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February 2 - 5, 2012 Power Center

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The University of Michigan, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Department of Dance presents

Dancelucent 2 0 1 2 Choreography by Lucinda Childs, Bill DeYoung, Peter Sparling and Robin Wilson Artistic Director Costume Designer Lighting Designer Stage Manager

Judy Rice Suzanne Young Mary Cole Emily Stromberg

Dancelucent 2012 will run with brief pauses and one intermission.

Understudies never substitute for listed performers unless an announcement is made at the time of the performance. The performers in this production are students in the SMTD. The designers are students, faculty, and guest artists in the Dept. of Theatre & Drama. Scenery, costumes, properties, sound, and lighting were realized by the students and staff of University Productions, the producing unit of the SMTD. Ticket sales assist in providing SMTD students with practical training experience before live audiences. Thank you for supporting our educational mission. Latecomers will be seated at a suitable break. As a courtesy to others, please set cellular phones and pagers to silent mode and refrain from texting during the performance. Photography, audio recording and videotaping of any kind are not permitted. The School of Music, Theatre & Dance acknowledges the generosity of McKinley Associates, Inc. whose support has helped make this production possible.

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ums 2012

Wayne McGregor | Random Dance

Saturday \ February Power Center

18 \ 8 pm

Wayne McGregor | Random Dance was founded in 1992 and became the instrument upon which McGregor evolved his drastically fast and articulate choreographic style. The company became a byword for its radical approach to new technology, incorporating animation, digital film, 3-D architecture, electronic sound, and virtual dancers into the live choreography. Wayne McGregor is “doing some of the most exciting work in ballet on the planet.” (The New York Times) This event is part of Pure Michigan Renegade. Funded in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. Art Works. Media Partners Metro Times, Between the Lines, and WDET 101.9 FM.

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734.764.2538 \

Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 am to 5 pm, Sat: 10 am to 1 pm.

From the Artistic Director Welcome, and thank you for attending Dancelucent. We open our concert with tremendous energy and athleticism with Been a Long Time by Bill DeYoung. Embodying the bold, unrestrained culture of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the dance takes a trip down memory lane bringing to life a reckless and defiant era that verged from innocence to rebellion. Peter Sparling premiers Forest Through the Trees, a rich, multifaceted work that brilliantly overlays video and spoken text with live dance set to music by local composer Frank Pahl and Thollem McDonas. SMTD Department of Theatre & Drama Assoc. Professor Annette Masson joins the work, portraying Gertrude Stein and reading from Stein’s The Making of Americans. Lightmotifs, a premiere by Robin Wilson, is a deeply personal work inspired by the death of Wilson’s mother in 2011. Incorporating her own personal spiritual traditions, Wilson plays with ideas about light as a metaphor and looks at questions about death, near death experiences and what happens afterwards. Varying from humor to the more earnest explorations of the idea of ‘light,’ Lightmotifs closes with a celebratory and jubilant dance of praise for the completion of the journey. Dance #1 by famed guest artist Lucinda Childs closes our evening with a mesmerizing flurry of movement to the music of Philip Glass. Restaged by Ty Boomershine and Katie Dorn from the Childs Dance Company over a period of three weeks last fall, the dance is a fascinating set of phrases that overlap to form the score of this groundbreaking work. Enjoy! — Judy Rice, Artistic Director, Dancelucent 2012

From the Chair Welcome! A connecting theme across the four works comprising tonight’s concert is light – the interplay of choreography, color, and stage technology to create multiple dance worlds. Instead of my usual program note, I want to elaborate on our choice of guest artist this year, Lucinda Childs, and her seminal work Dance. Our concert follows in the giant-size footsteps of Einstein on the Beach (1976). This large-scale, multi-media opera by director Robert Wilson and composer Philip Glass was reconstructed at the Power Center in January. Childs was both choreographer and leading performer in the original production and, in-between touring Dance across the globe through 2011-12 to wide critical acclaim, she teamed up again with Wilson and Glass for the reconstruction. Childs’ choreography for the five-hour Einstein was the first time she had created dance movement to music. Inspired by the rhythmic pulse and clarity of Glass’ score, the pair collaborated subsequently on Dance (1979). Originally conceived as a full-evening work, with blackand-white film projections of Childs’ dancers by visual artist Sol LeWitt accompanying three of the five sections, over the years, Dance has been re-configured for different performance contexts. Dance #1 is drawn from the opening section of the current three-part version and is performed without LeWitt’s film. Thus, live dancers become the sole focus. Dressed in simple white costumes, four consecutive couples sweep and weave across the stage in swathes of white light. As the ostinato phrases of Glass’ music develop incrementally, so too does the complexity of the choreography. Described by dance critic Arlene Croce as “a maze of footpaths laid out with Euclidian geometry”, Dance #1 is lucent, luminous, and a wonderful experience for our students. — Angela Kane, Chair, Department of Dance

