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international Issue# 42 Oct. 2008

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departments 11 Industry Profiles

UM magazine takes a look into the industry to give you a better behind the scenes look into the people and happenings that make the industry what it is; Focusing on everything from business to entertainment.

15 Politik Me

This section represents all things that influence the politics of today; from oil prices, wars around the world to education and economic concerns. We look into how all things impact the politics of today and how those in leadership roles seek to sway our views and interest around the many issues of interest to us all.

20 Explore Cinema

Urban Mainstream takes a look into the industry of film and television. Highlighting new happenings and focusing on people, events, new productions and issues impacting this area of the industry.

22 Delicacies of Life

The enjoyment of life is essential to encouraging peace of mind and prosperity in society. In this section we try to find those things and places that foster an appreciation of life, love and happiness.

32 Fashion Forecasting

A look ahead into the upcoming fashion trends and styles. Taking you to fashion weeks from Los Angeles to Milan and covering high fashion, couture and trendy urban fashion.

43 Selfish Styles

This section is about the wardrobe stylist, individual dresser and fashion connoisseur.

2 OCT 2008


in this issue 51 ONBLAST!

Dedicated to being a voice for open constructive criticism while also focusing in on scams and other unacceptable activities in the industry.


54 Modeling 1on1

Models are personally interviewed in a one on one session. They get to tell their story from the way they see and how the industry impacts them.

56 Ask My Angels

Dedicated to being an outlet of advice and guidance for new and experienced models and others in the industry. Submit your questions and My Angels will get on the case for you.


Models do more than just want to take pictures. Many are doctors, lawyers, and other types of professionals. They have stories and viewpoints that can be insightful to us all.

62 ImageMakers

They can create the look and illusion for the eye all while enforcing the mood for the senses. The photographer, makeup artist and hair stylists are masters of image. What they create you admire.

68 Shopping Spree

Find out the buzz on where to shop for that next outfit and accessory. Where are the deals; and what are other people saying about it?

80 B*Me ( Beautiful Me)

It’s all about you. Your health, your look and how you feel about yourself. A unique health and beauty section which deals with the total you.

86 UM Introducing…

What’s going on new with celebs in the industry? Who’s Who calling the shots? An upfront and behind the scene look into the industry.

96 Indie Music Review

It’s always good to keep an eye out for those rising stars in the industry. Most times they get little press but UM will seek them out and give you a bird’s eye view of what raw talent is on the horizon.

Photos by Shinobi Cover Model Services: MUA: Makeup by Eve Jade Hair: Mandril Clothes: Reign Couture

4 OCT 2008



58 um cover model

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We are not just Urban and we are not just a Mainstream publication. We find value and substance in people of all walks of life. Their cultures, passions, identities, pains, fears, love and inspirations. 2.) We Define Ourselves.

A person that allows others to define them, in essence, lose themselves. DEFINING Self, is the Path Towards connecting with the powers God has placed in us all. 3.) We do what We Want.

Our actions are an outgrowth of our Passions, Inspirations and Beliefs. As we are rooted in these things. They act as the RULE and Guide towards our very existence. Without these things we do not exist.

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6 OCT 2008

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definition of optimistic:

“an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome "-webster dictionary 2008 oct


Fact #1:

"Real issues are about

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the economy, healthcare and domestic security, not about political

bad mouthing. "

“Issue # 1 – #41 (Jan. 1st 2007 – Sept. 8th 2008) was our first volume. Now as we turn a new page in our history; Issue #1 Volume #2 comes in with a whole new design, look and feel. Great new things are in store for 2009 as we move towards our international print run.” -Shinobi Muhammad


A New Vision and focus is something I have endeared for over 22 months. As the founder of Urban Mainstream magazine, I designed this magazine to be one that could appeal to and reach the masses. Urban Mainstream magazine embodies my photographic passion and need to connect with people from around the world. Thanks to a new partnership with Voobon Ventures a major venture capital firm ( we will be expanding Urban Mainstream into the print world starting first quarter of 2009. We, however, will continue to move the online version of the magazine into a more interactive platform. Great efforts are being taken to broaden our reach, improve our look, and advance the interactive esthetics of our magazine. Over 450,000 readers have kept us in a good enough position to further expand our readership into the millions. Also, as part of our new deal we will be assisting with the development of several online to print magazines, thus fulfilling my ambitions towards building an international online to print publishing house. A good idea must be backed by hard work and diligence, but without the financial strength and trust from others; you may be doing a lot of work without the hopes of ever taking your game to the next level. Like Youtube, Myspace, and other start-ups, those founders had an idea that they stood behind 110%, regardless of the difficulty and ridicule of others. Today they are millionaires and still pushing hard. These are my role models and inspiration in fulfilling my OPTIMISTIC AMERICAN DREAM. I dedicate this issue to my children; as it in time will become one of the many achievements whereas they will be able absorb a deeper understanding of themselves, and the unlimited potential God has placed in us all. Fiat Lux Shinobi Muhammad Founder/Editor-in-Chief Urban Mainstream magazine


editor's note

2008 oct


Polling Fact #2

"Obama’s campaign is a political and social shock to the racial psyche of nearly every American. It is a reality beyond words yet it is a timely and inevitable -um

reality. "

Industry profile

Industry profile aris golemi Xcel Talent Agency, Inc.

by Shinobi muhammad Aris Golemi is a native of Albania. He was born in the beautiful city of Vlora, which is located in southwestern Albania, on the coast of Adriatic and Jonian Sea. Aris Golemi has garnered tremendous recognition internationally for his outstanding achievements in dance and choreography. He began his choreographic career at Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, Albania and holds a Bachelor Degree in Choreography. He danced for many years on Albanian National Television, including performing live for Miss Albania, an artistic event that was aired live by Eurovision TV. Aris first made headlines in the United States when the newspaper The Review Appeal published a front page article stating: “Aris Golemi leaps into the air with masculine grace like the member of the Albanian ballet he once was”. His dancing and choreographic career includes music videos, commercials, TV Specials, movies, tours, and fashion shows. Aris is the founder of, and the President of XCEL Talent Agency, representing dancers, choreographers and actors for an array of productions. Aris, who is now based in Atlanta, is seeking to use his XCEL Talent Agency as a catalyst in the industry. His high charismatic charm and business savvy demeanor is the perfect formula to

create the necessary edge for his agency. “Atlanta is not as a mature market like New York and Los Angeles, so everybody expects to work for free. I am the person who says ‘No you can’t do that’; budgets are getting smaller nowadays, but when you work with the best you are committed to doing the right thing, then you end up succeeding,” says Aris. Companies would rather spend more for the best talent versus shortchanging quality for just a warm body, they want the best, “ says Aris. When speaking of the many challenges he faced in the Atlanta market, Aris states “The challenge was persuading some of the freelancers to work with an agency because they were getting their own jobs. They did not see a need for an agency. They (agents) can have a bad rap.” As Aris closed on that note, he quickly positioned himself as that other guy with a true plan for talent. “I wanted to change that and we found new ways to win their trust.” He states that, “Unlike other agencies, we provide our talent with a copy of the payment we receive from our clients so our talents see what we are getting paid. This avoids any complication and for 2 years we have become the best in our field in the South.” “We’re the only dance agency outside of LA and NY that charge 10% for our

services. If 10% is good for LA and NY, then it has to be good for Atlanta. We attract more producers to work with the agency. We attract more clients because they know they are getting the best services for a cost effective rate,” says Aris. Urban Mainstream conducted this profile interview on Aris and XCEL Talent Agency in order to set a tone for what we look for in quality businesses. Uniqueness that represents an “Out of the box” understanding while very much staying “In the box” to ensure that every move is sound and on point. um For more information about the Aris or XCEL Talent Agency please visit: Ariscat.jpg info: Aris Golemi with Cat Deeley host of “So You Think You Can Dance”. Cat Deeley is one of Britain’s most famous TV personalities. She hosts a multitude of shows on MTV UK and ITV, and is a regular on the cover of most glossy men’s magazines in England. ArisDallasN jpg info: Aris Golemi with actress Nathalie Kelley (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Film), and music Producer Dallas Austin ( Drumline, Madonna, TLC), and my client dancer/actress Sora Connor (Martini & Rossi Commercial with George Clooney, World Financial Group Commercial, The Dream/ Jay Z/ Mary J Blige Tour, Lloyd) @ D.A.R.P for XCEL Talent Agency Annual Party. ArisPussyCatDolls Aris Golemi with Nicole Scherzinger of The PussyCat Dolls. AFG info Aris Golemi with Shane Sparks, choreographer of the #1 hit movie ‘You Got Served’, Chris Jones, leading role in the movie and choreographer Douglas Packard.

2008 oct


Fact #3

American melting pot cannot be just in the social dynamics where "The realities of the

we sing, dance and

have fun but in its most elite political, business and academic layers." -um

Industry profile

Industry profile Scottie beauchamp

By Nora Murphy

Having travelled nationally and internationally doing shows and bartending, Scottie is a great inspiration to many new age bartenders, so we wanted to talk to him and find out a little about his story.

How long have you been bartending and at what age did you begin? I started bartending when I was 21 years old in 1998 at Chili’s while I was attending KSU in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Are you glad you went in the direction that you did? Yes. Doing so really opened a lot of doors for me. Throughout my career I accomplished so much. I was able to travel nationally and internationally, meet wonderful people, network and improve or learn in new areas of my career.

How would you categorize yourself as a bartender?

Throughout the past 10 years, I have progressed in many different styles of bartending. I have done competitive, performance based, many club scenes, and merged to high volume club scenes with performance and flare, so I wouldn’t necessarily categorize myself.

What do you feel that you have

accomplished with this career?

I was sent to a lot of places. I toured with Red Bull in Europe, and also did Hangar 7 with them in Salzburg, Austria twice in one year. Also, with Red Bull I did many events such as Nascar and BMX. Besides all of that, working in the lime light of the club scene really helped with marketing purposes. Seeing over 3,000 people in one weekend got me a lot of networking, and really put my name out there.

Was there any other travel other than mentioned before?

As I mentioned, I travelled to Europe and Austria, but also did shows with the Atlanta Flare Team in Chicago, Tennessee and Atlanta. I started travelling with the group when I was training under them.

What goals did you have while tending bar?

I always wanted to learn and grow more. Club scenes just weren’t challenging anymore. I started mixing my flare with clubs, and wanted to be the fastest bartended with the highest sales; to be the best.

How did you, and how long did it take to learn to do ‘flare’ bartending? Actually never having heard of flare

bartending, I just started picking it up when I was bartending at Chili’s while in college with basic things. I started flipping bottles and balancing them on my hands. Receiving a crowd reaction is when I really started to notice that I had something. I started to practice at home using glass bottles wrapped in duct tape so they wouldn’t break and would just practice practice practice! I knew I was improving when people would come in to see me. So I would say I was ‘self taught’, until I started to work at Café Tu Tango. There, Atlantans of Flare discovered my talent and sought after me. They started inviting me to competitions and took me under their wings. This was a very humbling experience watching these other bartenders with so much more talent and experience. I knew I couldn’t grow influences in my life.

So what are you doing now?

After realizing that it is like a rollercoaster ride with your ups and your downs, I have recently decided to even it out, and did so by falling into the world of wine. All of my experience as a bartender led me to the wine, where I am now a wine director of The Grape. um

2008 oct


Fact #4

"Race will be an issue as

much as our ignorance has always been." -um

Photo courtesy of

politik me

politik me

by Brandi Peters

IGNORANCE AND RACISM O BA M A’S wat erme lo n and c h i ck en s to ry


s watermelon, fried chicken, and food stamps what

Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential election has come to?This is what president Diane Fedele of the GOP group Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated, in California would like American citizens to believe. She posted an offensive illustration of what she imagined a Sen. Obama administration would entail. This picture deeply saddens me. It’s the year 2008 and an AfricanAmerican man is finally a viable competitor in becoming the next president of the United States of America and that illustration is what people resort to, to undermine his candidacy. The public would like to think racism is a thing of the past but no, unfortunately, blatant racism still exists. How on earth would a person believe this picture is humorous? To make a picture that utilizes stereotypes affiliated with African-Americans is disgusting and despicable. What’s even worst is that a lot of these stereotypes aren’t even true. The picture of Sen. Obama on a food stamp is a prime example of the pure ignorance of the author. If this person had any intelligence at all, she would know African Americans make up only a small portion of food stamp recipients. In 2007, 46.2% of Caucasians made

up the majority of food stamp recipients, while the rest of the recipients were spread out between several other races. This is an example of the false stereotypes American people choose to believe about AfricanAmericans. Senator Obama is a candidate for change who overcame all of the obstacles he faced in life. Although he had many trials and tribulations along the ladder to his success, he still became the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review. The illustration does not acknowledge all of the struggles he has faced and overcome. Instead, it focuses on the racist ideas the public majority has about his race. It’s absolutely ridiculous in the year 2008 that a writer and illustrator believes that it is justified and warranted to attack Sen. Obama’s race. This illustration shows the true desperation of republicans to win the presidency of 2008. Diana Fedele claimed she had no clue that the illustration was offensive. Fedele said, “It was strictly an attempt to point out the outrageousness of his statement. I absolutely apologize to anyone who was offended. That clearly wasn’t my attempt. I didn’t see it the way that it’s being taken. I never connected,” she says. “It was just food to me. It didn’t mean anything else.” Fedele claimed she was responding to Sen. Obama’s prior statement about the other presidents on the United States dollar bills. Obviously the reason why the food items were placed on a food stamp was a shameful attempt to play into racial stereotypes. Not for one minute do I believe that she was clueless about the racial stereotypes embraced buying the food choices selected. To claim that the choice of food used on the food stamp was just random is ridiculous. The belief that African-Americans are fond of watermelons and fried chicken are rooted in the stereotypes the Klu Klux Klan had about African Americans. For her to be her age and act clueless is unbelievable, and I do not believe it for one second. She tried to feed the fear of the public’s ideas of African-Americans to influence who they vote for come November 4, 2008. I hope the evident progression of the public’s mentality over the years will allow the public to overlook the nasty and racist overtones used as a ploy by Diane Fedele to distract the voters are dismissed. At what costs should the presidency of 2008 be won? The one characteristic that is of the most importance in life is integrity, and apparently the president of the GOP group Chaffey Community Republican Women Diana Fedele lacks this attribute. Although this picture saddens me it’s no surprise the amount of “chosen” ignorance present in today’s society. um

2008 oct


politik me

politik me Why I Purchased

A Twelve Pack Of Beers Instead Of An Outfit During The Decline Of American Capitalism.

