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N5 Sensors N5 Sensors, Inc. has developed a novel chemical and gas sensor technology for industrial, environmental, and safety monitoring. The technology combines the sensitive transduction capability of semiconducting nanostructures with the enhanced photocatalytic efficiency of nanoclusters to create microscale, low-power sensors on a single chip for detection of different target gases in the air. Blue, a detector node comprised of N5’s gas sensor chips and integrated with a multiplatform app, provides real-time tracking of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other harmful household gases.

gel-e Life Sciences gel-e Life Sciences, formerly known as Remedium Technologies, has created a proprietary life-saving technology called Hemogrip, which acts to stop traumatic bleeding rapidly. Hemogrip is able to orchestrate the self-assembly of a clot-like seal upon contact with blood. Severe hemorrhage is the leading cause of death on the battlefield; within the civilian setting, traumatic injuries are the leading cause of death among surgery patients under the age of 44. gel-e Life Sciences is dedicated to saving lives both in the field and in the operating room.

2000 2005 OTL renamed

as Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)

$1m cumulative total licensing income

UMD Office of Technology Commercialization: Impact Report  
UMD Office of Technology Commercialization: Impact Report