university of michigan museum of art 525 South State Street, Ann Arbor 734 764 0395

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B ee n A L o n g T ime Choreography by Bill DeYoung

Premiered by the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble at the Macomb Center for the Arts, April 2008

I. The Way I Feel Inside Music by Rod Argent • Featuring Kula Batangan and Ensemble II. Been A Long Time Music: “Rock and Roll” by Led Zeppelin Featuring Allie Harris, Kula Batangan, Katie Muth, and Ensemble III. Fever Music: “Jazz from Hell” by Frank Zappa • Featuring Allie Harris and Kula Batangan IV. I Love Rock N’ Roll Music by Jake Hooker and Alan Merrill Featuring Michaela Wood, Katie Muth, Deanna Tomasetta and Ensemble V. Stand Up and Dance Featuring Katie Muth, Deanna Tomasetta, Kula Batangan VI. Whiskey, Mystics and Men Music by The Doors • Featuring Daniela Blechner and Ensemble VII. Like There’s No Tomorrow Featuring Alison Coleman Dancers: Kula Batangan, Daniela Blechner, Alison Coleman, Allie Harris, Lauren Morris, Katie Muth, Deanna Tomasetta, Honora Wood, Michaela Wood, Cara Zonca Choreographer’s Note: Wide-eyed innocence got all the girls Tumble-dried my tears with more, always more Velocity—overdrive breathless remorse, Danced on the volcano, vivid through the night Wounded beast everyday ‘til the beat revived me Rock N’ Roll; bet your life it’s a helluva sweet ride. Acknowledgments: Special thanks to Julie Tice, Judy Rice, and Jeff Alder.


Forest Through The Trees (World Premiere)

Choreography and Video by Peter Sparling (with the assistance of the cast in the entrance to “Climate Change”) Rehearsal Assistant Tracy Halloran Pearson Music: “Music for Architecture” by Frank Pahl, “I’ll Meet You Halfway Out In The Middle Of It All” by Thollem McDonas Text: The Making of Americans (1903-11) by Gertrude Stein Opening screen image: Harbor (1909) by Georges Braque “Climate Change” sequence and video finishing by Colin Smith Fulton Gertrude Stein Annette Masson Dancers: Lisa Chippi, Kristen Donovan, Emma Fath, Ellen Holme, Jillian Hopper, Jessica Trepka Hoyt, Sabrina Imamura, Ashley Manci, Madeline Rager, Hannah Schon, Parisa Shahbaz, Kalila Kingsford Smith, Nola Smith, Morgan Wallace Understudy: R. Sumi Matsumoto Choreographer’s note: If the writer Gertrude Stein and her artist friends, Picasso and Braque, expressed the fragmentation of early 20th century life and thought in their modernist abstractions of traditional literature and painting, how do later innovations in film/video and modern dance locate the live and digitally represented human body in this radical reconfiguration of individual and collective identity — one that persists into the early 21st century? In The Making of Americans, Stein employs a language of overlapping, rhythmic repetitions to describe and mirror the forging of identity. The text provides me with frames upon which to arrange a set of variations on 14 movement signatures embodied by each dancer; these signatures ‘read’ differently depending on how they ‘act’ against Stein’s text, the video projections and the musical score. The utopian experiment of early modernism ended with the outbreak of World War I and took on a greater sense of disillusionment and fragmentation. Forest Through the Trees playfully peers into this extended episode in modernism to glimpse both the big picture and the close-up — with an affectionate nod to Gertrude, a true American original.


lightmotifs (World Premiere)

