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The School  of  Music,  Theatre  &  Dance  presents  the  

Common Application  Tips  &  Tricks     A  guide  for  completing  the  Common  Application  for  the  University  of  Michigan  

How  to  Begin    

Step 1:  Go  to     (If  you  are  already   enrolled  at  the  University   of  Michigan  and  will   apply  as  a  Cross  Campus   Transfer,  you  will  need  to   fill  out  the  Cross  Campus   Transfer  application.)     Step  2:  Login!         First  time  users  need  to   register  for  a  new   account  by  clicking  the   “Never  Registered?”  link.     You  will  be  directed  to  a   Registration  page  where   you  will  create  an   account.  

The  Registration  page  is   where  you  will  tell  us  who   you  are  and  whether  you   are  applying  as  a  First-­‐Year   student  (incoming   freshman)  or  a  Transfer   student.       Once  you  have  created  your   account,  go  back  to  the   Common  Application   homepage  and  enter  the   User  Name  and  Password   you  just  created.    

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Selecting the  University  of  Michigan     Step  1:  After  you’ve   logged  in,  add  the   University  of  Michigan  to   your  “My  Colleges”  list.     Simply  search  for  the   school  by  name  and  Click   “QuickAdd.”     Or       Click  “Search  for  Colleges”   and  proceed  to  Step  2.  

                Step  2:  University  of  

Michigan should  display   for  School  or  City  Name.     Click  “Search.”        

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Step 3:  Select  the   checkbox  for  University   of  Michigan  and  Click   “Add”        

        Result:  The  University  of  Michigan  is  now  added  to  your  list  of  colleges  on  the  home  screen.    

You  may  now  begin  filling  out  your  application!  

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Completing the  Application     There  are  2  parts  to  the  Common  Application  for  the  University  of  Michigan,  both  of  which  are  required  to  complete  the   application  process:       1) The  first  part  is  the  Common  Application.    This  includes  questions  that  collect  personal  data,  contact   information,  education,  demographics,  family  background,  academics,  activities,  and  two  essay  questions.    In   addition  to  submitting  this  information  to  the  University  of  Michigan,  the  Common  Application  will  also  submit   this  “common”  data  to  any  other  institutions  you  may  choose.     2) The  second  part  you  must  complete  is  the  University  of  Michigan  Supplement,  which  collects  additional  personal   and  family  data,  two  additional  essay  responses,  the  School  or  College  to  which  you  are  applying,  and  your   intended  term  of  enrollment.    If  you  are  applying  to  the  School  of  Music,  Theatre  &  Dance,  you  will  also  indicate   your  choice  of  program  major,  1st  &  2nd  choice  of  audition  dates,  audition  repertoire  selections,  resume,   repertoire  list,  and  the  name  of  your  music/arts-­‐related  teacher  recommender.    

Completing the  Common  Application     Step  1:  Future   Plans   In  the  Future  Plans   section  of  the  Common   Application,  the  first   question  you  encounter   is  “Term  Decision  and   Plan”.  Notice  there  are   only  two  options:  “Fall   2012”  and  “Spring   2012”.          

Spring 2012     If  you  want  to  begin   your  college  studies  in   January,  choose  Spring   2012.    

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Fall 2012     If  you  want  to  begin  your   college  studies  in   September,  choose  Fall   2012.      

Early Action  

As an  applicant  to  the   School  of  Music,  Theatre  &   Dance  (SMTD),  you  should   only  select  this  option  if   you  are  applying  as  a  dual   degree  applicant  to  the   SMTD  and  another  UM   school  or  college  (LSA  or   Engineering).         Although  the  School  of   Music,  Theatre  &  Dance   DOES  NOT  offer  Early   Action  for  its  programs,   you  may  still  be   considered  for  Early  Action   for  LSA  or  Engineering  if   you  complete  your   application  by  Nov.  1st.       Please  see  Completing  the  University  of  Michigan  Supplement  on  Page  10  of  this  document  for  more  information  about   applying  as  a  dual-­‐degree  applicant.    

