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Symptoms of Depression By: Brittany Brolley


hen you have a bad day at work or a close friend hurts your feelings, it is natural to feel upset. It is also easy to identify that what you are feeling is sad-

ness. Unlike brief episodes of sadness, depression isn’t nearly as easy to recognize. However, it is similar to other illnesses in that depression does have identifying symptoms.

Identifying Symptoms: Fatigue Feeling tired in and of itself is not unusual. In many jectives like ‘flattened,’ ‘pressed down’ or, ‘lowered cases, when a person is tired, a good night’s rest can to sink’...can also accurately describe the feelings of easily remedy the situation. Fatigue caused by de- fatigue one can get from depression.” Me goes onto pression, on the other hand, is not rectified so sim- explain, “Sleep doesn’t re-energize.” ply. Merely Me of healthcentral.com says that, “adRestlessness Restlessness is defined as the inability to relax and causing severe fatigue. Feeling both tired and unit is a symptom that affects many with depression. able to relax can be very distressing. Restlessness It can prevent people from getting adequate sleep, can also cause irritability, and at times, even anger.

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