Choreography by Robin Wilson Assistant to the Choreographer Marly Spieser-Schneider I. Got Light? Music: “Flash Light”by George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell; “You Light Up My Life” by Joe Brooks II. Walking the Light Music: “Hawai’i 78” by Micky Ioane, Abe Keala, Cleyton Kua and David Crowley; “Shift” and “Particular Dance” by Meredith Monk III. Celebrating Light Music: “Let all the People Praise Him” by Mrs. C. H. Morris Dancers: Chloe Aiello, Shanna Cruzat*, Edith Freyer, Isabella Ingels, Amber Kao*, GingerAnn Neslund, Natalie Niergarth, Jimi Ngygen, Jessica Post, Alexandra Reehorst, Molly Ross, Colleen Shaugnessy, Stefania Spadaro-Bliss (*Featured Dancer) Bicyclists: Sammi Rosenfeld, Morgan Wallace Acknowledgments: Editing assistance by Solid Sound, Inc. Special thanks to Jessica Fogel.




Choreography by Lucinda Childs • Staging by Ty Boomershine and Katie Dorn Rehearsal Director Judy Rice Assistants to the Rehearsal Director Jillian Hopper and Sammi Rosenfeld Costume Design by A. Christina Giannini • Lighting Design by Beverly Emmons Music by Philip Glass Dancers: Lynsey Colden, Tehillah Frederick, Jessica Trepka Hoyt, Jennifer LaFreniere, Katy Telfer, Deanna Tomasetta, Alexis Turner, Morgan Wallace Understudies: Edith Freyer (Katy Telfer), Isabella Ingels (Deanna Tomasetta), R. Sumi Matsumoto (Jennifer LaFreniere/Jessica Trepka Hoyt; Lynsey Colden/Morgan Wallace), Jimi Nguyen (Alexis Turner), Kelli Yapp (Tehillah Frederick)




Photo from our 2011 production of CARMEN - Jude Walton


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About the Cast Chloe Aiello senior, BFA Dance/BA Political Science, Troy, MI Kula Batangan first-year, BFA Dance, Kahului, HI Daniela Blechner senior, BFA Dance/BA Psychology, Lake Geneva, WI Lisa Chippi sophomore, BFA Dance, Harbor Springs, MI Lynsey Colden sophomore, BFA Dance, Arvada, CO Alison Coleman sophomore, BFA Dance/BS Biology, North Andover, MA Shanna Cruzat senior, BFA Dance/BA English, Chicago, IL Kristen Donovan sophomore, BFA Dance, Pinckney, MI Emma Fath first-year, BFA Dance/BS Molecular Biology, Lake Bluff, IL Tehillah Frederick junior, BFA Dance w/Movement Science minor, Carol Stream, IL Edith Freyer senior, BFA Dance/BA Communication Studies, Grand Rapids, MI Allie Harris junior, BFA Dance, Saline, MI Ellen Holme junior, BFA Dance, Grosse Pointe, MI Jessica Trepka Hoyt senior, BFA Dance/BS Political Science, Ann Arbor, MI Jillian Hopper grad student, MFA Dance, Davison, MI Sabrina Imamura junior, BFA Dance/BA Art History, Plymouth, MI Isabella Ingels junior, BFA Dance/BA Psychology, Monroe, MI Amber Kao grad student, MFA Dance, Kansas City, MO Jennifer LaFreniere junior, BFA Dance/BS Biochemistry, Monroe, MI Ashley Manci first-year, BFA Dance/BA Art History, Highland, Park, IL Annette Masson (See About the Artists) R. Sumi Matsumoto first-year, BFA Dance, Andover, MA Lauren Morris grad student, MFA Dance, Richmond, VA Katie Muth junior, BFA Dance, Chicago, IL GingerAnn Neslund senior, BFA Dance/BS Movement Science, Presque Isle, MI Jimi Nguyen sophomore, BFA Dance, Grand Rapids, MI Natalie Niergarth junior, BFA Dance, Traverse City, MI Jessica Post grad student, BFA Dance, Pella, IA Madeline Rager sophomore, BFA Dance w/Movement Science minor, Bellaire, MI Alexandra Reehorst junior, BFA Dance, Traverse City, MI Sammi Rosenfeld junior, BFA Dance w/Movement Science minor, Washington, D.C. Molly Ross sophomore, BFA Dance, St. Joseph, MI Hannah Schon first-year, BFA Dance, Newton, MA Parisa Shahbaz junior, BFA Dance/BS Environmental Engineering, Howell, MI Colleen Shaughnessy senior, BFA Dance w/Movement Science minor, West Bloomfield, MI Kalila Kingsford Smith senior, BFA Dance/BA Anthropology, Philadelphia, PA Nola Smith sophomore, BFA Dance w/Movement Science minor, Brooklyn, NY Stefania Spadaro-Bliss junior, BFA Dance, North Conway, NH Katy Telfer junior, BFA Dance w/Chemistry minor, Rockford, IL Deanna Tomasetta first-year, BFA Dance, Millbury, MA Alexis Turner first-year, BFA Dance/BS Neuroscience, Ann Arbor, MI Morgan Wallace senior, BFA Dance/BS Mathematical Biology, Ellicott City, MD Honora Wood first-year, BFA Dance, Saline, MI Michaela Wood junior, BFA Dance/BS Mathematics, Saline, MI Kelli Yapp sophomore, BFA Dance, Granger, IN Cara Zonca junior, BFA Dance w/Movement Science minor, Howell, MI