The federal bailout plan is intended to restore confidence in America’s shaky financial markets and Americans are taking all the credit. Literally.

By Randi Krasny The current money crisis in America has everyone in a financial tizzy! And even the Feds are frantically scrambling for solutions to ease the effects of the nation’s crumbling market. Recent attempts to bail out big time insurance companies such as American International Group (AIG) to prevent further domestic and international markets from financial ruin are not enough to save our economy from a recession. Individuals with bad credit, faulty payments, and low incomes are major players in this fiscal disaster. Although the bad lending habits of real estate, insurance, and mortgage companies are not only limited to these sectors

of business, the retail industry effects the market too. As a former Bloomingdales employee, my managers made sure that my coworkers and me were aware that our performance and ability to persuade customers into opening store credit card accounts was important to maintaining employment and moving up in the company. It was mandatory for me to say,“Would you like me to put this on your Bloomingdales account?” to my customers as they were checking out their items. And it became a repetitive saying that I would immediately dismiss to my credit-seeking shoppers, despite my employers wishes and instead an opportunity for me to educate my credit hungry patrons on the stupidity of signing up for a store credit card except in certain situations. My explanation to them was that I used to not be the picture of good credit, and that I had to learn the hard way about becoming reliable and paying bills on time to decrease my accumulating bills and become debt free. Adding that was worth it, as well as acknowledging that it’s not worth borrowing money, which can’t be paid back. Same day approval of credit cards

Portland Native Jeff Beard Aims to Unify Americans with Political Documentary

allows the consumer to go ahead and start charging immediately. And saving 10% on all purchases for a full day can be luring to a young person who wants to save a few bucks, however, it’s more economical to apply for a credit card when spending money on a large expenditure such as a couch or something expensive and perhaps at a retailer that one frequents often, but never just to save a few bucks and accumulate more bills. My advice to customers would be “Does it sound smart to open a store account for a $40.00 purchase to save $4 that with 23% interest each month will prove to be more expensive than the four bucks you saved”? Customers must get smart: The more cards you have, the bigger risk you carry for racking up debt and damaging your credit. According to Cate Williams, Vice President of financial literacy at Money Management International explains, “That [it] is a good idea if you pay off the balance and close the card right away. If you don’t, then you will be costing yourself more money in the long run when your credit score isn’t up to par.” However, there is no way to prevent the occurring monetary disaster in Wall Street from bad lenders effecting individuals across the nation which will coincide with many losing their jobs and standard of living. Americans need to save themselves and be more responsible. It’s us. Quit credit card borrowing, overspending, and credit card debt to become responsible individuals for future generations including sacrificing a hundred dollar outfit for something more affordable like a twelve-pack of beer. At least, it won’t hurt your credit. um

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The very nature of a two-party system encourages separation. It’s nothing new. However, the difference today is the acute and almost exclusive attention devoted to our differences in contemporary campaigning. Whereas in the past, campaigns battled to sway voters in the middle, these days it’s about exciting the base. One film is aiming to change all that. “America has gone from the politics of persuasion to the politics of mobilization. To successfully mobilize your party’s base, you focus on the issues it holds dearest. These are often the most divisive ones. And what we get now are battles over abortion and gay marriage because it works so well to excite both sides of the political aisle,” said Jeff Beard, producer of “Split: A Divided America.” “Split: A Divided America,” a recent political documentary by Portland native Jeff Beard, son of Beard’s Framing founder, Terry Beard, is a concerned citizen’s unbiased look at the partisanship that

16 OCT 2008

Continued dominates American politics today. The film explores why civil discourse has disappeared from our day-to-day lives and how polarization has risen to control our political experience. Not your typical documentary, “Split: A Divided America” is a non-partisan film. It balances candid discussions with people all across the country and commentary from some of the sharpest minds analyzing government and society today, including conversations with former MSNBC anchor Tucker Carlson, civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson and political dissident Noam Chomsky. In fact, everyone interviewed was asked the same six questions. “By asking the same questions we could dispel the notion that we had a preconceived political agenda. This isn’t a Michael Moore-type documentary where a filmmaker goes out to find evidence to support his beliefs,” said Jeff Beard. “In many

politik me

politik me ways this film is a polite rebuke to that type of partisan documentary filmmaking.” “Split: A Divided America” made its world premiere in April at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival. Since then, it has won three awards including Best Political Documentary Feature at the Connecticut International Film Festival, Audience Favorite Award for Best Documentary at the Riverside International Film Festival and Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature at the First Take Film Festival. You can purchase a DVD at for $14.99, or at iTunes for $3.99. Contacts amPR Anthony Murillo, Managing publicist 323-988-5729

obama continued

PEOPLE SPEAK OUT Shirley Gorzowski Polish American Flushing, NY You would think that times have changed within the 21st century but even today, people are still insensitive when it comes to racist comments. There is no way that this could be mistaken as a joke. Mr. McCain and his running mate are aiding in creating very uncomfortable racial tension. Greg Steinberg Jewish American South Beach, Fl I read the article and was so offended. I would have been very angered if someone even mentioned statements that referenced derogatory Jewish statements. Responsible adults do not act at the expense of others. Emily Jones African-American Chicago, Il Irresponsible, Racist, and really downright mean. If you are a part of any organization, especially when you have others of different races, you need to be more sensitive. The young lady who was African-American and worked with this Republican organization was cruelly subjected to views that were offensive and insensitive. The bad thing is that she was actively a member of the same group. How can she now look them in the face believing they see her as an equal? Francesco Basso Manhattan, NY (African-American/Italian) About the $10.00 food stamp: This woman Diane Fedele knew what she was doing, that is why she did it. Now she is back peddling to say she is not a RACIST which she is. Get ready Diane for President Barack Hussein Obama. This racist nut job just made Obama’s lead in California grow. This is not the Deep South, and even there people know this is the 21st Century. McCain is already slipping in the polls and this doesn’t help. As a black and white American, I can honestly say that I have never felt so sorry for a dumb as bitch as I do for Diane Fedele. I wonder how long she will be afloat of the GOP?

2008 oct


literature breedsa quality intelligence." "



photo by Shinobi

Readers choice

Readers choice By nora murphy The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Bestselling author Nicholas Sparks tells the enduring story of a man who is lead to the love of his life by his brushes with death. Logan, the hero of Sparks’ new novel believes he’s found a ‘lucky charm’ in the form of a photograph he found while serving in Iraq of a smiling woman he’s never even met, but who he comes to believe holds the key to his destiny. Why he is so compelled to find her, he doesn’t even know! The sequence of events that lead him and the company of his faithful to obtaining the picture and coming across the actual woman in the photograph is the material of love stories that only an award winning genius such as Sparks can write.  “This is a wonderful novel, told in a way that is fascinating and enjoyable. Nicolas Sparks knows how to tell a story. The characters are real and believable. I found myself caring about them early in the book. The author has the ability to make people come alive in just a few pages. Once I began to care about them, I was hooked. I couldn’t put the book down until I was done. The Lucky One made for a few very enjoyable hours. That is what I want in a book: discovering people that I care about, and a good story to follow them through. It may not be great literature for the ages, but it suits me.” –Brian B of Northern California  “Nicholas Sparks has done it again! This book starts out having you wonder how it will be anything like the jacket says. Then it grabs you in and doesn’t let go. We have a good guy, bad guy and the lady in between. What could be more entertaining?” –Tonya Russo “Hoarder of Books”, Goldendale, WA  New York Times best-seller 2008.

New York Times best-seller is being called a ‘classic in the making’. Based in rural northern Wisconsin, the story is about a born mute boy, Edgar Sawtelle who is raised on a farm by his parents where they raise and train a fictional breed of dogs whose thoughtful presence is demonstrated by Edgar’s lifelong companion, Almondine. The summer of Edgar’s fourteenth year brings his first litter of puppies to raise, but also brings the hardships and struggle of two unexpected visitors; Edgar’s Uncle Claude and a stray dog, both of whom cannot seem to tame their ferocious natures. Wroblewski mastered examining the limits of language and the fundamental forces of love, loss and revenge, with an ending that will captivate readers with its breathtaking finale. Vince Passaro of The Oprah Magazine wrote, “Whether you read for the beauty of language or for the intricacies of plot, you will easily fall in love with David Wroblewski’s generous, almost transcendentally lovely debut novel, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle…. Wroblewski’s plot is dynamic—page by page compelling—and classical, evoking Hamlet, Antigone, Electra, and Orestes, as Edgar tries to avenge his father’s death and his paternal uncle’s new place in the affections of his mother. The scope of this book, its psychological insight and lyrical mastery, make it one of the best novels of the year, and a perfect, comforting joy of a book for summer.” The book summary and media reviews both received very good scores, two thumbs up from 8/8 critics.

Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen

General assignment reporter for the Miami Herald and author Carl Hiaasen is compared to Preston Sturges, Woody Allen and S.J. Perelman by the New York Times and “America’s finest satirical novelist...the blazing conscience of the Sunshine State” by The Observer. Skinny Dip is another example of Hiaasen’s signature mix of lovable innocents, hilariously over-the-top villains, and resentment of what mankind has done to his beloved Florida wilderness. Beginning with heiress Joey Perrone being tossed over the rails of a cruise ship by her no good husband Chaz, on their second wedding anniversary. Yet not for her money, because he has been kept well away from him, but because he fears she has discovered his crooked dealings with a barbarous executive who is poisoning the Everglades. But instead of drowning as anticipated, Joey stays afloat on a bale a Jamaican pot and is rescued by ex-cop Mick Stranahan. The two together, with the help of a suspicious detective, develop a cruel plot to ‘haunt Chaz from the grave’ and scare that ‘’maggot’’ out of what little wit he has. “Hiaasen’s books are so enjoyable it’s always a sad moment when they end. In this case, however, sadness is mixed with puzzlement because the book seems to end in mid-scene, with Chaz in trouble again—but is it terminal? We thought at first there were some pages missing, but Knopf says that was the ending Hiaasen intended. Odd.” –Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. “This one’s a corker, chock-full of belly laughs and blistering truths.” -- Booklist (Booklist ) On a personal note, Skinny Dip is one of my favorite novels. I am currently reading the book for the nth time, and I love it more and more every time I do read it. Carl Hiaasen has a very original style of writing, and all of his books that I have read are hysterical!

2008 oct


explore cinema

explore cinema The Box Office: What’s the Buzz?


Suspense, horror, thriller and remake, Quarantine ranked number 2 in the Weekend Box Office this week. The basis of the plot is reporter Angela Vidal and Scott, her cameraman are assigned to cover a night shift with a pair of Los Angeles firemen for a reality TV covering ‘People who work while the rest of the world sleeps’. Almost giving up hope after an uneventful evening, a 911 distress call takes them downtown to a small apartment building. On the scene already were police officers responding to ‘bloodcurdling’ screams coming from the third floor. Angela, having an opportunity at a breaking story, was determined to get it all on tape. Upon entering the apartment, standing alone in the dark was an old lady in a blood covered nightgown. She appeared sick with her erratic and raspy breathing. But when a policeman approaches her to help, he is unexpectidly attack with her teeth. When trying to leave the building in attempting to help the injuried policeman, they come to discover that the CDC has quarantined the building and all exits are sealed and guarded. Officials will not release any information to those trapped inside and all access of internet, television, and cell phones has been shut off. Everyone still trapped inside begin to panic while trying to make sense of what is happening forcing them to look to each other for help. After another scream, and bodies falling from floors above, the attacks begin again. And the cameramans videotape is the only evidence of what happened inside the apartment building after the quarantine is finally lifted. •“Even those who despise remakes will have to admit that director John Erick Dowdle’s furious retread is scary as hell”. -Jim Ridley,The L.A. Times •“Quarantine, yet another pseudo-documentary horror movie, delivers the heebie-jeebies with solid acting and perfectly calibrated shocks”. -Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times •“Quarantine is the type of movie that is made to see in a theatre. The film is brutally realistic and shot in such a way that you feel like you are watching real footage.” -Kevin McCarthy, CBS Radio

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Comedy, Drama, Musical/Performing Arts, Romance, Adaptation and Teen has topped out at number 3 in the Weekend Box Office last week and stands at number 5 this week. The scene begins with Super Bad’s Michael Cera playing Nick, who regularly attends New York’s indie-rock scene as a bass player for his queercore band, “The Jerk Offs”, Nick is aiding a broken heart from Tris who had only broken up with him two days and 23 hours ago, abd already, she was with another guy at one of his gigs. This begins the sleepless night for highschool student Nick, college bound Norah ,Manhattan, psychotic ex-boyfriends, lovingly trashy ex-girlfriends, Russian food, stripping nuns, Julio and Salvatore, holding hands, writing, and singing songs in the rain. This is a night they’ll never forget. •“There are many, many things to love about this movie, starting with the sweet love story, the charm and chemistry of the two stars, and the amazingly great photography of New York City. It’s also full of fun little details, as well as memorable and affect” -Steve Silver, The Trend •“[K]inda like Ferris Bueller’s Night Out, but way less snarky and way sweeter, and the whole gang is Ferris.” -MaryAnne Johanson, Flick Filosopher •“Cera and Dennings both play more or less real people, much smarter and more thoughtful than your average movie teenagers.” -Michael Dance

20 OCT 2008

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explore cinema The Secret Life of Bees