Rolling Admission  

If you  are  applying  ONLY  to  the  School  of  Music,  Theatre  &  Dance  for  Fall  2012  consideration,  you  should  select  the   “Rolling”  option.     PLEASE  NOTE:  The  deadline  listed  here  for  Rolling  Admission  DOES  NOT  apply  to  School  of  Music,  Theatre  &  Dance   applicants!    In  most  cases  the  deadline  for  SMTD  programs  is  December  1,  2011;  please  check  our  website  for  deadlines   listed  by  program.  

Step  2:  Completing  the  remainder  of  the  Common  Application  

Continue to  fill  out  the  rest  of  the  Common  Application.    These  sections  should  be  straightforward,  but  you  may  always   check  a  page  by  clicking  “Save  &  Check  for  Errors”  at  any  time.    The  application  will  also  prompt  you  to  complete  any   errors  before  you  complete  the  final  step  (signature  page).  

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Inviting Your  Recommenders     You  are  required  to   invite  three   recommenders  to   submit  a  letter  of   recommendation   before  you  may   submit  the   Common   Application.        

Step 1:  Click  on   the  “School  Forms”   link  shown  below.     Note:  You  will  need   to  complete  the   Release   Authorization   before  you  can   proceed.  

        Step  2:  Select  the  

type of   recommender   (counselor  or   teacher).       Select  “Teacher”  for   your  Music/Arts-­‐ related  teacher   recommender.     When  you  click   “Send  Invitation”   your  recommender   will  receive  an  email   from  the  Common   Application  with   options  of  how  to   proceed.             Page  6  of  15    

Submitting Recommendations     To  the  applicant:  This  information  may  be  helpful  if  your  recommenders  have  any  questions.     Recommenders  have   three  options  for   submitting  their   recommendations:       1.) Submit  online   through  the  process   sent  to  them  by  the   Common  Application.       2.)  Opt  out  of  the  online   process  and  submit  a   hard  copy  of  the   recommendation.   You  will  be  prompted   in  your  “School   Forms”  section  to   send  a  hard  copy  of   the  recommendation   form:                       As  seen  in  the  example  above,  the  counselor  has  chosen  to  submit  paper  school  forms  while  the  teacher  has  successfully   submitted  the  recommendation  online.  If  your  recommender  chooses  to  submit  paper  forms,  you  will  need  to  download   the  appropriate  PDF  or  Word  file  and  give  it  to  them  to  mail.    The  link  to  the  PDF  forms  is  available  on  the  homepage  at      

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Download Forms  (con’t):    

    3.) You  may  choose  to  have  a  recommender  submit  a  Music/Arts  Recommendation  without  registering  his/her  name   with  the  Common  Application.  In  this  case,  the  recommender  will  need  to  mail  a  hard  copy  recommendation.    An   arts-­‐related  recommender  may  choose  to  use  the  Common  App  Teacher  Evaluation  Form  or  simply  submit  a   personal  letter  to  the  following  address:     School  of  Music,  Theatre  &  Dance   Office  of  Admissions  and  Student  Services   University  of  Michigan   2290  Moore  Bldg   1100  Baits  Dr   Ann  Arbor,  MI  48109-­‐2085        

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Note: The  Common  Application  requires  that  a  recommender  be  affiliated  with  a  secondary  school.  If  your   recommender  is  not  affiliated  with  a  secondary  school,  they  will  need  to  complete  the  following  process:    

Step 1:  In  the  section   “Secondary  School   Address”,  click  “Look  Up”   under  the  CEEB/ACT  Code.            

Step 2:  Select  the  “Home   Schooled”  link.                      

Step 3:  Your   recommender  can  change   the  “School  Name”  section   to  reflect  their  affiliation   and  continue  to  submit  the   recommendation  online.

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Completing the  University  of  Michigan  Supplement     The  University  of   Michigan  Supplement  is   part  two  of  your   application.  Access  the   Supplement  either  by   clicking  the   “Supplement”  tab  on   the  left  column  or  the   Supplements  link  within   the  University  of   Michigan  box  on  your   home  screen.                            

Step 1:  Click   ‘Continue’  to  open  the   University  of  Michigan   supplement.  

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Step 2:  Complete  the   personal  information   and  other  intro   sections  of  the   Supplement.  