About the Artists Ty Boomershine (Staging — Dance #1) is originally from Columbus, OH, where he graduated from the Ft. Hayes School for the Performing Arts and earned his BFA in dance from Stephens College. He has worked with Susan Van Pelt and Suzanne Grace/ Burning Feet Dance. New York: DANCENOISE, XXY Dance/Music, Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Company, Dan Wagoner, Gus Solomons Jr., Merce Cunningham repertory ensemble, and Ton Simons. Europe: Dance Works Rotterdam, Irish Modern Dance Theater, Leine & Roebana, Giulia Mureddu, and continues to work with Emio Greco|PC and ICKamsterdam. He has worked with Lucinda Childs since 1991 and assists her in the setting of her works in Europe and the U.S. Ty has taught at universities, private studios, and professional companies throughout the states, Europe, Asia, and South America. Lucinda Childs (Choreographer ­— Dance #1) is one of America’s most important modern choreographers. Ms. Childs was born in New York City in 1940. In her second year at Sarah Lawrence College, she took a class with visiting professor Merce Cunningham. After completing her degree, she went on to study at the Cunningham Studio. There she met Yvonne Rainer, who went on to co-found (with Steve Paxton) the influential Judson Dance Theater. Rainer invited Ms. Childs to be one of Judson’s original company members. After she formed her own company in 1973, Ms. Childs collaborated with Robert Wilson and Philip Glass on Einstein on the Beach, participating as leading performer and choreographer (as well as revivals in 1984, 1992, and the current 2012 revival). It was during rehearsals for Einstein that Ms. Childs and Mr. Glass came up with the original idea for her seminal work, Dance. Along with Mr. Glass, Sol LeWitt, and Robert Wilson, Ms. Childs has worked with such artists, composers, and directors as John Adams, Frank Gehry, Henryk Górecki, Robert Mapplethorpe, Terry Riley, and Iaanis Xenakis. Ms. Childs received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1979, the year she created Dance. She is also the recipient of the NEA/NEFA American Masterpiece Award, and in 2004 she was elevated from the rank of Officer to Commander in France’s Order of Arts and Letters. Most recently she choreographed Tempo Vicino (2009) with music by John Adams for the Ballet National of Marseille. M ary Cole (Lighting Designer) is the lighting designer and technical director for the Dept. of Dance and Ann Arbor Dance Works. Regional:  Performance Network: Associate Artist, Time Stands Still and Ain’t Misbehavin’; Lansing Community College’s Summer Repertory Season. Other: BS from EMU, master’s work at UM. Bill DeYoung (Choreographer — Been a Long Time) is a Professor of Dance and former chair of the Dept. of Dance. Awards: Grants and fellowships from NEA, Kellogg, Ford, Jerome, Michigan Council of the Arts, U-M OVPR, and a Fulbright. National/International: Works current with the Gyori Ballet and Eisenhower Dance Ensemble; Creative Arts Specialist, United States Information Agency; free-lance choreographer; US, Latin America, Europe. K atie Dorn (Staging — Dance #1) is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, where she received her High School diploma and her BFA in Contemporary Dance. In 2006 she received her MFA from the Hollins University/American Dance Festival program. That same