Adapted from Sue Monk Kidds novel, The Secret Life of Bees, this film is based on the story of Dakota Fannings, character 14 year old Lily, in South Carolina in 1964, who is haunted by the memory of her late mother. Together, her caregiver and only friend Rosaleen, flee to a sentimenta honey glazed South Carolina town that holds the secret to her mother’s past. The intelligent and independent Boatwright sisters take the girls in, where Lily finds comfort and adventure in their mesmerizing life of beekeeping, honey, and the Black Madonna. •“As a realistic portrayal of life in rural South Carolina in 1964, The Secret Life of Bees is dreaming. As a parable of hope and love, it is enchanting. -Robert Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times” •“A remarkably heart-affecting screen version of the deeply spiritual nov el by Sue Monk Kidd about the healing and transforming power of love.” -Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice

The Dark Knight

The sequal to Batman Begins, Christian Bale reprises the lead role. The film focuses on Batman’s fight against a new villian, the Joker, played by Heath Ledger and his relationships with police lieutenant James Gordon (Gary Oldman), district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and his old friend and love interest, Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Partnerships that prove to be effective with authorities, Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime and sets out to demolish the criminal organizations that run the city streets, until the relationships begin to find themselves in chaos unleashed by a rising criminal mastermind known to the frightened citizens of Gotham as The Joker (Heath Ledger). •“The Dark Knight is pure adrenaline. Returning director Christopher Nolan, having dispensed with his introspec tive, moody origin story, now puts the Caped Crusader through a decathlon of explosions,vehicle flips, handto-hand combat, midair rescues and pulse-pounding sus pense.” -Kirk Honeycutt, The Hollywood Reporter •“Director Christopher Nolan clung to some of the un necessary Burton trappings with his 2005 relaunch of the franchise, Batman Begins, but shifted to the psychology of the cowled vigilante. Nolan’s second install ment, the thrilling morality tale The Dark Knight, puts its priorities completely in order. The Dark Knight infuses the powerful, operatic emotions within the characters, while Gotham resembles a real-world city – or at least the metropolitan sink-hole of a 1970s cop drama like Serpico. Larger-than-life conflicts play out with grand intensity against a realistic setting, making The Dark Knight the best of the Batman films, and one of the four or five most compelling comic book movies ever made.” -Curt Holman, Creative Loafing

2008 oct


delicacies of life

delicacies of life

Travel Delicacies By tisa sinclair Who says you have to be a big spender to enjoy a romantic getaway with your loved one? There are plenty of ways to have a fun and exciting vacation that will not leave you in debt. With the economy in the current state that it is in, it is extremely important to be smart with ones finances. That does not mean however, that you cannot have a good time with the one that you love. From exciting Euro cruises, to comfortable lodging in the woods, to a fun-filled adventure at Disney, vacationing with your significant other

22 OCT 2008

as $150! For more information, contact the Cabins of Asheville office at (828) 670-0084, or email them at Destination: Hennessey House Location: 1727 Main Street, Napa, California 94559   Vacation type: Bed and Breakfast Inn

North Carolina. According to their website, its beautiful cabins are equipped with hot tubs, fireplaces, Gas Grills, wireless internet , satellite TV(w/HBO/Cinemax/Showtime, Starz), and is adjacent to Pisgah National Forest among other wonderful views. It is recommended by the facility that the fall is the best time to come and enjoy the Cabins so you can view the beautiful fall leaves, and experience the cool mountain air. You can also go hiking along their beautiful scenic route, or stroll on a river walk. All Photos by:travel

Destination: Cabins of Asheville Location: 25 Little Stoney Fork Rd. Candler, NC 28715 Vacation Type: Lodging in the Woods A sure fire way to ensure a cheap and romantic getaway is to get a cabin the woods. Many couples rent cabins in the woods to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and venture into a secluded quiet time with their loved one. You can bring

everything you need to enjoy your retreat, like food and dishes, which will save you a bundle of money! Instead of eating out and spending that special time with strangers in a restaurant, you can be eating in the privacy of your own cabin with just that special someone. Cabins of Asheville is a beautiful lodging facility located in Asheville

with out paying a dime. No matter what time of the year you choose to come and stay, you will find many things calling your name, all with lodging prices starting as low

Lodging in the woods is not the only option for a cheap romantic getaway. Ever been a fan of fine wine? Want to go to a place where they produce the best wine in the country- while relaxing and getting first class treatment, all for a low price? Then Napa County is the perfect destination! Napa County is a county located north of the San Francisco Bay Area in the U.S. state of California.Napa County, is known today for its wine industry. Napa Valley is surrounded by world renowned vineyards and a rim of rolling hills and mountains of spectacular beauty. A hot and steamy vacation in the wine capital is a perfect location for a romantic getaway. Hennessey House, an enchanted bed and breakfast inn located in Napa County, is a wonderful place to relax, reconnect with your love, and take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. The Bed and Breakfast Inn also has a variety of shops, Wine Trains, and restaurants all within close proximity. All of the Hennessey House rooms include a full gourmet breakfast, free high-speed wireless Internet access, afternoon refreshments, evening wine & cheese, and the use of their facilities including the sauna and garden, all ranging $189$319. For more information about Hennessey House’s room rates and special packages, please call (707) 226-3774, or visit their website at

delicacies of life

delicacies of life According to SaveOnResorts .com, Legacy Dunes Vacation Properties, one of Orlando’s hottest resorts, offers special vacation packages for those on a budget looking to still have a good time! The package includes 4 Days and 3 Nights at Legacy Dunes Vacation Properties, and two adult “One Day Base” Passes which is good for one full day at One of the Disney World® Theme Parks, all for just $249. (Hotel parking and taxes) included. To find out more information about this exciting offer, please contact (800) 581-2807, or visit the website at www.SaveOnResorts. com.

528- 7155 or email them at

Destination: The Atlantis Beach Towers

Photos provided

Location: Casino Drive Nassau, Paradise Island Bahamas Vacation Type: Caribbean Pleasures When thinking of a luxurious vacation overseas, one automatically might think of a luxiourous bill to go along with it. Fortunately, that is not always the case. Vacationing on an International level with your significant other can be as fun, exciting, and inexpensive, as any vacation spot visited domestically. It almost seems impossible to have a satisfying excursion in the Bahamas without staying at The Atlantis Resort. This unique resort features a 34-acre waterscape, 11 million gallon marine habitat, 1000 slot casino, and 44 restaurants. The relaxed atmosphere of the Beach Tower at Atlantis makes it easy to enjoy that carefree, come-as-you-are Caribbean spirit. Just a few steps from your door, you’ll find plenty of fun, plus pristine white beaches and crystal blue water, all from their most affordable accommodations starting as low as $199 a night. Vacationing at The Atlantis Resort can bring a world filled with the energy of water, the beauty of the Caribbean, the spirit of a lost civilization and experiences unlike any other in the world. For more information call 1(888)

24 OCT 2008

Destination Name: Celebrity Cruises Destination Location: Greece, Italy, and Turkey Destination type: Mediterranean Cruise Why stop at a Caribbean Vacation when there is chance to tour various locations in Europe for a low price? Cruises Only, America’s largest cruise agency is offering the chance of a lifetime. Embark on Celebrity Cruise’s 11 Night Eastern Mediterranean excursion starting at only $599. Enjoys Celebrity Cruise’s tastefully decorated accommodations, bars, lounges and restaurants, award-winning gourmet cuisine, cooling waters of their Oasis Pool, and an accommodating friendly staff. The destinations on this incredible tour include: Rome and Naples in Italy; Mykonos, Rhodes, and Santorini in Greece; and Kusadasi and Istanbul in Turkey Experience what this exciting trip has to offer!! Call 1800CRUISES, or visit for more information.

" deserve Money, Good Homes and Friendship in all We all

walks of life." -um

photo by Shinobi 2008 oct


delicacies of life

delicacies of life Alabama Man First Winner of I Wa n t MyM a n C av e . c o m C o n t e s t Bill Me Later Contest Sponsors Makeovers of Leisure Time Lairs and a Chance to Win up to $15,000 of Man Cave Essentials TIMONIUM, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bill Me Later, Inc. today announced Eric Sayge from Birmingham, Ala., as the first weekly winner of the “” contest sponsored by Bill Me Later®. Eric faced stiff competition, with thousands of entries received in the first 48 hours of the contest. He is also eligible to win the grand prize – a Man Cave makeover valued at up to $15,000. As a weekly winner, he receives prizes from Fathead. “There were many great entries this week, but Eric’s story of exile on a rainy patio to the theme of Psycho’s ‘Shower Scene’ put him over the top,” said Chris Williams, Vice President of marketing for Bill Me Later, Inc. “The quality of entries we received this week far exceeded our expectations and ranged from humorous to heart-wrenching. The contest is far from over, with many great entries still to come.”

What is a Man Cave?

A Man Cave is a room that includes male-centric style and is used for watching sports, shooting pool, and being with the guys. It is frequently where the cave dweller displays items considered undesirable for display elsewhere in the home by their significant other. Bill Me Later’s retail partners have everything needed to build a man’s paradise in his home, and the grand prize winner will fill their Man Cave with up to $15,000 of merchandise from merchants, including

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Newegg, Fathead, Sports Authority, FogDog, Lenovo, Blendtec and TigerDirect.

How to Enter the Bill Me Later “Win a Man Cave” Challenge

Contestants can log onto for a complete list of sponsors, rules and deadlines for the “Win a Man Cave” Challenge. Each cave dweller must submit a short essay detailing why they deserve a Man Cave. Essays can be augmented with a video or photos further detailing the need for a Man Cave. Contestants can also browse the Bill Me Later merchant prize pool and select the items they’d like to win to build their dream Man Cave. Video and photo submissions can be posted, and will be viewed and shared online at Visitors to the site can comment and vote for the Cave they feel is most in need of a makeover, or the contestant whom they think needs a Cave the most. Caves for consideration can be posted until November 19, 2008, by the cave dwellers themselves or by friends and family members that feel that the time has come for a change. The ultimate Man Cave winner will be announced on December 2, 2008, at Schwartz Communications Jennifer Barlow or Scott Love, 781-684-0770

750,000 Players Join the Waaagh! in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

The Armies of WAR Continue to Grow as New Recruits Join the Battle in Support of Order or Destruction FAIRFAX, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mythic Entertainment, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) studio, today announced that 750,000 players have registered for the critically acclaimed fantasy MMORPG, Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning™ (WAR) in North America, Europe and the Oceanic territories. WAR topped the PC sales charts around the world at launch, and is on track to be one of the best-selling PC games of 2008. “Thanks to our players, the war between the Realms continues to escalate at an incredible pace,” said Mark Jacobs, Co-Founder and General manager of Mythic Entertainment. “The battlefields are alive with three quarters of a million players fighting for the forces of Order and Destruction in truly epic and unparalleled Realm vs. Realm battles!” Based on the popular tabletop war game from Games Workshop, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features revolutionary Realm vs. Realm™ conflict that will provide an engaging battleground for years to come. Available for PC and rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB, WAR is now in stores everywhere at an MSRP of $49.99. For more information, visit

26 OCT 2008

online facts:

"57% of shoppers 18 or older say

the internet is their

primary source of information

for pre-purchase. "- Burst Media "63% of purchases resulting from online research occur offline. "-Comscore "The internet is expected to influence

nearly half of all retails sales in 2010. -Jupiter

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delicacies of life

delicacies of life ™ Better Tomorrows Begin Today for Starwood Hotels’ Guests With New Promotion, Stay One Night and the Next is 50 Percent Off

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As today’s news has many consumers looking for a break in more ways than one, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: HOT) announces the launch of its promise for Better Tomorrows™. From now until March 31, 2009, for every night guests stay with Starwood, the next night can be 50 percent off. The industry leading promotion offers straightforward and significant savings at nearly $500 at W®, Westin, Le Meridien®, Sheraton®, Four Points® by Sheraton, AloftSM, ElementSM and The Luxury Collection® hotels in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. With Better Tomorrows, a two-day NYC weekend escape at the W New York averages $598, compared to $798. A four-day fall family getaway to the Westin San Francisco will average $507, compared to a more typical price of $676. And guests who book a six-night winter vacation at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort and Spa in Hawaii could save $308, making the trip $922. Better Tomorrows provides travelers access to these and other top destinations like San Diego, Scottsdale, San Antonio, and Sunny Isles, Fla. To book the Better Tomorrows rate and view full program terms and conditions, guests can visit Starwood Hotels & Resorts Mary Jane Orman, 914-640-5287

Poll Shows Majority of Holiday Travelers Say Economic Concerns Will Affect Upcoming Trips Car Travel is Most Impacted but New Airline Fees Prove Tough on Travel

SOUTHLAKE, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--According to the latest poll from Travelocity®, 66 percent of respondents say concerns about the economy will affect their holiday travel plans. Despite their worries, 78 percent plan to travel for at least one of the upcoming holidays. When compared to last year, poll findings revealed a significant change in how travelers are getting to their destinations: 12 percent fewer respondents are opting to drive to their holiday destinations while only 2 percent more people said they would fly. Despite worries about the economy, 62 percent of all poll respondents are even planning a leisure trip in addition to their holiday plans. Of the respondents who are not traveling this holiday season, 52 percent will be hosting a holiday celebration at their home, perhaps bringing relatives and loved ones to them. For non-travelers, 19 percent of holiday plans don’t involve travel because it’s too expensive this year. “With so many people still planning to travel, it proves that in a post 9/11 world most people are resilient and not willing to abandon what they love,” says Amy Ziff, Travelocity Editor-at-Large. “Clearly there are those who are making adjustments, but for many, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ to take their vacation. This trend is surprisingly similar across all income brackets.” Respondents with an annual household income above $150,000 are far more likely to travel by plane this Thanksgiving, but income was less of a factor for travel during the December holiday period. Respondents

28 OCT 2008

2008 oct


delicacies of life

delicacies of life with a household income under $75,000 are most likely to be impacted by the economy and least likely to travel for a winter vacation. Despite industry-wide warnings, 65 percent of respondents who plan to travel for the holidays still have not booked their vacations. Forty percent say they’re holding out for lower fares, which is likely to be challenging given capacity cuts, fuel surcharges, and the peak travel period. This year also brings fees that were not a factor last holiday season. Just which of the fees are considered most offensive by travelers? According to the poll: 12 percent of travelers will avoid travel whenever possible based on the new fees 15 percent will consider alternate forms of transportation when booking as a result of new fees 88 percent think the first-checked-bag fee is unreasonable 59 percent think the second-checked-bag fee is unreasonable 41 percent will pack light to avoid paying additional baggage fees “For all of the travelers who are holding out for lower fares, the time to buy is now,” says Ziff. “We anticipate that actual airfares aren’t going to drop any time soon, but you can make up the difference if you buy something on sale or in a package.”

