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Do you want a smooth, hairless face and body but don't want to spend a fortune in salon treatments? You name them, I've tried them so here's my review of the best DIY depilation products you can use at home. A RAZOR The most basic, simplest, cheapest and arguably easiest at home hair removal product. Razors are also close to being pain free. You are probably thinking razors are old-fashioned and outdated but in a test of electric shavers and epilators by, manual razors beat them all. Women's razors have become technical marvels these days. Some have vibrating heads, inbuilt lotion dispensers and more blades than a Zorro re-make. Gillette's Venus Divine Razor came top in test of nine women's razors by Which? Magazine. The Gillette Divine has three blades with three lubricating strips and it is easy to hold. Gillette's newest razor, Venus Embrace is a little more expensive but has five blades. It feels like a marketing gimmick and means the replacement blades are more pricey, but it also gives a smooth and close shave. There isn't that much difference between a woman and men's razor aside except for styling and gimmicks. Women's razors tend to have a longer handle to make it easier to shave the legs. The downside of using a razor is that your hair will grow back quicker than by using other methods, the hair grows back thicker and more spiky and you can get rough reddish follicles immediately after you shave. And there is the risk of little nicks and cuts. DEPILATORY CREAM Depilatories chemically dissolve the hair. They used to smell like a chemical factory and dry out your skin. Like a razor, they are simple, cheap and easy. On the downside, hair removal creams may cause skin sensitivity so make sure you test a small patch of skin first and never leave the cream on for longer than the instructions state. Avon's Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream and Veet's 3 Minute In Shower Hair Removal Cream always do well in customer reviews in Amazon and similar websites. I personally would pick depilatory cream over a razor as the effect is a lot smoother and you don't get those red bumps. HAIR REMOVING WAX Your hair takes longer to grow back with waxing than with razors or creams as you have ripped

out the hair from the root. I don't like using wax for hair removal because of the pain involved and because of the extra effort you have to put into heating them up. And you are sometimes left with sticky bits of wax on your body. But it is effective. Gigi Honee Combo #1 Economy Warmer is a popular model because it is very similar to the ones used in professional salons. HAIR REMOVING SUGAR Sugar is similar to wax but they are usually made of natural ingredients such as sugar, lemon juice and essential oils. You might not be as susceptible to allergies with sugar over wax, though of course you still need to test a small patch of your skin. I prefer sugar over wax because if you can't handle the pain anymore, you can usually rinse sugar off, but with wax, once you've started, you really have to keep going. But for the brave, the effects of wax is marginally better. Moom have several sugar-based hair removers which are organic and 100% natural. EPILATORS An epilator is an electrical device that grasps several hairs at once and tugs them out. The effects are as good as waxing but as it is a little painful (like a mini pinch) you probably won't use it for highly sensitive areas. Braun and Panasonic both have great wet/dry epilators which means you can use them in the bath. Not my favorite hair removal product, I would still plump for cream over epilators and wax. AT-HOME LASER I have saved the best for last if you are willing to shell out a few hundred dollars for the equipment. IPL (intense pulse light) convert light energy to heat energy to remove unwanted hair. There is a risk of skin burning and it is not comfortable (think of a mini-elf slapping you hard and quick each time you 'zap') but the effects are long lasting. Some claim that IPL removes hair permanently but in my experience you still get hair growth but it is not as thick or dense. For me, this is worth the slight pain.

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==== ==== Click here and Find the Best Deals and Reviews at Salon Utah. Discover the Best Waxing in Utah Now! ==== ====

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