About the Artists year, she received the Martha Hill Young Professional Award for outstanding young performer. Since moving to New York City, Katie has worked with Lucinda Childs, the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Gus Solomons Jr, Mary Seidman and Dancers, and with Janice Lancaster. She has presented her own work at the Galapagos Art Space and at Studio A.I.R in Brooklyn. Philip Glass (Composer - Dance #1) Through his operas, his symphonies, his compositions for his own ensemble, and his wide-ranging collaborations with artists ranging from Twyla Tharp to Allen Ginsberg, Woody Allen to David Bowie, Philip Glass has had an extraordinary and unprecedented impact upon the musical and intellectual life of his times. In the past 25 years, Glass has composed more than twenty operas; eight symphonies; two piano concertos and concertos for violin, piano, timpani, and saxophone quartet and orchestra; soundtracks to films ranging from new scores for the stylized classics of Jean Cocteau to Errol Morris’s documentary about former defense secretary Robert McNamara; string quartets; a growing body of work for solo piano and organ. He has collaborated with Paul Simon, Linda Ronstadt, Yo-Yo Ma, and Doris Lessing, among many others. Annette Masson (Gertrude Stein — Forest Through theTrees) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre & Drama. She has taught and coached actors and public speakers both nationally and abroad. She has worked on theatre productions at Harvard’s American Repertory Theater, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Huntington Theatre, Western Australia Academy, Drama Studio London, and The Purple Rose Theatre. Her “public speaking techniques” have been used by political candidates, film, radio, and television personalities, as well as CEOs for Polaroid, GM, Lilly, and Pfizer. Judy R ice (Artistic Director/Rehearsal Director — Dance #1) is a graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School and has performed extensively across the U.S. including The Joffrey Ballet and American Ballet Comedy. Teaching: 20 years experience teaching for regional companies and festivals as well as Company Dance, DMA, DEA, CNADM, 3D Dance Network, The Joffrey Ballet, Steps and Broadway Dance Ctr., and Dance Masters Teacher Training School. Co-founder of Behind Barres with pianist Paul Lewis and producer Rob Martens, producing eleven albums of ballet class music and seven DVD’s. Associate Professor of Performing Arts, UM. TV: Fame, All My Children, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Peter Sparling (Choreographer - Forest Through the Trees) is a Thurnau Professor in the Dept. of Dance and former chair. UM: Faculty choreographer, University Dance Co.; 1996-97 faculty fellow, Institute for the Humanities; 1998 faculty fellow, Rackham Interdisciplinary Institute; 1999 senior fellow, Society of Fellows. Regional Dance: Artistic director, Peter Sparling Dance Co.; former principal dancer, Martha Graham Dance Co. and José Limon Company; internationally active as guest dancer, choreographer, teacher and lecturer. Awards: 1998 Governor’s Michigan Artist Award; UM 1991 Faculty Recognition Award. Other: Graduate, Interlochen Arts Academy and The Juilliard School. Emily Stromberg (Stage Manager) is a senior BFA Design & Production student concentrating in stage management. UM: SM - The Full Monty, Much Ado About Nothing,

About the Artists 2010 Halloween Concert, So the Arrow Flies; Our Town (1st ASM); Under Milk Wood (ASM). MUSKET: Man of La Mancha (SM), Hair (1st ASM). Basement Arts: Me And My Dick, A Very Potter Musical. Regional Theatre: Westport Country Playhouse stage management intern. Other: Kazanan/Spencer/Ruskin & Associates, Equity department intern. Robin Wilson (Choreographer - Lightmotifs) is an Assoc. Professor in the Dept. of Dance. Regional Dance: Member, Ann Arbor Dance Works; active as a guest performer, choreographer, teacher, and lecturer. Performance: Founding member of Urban Bush Women; toured extensively throughout US and Europe; Dianne McIntyre’s Sounds in Motion Dance Company/Workshop Ens. Awards: 1999 Maggie Allesee Choreography Award; Artist-in-Residence for the KY Arts Council; grants from Rackham School of Graduate Studies, IRWG, OVPR, LACS, OAAPMA, KY Arts Council. Other: MFA in Dance, Temple Univ.; Univ. Fellow; BA, Washington Univ. Suzanne Young (Costume Designer) has designed numerous productions for Ann Arbor Dance Works and choreographer Jessica Fogel, including Dance @ 100, Mapping the River, In the Garden, and Reflections and Reveries. Suzanne trained at the Wimbledon School of Art and has designed extensively both in the UK and around the US including Boston, Connecticut, and New York. For the last 17 years, she has worked with companies around Ann Arbor including the Purple Rose Theatre, Performance Network, Pine Mountain Music Festival, Tipping Point Theatre, and Wild Swan Theater.