Travelocity experts can offer a few tips on how to find the best value this holiday season:

Book as early as possible to be sure to lock in a good price, as there are fewer available seats this holiday season Search flexible dates and consider similar, alternate destinations to get the best value Look for promotions and freebies, such as airport transfers, free breakfasts and big discounts from hoteliers happening right now Buy a package on Travelocity where you can save an average of $240 per couple by booking your flight and hotel together

For more information or complete data from this poll, contact Vollmer Public Relations at 212-715-2222. For more travel tips and advice, visit Travelocity’s blog at

30 OCT 2008

photo by Jacek Lidwin

2008 oct


fashion forcasting

fashion forecasting Kevan Hall Spring 2009

F a s h i o n S h o w i n LA . Los Angeles on Sunday, Oct. 12, 2008. Photo credits: (Fashion Wire Daily/Maria Ramirez)

Dana Delany front row at the Kevan Hall show

Tia Mowery front row at the Kevan Hall show

Model backstage at the Kevan Hall show

Kevan Hall and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon backstage at the Kevan Hall show

32 OCT 2008

Dana Delany front row at the Kevan Hall show

fashion forcasting

2008 oct


fashion forcasting

fashion forecasting Shelly Steffee: Seduction in Structure Renata Espinosa

October 02nd, 2008 @ 10:48 AM - New York Those hoping for the kind of quiet, elegant and architecturally rendered clothing that Shelly Steffee excels at creating will not be disappointed with her Spring 2009 collection, which merges her favorite reference points of art and architecture with soft and wearable designs. Three main influences formed the basis of Steffee’s inspiration this season: 1930s Russian architecture, with its geometric shapes and curves-within-rectangles; vintage lingerie and stockings with transparency used to create texture; and the hazy, dream-like color palette of pale pink, periwinkle and grey in the paintings of Marlene Dumas, with her women in varying stages of undress With these influences of both structure and seduction, the collection walks the fine line between precision and comfort. Jackets follow both the rules of geometry and of the body, nipping the waist and creating a smooth, strong silhouette. A crepe jersey gown with silk chiffon layers swoons, while a lingerie jersey begs to never be taken off. Into the mix Steffee adds some sportswear as well - a herringbone print smartens up a funnel neck windbreaker in this modern classic; skinny mesh leggings in pastel colors are a cool twist on this staple garment of the layered look, and you can never go wrong with one of Steffee’s perfectly tailored trousers. Steffee’s 2-in-1 signatures abound - we especially liked the reversible blazer-to-boxy jacket. Day-to-night, uptown-todowntown in seconds. Photo credits: Fashion Wire Daily/HO, Courtesy of Shelly Steffee

34 OCT 2008

fashion forcasting

2008 oct


fashion forcasting

fashion forecasting Whitley Kros Spring 2009 Fa s h i o n S h ow

Models walk the runway at the Whitley Kros show during Spring 2009 Fashion Week in Los Angeles on Sunday, Oct. 12, 2008. (Fashion Wire Daily/ Maria Ramirez) Photo credits: (Fashion Wire Daily/Maria Ramirez)

Designers Marissa Ribisi, left and Sophia Coloma

Dania Ramirez Attends

Anne Archer Attends

36 OCT 2008

fashion forcasting

2008 oct


fashion forcasting

fashion forecasting Versace: Zippered Down

Godfrey Deeny September 26th, 2008 @ 10:18 AM - Milan Plenty of va va vroom at Versace this spring 2009 season where the Medusa-headed house went for high tech finish and posh punk attitude in a collection shown in Milan, Thursday, Sept. 25, whose key element was the zipper. Used as trim, shoulder straps, braid and decoration on taut cotton cocktails, curvy hipped party frocks, the zippers did not tighten up any look, but helped let it all hang out. One totally cool dress even had the zipper twisted into a heart shape, the better to highlight the love of closure. The cut throughout was Grecian, that is if you are an Athenian goddess in way above the knee tunic dresses in Jason and the Argonaut gold. The show’s best look was on, no surprise as she gets the best looks in more shows than any model on the planet, pouting blonde Russian Natasha Poly, who emoted in a gold cocktail, whose lowered quarter morphed into silver glitter. Technically tricky, and cunningly executed it was one of the traffic stopping, eyeball popping, neck twisting looks you just had to love. And in a season crammed with Space Age references, it was also on the zeitgeist, to see Donatella Versace send out a lime green cocktail whose technical finish and paneled cut recalled a communications satellite in a Sci Fi movie. The finale, a brilliant series of looks in prints by Julie Verhoeven, a specialist who once showed under her own name in the London Fashion Week, kept the mood upbeat, even if projecting their colors onto wraparound screens in the Versace theatre seemed hackneyed. Using a predictable stomp and buck funk soundtrack was, we have to say, dated, even if it did not hurt the applause when the blond tressed designer took her bow before soccer great Luis Figo and recently demoted Pucci creative director, Matthew Williamson. Photo Credits: (Fashion Wire Daily/Gruber)

38 OCT 2008

fashion forcasting

2008 oct


fashion forcasting

fashion forecasting Payless ShoeSource Announces First-Ever A f f o r da b l e G r e e n F o ot we a r L i n e

New Brand Shows Retailer’s Passion to Democratize Green; Retailer Also Signs Agreement with Summer Rayne Oakes to Serve as Eco Consultant to Help Drive Innovation TOPEKA, Kan, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Payless ShoeSource announced today plans to launch the first-ever affordable green footwear line due in stores early next year, and that it has signed an agreement with Summer Rayne Oakes, Discovery Network’s Planet Green fashion and beauty expert and author of “Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion & Beauty” (Chronicle Books, February 2009), to serve as the green footwear brand’s Eco Consultant. The new brand is a key part of Payless’ mission and strategy to democratize fashion, design, and new ideas in footwear and accessories, and to position Payless as a “House of Brands” retailer, offering well-recognized, fresh new brands -- all at a great price. The forthcoming line will include on-trend, fashionable footwear and accessory products that are also green through the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as organic cottons and linen, natural hemp and recycled outsoles, and the use of eco-smart packaging. The line will be seasonally refreshed offering the latest trends. The new brand will launch initially for women, expanding to include kids’ and men’s styles in the future. The “green” shoes will be available at prices, on average, of under $30 a pair early next year in about 500 stores with select styles appearing in 1,000 stores, as well as generally available on “The sustainability movement is pervasive today and is touching so many elements of consumers’ daily lives and they are interested in more and more green product options being available to them,” said Matt Rubel, CEO of Collective Brands, Inc., the parent company of Payless ShoeSource. “But green items are often expensive and inaccessible to so many. With our mission to democratize the latest ideas in footwear and accessories, we are in the best position and proud to bring forward a green footwear line that is affordable and accessible to all. Our alliance with Summer Rayne Oakes is important to this new brand initiative. Summer Rayne is a trend-setting expert in Eco Fashion, and she will help us launch our new green brand, as well as assist us in driving innovation with fresh, new eco-smart ideas for this brand going forward.” The new line is unique, not only as the first-ever affordable green footwear, but also because it will stress fashion first, while being eco-smart. “When Payless approached me to partner with them on what would be their first-ever affordable green line of footwear, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse,” said Oakes. “It’s high time a stylish line of shoes can be both environmentally friendly and reasonably priced. Payless is at the forefront of a significant movement bridging fashion, environmental awareness and accessibility -- an undertaking I am proud to be a part of.” CONTACT: Mardi Larson for Payless ShoeSource, Inc., +1-612-928-0202 Web site:

40 OCT 2008

2008 oct


42 OCT 2008

selfish styles



Sensationnel’s “Hair Idol The Show” is a Hit at Bronner Brother’s Hair Show

Previews of some of the hottest indie designers who were selected to participate in this years’ event. Plus, special appearance by Bre from cycle 5 of America’s Next Top Model. Roll a series of the images with this….from the folder.. Photos by Shinobi 2008 oct


selfish styles

photos by shinobi

44 OCT 2008

2008 oct


selfish styles

Designer: Tre-Ce Jackson Atlanta, GA What got you started in the business? I grew up in the business. My mother was a seamstress and I was always assisting with fabric and color choices, cutting out patterns and fittings.  As I got older I got tired of paying more to have my clothes altered than I paid for them. What is it that defines your design style? Undefined but well put together. I dont  like to say I’m out of the box...  there is no box. What major designers do you look up to? Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Elie Saab, Marchesa What should a model consider when styling in couture or high fashion? They both are about creativity and fantasy. The clothes are not always going to be “pretty” or what you want to wear, or comfortable for that matter, but a great model will pull it off for the shot. Advice to people when seeking to find clothes that fit their personality? “To thine own self be true” You gotta be comfortable in your own skin. Even if that means wearing bright pink zebra skinned tights and a neon blue halter; wear it with no regrets because thats who you are! What are some of your fashion styling strong points? I go against the grain. I’m not just gonna put something together because thats what everyone else is doing. What new projects do you have coming up in 2009? Hmmmmmmm.... you will have to wait and see! Why do you think we chose you to be featured in UM magazine? I think my work resonates much louder than my voice ever could. What are some issues in dealing with models and other service providers (photographers, hairstylists and or muas)? Tardiness, attitudes and not living up to your own hype! Why did you agree to be featured in Urban Mainstream magazine? Its all about networking [in this business] and UM reaches the masses, why not!

46 OCT 2008

selfish styles

hair and makeup: Mandrill and Makeup by Eve Jade Photos by Shinobi

How do you define yourself? Hardworking, passionate about my work, determined, a little silly, a little reserved, A true Scorpio, dont cross me! Down to earth, military brat, and culture junkie!  Please provide a portfolio site or website. Are you on Myspace or Facebook if so let us know. um

2008 oct


"The New Welfare:

$700 Billion bailout plan...isn't 48 OCT 2008

that a joke?-um

photos by shinobi

Why do you think we chose you to be featured in UM magazine? I think my work speaks for itself. I am very dedicated to anything and everything that I put my time into.  Working with a number of magazines has given me a hands on approach when it comes to being the best I can be.  I believe I was chosen because of my creativity and hard work ethics. What are some issues in dealing with models and other service providers (photographers, hairstylists and or muas)? As far as issue go, I strongly belive that when dealing with photographers, models,makeup artists, and hairstylists, everyone should work as a team.  Everyone plays a part in order to bring the project together and if one person doesn’t hold up to their end, everything crumbles. Why did you agree to be featured in Urban Mainstream magazine? I agreed to be featured because I want to show the world fashion through my eyes.  Alot of people are use to the fashion norm and my designs are by no means “the norm.” How do you define yourself? I define myself as a strong person as well as a strong designer.  I am always pushing myself to the next level and trying to get better and better.  I don’t feel that you should ever settle.  If you are at your best, get better! Are there any points or things you wanted to cover in your interview (i.e. politics, business, entertainment etc)? I would like to be political for a moment.  As far as the election goes I feel that we actually have two great people running.  McCain who has served our country and has literally fought for us and Barack Obama who wants to fight for us now, restore the economy, and bring Washington back to work for the people.  There has been alot of mud slinging and I feel that we should be able to disagree with either party but in a respectable manner.  Everyone should just get registered and vote on the issues that are right for them and leave the nonsense out. Please provide a portfolio site or website. My website can be viewed at

hair and makeup: Mandrill and Makeup by Eve Jade top model services by Attitudes by Moe salon and Avnah

What got you started in the business? ( tell us about you) What got me started in the fashion business was my desire to change the fashion industry as we know it. I wanted to create futuristic fashions, break everyday trends, and reach for a sense of style that has never been seen before. What is it that defines your design style? My style of design is couture,very edgy and unique. Each design boast a wide array of bold colors,crative cuts, and faboulous stitching.  I feel that it is important to create a signature mark that defines your line of clothing and I have done just that. What major designers do you look up to? I love Roberto Cavali, and I am fascinated by South African designer Gavin Rajah. What should a model consider when styling in couture or high fashion? Models should always consider what the designer is wanting to get across to the audience, either through runway or editorial ads.  They also need to consider the fashions they are modeling. If the designs have  special accents, such as a great hood, break away parts, or flowing pieces, it is their job to accent those parts. Advice to people when seeking to find clothes that fit their personality? Never be afraid to try new things!  Try new colors. Colors that you normally would not purchase usually turn out to be a best buy.  You can always express your personality in ways other than clothes.  Try accessories to compliment your personality. You can do this by adding a hat to your wardrobe, a scarf,bangles and much more.  It’s all about having fun! What are some of your fashion styling strong points? My strong points are creating pieces that are couture.  I can really express myself through colors,beading, and risque cuts and stitches. What new projects do you have coming up in 2009? In 2009 I plan to have my signature line manufactured and mass produced.  I have many high end department stores that are interested in carrying my line and that has my total attention right now.

Designer: Avnah Davis-Long Atlanta, GA

selfish styles

Designer: Avnah Couture By Niecy Barnes or You can view my myspace at um

2008 oct


On blast!


by Sarah Motley

Views expressed in this section are solely used to demonstrate an editorial viewpoint regarding those in the industry.


Dani Hannah MM# 216571

Dani, Looking at your portfolio, it seems very random. Where’s your focus and where are you going? As a model why is it so imperative for young ladies to exploit themselves for free? You put yourself out for perverts and anyone who needs pics for their paysite and you know you’re not getting paid. So many of you are so frantic to see your body that stripping down helps you to define your own beauty while “sickos” get to “wack off” to your pics (for free). It is sad that a young lady equates being a model with being able to take their clothes off, get implants, go under the photoshop “nip-tuck” and literally prance around selling, better yet, giving away access to their body.

