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When beginning the process of starting your own barber school you should follow the steps below in order to set course description and other requirements that's needed. The First Step: Creating Course Names Coming up with a name for each academic class your school will be offering. For instance if you are providing a hair styling course for your barbers, using something like "Hair Styling 101" should due. With the description of each comprehensive course provide a description of what the class entails to be included in your schools catalog. Prospective students will find this useful when making there choice to attend your school. The Second Step: Notes to Include in Course Description Providing additional useful information to the students is important. Noting whether a particular course is instructional or hands on will be very helpful. Also supplying a list of study and reading materials needed to pass each course is a good idea as well. The Third Step: Credit Hours & Requirements Another very important step is to set the number of credit hours required by your state board of Barbers & Cosmetology in order to become licensed. Most states require up to 1500 hours of learning in order for the student to become eligible for licensing. The Fourth Step: Gaining Accreditation Contact the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences. Keep in mind when going through this process that gaining accreditation is completely voluntary, however the more accreditation your school has the greater the value. A license provided by your school may be honored by potential employers and other institutions at a higher significance. This process will include submitting an application, attending an accreditation workshop and paying the fees required. Take in to account that receiving additional regional accreditations by contacting your regional accrediting agency. Remember when doing so that each regional agency has different requirements. Some agencies don't accredit schools that only offer postsecondary certificates, diplomas or licenses. The normal steps required are you will be asked to meet with evaluators to perform your school's quality assurance review. The next step will be to complete an assessment

report, which should include providing an executive overview of your school and how you will effectively accomplish regular internal quality assurance reviews. You will need to work with the person in charge of the evaluation team assigned to assess your school and present the team with any additional required paperwork. You must make all required corrections to the school policies, procedures and accounting systems and report changes to the accreditation agency.

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==== ==== Click here and Find the Best Deals and Reviews at Salon Utah. Discover the Best Utah Cosmetology Schools Now! ==== ====

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