Acknowledgments Special thanks to Brandon Lorenz and all the therapists at Probility. Additional thanks to the Greg Laman and Jeremy Edwards. This production is entered in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. All music used by permission. “Dance” by Philip Glass, © published by Dunvagen Music. “I Love Rock N’ Roll” by Jake Hooker and Allan Merrill, © 1981 Finchley Music Corp.; performed by Queen of Japan on the album Headrush, © 2005 Echokammer. “Jazz from Hell” by Frank Zappa, from the album Jazz from Hell on Rykodisc. “Let all the People Praise Him” by Mrs. C. H. Morris; performed by the St. Augustine Catholic Gospel Mass Choir of Washington, D.C. on the compilation Wade in the Water © 1996 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. “Particular Dance” and “Shift” by Meredith Monk; from the recordings Impermanence and Songs of Ascension, © ECM Records. “Rock N’ Roll” by Led Zeppelin; performed by Mark Slaughter on the compilation The Songs of Led Zeppelin and Cheap Trick, © 2002 Big Eye Music. “The Way I Feel Inside” by Rod Argent; performed by The Zombies on The Original Studio Recordings Vol. 1 © 2007 Marquis Enterprises Ltd.

Christopher Kendall, Dean Paul Boylan Collegiate Professor of Music Department of Dance Chair......................................................................Angela Kane Administrative Coordinator........................... Samantha Strayer Faculty..... Melissa Beck, Amy Chavasse, Mary Cole, Clare Croft, Bill DeYoung, Jessica Fogel, Beth Genne, Christian Matjias, Judy Rice, Biza Sompa, Peter Sparling, Sandra Torijano, Amy West, Khita Whyatt, Robin Wilson University Productions Administrative Staff Director.................................................................Jeffrey Kuras Department Administrator.............................. Fatima Abdullah Office Assistant III/Usher Coordinator..................Shelda Smith Marketing & Communications Dir............. Kerianne M. Tupac Graphic Design................................................ Don Hammond Photographer..................................... Peter Smith Photography Information Systems Manager.......................... Henry Reynolds Facilities Manager.................................................Shannon Rice House Manager............................................. Dianne Widzinski Senior Backstage Operations Mgr...........................Barry LaRue Backstage Operations Mgrs..........Mark Gordon, David Pickell, Kurt Thoma, Donald C. Watkins Administrative Office Assistants......................... Allison Brown, Abrielle Case, Sara Shvartzman, Kevin Tan Theatre 386 ....Lindsay Alexis, Jason Kovacs, Meaghan McLaughlin Production Staff Production Manager......................................Amanda Mengden Production Stage Manager................................... Nancy Uffner Production Office Assistants...... David Lee, Brandon Penberton Production Office Practicum............................ Kathryn Pamula Technical Dir. (Power).................................... Douglas Edwards Master Carpenter (Power)..................................Michael Braico Carpenter (Power).......................................... Brandon Carruth Technical Dir. (Walgreen).......................Richard W. Lindsay, Jr. Charge Scenic Artist............................................Toni Y. Auletti Scenic Artist......................................................Beth Sandmaier Properties Master.................................................Arthur Ridley Asst. Properties Master.........................................Patrick Drone Master Electrician............................................Mark Allen Berg