Co Co Chanel (Raychelle Williams) MM#701735

Co Co, you say you have experience, but yet you chose to represent yourself as someone with little to no modeling talent. For an experienced model that expects to get paid, your portfolio is tacky. Most of your photos are taken by you, and you can’t pose very well. Before you expect to get paid, try building a better portfolio and actually posting work you’ve done (with better make-up) and not how “cute” you look with your hands on your hips. Model Mayhem offers many make-up artists that are willing to help you out at no charge. Please take advantage of that. Some modeling and posing classes never hurt anyone either.

Lady84 (Holly) MM#739407

Dani Hannah

50 OCT 2008

Lady84, I and many models completely understand how it is to start off in this career. Modeling can be a very broad field to get into. Before you decide to jump into it head on, you have to know what you want out of modeling or you can be taken for a ride. Many new models feel that in order for them to become a model, they need to have a sexy portfolio. This isn’t true and without your photos being touched up very well, you are grossly misrepresenting yourself and this could affect your career. Although there are many photographers offering TFP/TFCD on Model Mayhem, be very choosy of whom you pick and never do a photo shoot without a hair and make-up. If you can’t afford it, look for TFP’s

Babyboy10 (David) MM#547208

on blast!

Babyboy10, are you actually trying to start a career or are you more interested in meeting women? You are misrepresenting yourself and it will affect your modeling and military career. I strongly doubt that photographers are interested in how large your genitalia is. Taking nude photos in your messy home will not help further your modeling career in any way. It is very tacky. What you are doing is called “pornography” and the worst part about is that you are doing it for free. That is never okay and very distasteful. You are on the wrong website.

hair stylist Alley Katz (Alex) MM# 816255

Alley Katz, you do lovely hair, but where’s the versatility? How can you call yourself a hairstylist when you only cater to one style of people? You are limiting yourself. Try expanding you portfolio with different textures and ethnicities. Also, tone down the ghetto and try to make it a little more high fashion for the runway.

Kristen Linares

MM# 6322034

Kristen, how can you represent yourself if there is nothing in your portfolio? You say that you are very talented but a picture says more than a thousand words. I’m hoping that the only photo in your portfolio is a photo of you and not the work you’ve done because if it is, I’m sure you’ve had a lot of customers asking for their money back. If that isn’t the case, there are many models on Model Mayhem looking for hairstylists for their photo shoots. I’m sure you shouldn’t have a problem finding one.



Edward, due to your incorrect lighting, photography, and make-up, your hairstyles appears to be very boring. By not having these available, no one can see the vibrant colors that are put into your work. You may have been the best hair colorist in the west, but your photos don’t appear to show that. There are plenty of people on Model Mayhem willing to help you further your career.

photographers Bill M


Bill, we both know what you like, but is it a passion or a creepy fetish? You show no versatility in your portfolio; only thin Caucasian women either bent over, legs open, or breasts out. Your page doesn’t offer TFP/TFCD, but yet you tell models what you like instead what the model would like. You are obviously doing this for your own personal gain and there’s nothing professional about that. Just perverse!

InMotion Photography

MM# 480192

InMotion, there’s nothing artistic about the models on your portfolio. The model’s hair looks as if they’ve been in catfights with each other. It was apparent that you were going for the natural look, but women normally do not leave their homes with their hair like that. For someone who’s been in the field for eight years, you should know better by now to tell a woman when her hair needs to be fixed for the shot. Invest some time in finding a hairstylist on MM and photo touch-ups will never hurt you, but only improve your career. If these are your best photos, you should be ashamed of yourself. It is very amateur. Some of them are blurred, none are touched up, and they are all desperately lacking hair and make-up. Don’t boast about your work and who you know when you have nothing to back it up.



Edward, due to your incorrect lighting, photography, and make-up, your hairstyles appears to be very boring. By not having these available no one can see the vibrant colors that are put into your work. You may have been the best hair colorist in the west but your photos don’t appear to show that. 2008 oct


On blast!

OnBlast! *2E*


*2E*, there’s nothing artistic about a woman sitting in a chair, in lingerie, with her genitalia exposed. It’s porn and the only way you could have helped further this woman’s career is if she were in the porn industry. If you feel uncomfortable to have a child look at your work, then it’s pornography. There is nothing “Agency Style” about your work and if there is, you are misrepresenting yourself by presenting only pornography and semi-pornography into your portfolio. No versatility will only hurt your career and turn potential models away.

Make-up Artist Tamantha Mitcham

MM# 828907

Tamantha, before investing your time and money into becoming a make-up artist, invest some time and money into cosmetology schooling. Your photos show that you have a lot to learn about the field. According to your portfolio, applying the minimum does not work for everyone. A great portfolio should show your best work and nothing less.

Barbara Perkins MM#822559

Barbara, although you say you are very experienced, it does not show at all in your portfolio. You need a refresher course on cosmetology for ethnic women and the make-up done on your other clients are very plain. Times have changed and your sense of style has not. If these photos are your best, you should be ashamed of yourself. Step up your game.



J DOMENICO, it seems as if you are more interested in photos of yourself than the work that you have done. Although the 2 small photos of your work at the bottom of your portfolio was great, it would have been better if you had 15 pictures of your work and two of yourself than 15 pictures of yourself and 2 of your work. No one wants to see you! Your portfolio has no versatility. How would anyone know if you are as good as you “assume” that you are? Where are the other ethnicities? Can you do their make-up? Also, stop taking pictures with your camera phone. There are too many photographers offering TFP/TFCD.

52 OCT 2008

" a puppet Be not

to wordsthat excite

stereotypes and

ignorance." photo by Shinobi 2008 oct


modeling 1 on 1

modeling 1 on 1 Ander

What got you started in the business? ( tell us about you) I started out wanting to become an actor. But as I got older my looks started to chance ALOT, and someone suggested to me to try out for some modeling. So I did, and I have been doing it since then. 10 Years ago nobody would never have suggested to get into modeling...I still have a huge dream of becoming an actor, so I guess modeling is not a bad way to go.. What is it that defines your look? I look very Scandinavian, and my green eyes stands out. What major designers would you like to model for? Don’t have any particular preferences, but of course High fashion for Georgie Armani.. :) What should a model consider when styling in couture or high fashion? Be comfortable. And NEVER lie about your measurements :) Does image really matter when speaking about how those in the industry perceive you (please explain) No, NEVER! There are so many people in the industry, and everyone has a different idea on how the “perfect” model should look. If someone says your eyes are too narrow, or your nose is too big, -don’t give up. Its only one person’s opinion. -Someone out there is always looking for someone just like you! Advice to people when seeking to find clothes that fit their personality? Be honest, wear what you love and not what everyone else is wearing. What are some of your fashion styling strong points? I don’t wear make-up, and I LOVE the brand G-star Raw. :)

54 OCT 2008

What new projects do you have coming up in 2009? Hopefully I will be a permanent resident in Los Angeles, and be busy from day one. Why do you think we chose you to be featured in UM magazine? Good question.. :) I guess my look is not something you see everyday in your part of the world.. :) What are some issues in dealing with those in the industry? It’s tough! People will tell you straight out, when you suck or if they don’t like you, but never let it get to you! Just work even harder, and prove them wrong! Why did you agree to be featured in Urban Mainstream magazine? I’ve never heard of until now, but it looks very cool, and I love the pictures. How do you define yourself? I love to help people and give good advice if I can. I don’t like shallow people, and I never judge! Are there any points or things you wanted to cover in your interview (i.e. politics, business, entertainment etc)? Thats a whole other story.. :) Just try to make the most of every day... Please provide a portfolio site or website. Are you on Myspace or Facebook if so let us know.


assume people know the Truth. All know "Never

Perception. " -um

ask my angel

ask my angels My Angels Hey Angels! I am a new model out of Manhattan, NY and I really wanted to find out how do I play it safe when selecting a photographer? Thanks in advance girls… Veronica NYC MA’s: Well, this is the deal. On the real up and up, there is no 100% guarantee or magical way to get the best photographer for you the first time around. However, it is always good to check out their work online. Google them in order to find out what pops up regarding past activities. If they are on a model site where they have people posting comments to their pics, check out the comments. Just spend at least 2 days doing homework on them. Once you are ready to follow up with them, just try to find out what kind of shoot they are interested in doing. Asking them for referrals is really goofy because who gives up references to people who would not already give us high marks? If all of your questions are answered then set up the shoot. Remember that the “checking out” process does not end until you have gotten your first set of pics from the photographer the way he promised. Hey Angels, I went to a photo shoot last week and so much craziness happened that if I was better prepared I would have been more on point for my shoot. The photographer was apparently upset and told me I should have had my model bag. What the heck is that? Kimberly, Los Angeles, Ca. MA’s: Honestly, you need to do more homework about the industry. Not being prepared will get a lot of people ticked off. First and foremost, a model bag is simply a travel bag of emergency and needed items for a shoot. These items can consists of curling irons, safety pins, skin moisturizers, baby oil, towelettes, change shirt, flip flops , sanitary spray and any small travel packs needed to make sure you look presentable. Emergency items can be things like sanitary napkins, a thread and needle kit, tape, safety pins, anti-septic spray, etc. These small simple items can make things run smoother at a shoot. There is no need to pack like you will be gone for days. The more compact the better, and the more organized you will be. um Next Week ladies and gents we will talk about preparing a Portfolio. You can reach us at: attn: My Angels

56 OCT 2008

"It's all about jobs. over 400,000 jobs lost in

Michigan during

Bush Administration. " the -um

um cover story


58 OCT 2008

"very up-town chic! Being a small-town girl... "

L’aigner La’Key

um cover story


What started you in the business? Well, I’ve always been interested in modeling. Ever since I witnessed my father drooling over a Cindy Crawford SI calendar, I knew I would someday crave the same admiration. LOL! What is it that defines your look? That’s a great question. My style is unique; I like to dress according to moods. If I’m feeling bubbly, I’ll experiment with different colors. Pinks mostly, but if I’m feeling sophisticated, I’ll dress in black and decorate with different jewelry. As far as my model image, I’ll say the best words to describe my look, is exotic and versatile. I can convey many different looks. As a model, I’m proud of that! What major designers would you like to model for? Oh gosh! I would love to do something different with Betsy Johnson. I admire her work. Very up-town chic! Being a smalltown girl, I’ve always sort of envied the complexity of big-city style. Betsy Johnson conveys big-city chic, femininity, and fun! Her work is amazing! What should a model consider when styling in couture or high fashion? I would say...consider being dramatic, as far as your look is concerned. The posing, the expressions, the fashion, everything is amplified. Keep that in mind and you’ll do just fine!

2008 oct


um cover story

Does image really matter when speaking about how those in the industry perceive you (please explain)? Hmmmm, At the end of the day, if you’re happy with yourself and the work you do, that’s what should matter. But be sure to keep in mind future work and projects. I’m sure no model would want to be looked over for having a poor image, whether it be personal or otherwise. Image isn’t really important until it affects your work. One should be open to new ideas, but careful of compromising values. That way your image isn’t tarnished.

And I’m grateful for that. What are some issues in dealing with those in the industry? Be on your stuff. Sometimes you have to make your blessings happen. You can’t sit around waiting for your dreams to come to you, you have to chase’em! Also, be aware of your instinct. If you feel uneasy about a situation, trust yourself. Don’t do something you will regret.

Advice to people when seeking to find clothes that fit their personality? Simple: Wear what makes you feel good!

Why did you agree to be featured in Urban Mainstream magazine? I’m excited about the magazine! A pristine look into urban fashion. I fell in love with the concept! Definitely proud of the feature! Definitely!

What are some of your fashion styling strong points? I like boots. Snow boots, heeled boots, Timberland boots. I notice my strut is sharper, my confidence is more noticeable. So...I tend to wear boot cut jeans. In Love with Guess boot cut jeans! They compliment the boots so well!

How do you define yourself? I’d say eclectic. Many different things inspire me. I can find inspiration in many art forms. Different music and movies reflect my moods and my motivation My best friends, Marshona and Amber, are firm practitioners of “tough motivation”. They believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself.

My style is unique; I like to dress according to moods. If I’m feeling bubbly, I’ll experiment with different colors. What new projects do you have coming up in 2009? I plan to do more work with Explore Studios. A fresh company with incredible vision! Hopefully get another spread in UM! LOL! But my most anticipated project is going back to school. I plan to enroll at Georgia Perimeter and major in Journalism/ Creative Writing or Film. Why do you think we chose you to be featured in UM magazine? Another great question! LOL! I would like to think it’s because you guys see me as a diamond in the rough! LoL! No, I believe the magazine notices my potential.

60 OCT 2008

Are there any points or things you wanted to cover in your interview (i.e. politics, business, entertainment etc)? I’m a small-town girl from Georgetown, DE, and the product of an inter-racial marriage. African-American Mother, Italian Father. I was raised by my dad who’s a deejay, hence the appreciation of different music. I attended Delaware State University upon graduation from Sussex Central High School in 2004. I spent two years majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I decided to move to Atlanta a year later and pursue modeling and enroll back in school. majoring in something I love: Writing and Film. That’s Me in a Nutshell! um

um cover story

2008 oct


image makers

image makers

aliza williams

What got you started in the business? ( tell us about you) Actually I started as a manicurist. It was always my dream to become a celebrity hairstylist. After I achieved my license,  I answered an add in craiglist for a photo shoot.  I just had an operation, but I knew I had to go. I rested a couple of days and weathered it through.  I knew this is what I wanted. What are the most motivating items in hair? The most motivating is seeing your creation come to life in the photos. Describe the types of models you like to work on? I love unique and different faces. It brings more drama to my work. What makes for a strong model portfolio? A look people haven’t seen before. Advice to new hair stylists in the game? Never give up.  Keep testing in the beginning and network with all people. What are some of your hair styling strong points?

I like working with extensions,or anytype of hair. It’s a challenge. What new projects do you have coming up in 2009? Continue to work on my passion.  I’m still learning. Why do you think we chose you to be featured in UM magazine? Everyone has to start from somewhere. I hope to inspire artists like myself to own your craft. What are some issues in dealing with models and other service? The issues I have are what defines beauty.  It comes in all shapes, sizes, and  colors. Why did you agree to be featured in Urban Mainstream magazine? When I read magazines, I look for people I can identify with.  Hopefully, I can inspire someone to keep pushing. How do you define yourself?  Humble, love to laugh, lassionate hardworking Are there any points or things you wanted to cover in your interview (i.e. politics, business, entertainment etc)?