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Note: Pay  special  attention  to  the  “Plan  of  Study”  section,  which  is  where  you  need  to  indicate  the  school  or  college   within  the  University  of  Michigan  to  which  you  are  applying.    

Step 3:  There  are   three  options  if  you  are   interested  in  being   considered  for  a   program  within  the   School  of  Music,   Theatre  &  Dance:   1.) School  of  Music,   Theatre  &  Dance  –   Select  this  option  if   you  are  interested   in  being  considered   for  only  programs   in  music,  dance,   musical  theatre  or   theatre.     2.) School  of  Music,   Theatre  &  Dance   Dual  Applicant  –   Select  this  option  if   you  would  like  to   be  considered  for   an  SMTD  program   and  the  College  of   Literature,  Science   and  the  Arts  (LSA)   or  the  College  of   Engineering.         3.) School  of  Art  and   Design  Dual   Applicant  –  Select   this  option  if  you   would  like  to  be   considered  for  an   SMTD  program  and   the  School  of  Art   and  Design     FYI:  Liberal  arts  courses  can,  and  will,  be  a  part  of  all  SMTD  degree  programs.  You  are  not  required  to  apply  to  LSA  to  be   eligible  to  take  liberal  arts  courses.

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Step 4:   Decision  Plan   If  you  have  selected  the   School  of  Music,  Theatre  &   Dance  as  the  school  to   which  you  are  applying,   your  “Decision  Plan”  is   Regular  Decision.  Don’t   forget  December  1,  not   February  1  is  the   application  deadline!     If  you  are  hoping  to  also   be  considered  for  Early   Action  on  your  application   to  LSA  or  Engineering,   select  the  Early  Action   deadline  (November  1st),   and  you  will  receive  a   decision  on  your  LSA  or   Engineering  application  by   Dec.  23rd.    

Step 5:  Select  the  

Step 4  

Step 4  

Step 5  

Step 5  

program(s) within  the   SMTD  to  which  you  would   like  to  apply  (indicated  by   the  3rd  arrow).        

Step 6:  The  Ross  School  of   Business  and  the  School  of   Information  offer  Preferred   Admission,  which  is  a  way   for  those  Schools  to  reserve   places  in  the  program  for   competitive  applicants.    If   you  would  eventually  like  to   obtain  a  degree  from  the   Ross  School  of  Business  or   School  of     Information,  choose  “yes”   at  the  next  question   (indicated  by  the  2nd  arrow).      

Step 6    

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Step 7:  If  you  are  applying   as  a  School  of  Music,  Theatre   &  Dance  Dual  applicant,  the   final  question  in  the  “Plan  of   Study”  section  allows  you  to   select  LSA  or  Engineering  for   your  dual  degree  program.     Or   If  you  are  applying  as  a  School   of  Art  and  Design  Dual   applicant,  the  final  question   allows  you  to  select  Music  for   your  dual  degree  program.     You’re  almost  there!  

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Note: In  this  very  important  section  you  will  indicate  your  intentions  for  completing  your  audition/interview  and  submit   the  required  Resume  and  Repertoire  List.    Please  refer  to  our  website  to  confirm  the  Audition/Interview  dates  and   requirements  for  the  program  to  which  you  are  applying:  

Step  8:  Select  the  audition   type,  first  and  second   preferences  for   Audition/Interview  date  and   location,  and  list  your   audition  repertoire.     Note:    Should  your   repertoire  change,  please   send  your  updated   selections  to                                           Step  9:  Upload  your   professional  resume  and  a   comprehensive  repertoire   list  (if  applicable)  in  the  last   2  sections  of  the   supplement.           Make  sure  to  check  and  repair  any  errors,  and  be  sure  to  submit  both  the  Common  Application  proper  and  the  UM   Supplement.    You  will  receive  an  Email  from  the  Office  of  Undergraduate  Admissions  at  the  University  of  Michigan   confirming  receipt  of  your  application.    After  all  that  hard  work,  we  certainly  look  forward  to  receiving  it!    

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Common App Tips & Tricks  

Advice on filling out the Common Application for the University of Michigan's School of Music, Theatre & Dance

Common App Tips & Tricks  

Advice on filling out the Common Application for the University of Michigan's School of Music, Theatre & Dance