Sound Engineers........................Roger Arnett, Henry Reynolds Costume Shop Manager.......................................Laura Brinker Assoc. Costume Shop Manager........................... George Bacon Cutter/Drapers............................................Virginia R. Luedke, Lea M. Morello, T J Williamson Crafts Artisan............................................Elizabeth Gunderson Costume Stock Administrator............................... Renae Skoog Production Crew Asst. Stage Managers......................Jennifer Jacobs, Helen Bates Asst. Master Electrician.....................................Alyssa Loiacano Scenery (Power)........ Erica Nagy, Kyle Timson, Evan Vanbeelan Paint............................ Janine Woods Thoma, Michael Barbour, Carisa Bledsoe, Jackie Close, Steven Eddy, Neal Kelley, Cara Laban, Jordan Schroeder, Timothy Wood, students of Theatre 250 & 252 Props......... Rachael Albert, Daniel Belnavis, Kerry Concannon, Elana Lantry, Conor Ryan, Eli Schlatter, Katherine Thomas, Daniel Wilfred, Ryan Vasquez, students of Theatre 250 & 252 Professional Stitchers...Patty Branam, Corey Davis, Rene Plante Costumes........... Leslie Bates, Amalea Chininis, Aleah Douglas, Carrie Fisk, Sam Lips, Michael Popielarz, Emily Shimskey, Mary Claire Sullivan, Meryl Waldo, students of Theatre 250 & 252 Lighting.................Robert Ariza, Carisa Bedsoe, Colin Bianchi, Mary Claire Blake-Booth, Andrew Burkhardt, Nicole Gellman, Jennifer Jacobs, Alyssa Loiacano, Andrew Lott, David Moiseev, Clarissa Ortiz, Alexandra Pulgini, Aaron Tacy, William Welch, Andrew Wysocki, students of Theatre 250 & 252 Running Crew Set........................................................................Noel Franklin Props...................................................... Julia Smith-Eppsteiner Light Board Operator............................................Rhemé Sloan Lighting........................................Michaela Wood, Cara Zonca Wardrobe.................... McKenzie Dworkin‡, Matt Greenblatt, Austin Hoeltzel, Sabrina Imamura, Devan Malone, Lindsay Meekhof ‡ Crew Head

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For Your Information Latecomer Policy Latecomers will be seated at a suitable break or scene change. Pagers, Cellular Phones, Watch Alarms Please set pagers to silent mode. Cellular phones should be deactivated. Please deactivate your electronic watch alarm so it will not interrupt the performance. Please refrain from texting during the performance. Smoke Free Campus Smoking is not permitted in University buildings or on University grounds. Smoking is permitted only in personal vehicles or on the sidewalks of major thoroughfares. Emergency Procedure In the event of fire or severe storm, you will be instructed by an announcement from the stage indicating the best method of exit. Please notice the multiple red exit signs in the theatre. For your safety, please exit in a calm and orderly manner. Cameras and Recording Devices The use of cameras — with or without a flash — recorders, or other electronic devices inside the theatre is strictly prohibited. Food and Drink No food or drink is allowed in the theatre. Children As a courtesy to our audience and the performers, children under the age of three will not be admitted to performances. All children must have a ticket. If your child proves disruptive or excessively restless, you may be asked to leave by House Management. Large Print Programs Large print programs are available free of charge from House Management.

Accessibility Accessible ramps, elevators, parking, restrooms, and wheelchair seating are available for patrons with disabilities. Accessible restrooms are located off the main lobby. Sound Enhancement The theatre is equipped with an infrared listening system for listening enhancement. Lightweight, wireless headsets are available free of charge from House Management. Parking For your parking convenience, we recommend arriving early. Prepaid parking passes are also available at the League Ticket Office. For parking information: Grant Winston, Parking & Transportation Services, 734-615-9067. Ticket Sales and Information Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm Performances: 1 hour prior to curtain Phone: (734) 764-2538 Online: Address: 911 N. Univ., Ann Arbor, MI 48109 Ticket Exchanges Subscribers may exchange their tickets by mail or in person at no charge. Non-subscribers may exchange their tickets by mail or in person for a small processing fee. Exchanged tickets must be received by the Ticket Office (by mail or in person) at least 48 hours prior to the performance and are made only for another performance of the same play. Group Discounts Discounts are available for groups of 15 or more. Comments? Write us at: University Productions, Attn.: Jeffrey Kuras 911 N. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1265