62 OCT 2008

God gave us all gifts and it’s up to us to find out what those gifts are. We weren’t put here to be mediocore, cause fear  is the greatest robber of potential. Please provide a portfolio site or website. empresscreatz   Photographers: Joan Levey Shelby Chan Jana Sanford matthew Chaves Makeup Artists: Nubushe Brown Krishon Smith Leslie Stylists: Katherine K Virkentiene Cailie and Wen Marissa Watters MODELS: Elizabeth White Nanuskha Dana Witt Ashley Surfer um

Get OUt N Vote!


Early voting

in many areas

don't procrastinate. "


Obama or McCain

Your Choice! -um

image makers


shiraz photography

When did you first start doing photography? I got involved in photography in about 1999. I always loved photography. I started out by using ordinary film camera. I would take pictures of my cousins and friends. Even though I was using an ordinary camera, the pictures always turned out nice. Photography was my only hobby then, but I did not have the time to take it up as a profession becasue I was busy with my studies. It has turned into passion now, and I think now is the time to take it forward as a profession. Tell us about the life of a photographer in Pakistan. Gives us a view into your world. For me, beginners life may be a bit difficult. There might be a lot of struggles in the way, but those who are already settled in this field do not have such problems. The fashion industry in Pakistan is still under development. There are not many opportunities in this field if you are not big on the money, and you have to struggle a lot to make your way. There are not many  professional platforms available,how ever, people are now becoming interested in this field and the fashion

industry. In Pakistan, you may see a rapid growth in the coming years.  What is your main focus in photography? My main focus in photography has always been fashion from the very beginning. All of the glamor and the creativity inspires me strongly. Why did you want to be in Urban Mainstream magazine? Urban Mainstream magazine encourages and motivates beginners all around the world. I think of it as a connecting force which brings all the talent from all around the world together,  and helps skilled people to come forward in the main screen. For me personally, Urban Magazine is like the first ray of sunshine after the rain. Do you plan on being a regular photographer representing Pakistan for Urban Mainstream? Yes, I would love to. I hope people over there will like my work. As long as they like my work , I would participate in the magazine gladly. What are some photo shoot projects you have in the works? I haven’t started working as a professional photographer yet, but I take small projects every now and then . I

64 OCT 2008

intend to work as a professional soon. Have you ever been to the U.S? If so, did anything inspire your shooting? if not, do you plan to ever come? No, I haven’t been to the U.S. yet, but I plan to visit soon . Give us your view of what it takes to capture a strong image. Concentration and focus play a great part if you dont really know what are you doing. You cant expect good results. Secondly, the model should feel comfortable and not any under pressure. You should also be sincere to yourself and your work. After these things are taken care of, only then can you capture the “real” coming from within the model. If you do not consider this while taking photos, you might as well have the most expensive camera in the world, but it wont do you any good. 9.) Anything else you want to express or talk about you can at this time. I would like to travel the whole world, and collect all the pearls of knowledge that can get inspired and inspires. meet all the famous fashion photographers from around the world and I hope to bring a new revolution of fashion photography to my own country. um

new issue Nov. 22nd

*Cover Page *Feature *Commercial *Editorial


LIFESTYLEMODel Entertainment

Print & Online


Obama: The black JFK Oscar de la renta

2009 Spring collection

NthoseE V yearning ERDOUBT: success

Plus, Fashion Shows

Online Video Host/Spokesmodels

Paid and Exposure attn: I’m Ready to Model

Sexuality in the workplace

Photographer : Christine Szeredy

ISSUE# 43 NOV. 2008

Modeling Opportunities:

brought to you by: Urban Mainstream Magazine

amerisciences meeting the healthcare CRISIS HEAD-ON


Issue #43

image makers


sylvia niderla

How long have you been shooting? 5 years. However, only several months in fashion. What got you started in the business? Photography or fashion? Photography, because I loved the outdoors, and wished to capture it somehow so others would enjoy it too. Fashion, because after a while, I felt the outdoors needed a person in it :P What are some of your inspirations for photography? Guy Bourdin, Cindy Sherman,... Film noir movies inspire me with their dramatic lighting and tension filled scenes. Then there are numerous talented photographs that I follow on the web. What type of models are best for your type of shooting? I shoot men a lot because I don’t have to worry about their discomfort outside! I like girls that aren’t afraid to get dirty, are fun to be with, and is not shy. Why did you agree to interview with Urban Mainstream

66 OCT 2008

magazine? Exposure? bragging rights? Who knows...For an online magazine, I was impressed with the quality of the images. What projects do you have coming up? A studio shoot with a theme; I am thinking Victorian era gown mixed with something else? Classic but gritty. A location shoot at a Salt Lake. I want to make it dramatic somehow. Include what Country/City you are from.... Australia, city: Perth





coming soon " Deigo Fashion cares byPabloGanza

shopping spree




Getting the Skinny:Fidelity Jeans

A new pair of jeans has hit the streets! Plumaria jean by Fidelity, assures snakier hips, longer, leaner legs, and a higher rear. Skinny legged and low waisted, Plumaria is smooth and stretchy in a midnight wash.Also, the rivets are 24-karat gold-plated, and the fabric is lightweight enough to look casual with ballet flats or studded boots. Available at Bill Hallman Original, (404)607-1171 792 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta

Is That a Strap On?

Carriage Vintage Watchbands Lee Cuthbert, Victory Vintage owner, stammered across an assortment of 60s Carriage leather watchbands in mint condition at a midcentury furniture shop, and decided to experiment with them in her store.Some studded the ‘cowboy way’, some stamped with flourishes and patterns, and over a half dozen neutral shades and styles, for starting at only three bucks. Available at Victory Vintage (404)373-5511 303 East College Avenue, Decatur

Under Where?

L.A. line’s Perfectly Imperfect has woodsy jewel tones like berry and teal, to ivory and chocolate trimmed in black and blue base layers of thongs, striped demis, and G-strings, to boy shorts and boy shorts sets. L.A. line’s Perfectly Imperfect lingerie and loungewear is entirely praiseworthy, with their all-terrain pieces like the nighties and rufflebottomed Sunday cami dress that are perfect for special ops. Available at EcoMeme at Serenbe (770)463-3166 9110 Selborne Lane, Palmetto. To see styles, go to

eviva: A Shoe Boutique

Eviva, Greek for “Happiness and the Good Life”, seeks to deliver just that with their unique shoe collection. Eviva offers more than just something to put on your feet. The offer shoes that make a statement about who you are. Style, comfort, sophistication, affordability, distinction, and versatility are what this specialized shoe store provides. (404)370-7606 Tuesday-Saturday 11am-9pm 335 West Ponce De Leon Ave Sunday 12pm-6pm, Suite C

68 OCT 2008

"Democrat,Republican,or Independent

we are all Americans.


photo by Shinobi

shopping spree




Freaks and Peakes Obakki for Fall

Treana Peake, a designer of Obakki label, has a fall/winter collection that is loaded full of standouts and seasonal staples. Obakki’s little black dress is interpreted in two different ways: Gathered in the front and back asymmetrically with a middle seam, and half dolman sleeves with a stand-up cowl neck. Available at SHE 1024 West Armitage Avenue, at Kenmore Avenue (773)880-8061 or To see styles, go to

The Mad Hatter Samsara Hats

Drawn to authentic sources such as vintage hats, animal parts, leather, costume jewelry, and human hair, hat designer Sara Czosnyka is also inspired by travel and swapping ideas with other artists. Choose from many designs and colors, or from your own custom design to cover up your messy mop! Available at Bonnie & Clyde’s 1751 West Division Street, at Wood Street (773)235-2680. To see styles, go to

For Feet’s Sake

À Pied Shoe Boutique Opens

Owner of À Pied, Trudy Robinson comes from three generations of picky shoe shoppers. With her store selling exclusive brands like Taryn by Taryn Rose, Hispanitas, Modern Vintage and fish-skin shoes from All Black, her mission is to make you a picky shoe shopper too. À Pied 2037 West Roscoe Street, at Seeley Avenue (773)281-2210

Polly Pocket Iscov Bags

Get organized with an Iscoy bag from the Canadian-based line that has pockets galore in an assortment of sporty, everyday styles made of nylon and patent lining and in three different styles: the Crossover, the Double Pocket Shopper and the Popinjay. Best part is, they’re affordable! Available at Bess & Loie 1015 West Lake Street, between Carpenter and Morgan Streets (312)226-2247 or

70 OCT 2008

shopping spree

"Hillary Clinton showed that a woman is more than

beauty." -um

photo by Shinobi

shopping spree




Stitch Craft C.R.A.F.T. Jeans

Designers Michael Kopplstätter and Gideon Day’s new denim label is the consequence of a drunken stroke of inspiration. C.R.A.F.T. (Can’t Remember a F***ing Thing) is an ode to girls with a rock ’n’ roll soul and a carefree attitude. There are many different styles to choose from such as stovepipe skinnies, high-waisted straights, or baggy boyfriend jeans. Designers just convey that wearers’ must remember to drink responsibly, especially if you have alcoholism in your jeans! Available online at To see styles, go to

Take Shade

AM Eyewear Sunglasses

Queensland-born designer Simon Ponnusamy takes inspiration from the 1970s, with his under-the-radar Australian label of eclectic, off-beat frames. The many different styles of AM Eyewear includes the fuchsia Ali aviators; the striped Julzie specs; and the sleek white Bamford shades. Available at Austique 330 King’s Road, SW3 5UR 020 7376 4555 or online at To see styles, go to

Bless His Sole

Jonathan Kelsey Shoes

Jonathan Kelsey is the new hot topic in the shoe world. His trendy creations this season are to include some of his signature angular designed cone heels and knee high boots in a variety of colors and materials, such as dual-tone patent or metallic leather. Kelseys don’t come cheap; they start from around $300. But you’ll have years of bragging rights! Available at Harvey Nichols 109-125 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RJ 020 7235 5000 or

Painted Love

Vivien Cheng Revival Handbags

Want a one of a kind bag this season? Vivien Cheng, a London-based accessories designer will send you on your way with some true originals. Sourced in the UK, her quality vintage and reclaimed handbags with unique water-based, hand-painted finishes are the characteristics she is renowned for. IAvailable at Covet, 21 Arlington Way, EC1R 1UY 020 7713 8453 Something, 58 Lamb’s Conduit Street, WC1N 3LW 020 7430 1516 or To see styles, go to

72 OCT 2008

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choices but for those who can't speak

themselves. "

for -um

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miami, fl


It’s Your Forte

Forte Forte’s Fall Collection

New preppy-meets-girly Italian line Forte Forte is full of sweaters, tees and dresses with a sexy collegiate vibe in cranberry, navy, and beige. There are many different options and styles, and each tag reads as a label, adorably denoting “knit,” “shirt,” or “dress.” Available at Oyuki 7418 Biscayne Boulevard (305) 403-1500 or

Your Future’s So Bright Knockaround Sunglasses

Knockaround, Feldman’s rad tubular neon shades, made from highquality synthetic rubber, are making the comeback in six bodacious colors: blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, and white (and black by special request). And at just $7 a pair you won’t want to miss this opportunity! Available online at

Beachy Keen

Liza + Tara’s Resortwear

Duo Liza Lamar and Tara Kunkel just launched Liza + Tara, a resortwear collection of caftan, shirtdresses, tanks, tunics, rompers and more in many breathable fabrics, bold colors, and fanciful prints that was inspired by the Caribbean. Coming February, the twosome will present their new styles in earthier tones. Available at Mermaids 7328 Red Road, South Miami

Sneak Peek

Soles Inc. Opens

Kenichiro Konomi, owner of Soles Inc., the new minimalist shoe shop, stocks rare and limited-edition brands from the East Coast, to the Far East, with sneakers from China, Tokyo and New York. Adorning the walls with images from fame is Tokyoite photographer Yoshimitsu Takano. The other half of the store is dedicated to Japanese trading cards and toys neatly lined on hanging shelves, leaving plenty of space in the middle. Soles Inc. 235 12th Street, Miami Beach (305)532-7653

74 OCT 2008

" expect? How to Prepare? One Vote is that important. " What to


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Who’s Got a Heart On? Dahl + Dane = True Love Always

Couple Alison Dahl Kelly and Dane Risch created a wearable, customized love note.You chose you style, color and the initials of the person you are awfully fond of and the couple will use American Typewriter font to print the letters on one Milton Glaser-approved shirt for $58; and $8 for each additional Available online at

Leather Bound

Natalia Brilli’s Summer Accessories Collection

Belgian artist Natalia Brilli has designed summer accessories that wrap her latest sculptures and curious objects in lambskin for a look that gives a provocative silhouette, yet is brilliantly clean and kinky. Available at Project No. 8 blessing 138 Division Street, between Orchard and Ludlow St 181 Orchard Street, between Houston and Stanton St (212)925-5599 or (212)378-8005 or Erie Basin-388 Van Brunt Street, at Dikeman Street,Red Hook (718)554-6147 or

Fantasy Footsie

Girls Love Shoes Online Boutique

The little Ludlow Street boutique is a color-coordinated, vintage online shoe boutique. Updated daily, 250 plus offerings ranging from pumps, to peep-toes, to boots and designer heels that dates from the 1930s, to the 1990s. Also available is a rental archive consisting of more than 4,000 pairs of shoes that are ready for designers, stylists and costumers for shows, shoots, and projects. Available online at

Tweeting Out

Jenny Bird’s First Handbag Collection

Canuck designer’s inaugural handbag collection of classic bag patterns to monumental and architectural bags, along with clutches with cable chains and purple ostrich feathers has hit the shelves! Don’t miss the opportunity to check out the new line! Available at Blue Bag 266 Elizabeth Street, between Houston and Prince Streets (212)966-8566 Online at To see styles, go to

76 OCT 2008

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We Have Solutions to your Are


