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Graduate Studies

GRADUATE ADMISSIONS & RECORDS Degrees Offered Master of Arts (M.A.) English Master of Business Administration (MBA) Business Administration   Master of Science (M.S.) Speech-Language Pathology  *Offered as Traditional or Alternative Masters programs

Founded in 1896, the University of Montevallo has offered engaging graduate programs to many educators, counselors, speech-language pathologists, scholars in the humanities and professional leaders for over half a century. A pioneer in higher education, UM provides the same sense of community and quality interaction between students and faculty that it has from the very beginning. This ongoing commitment to academic excellence is evidenced by the university’s recognition for five consecutive years as the No. 1 public master’s-level university in Alabama by U.S. News and World Report. Today, UM graduates earning advanced degrees are highly sought after in classrooms, workforces and other settings that demand practical as well as theoretical knowledge. To view a complete overview of graduate course offerings at UM, visit the Graduate Admissions & Records website at:

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Counseling Elementary Education* P-12 Education* Secondary Education* Instructional Leadership Collaborative Education* Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) Instructional Leadership Teacher Leadership

Why choose UM for graduate study?

• Many of the assignments, projects and field experiences of the programs are • All graduate programs at UM developed from the understanding have received current professional of the anticipated work setting of the accreditation at the state and/or national student. level in their given field. • Up-to-date library resources, facultysponsored gatherings and assistance with publication and conference channels ensure that UM graduate students are highly engaged.

• UM is one of only 26 public liberal arts universities in the United States and Canada and is a member of the prestigious Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC).

• The University of Montevallo was the • Courses for most programs are offered first Alabama institution of higher in evening, hybrid and online formats to learning to guarantee its teacher accommodate working professionals and education graduates. educators. If you want to discover how the • Each graduate program is designed to UNCONVENTIONAL WISDOM that is offer opportunities for the student to garnered through graduate study at UM extend knowledge and skills and to unlocks the power of potential, read over develop greater intellectual maturity and the following pages. The graduate alumni creative independence. featured here are individuals who have • As part of UM’s commitment to quality, accomplished more than professional goals more than 95% of Montevallo faculty or career advancement; they are leaders members hold the terminal degree in who have made significant contributions their respective discipline. to each of their communities. Their stories are delivered directly in their own words • The intimate, seminar-like setting for many graduate-level classes is conducive to share a sense of their Montevallo to productive peer-to-peer learning. experience.

Educational Specialist Instructional Leadership Jeff Atkins

Principal, Thompson Middle School

Graduation years: M.Ed., 2005; Ed.S. 2009 What attracted you to graduate study at UM? I loved the fact that it was close to home and always heard the wonderful stories about the quality of the education. I was very excited to learn from educators who had been in the field I was pursuing first before becoming professors at UM. How was your experience at UM unique? I had great professors, but one really stood out in Dr. Melvin Covington. He was able to relate his three decades of infield experience to the educational terminology that would be taught during the classes I would take. I still draw upon his lessons that I learned in class 10 years later. Why would you recommend Montevallo? Montevallo’s curriculum presents the latest trend in what’s happening in the field of education. Their classes are data driven on what works as best practice. The personal relationships with professors provided for excellent mentors and lifelong learning.

Educational Specialist Teacher Leadership Bette Nix Graduation years: B.S., 1990; Ed.S. 2008 What attracted you to graduate study at UM? I was teaching as an adjunct at UM in the Education Department. Dr. Riley and Dr. Roberson invited me to join the cohort. Dr. Roberson’s reputation and passion for education is what attracted me; I knew that I would be learning from the best. How was your experience at UM unique? The Ed.S. program at UM allows students to apply what they are learning directly to their current jobs, as well as apply what they are doing in their current jobs to their studies. Working with teachers from other counties and areas was a delight. Our small cohort bonded, and I forged life-long friendships from this experience. Why would you recommend Montevallo? UM is home. There is no place like Montevallo. The professors care about their students and want to see them succeed. You are more than just a number or supply of money at Montevallo; you are a stakeholder. That matters to me.

Behavior Specialist, Shelby County Board of Education

Master of Education Traditional Tonya Littlejohn Graduation years: B.S., 2004; M.Ed. 2011 What attracted you to graduate study at UM? After my undergraduate experience, I knew that UM was the only place for me. During my first round at UM I was so pleased with the class size and the individualized attention provided by the professors. I wanted to ensure that I received the same attention throughout my graduate study as well. How was your experience at UM unique? I would have to say the most unique aspect of UM is the quality of the education received. Once I began working in my field, I quickly realized how well prepared I was. I am very confident that those who attend UM will leave with the ability to flourish in their area of expertise. 1st Grade Teacher, Montevallo Elementary School

Why would you recommend Montevallo? I would encourage those who are deciding on their future education to highly consider UM. The abilities and instruction of the professors are exceptional. The kindness of the office staff is matchless. Everyone who is employed by UM is there for you. They are there to help and make your experience the best possible.