Friends of Dance Annual Gifts July 1, 2010 to January 13, 2012 Gifts of $1,000 & above Kathryn V. Bovard Estate Suzanne H. Butch Joanna Chozen & Justin Metz Sharon Coleman Margaret Culhane & Mark Adelson Gay Ann Delanghe Trust Anne & Jim Duderstadt John David Ficeli James & Sandra Wojczynski Gifts of $500 to $999 Trudy Cobb Dennard Carolyn Dorfman & Gregory Gallick Eastern Bank Foundation Marcia & John Ficeli John & Gretchen Neal Jackson Diane Kirkpatrick Neila & Jeffrey Radtke Ellen L. Sporn David L. Williams Gifts of $240 to $499 Donald & Shirley Axon Libbie & Steven Busch Jill & M. Allen Chozen Kenneth & Judith DeWoskin Richard & Linda Greene Jolene & Al Hermalin Anne & Robert Holum Santosh & Anita Mehra Joseph A. Placek Nina Sporn Jack & Jerry Weidenbach Gifts of $100 to $249 Ruth Bartman & Peter Jackson Joan A. Binkow

Ann Boyce Gina E. Bunts Denise Calvar Miot Craig R. Chamberlain Patricia E. & George J. Chatas John & Rosalyn Coury Jean C. Crump Jeannette Duane & Douglas Shapiro Michele Eickholt & Lee Green Jessica Fogel & Lawrence Weiner Laurel Gutterman Hansen Marketing Services Inc. Nancy & Wendel Heers Kitty Knecht & Raymond Dye Michael K. McStraw John & Mary Ann Morgan Dr. Gerald Glass Naylor Jacqueline & Scott Nelsund Arlene & Robert Paup Dr. & Mrs. Fred J. Pesetsky Eva Jablonowski Powers Dennis J. Rivard John Romani & Barbara Anderson Maureen Schafer & David Klerkx Leslie Selden Samantha Shelton & Andre Marusich Henry R. VanKuiken Marie B. Vogt Susan & Jim Wanserski Emma L. Weyer Kay & Verne Brown Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Woods Carol & Gregory Yarrington Gifts under $100 Anthony & Janice Aguirre Lori Bennett-Stein & Steven Stein James P. Burger

Daniel J. Byrne Rose Ann & Gary Chippi Glenn M. Corey Jeffrey Cotnoit Mary & Patrick Cotter Elizabeth B. Dexter Judith M. Ebner Niels & Suzy Engleberg Jennifer & Craig Flemingloss Charlotte Fogel Daytona L. Frey Janice R. Geddes J. Martin Gillespie Jr. Clifford Lowell Gregory Lourdes S. Bastos Hansen Gerald W. Kohn Cathy & Rene Lichtman Lara H. Martin Nancy McCrae Richard & Judith Krzyminski Katherine & Ronald O’Neill Pamela S. Patyk Jerri-Lynn Pilarski Sandra & Steven Ragsdale Douglas & Kelly Rich Mitchell & Carole Rycus Anna Sampson & Daniel Herbert Janine Shahinian Timothy Sheena Amee & Bryan Spondike Joan Stade Morton & Ruth Stockler Janene & Jerry Tice Katrina Vegter Denise D. Wade Elise I. Weisbach Frances M. Zappella-Severance Cara J. Zonca

I want to support the Department of Dance with a gift to the Friends of Dance: In the amount of: ❏ $1,000 ❏ $500 ❏ $250 ❏ $100 ❏ Other___________ Name _________________________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ( )__________________________ E-mail: ________________________________ ❏ Enclosed is my employer (or my spouse’s) matching gift form. ❏ My check is made payable to the University of Michigan. ❏ Charge my gift to ❏ VISA ❏ Master Card ❏ Discover

❏ Amer. Exp.

Acct. #:______________________________________________ Exp. Date:____________________ Signature_________________________________________________________________________


S Code: AGOP BVX12 MUS (301563)

For online giving, visit, e-mail Jeffrey Cotnoir at or call 734-763-9769 School of Music, Theatre & Dance • Development Office • 2005 Baits Drive • Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2075

Dancelucent 2012 Program  

Program for UM Department of Dance concert Dancelucent 2012 at the Power Center in Ann Arbor, February 2-5, 2012

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