances last year reaching over 100,000 attendees.

Missoula is the artistic and cultural center of the region. Dancers and dramatists mingle with filmmakers and novelists. Start your first book under the guidance of published authors in one of the country’s top creative writing programs. Develop the multimedia skills that help today’s journalists tell stories that change lives. Choreograph and perform your own dance. Expand your vocal range alongside rising talent in the world of opera and compete at the national level. Work on the production of feature films or direct your own documentaries and screenplays. At UM, the arts range from fine to applied, but they all feed the soul.

In a recent survey of UM journalism graduates, more than 90% were employed in journalism, marketing or public relations shortly after graduation.

Getting a Job is Something We Teach. Meet with a professional counselor to discuss career options for your major. Work with an expert to polish your resume, cover letter and application materials. Take valuable career-related assessments to evaluate how you’ll best thrive in the professional world. Learn proven job search or grad school application strategies to land that great placement. Interview with hundreds of employers visiting campus who want to hire UM students. Attend a workshop to learn salary negotiation, dining etiquette and how to dress for success. Participate in filmed mock interviews featuring actual employer questions and receive feedback as you “review the tape.” Connect with prominent alumni in your field for advice and strategic networking.

Internships Lead to Careers. Land internships that not only let you explore careers but also put you in the “driver’s seat” as you gain real-world experience. Network within professional communities and foster relationships with mentors who can help you land a job after graduation. Take advantage of paid or credit-bearing internships to apply classroom concepts in professional settings and develop skills you’ll need in the job market. Intern with companies like Adventure Life, Disney World, the L.A. Dodgers, Advanced Technologies Group, TOMS Shoes and The Washington Post.

In a recent evaluation survey, 97% of UM students reported their internship enhanced their employability. 98% of employers said their UM interns improved their employabilty during the internship. Over one-third of UM interns were offered employment at the end of their internship last year.

“I’m really amazed at how important networking is, and how much hands-on experience helps. I’m excited to be where I am with all my opportunities. I’m graduating in four years. If I had not networked and gotten involved, I would have gotten my degree in four years but would have no idea what to do next.” – Amanda, anthropology-forensic studies major.

Undergraduate Research. Don’t just learn by attending lectures – cultivate knowledge by actively participating in undergraduate research. Work side by side with professors in a laboratory, music or art studio, in a hospital, on a mountaintop or in a business incubator. Trap mosquitos to study the West Nile Virus, discover new Earthlike exo-planets through UM’s Project Minerva or assess community sustainability programs. Develop methods to combat performance anxiety in musicians, analyze campaign finance patterns during elections, evaluate dual language immersion in kindergarteners, or study the social effects of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Present your research at professional conferences or to a room full of NASA scientists, publish results in national and international journals, and co-author important articles that bring new knowledge to the world. Use your research experience to launch a fulfilling career or get into top graduate schools.

UM is one of only two schools to be selected to host the National Conference for Undergraduate Research twice!



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