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World Class. Within Reach.

It’s called Ring Road. Within its bounds you will find an academic center of the highest quality. A world-class faculty of international-renowned professors. A student community that is both welcoming and ambitious. As a student of UMass Dartmouth, you will cross this road hundreds of times. To attend class, to study in the library, to conduct research, to aid the community, to meet up with your friends, to run the expanse of green lawn as if it were your own personal park. It’s called Ring Road. Within its border you will learn what is perhaps the most important lesson of all—how to succeed outside the bounds of Ring Road. Welcome to UMass Dartmouth. 2

Major: Your future

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The Decision Majors and Minors College of Arts & Sciences Residence Charlton College of Business halls College of Engineering College of Nursing College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) Community Athletics Options & Civic Engagement Your Next Steps

College of Nursing

Ring Road Charlton College of Business Residence halls

College of Engineering College of Arts & Sciences

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Athletics complex

Residence halls

UMass Dartmouth


What’s most important to you in a university? Renowned faculty. Tight-knit student community. Lively campus lifestyle. Comfortable housing. And let’s not forget affordability. Oh, so you want the whole package? We couldn’t agree more. Welcome to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where an outstanding education awaits you. Our professors are internationally recognized experts in their fields. Our graduates hold positions at numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as leading medical, governmental, and charitable organizations. And as a public institution, UMass Dartmouth provides an affordable investment in your future with tuition rates at a fraction of what private or out-of-state colleges charge. We are a forward-thinking institution bent on creating ideas and new traditions.

Our bachelor’s degree program in bioengineering prepares students for careers in fields such as biomedical research and biomanufacturing. We are the second university in the country with WiMax technology, providing wireless access on campus plus two miles beyond. Our campus is undergoing a $175 million transformation including new and updated classrooms and labs, enhanced athletic facilities and fresh new dining options. We recently installed our own wind turbine and built a LEED certified “green” library that is the academic and social heart of campus.

710 acres

All this and more at a highly respected university nestled by the shores of southern New England. An easy drive to New Bedford (think Moby Dick), the beaches of Cape Cod, the mansions of Newport (RI) and ferry service to the escape of Martha’s Vineyard. For a big city experience, Providence (RI) and Boston are all less than an hour away.

389 full-time faculty members

Is your decision starting to get any easier?


Major: Your future

13 buildings 122 classrooms 108 labs and studios 9,225 total students 7,580 undergraduate students 51:49 male to female ratio 22.6% undergrad students of color 18:1 student-to-faculty ratio Average class size: 29 59 fields of study 55 minors 586 courses offered per semester 120+ student organizations 78% of first-year students live on campus Average high school GPA 3.25 70% of students receive financial aid 12 Men’s NCAA Division III sports 13 Women’s NCAA Division III sports

World Class. Within Reach. UMass Dartmouth


We teach history, but we don’t live in the past.

Your future begins now.

In 1961, renowned architect Paul Rudolph had a vision, a vision about the landscape of the fledgling UMass Dartmouth. He saw art integrated into everyday campus life. He saw structures made from only three simple materials—concrete, steel, and glass.

With a wide variety of programs, you have the freedom expand your curriculum to open your career marketability. So if you’re an Artisanry major with hopes of opening an exclusive retail outlet, you could augment your curriculum with small business management courses from the Charlton College of Business.

His vision lives today. From the iconic Claire T. Carney Library with its characteristic overhangs overlooking the campus to the exposed interiors of textured concrete in the lounges and main buildings. Bold, brilliant, and with an eye to the future, it is in many ways a symbol for the vision of the University.

Your education at UMass Dartmouth extends beyond class discussions. You will take the knowledge you gain in the classroom and figure out how to apply it to “real world” experiences through internships, cooperative education and hands-on research, as well as opportunities like our Donald C. Howard Leadership Program.

Bigger isn’t always better. Afraid you’ll get lost in a football-stadium-sized lecture hall? Not here. At UMass Dartmouth our average class size is 29 students. Many of our courses, such as first-year math and English, are designed to be small in order to focus on one-on-one instruction. As time goes by, you’ll find the size of your classes gradually becomes smaller.


Major: Your future

Let’s Learn Together Advisors and peers are here to help you make the most of the learning process. Here are just some of the ways you’ll find support during your time at UMass Dartmouth: Academic Advising Center The Center consists of trained faculty and staff to help you with academic-related issues and other matters. Academic Resource Centers Visit one of the three campus centers to get help writing a paper or preparing for a final. Professionals as well as faculty-nominated students serve as tutors. Career Development Center Prepares you for the real world during and after your college years. Offers advice about resume writing, interviewing, internships, and other career-related matters. Counseling Center Get confidential counseling from licensed psychologists and mental health counselors to help cope with stress, anxiety, homesickness, or other life issues. Faculty Advisors Advisors are ready to help you with one-on-one mentoring in academic planning, internship opportunities, and ways you can connect to the community. Health Center Our staff of nurse practitioners, nurses and a consulting physician can evaluate and treat most everyday healthcare problems. Programs designed to promote a healthy lifestyle are also available. Technology Our learning environment is more than just comfortable— our classrooms are outfitted with today’s latest multi-media and wireless technologies. UMass Dartmouth




What will you do? What will you do? The answer is pretty much anything you want to do. With 59 fields of study to select from, there’s not much you can’t do at UMass Dartmouth.