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Goodwill Shopping

Philanthropist Boutique Opens

Shop guiltlessly for frocks by Richard Chai, Zac Posen, and Robin Brouillette. Accessorize with handbags by Rebecca Minkoff and to-die baubles, including jeweled cuffs by Tom Binns. Jessica Moment and Sally Fowler’s new boutique, Philanthropist, is donating 100 percent of profits to local charities selected quarterly. Philanthropist 3571 Sacramento Street, between Laurel and Locust Streets (415)441-1750 or

Drama Queen 1228 Accessories

1,228 accessories by Nico Lopez combines new and unexpected materials with vintage elements found at estate sales to create original masterpieces inspired by the iconic silver screen grande dames of yesteryear. Clothing collection will hit stores in early 2009. Available online at Select styles available at RAG Coop: 541 Octavia Street, at Ivy Street (415)621-7718 or; Minnie Wilde: 3266 21st Street, at Lexington Street (415)642-9453 or; Ideele: 1600 Haight Street, at Clayton Street (415)431-8836

Gypsy Kings

Alex & Lee Accessories

Combining unique textures and exotic minerals to create outrageous masterpieces inspired by fantasy and surrealism, local designers Lee Brooks and Greg Franke of Alex and Lee accessories will never leave you unsatisfied. Available at Circle & Square 344 Presidio Avenue, between Sacramento and Clay Streets (415)409-3440 or To see styles, go to

Walk This Way

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Shoes

Striking the perfect balance between vintage and modern, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent shoes includes incredibly girly and polished stylish ballet flats, wedges, midheels, and stilettos that come in beautiful designs, and more than twenty colors. Available at Dish 541 Hayes Street, between Laguna and Octavia Streets (415)252-5997 Dress 2271 Chestnut Street, between Scott and Pierce Streets (415)440-3737

78 OCT 2008

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New Collection Propels JANE into the “Healthy Beauty” Category

In an effort to respond to environmental concerns, JANE has made a commitment that 90% of the packaging for this Collection is 100% recyclable or made with post-consumer recycled materials. For instance, the compacts are made from recyclable paperboard; the tubes, jars and cases for Aguaceuticals® are molded with 50% post-recycled materials. According to Yarnell, “This isn’t just about going green. This is about adding water and hydration to your everyday regime. Be Pure® Aguaceuticals® are made with certified organics at a price everyone feels is worth a try. It is for a new Jane-eration of women who want to take control, change the environment and yet remain feminine, sexy and naturally beautiful.” The Aguaceuticals® line includes naturally hydrating cosmetics such as Sheer Tinted Moisturizers, AguaGlow Bronzers, AguaMousse Eye Shadows, Cooling EyeStix, Agua BlushStix, Agua Lipstix and Natural Mascara with Olive Oil and vitamin enhancements including Pro-Vitamin B. Retail prices range from $5.00-$8.00.

Baltimore, MD, October 10, 2008 / PRNewswire/ — Lisa Yarnell, CEO, JANE & Company, Inc., announced today the launch of JANE Be Pure® Aguaceuticals®, a new active, natural collection of face makeup with hydrating ingredients. JANE Be Pure® Aguaceuticals® is the brand’s next franchise following the successful introduction of JANE Be Pure® Mineral in 2007, now, the #1 mineral brand according to AC Nielsen. Shipping to stores in December ‘08, JANE Be Pure® Aguaceuticals® includes natural hydrating products made with active naturals and certified organics such as: White and Green Tea – a known antioxidant for anti-inflammatory and skin care; Organic Aloe; Lemon Balm and Comfrey complex which hydrate and moisturize to reduce the appearance of fine lines on skin.

80 OCT 2008

About JANE JANE fills a niche between value and prestige cosmetic lines. JANE is a small organization that can act quickly on trends, and also bring high quality products to the mass market at value prices. Sold in mass merchant retailers and better drugstores throughout the U.S. and Canada, JANE has been featured in hundreds of national beauty magazines for editorial recognition. The brand was featured on ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America” in a segment about value and quality cosmetics where JANE won, hands down, in a blind product use test over department store highend brands in the mascara category. um

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photo by Hutch Stilgenbauer models: Nicole and Alexis Wendt

beautiful me

CHANGE, CHANGE, By Nadia Virjee

As we gear into fall, many beauty trends that are popping up hint towards dark purples and smoky grays, to vibrant violets and midnight black hues. As would say it’s “all about the power look”. Fall is a time where you have the ability to change from that bronze look of summer to an elegant, graceful look of fall. Fashion trends change season by season, and so should your makeup. This year it is about looking sophisticated and sexy, all at the same time. One of the worse misconceptions about fall is that many think of dimmer days and gloomy nights, but with your beauty accessories, looks can be deceiving. The biggest trend for this season is light and airy makeup, which keeps your face fresh, combined with dark luscious lips and tantalizing nail polishes that keep the focus on you. Many cosmetics lines are showing this off by releasing lighter colors, while mixing a mystifying tint to it., one of the most popular brands of nail color, has announced their line called the “France Collection” which they describe as “rich, sensuous inspired by… effortless elegance…” The names range from fabulously flirty colors like “Tickle my France-y” to sexy classy colors like “Eiffel for this Color” which proves the line to be a match for everyone.With trends changing as much as day-to-day, you can customize your beauty-wear by making it your own. Flattering fall makeup can be anything from bold and soft shades merging to make one dynamic expression of color. Remember, a daring lip puts your face forward. um

82 OCT 2008

The Truth About


Women and Professional Dress in the Workplace

By Randi Krasny

Women’s magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, etc. have set unrealistic expectations for young women and work attire. The use of bias opinions from experts like Rachel Zoe whose claim to fame includes dressing up the early stardom of “celebrities” such as Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton (I rest my case) have highlighted “trends” and aimed their advice toward co-workers at Vogue, not college graduates. Young women transitioning from college into professional careers have more competition today, than in previous years. Recent economic slow downs and companies cutting back on jobs make it important to have a competitive edge over others. Job experience and education is valuable to employers, but appearance and dress increases one’s potential fit for a job! Yes, looks matter and I went to the “business peeps”, so to speak, to get a variety of real-life opinions about looking the part and playing the part in the workplace. Unlike the 80’s power suit (thank goodness!), today’s woman have the choice of wearing pants one day and skirts on others, depending on the activities and weather at work. A big misconception is that wearing a skirt ensures one is “dressed up” and therefore gives a better impression at work. Ellie Couch, a recent graduate from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and employee for t:m advertising (Dallas, Tx) has accommodated her dress to one that is conservative, but not over the top. “One should always dress for the position they would like to have rather than the one they currently have.” Ellie adds that working in advertising the attire can be more relaxed, but that she tries not to take advantage of the jean or casual shirt options too often. “When it comes to an outfit at work, I think the deciding factor is whether or not you would wear that to a lunch with your old fashioned, conservative grandmother.” Ellie’s wardrobe consists of functional and basic clothing pieces that are perfect for her work environment. “I wear navy or black pants/slacks or any colored shirt that doesn’t show cleavage and is not spaghetti strapped including a variety of strappy shoes and heels, which are always acceptable.” Today, “dressing up” depends a lot on the work environment, and Ellie is on target for her industry. However in some industries like Film and Television, it’s better to dress down.


the Choice be Yours?...

beautiful me

“I’m a very feminine woman, but working as a Production Assistant, I’ve learned to put vanity aside,” says Viviana Acosta-Rubio a member of the staff at Pink Sneakers Productions, a television company in (Orlando, Fl). Within her first week, Vivi learned that “dressing up” in the fast-paced world of production is not important. “I quickly learned that high heels hinder rapid tape runs and make driving assignments difficult.” And due to unusual work hours and traveling to different locations, being comfortable is more of a priority to get the final output of projects done. “It’s definitely not your typical 9 to 5 job, I’ve had buttons brake off, and shirts ripped and stained because of the demands placed on the crew while on location,” she recalls. And it was being uncomfortable that really upset Vivi. “I was working as a Camera Assistant while filming a development shoot at a club and I decided to wear a brand new Catherine Malandrino top. It was black and soft, yet still elegant enough to give my outfit a sophisticated feel. Well, the top was cursed. The embroidered mesh was ripped apart by one of the lights, and the roaching continually got caught in the zipper of the camera bags. I went from fashionista to fashion victim. We were filming at a club and a waitress spilled drinks all over me. Additionally, my heels were not comfortable and I had major blisters. It was horrible! Shooting terminated at around 3:30 am, and by that time my shoes, silk top, and feet were all destroyed! It’s been t-shirts and sneakers ever since.” Vivi learned that “dressing up” or wearing a skirt on the field becomes a nuisance. Jeans, shorts, and sneakers are the preferred choice of attire to pick up and transport production equipment from location to location. Vivi adds, “The whole crew must be comfortable, rather than fashionable.” Nicole Wendt, a native Houstonian, recent college graduate from Texas Tech, and previous sales associate at a high-end boutique for women, offers some advice to women about dressing in the workplace. “Dressing up can backfire when there is competition between women in the work place, but I don’t think a woman shouldn’t have to dress down because of her colleagues’ personal insecurities. But it is possible for a woman to wear clothing that is too tight for the office, and if she comes off towards a male employer and colleagues as being “too provocative” then she should take these discretions into consideration by dressing more appropriately for work. A woman can still look sexy while looking professional at the same time. It’s about how she presents herself.” Confidence is everything in the workplace and dressed-up or down, a positive attitude must be maintained. Otherwise, invest in some clothes that can boost your work blues. Nicole suggests investing in these professional musthaves: “A button-down white collared shirt - It’s the

84 OCT 2008

classic American look; A pair of slacks that are tailored to your height with heels, or a pencil skirt that hits right at the knee, and a great pair of peep-toe heels or wedges that is comfortable to walk around in all day. Makeup should be earth-toned colors such as gold, or bronze colored eye shadows, such as peach blush, and light colored lipstick or gloss, as well as a full coat of mascara. Makeup should look natural and it should enhance your natural beauty without overpowering it.” In the end, it’s not about looking red carpet glam in the workplace, but looking confident, enhancing what you got, and being tasteful and comfortable! And remember to keep this in mind according to Career Builder, “Fifty-five percent of workers in this sector say well-dressed employees are more likely to be promoted than others.” Work it! um Listed below are the girl’s style and dress “10 commandments” for the Workplace


1. Always come in with your face washed, your teeth brushed, your hair combed and out of your face. Hair can be down, but not a mess. It’s not hot. 2. Never wear too much make-up! It gets all over documents and items. 3. For women who color their hair: Never have your roots showing and make sure your hair looks healthy! When you can’t afford to highlight or color your hair, do not do it. Wait until you get your promotion. 4. Always wear a conservative top. Make-up, hair, and tops are the first things people look at when they meet you.  5. Always wear a bra. 6. Make sure your bottoms are not too short or too tight! 7. If pants have a belt loop wear a belt with it 8. Don’t wear every piece of jewelry you own in one day. Have a simple and clean look. 9. When I wear my glasses. I don’t over-accessorize. 10. Look like your ready to take on the day! Dress so that regardless of who is in the room with you (whether it be your sister or the President) they would treat you with respect by the way you appear and conduct yourself.

Viviana’s 1. A conservative Day Dress- perfect for any occasion, your favorite store 2. An elegant blouse 3. A full skirt 4. A light jacket 5. A full suit 6. A skinny belt- j.crew or Eugenia Kim 7. Nice dress pants- theory 8. A sophisticated hair accessory- Marc Jacobs 9. Tinted moisturizer 10. Lip-gloss- Lancôme

Nicole’s 1. If it’s questionable, then it’s probably not a good idea to wear it. 2. It’s worth the extra cash to keep up with your hair and appearance. 3. Clothing should never pull across the front, zippers, or pockets. 4. Too many accessories can overpower an outfit - keep it simple. 5. Always fix your hair and put on make up every single morning. 6. Clothes should always be flattering and in good taste. 7. Don’t wear too much perfume. 8. Find a good tailor. She will be able to make an average outfit look amazing on you. 9. If you don’t like the size of your butt, then do something about it. 10. Take pride in your appearance!

...Get a VOICE,

Be Heard, Make it

Matter and Make it yours!

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um introducing

Q. Parker :

NeWFAM Entertainment/Drift City Records

Q Parker Âź of the multi platinum recording group 112 is releasing his new solo album entitled Real Talk which is projected to be out in February. Q: Upcoming Projects? A: My new album Real Talk, but I also established The Q Parker Foundation where the focus and target is for obese children and to also keep music in the schools. Music influences our youth and I want to give back. I feel as if I need to reach

back and invest because someone gave me a hand and I would be doing a disservice if I did not do the same. Now that I am in that position to give back, I am starting in my own community. I am going back to my own elementary and middle school. Q: Where did you believe you would be at this point of time? A: Honestly, I saw myself as a professional athlete. I had a full ride to Clemson University for football but

86 OCT 2008

at the same time I got the record deal. I took the deal because I felt that the music industry was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I could always go back to college anytime. I am not saying not to go to college because it is important, but I had a decision to make. If not that, then maybe an architect, but some music would always be in my life. My mom said that I have been singing since the age of 2. Q: Whats really important for any

um introdicing

artist to know? A: Understand terminology and the music business because it really is the business of music like any other business. This business is demanding, causing anything you have going on as an individual to take the back seat. Q: How has family played a role? A: For the past 13 yrs, my family has been very supportive and understanding. Their understanding left one less thing to worry about. Q: What is next for you? A: Next year I am releasing my next album entitled Real Talk in February. I also plan to make a stance for R&B because influences of hip hop is starting to change what

R&B is really about. That’s why I applaud people like John Legend, Mary J., Alica Keys, and Neyo. My album is about real life issues‌ love, loss, makeup, break up, and intimacy from the heart and soul. Q: Who are you working with? A: Bryan Cox, Timmy Bob, Crystal Johnson, and I also reached back and got with some production companies and actually even signed some to my own. To all my fans thank you for all the love and support over the past 13 -14 years, and if I could hug and kiss each and everyone I would. Be on the lookout for big big things from me and 112. um

2008 oct


um introducing

ERIC BENET : Label: Warner Bros.

