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Tanning salons offer a great opportunity for the ability to tan all year long. Picking a tanning salon is a little different than choosing a hair salon or another type of business where you have work done because you need to make sure the place you pick is of the utmost quality to ensure your skin is treated the best way possible. There are additional factors to consider when choosing a tanning salon, such as how often do you want to visit? What hours is the tanning salon open? What options do they offer for tanning, do they only have beds, or do they also have booths and spray on or airbrush tanning? In addition to considering these questions, here are some other things to have in mind when searching for the right tanning salon. 1. Get a recommendation The best way to get the low down on a tanning salon is through a referral, either by a dermatologist, doctor, friend or family member. They will usually have a good idea of the best salons in the area and which ones are best to should avoid. 2. Do a salon walk through Just like when you are renting an apartment, it is a very good idea to do a walk through of the tanning salon before committing to any tanning sessions. Schedule an appointment to visit the salon before you sign a contract or pay out any money up front. You want to be sure the place is clean and well maintained. Determine what type of tanning beds they offer and how they are cleaned after being used. 3. Compare packages Because it will take several sessions for tanning, check with the salon to see if they offer packages. You should be able to receive some type of discount for scheduling multiple appointments or booking "x" number of sessions in a one month period. Call around to several salons to check pricing before making your final decision. 4. Check the equipment The older or more traditional tanning beds come with both UVB and UVA light bulbs. Research has shown over the last 10 years or so that UVB rays can be more harmful so remember that when checking out a tanning salon and inquire what types of tanning beds they use. Most tanning salons have switched or upgraded to beds that offer more UVA rays and little or no UVB rays.

UVA are considered less damaging than UVB rays because they reach the deep layers of the skin without doing damage to the top layers. Long periods of exposure to UVB rays can lead to cancer, burns and in some cases cause harm to the immune system. Some salons will offer spray-on tans as well as beds that allow you to lay down or stand up in. 5. Extra services offered A good salon will offer protection for your eyes, some type of health assessment, indoor tanning lotions as well as a program to keep your tan maintained. With so many tanning options out there, it pays to look around for a place that offers a little something extra for their customers. It can be easier to feel better about using a companies products, in this case their tanning beds, when they go the extra mile to provide the comfort of having a good tanning experience.

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==== ==== Click here and Find the Best Deals and Reviews at Salon Utah. Discover the Best Tanning Salons in Utah Now! ==== ====

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