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VIRUSES 5,000 500,000 BACTERIA 4,000 400,000

A RACHNIDS 7 5,000 7 50,000

PLANTS 240,000 300,000

ALGAE 40,000 200,000

P ROTOZOANS 4 0,000 2 00,000

NEMATODES 15,000 500,000

MOLLUSCS 70,000 200,000

C R U S TA C E A N S 40,000 150,000

V E RT E B R AT E S 45,000 50,000

As part of National Geographic’s One Cubic Foot project, photographer David Liittschwager traveled from Central Park in New York to coral reefs in French Polynesia to photograph all the living things, down to one millimeter in size, inhabiting or moving through a single cubic foot of space in various habitats. The creepy crawlies on this page are among the many organisms he and his team found in a cubic foot of fynbos (a shrublike ecosystem) on Table Mountain in South Africa.To view more creatures from the South Africa expedition, visit

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