Album Release: Sept. 9th 2008

Hot Button:

Just overall, you can feel where I am at right now. Whatever my emotional climate is at the time is basically what you will hear in my music. Like the Hurricane song is about baby I’m sorry, I’m wrong,that’s where I was at. Now, I am just happy; dancing, laughing, making love, just enjoying the fruits of growth. That was the emotional backdrop to this record.People are like I felt good listening to this record with songs like Chocolate and Weekend girlare fun, sexy, and enjoying. There are deeper topics on the record too.

Hot Button: Personal Perspectinve

The backbone for this country: The middle class, the blue collar worker, the people paying rent, and paying mortgages are being ignored. The less than 1% -the elite- over the past 8 years,

are without regulation and is running amuck, giving loans to people who they knew could not afford it. I just thank God, even the Republicans have gotten caught with their pants down. In time, we can do something about it like creating a universal health plan, in whch this country is is dire need. You can look at France and Canada; they have a better health care system. To sum it up, I am especially proud to vote for someone like Barak Obama who can see beyond the smoke, and who has a plan. Wall street is getting caught with their pants down; even staunch Republicans who were supporting Mccain are questioning: ‘Maybe this can’t go on for another 8 years’ This is 2008. People can go out and make a difference.

Young males role:

Now, we have somebody who looks like me, who can potentially have the highest office in the land. This

88 OCT 2008

can have a wonderful affect on the psyche. A three year old who watches TV and sees a black president will see the next generation producing more CEOs, Presidents. We don’t have any swagger around the world. We do acknowledge other than the white elite, a huge vote of confidence to the rest of the world. I feel Michelle Obama’s sentiment. I feel pride in my country. The best we can do to those who want this country to be in a direction of change is to get out there and vote.


My Screenplay, for the most part, is finished. Producers who are really respected screened it and were impressed. Maybe in 2009 I might get some green lights. This record love and love just has atleast 2 years of work in it. I had complete control- me and my partner - and the label was like this was the best project that was ever done. um

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Yung Berg :

Label: Young Boss/Epic Records

current single ..out of space… ( just berg) What’s your focus for 2009? 2009: The focus is 2009… March 2009, new album, continue success. Every record has either gone gold or platinum. I have to maintain my consistency and keep doing what I do best. The major contributor to my success is just girls. I was in a love zone, everything is mainly women. They bought the ringtones, but next time around I am going to bring something in for the dudes. What’s new with you? My situation is different.. I came out when I was 22 on my own record label. I wrote and produced all my songs with my man Holliday. I’m an artist and songwriter: Diddy,

Polo, I’m just working with a lot of people… What’s your inspiration? I try to be as inspirational as possible. I inspire people to be like me or better. I want them to know about things that effect them. I preach that dreams come true. It’s not a lot of opportunity, but if you keep God first, your dreams can come true… How do you get in the creative zone? Spark, Ciroc Simply lemonade, and Patron… that’s what we need. It’s all about feeling, and of course I get a little tipsy… Your view on Obama? I feel like the sky Is the limit. Obama

90 OCT 2008

is an example. I feel like as long as I don’t put my self in a box, I will be able to prosper and do everything I am able to do and more… Any travels? Overseas. We just got back from London. Im going to Dubai. I love overseas. The value of money is better. It’s bigger than just the states. It’s a whole other culture. Advice? To my Fans: Never judge a book by it’s cover, and don’t wait for the next person to tell you your hot. Why did you interview with UM magazine? Because I am Urban and Mainstream… um

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eddy fontaine Label: Radiculture

Album Release: Oct.9th 2008 Starting Out: Ceelo and I have a mutual friend Mike Jackson. Mike heard some of my music and then he got with him. Two Shots was the song that caught Ceelo’s ear. We are now finishing the album. Im not sure if it will be on the album. It’s a song about being stuck in life, and when you need help, take your self from where you are… Inspirations: I’m a southern boy through and through. My dad owned a few hundred lps from soul to rock to some pop joints. When I was old enough to stay home by myself, I would listen to music. The first lp that caught my ear was a song by Marvin Gaye. Stevie Wonder, Aerosmith, Phil Collins: There are a few others and so on… Being the First on Radiculture: It’s real, and to know you have

someone who believes in you, feels fantastic. I feel very grateful. 2009’s main focus is to kick this album and project. That’s the only goal I have: to make sure this album pops. I want to make sure this audience gets a feel of the music and get a full feel of who Eddie Fontaine is. Growing Up: Growing up was cool. As far as music, I write, and co produce. I could remember being 5 and 6 writing poems, and just growing up being mesmerized by music. There were no extremes. I did the typical things. I played ball in high school and college. Singing was always my passion, whether, it was singing in church, singing groups, or talent shows. Music: I can tell you that all of my music is very personal and have substance.

92 OCT 2008

I try not to perform trivial things. 20years from now, I want my songs to express how we feel to be helpless, but having a dream. The majority of my songs I write are for people to relate to it. It forges a bond between me and the listener. Real meat and potatoes kind of music. What’s Next: We’ve been talking with some people and hopefully we will be kicking off with some form of tour. I don’t know if I would have challenges with artists who are not as subjective as my self. I honestly think cats with less subjective songs kinda walk two different paths. Giving the listener a choice, that’s what its about. It is refreshing to give people something new. um

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"The most Diverse

online magazine on the planet. Diverse in

music, fashion,

people and the news we cover.

We truly do


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Label: KP/Universal Motown

Album Release: Feb/March 2009

Were are you from? Im originally from Oakland , but I been in ATL for 6 years. I had no money for school and no family while in school. While others were studying homework, I was studing music. Turning Point… I started seeing the responses to what I was doing. People recognized that I was taking it serious. They recognized my quality of music. People heard and saw my music. I built my fan base. People saw I was following my dream. Getting signed: I had to go through a lot of people. I was doing night recording and writing while at Patchwerks Studios. Sean Harris, who is my A&R today got me an opportunity by introducing me to Universal. After being flown to NY, I met with the executives and I was determined to not leave until I had a deal. Universal loved me and the deal was made. Prospects of a Deal: I looked at it as I am with a major label. That means to me, I have to grind even harder. The label I know is money driven. You have to grind that

much harder for the label to pay attention to you. When you get a deal you have to put together the project. It is a lot more to a deal. You really have to know the business from the label’s perspective. You can’t sit and wait just because you have a deal. You have to make them want to believe in you and give them a reason why they should invest in you. They are investing in your dream. Some people forget their dream. When you wake, up you think you have already made it. I want to stay in the dream so I can stay grinding…and pushing… Learning Curves: I really learned that its really on you at the end of the day. If you are not making noise and hitting them with hit records, then the labels don’t really care. When I was starting, I had over 100 songs, and I was wondering why I did not have an album out yet? I had to realize that the label wants to make sure you have a solid product/project to determine if it’s time for you to come out. With labels, like in business, the project has to be tested. Labels don’t really know

94 OCT 2008

who you are, so it is all a learning process for the artist and label. You have to do what is going to fit and what’s happening. You have to find your niche and go from there. What’s Your unique buzz? You have to know who you are at the end of the day. My fingerprint: I am doing me. Prince, Michael Jackson, Luther, all did themselves. They did not try to replicate someone else. Closing Notes: As a person, I want to tell everyone to be strong. I’ve been homeless doing what I believe. My mom said you can do whatever it is that you put your mind to. I want people to get the album. It’s about reality, love, life, and things we all can relate to. It focuses on R&B as a whole… Some Strong points: I’ve been through struggle. I want to put everything on my back. I want to make it easy for those that come behind me. I am a happy go lucky and free spirited person. I always stay positive even when negative and hardship comes. It has always helped me to see the brighter side of things, to stay positive and focused. um

"We believe that the

work you put in today

determines where you will be -um

tomorrow. "

um music review

indiemusic review national

Kids of Survival (KOS)

The Chestnut Brothers

While listening to samples of KOS, I could picture in my head exactly what they’re concerts would look like. I saw a bunch of punk rockers jumping around with their hands in the air have a great time. I got a very Indie/Pop/ Emo feel to the music.

If you are looking for good, clean, and meaningful music, then look no further. The Chestnut Brothers are entertainers with a divine calling to lift your soul and consciousness. Once you get a chance to hear their music you’ll come to the conclusion that they love what they do and the hard work and passion they put behind their music proves it.

Queens, NY

Cas Haley & Woodbelly Fort Worth, TX

Cas Haley was the runner up on TV reality show America’s Got Talent, Season 2, and he and his band have a very unique sound that combines rock and reggae music with acoustic and electric guitars. Fans have described his music as reggae, rock, soul, blues and pop, and that he is definitely a musician across many genres.

Zac Brown Band Atlanta, GA zacbrownband

Zac Brown Band is an American country music band with influences of southern rock/folk rock/ and country. Having attended Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, GA, I had the opportunity to check out Zacs’ bar on Lake Oconee, Zacs Place, and also meet and watch him perform numerous times. He’s a super cool guy with great musical talent. I am not personally into country music, but I love Zac and his band’s music. It is very catchy, original, and easy to sing along to!

Atlanta, Ga.

A Cursive Memory Los Angeles, CA

h t t p: // p r o f i l e . m y s p a c e .c o m / i n d e x . c f m ? f u s e a c t i o n = u s e r. iewprofile&friendID=3782327 I don’t want to pick favorites, but from the bands that I sampled, I believe A Cursive Memory was definitely in my top picks. Their song Perfect Company, I probably listened to it 3-4 times. Their music just makes you happy. It’s the kind of music that you can see yourself listening to on a warm fall day on a road trip with the top off your jeep and the breeze in your hair. They definitely had an alternative/indie-pop feel.

96 OCT 2008

The Black Keys

Akron, OH

Frequently compared to The White Stripes, The Black Keys has a feel of rock/blues/ and alternative. Their music is a “soulful” rock. A fan of The Black Keys quoted they were “A rock and roll band with garage band minimalism tempered by touches of blues and psychedelia”, which I don’t think could have been stated any better. Their music is very original and has many “toe-tapping” tracks. I absolutely love their song Psychotic Girl. Currently, The Black Keys have 7 albums, which started releasing in 2002, and the most current has just released in 2008.

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Issue #43

um music review

Ladiesmusic review special picks of the month

India Arie Carrie Underwood

Checotah, OK

County/Pop singer Carrie Underwood was the first county winner of American Idol in season 4. Her debut CD, Some Hearts, released in 2005 has been the best-selling female country album of 2005,2006 and 2007. Not only a beautiful country music superstar, she is extremely talented as well. Every released single to date has hit #1 on the charts.

Atlanta, GA

American Soul/R&B/Neo Soul singer-songwriter, record producer, guitarist, and flautist (flute player) are only a few words to describe India Arie and her music.She states that her mission is to spread love and healing through words and music, which she is very successful with her soulful and heartfelt music.Her latest album, Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationships, she quoted, “I couldn’t help but write about all the lessons I was learning about what relationships are.”As to date, Video still remains one of my favorite songs by her, although I am obsessed with one of her newer songs, a redo of Don Henley’s The Heart of the Matter.

Ingrid Michaelson

Staten Island, NY

Ingrid Michaelson is a spunky singer/song writer from New York. Chuck Arnold of People Magazine quoted “Her airy/ acoustic ways float along on a cloud of joy as she makes such romantic professions as ‘I’d buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair.’ No matter how bitter about that you may be, I dare you not to crack a smile.”Her music is a mixture of Folk Rock/Indie/and Pop and most of her songs showcase the fragile beauty in her voice.

98 OCT 2008


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um music review

indiemusic review INTERNATIONAL

The Script

Rock/Alternative/Pop Dublin, Ireland h t t p:// w w w. thescript

Theory of a Deadman (TOAD) Rock/Alternative Delta, British Columbia, Canada This British Columbian alternative rock band had tunes similar to that of Nickelback, yet also included traits of country, metal and more acoustic elements. You may also recognize lead singer Tyler Connolly from accompanying Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger and Saliva’s Josey Scott in recording “Hero” for the Spiderman movie soundtrack.

Angus and Julia Stone

Acoustic/Folk/Alternative Sydney, Australia

h t t p: // w w w. m y s p a c e .c o m / angusandjuliastone They are a brother and sister duo folk music act, both of which started solo but decided to later join her voice with a fractured feel and his with a smoke-on-thebeach drawl forces together. UK journalist Johnny Sharp stated ‘Most impressive, though, are the songs - simple but blindingly effective acoustic compositions, warm boy-girl harmonies and delicate, less-is-more arrangements. Resistance is surely futile.’

Music of three piece Irish rock band boasts the kind of artful twists sure to turn all preconceptions on their head. New brand of Celtic soul, blending hip-hop lyrical flow with pop melodiousness, state of the art R&B production with anthemic rock dynamics, classic song construction with gritty contemporary narratives. Almost a U2 versus Timbaland or Van Morrison remixed by Teddy Riley feel. Vocalist Danny says “Irish people have soul; it comes from generations of pain and generations of understanding emotion to be able to physically get that in a solid sound”.

Sick Puppies

Rock/Alternative/Indie Sydney, Australia (now based out of LA) / With exultant rhythms, propulsive beats and choruses that span miles, it’s the kind of music that captures the beauty, pain and endless possibilities of life. Recognizable for their inspirational ‘Free Hugs Campaign’ video on www.YouTube. com accompanied by their song ‘All the same’, Sick puppies has influences from Green Day and Rage Against the Machine, and is a must hear rock band that the Australian edition of The Rolling Stone called them “the most dynamic new band in the country”.


Alternative/Pop/Indie London, UK dido Thirty six year old Dido not only is a singer, but a song writer, pianist, guitarist, and plays the recorder. She has very unique, beautiful vocals, and all of her songs are very meaningful and almost ‘graceful’.

100 OCT 2008

Christopher Robin

Kildare, Ireland

This band had a very original sound to them. I picked up on rock/pop with a hint of electro. I really enjoyed listening to their music. Their song Can’t Stop Tonight had background tracks that reminded me of Mario Brothers, it was really neat!

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