Master of Education Alternative Jack Letson Graduation year: M.Ed. 2008 What attracted you to graduate study at UM? I had always heard that Montevallo had the best education program in the state. Once I met with my adviser and heard my individual plan, I felt so comfortable with the whole process that I knew I wanted to come to Montevallo. How was your experience at UM unique? Coming from a large university that had classes from 40 to 100 students on average, I experienced smaller classes where I could connect with my professors. At my old school, I always felt like I was just a number to the professors, meaning they did not care if I was in class or not. But at Montevallo, I was able to build personal relationships with my teachers, and they cared about my success in the education field. Why would you recommend Montevallo? I would recommend Montevallo because of its class sizes and how approachable the professors are. The program at Montevallo will prepare you for almost any situation you run into as a new teacher; the way they run it gives you more experience in the classroom than any other program.

7th Grade Math Teacher, Hoover High School

Assistant Principal, Creek View and Meadow View Elementary Schools

Master of Education Instructional Leadership Holly Jackson Graduation years: B.S., 2005; M.Ed., 2010; Ed.S. 2011 What attracted you to graduate study at UM? UM is well known and respected for its graduate programs. I had enjoyed attending Montevallo during my undergraduate years and knew that UM had a lot to offer for my graduate studies. I knew that when I graduated with my Ed.S., that I would be well-prepared for my job. How was your experience at UM unique? The opportunity to observe and be mentored by current administrators gave me experience that helped me to grow professionally. I had wonderful professors who brought a depth of knowledge and experience to our class that helped to prepare me for an administrative position. Small class sizes also led to group projects that helped me develop my skills with working with various groups of people. Why would you recommend Montevallo? I would recommend UM to anyone who is seeking a university experience that will challenge them, yet help them meet their academic goals.

Master of Education Counseling Maegan Vick Graduation years: B.S., 2008; M.Ed., 2010 What attracted you to graduate study at UM? Montevallo offers a great student-teacher ratio. At UM, a student can find his or her place and establish a sense of belonging without feeling overwhelmed or lost in the crowd. I was also drawn to UM because it is recognized for excellence in both the education and counseling programs. How was your experience at UM unique? The professors at Montevallo motivated my desire to become more involved with service projects and to do more for my community. My involvement with the Student Council for Exceptional Children and the Student Advisory Council encouraged my growth as a leader and developed my ability to recognize the necessary steps which need to be taken to improve the quality of a community or organization. Why would you recommend Montevallo?

School Counselor, Shelby County High School

The faculty members at UM are known for their high standards, and employers recognize the benefit of hiring a UM graduate. Immediately following my graduation from the education program, I was offered a teaching position, and while completing my internship in school counseling, I was offered a counseling position.

Lecturer of English Studies and Director of the Writing Center, Georgia Regents University

Master of Arts English Logan Wheeler Graduation years: B.A., 2006; M.A., 2008 What attracted you to graduate study at UM? Having completed my undergraduate work at UM, I knew I’d receive the scholarly support and mentoring that I sought in a graduate program. How was your experience at UM unique? I had the opportunity to work closely with Glenda Conway in the Harbert Writing Center and not only develop my teaching and tutoring philosophy, but also make connections in my field while working on my thesis on writing center theory and administration. Why would you recommend Montevallo? The small class sizes encourage deep and challenging discussion as well as the development of strong relationships among students and their professors and peers. The UM English faculty are fine scholars and educators who support students in their academic endeavors. Even after graduating, I know that I can count on the support of my former professors.

Master of Science Speech-Language Pathology Nicole Dukes Graduation year: M.S., 2010 What attracted you to graduate study at UM? UM was the most accommodating to a non-backgrounded applicant for SLP, and Dean Armstrong was very welcoming and timely in her correspondence. To me, this was foreshadowing of the emphasis that would be placed on positive studentinstructor relationships. How was your experience at UM unique? I spent three years at UM and was able to establish and maintain relationships with individuals in my program. However, I worked and participated in activities around campus, so I also built valued relationships with staff like Rebecca Hartley and Wendy Stamper in the Office of Graduate Studies. Why would you recommend Montevallo? The instruction I received in the classroom and in the Speech and Hearing Center prepared me for the clinical experience at the best medical facilities and schools in the Birmingham area. In addition, the clinical experience I received at such exemplary off-campus sites prepared me for informed decision-making as a licensed SLP four days after graduating from UM with my master’s degree.

School Speech-Language Pathologist, Ozark City School District

Master of Business Administration Monica Ratchford Graduation years: B.S., 2008; MBA, 2012 What attracted you to graduate study at UM? I was attracted to UM’s MBA graduate study program because I already knew the caliber of the faculty that were assigned to lead their program. In addition, the program itself offered the flexibility I needed regarding my working schedule and personal activities. How was your experience at UM unique? What I found most unique in my experience at UM was the fact that, due to the small class sizes, the professors and students had an opportunity to interact much more openly. Not only did this interaction facilitate my learning experience, but it also was a great way to involve students with different backgrounds in lively and profound in-class discussions. Why would you recommend Montevallo? The caliber of the professors and the one-on-one experience is very unique to this university. Due to the “real world” work experience each faculty member has had, students are taught how to apply various managerial methodologies and best practices to real life cases. This experience is very important since it teaches you quick, strategic decision-making skills, even under ambiguous circumstances.

Relationship Manager, Regions Bank

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