As a student at UMass Dartmouth, you can elect to minor in one of more than 55 academic fields. Many students have found that taking courses in an area that complements their major adds dimension and depth to their education. Minors require students to complete at least 18 credits— half of them in upper level courses.

Accounting Art Ceramics Digital media Graphic design Illustration Jewelry/Metals Painting Photography Sculpture Textile design/Fiber arts Art Education Art History Bioengineering Biology General biology Marine biology Chemistry General chemistry Biochemistry Civil Engineering

English Literature/criticism Writing/communications Finance French History Liberal Arts Management Entrepreneurship and small business Leadership Management Information Systems Marketing Mathematics General mathematics Computational mathematics


Judaic studies

Political Science

Labor studies


African and African-American studies




Sociology General sociology Anthropology

Art history

Management information systems



Chemistry: biochemistry, general chemistry


Spanish Undeclared Arts & Sciences Business Engineering Visual Arts

Computer engineering

Women’s & Gender Studies

English Literature/criticism Writing/communications

Computer science Drawing

Leadership/civic engagement

Mechanical engineering Music Operations management Painting

Economics Electrical engineering

Philosophy Physics Policy studies Political science

Mechanical Engineering

Pre-professional programs

Medical Laboratory Science Biotechnology Clinical laboratory science Cytotechnology

Pre-health (includes pre-dental, pre-OT, pre-pharmacy, pre-PT, and pre-vet)

Environmental physics




Fine arts

Religious studies







Teacher preparation


Software engineering

Indic studies


International business



System software

Computer Engineering

Music General music Music education

Crime and Justice Studies



Operations Management

Electrical Engineering


Computer Science


Textile design/Fiber arts Women’s & gender studies


Major: Your future

Review the comprehensive overview of offerings:

Honors An insatiable thirst for learning? Then take your studies to the next level by being part of the UMass Dartmouth Honors Program. If you qualify, you’ll be eligible for honors housing, $300 book voucher per semester, early class registration, and the ultimate honor, graduating as a Commonwealth Scholar.

Sample Honors classes: Biology of Organisms Corporate Social Responsibility Campus Biodiversity Critical Writing and Reading Forensic Science and DNA Analysis (for the non-scientist) Principles of Microeconomics The Political Ethics of the War on Terror

“World class within reach” is definitely true. When I did a computational and pilot programming internship at the University of Maryland some students were fascinated by how much I knew... it was great. — Sidafa Conde Double major in Computational Mathematics and Business Accounting.

Major: Discovery College of Arts & Sciences What It Is With more than 30 majors ranging from biology to psychology to Portuguese, it’s no surprise that nearly half of our undergraduate students are enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences. The broad offering of programs in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences helps students prepare for a career, graduate school, or interdisciplinary studies. The popular liberal arts program allows you to customize coursework and research along a wide range of the humanities and social sciences. Thinking about being a doctor, veterinarian, dentist, or pharmacist? UMass Dartmouth offers specialized advising to students interested in pre-professional programs, such as pre-med, to maximize your chances of acceptance into the professional school of your choice. And don’t forget our UMass BaccMD Pathway program, that provides an enriched curriculum and assures that highly qualified students from UMass Dartmouth are granted admission to the UMass School of Medicine.

World Class Science The Medical Laboratory Sciences Program at UMass Dartmouth has received more awards from the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Sciences than any other institution. This integrated program was the first of its kind and includes a senior year based on a medical school model, ensuring students a smoother transition into the healthcare field. Students practice at 14 clinical sites throughout the state, including Mass General, Tufts New England, and Children’s Hospital. Graduates go on to work in biotech, medical, dental, and governmental organizations around the world. The University offers bachelor tracks in this program, including clinical laboratory science, biotechnology, and cytotechnology.


Major: Your future

The UMass Dartmouth SIFE team in New York City.

Major: Networking Charlton College of Business Seven Areas of Study The Charlton College of Business is named in honor of the late philanthropist Earle Perry Charlton, a Fall River native who built a chain of five-and-dime stores across North America during the early 1900s. In keeping with Mr. Charlton’s history of success, the college is proud to have helped shape the careers of so many businessmen and women, many of whom hold positions at industry-leading companies like Microsoft, LL Bean, and Procter & Gamble. The Charlton College of Business offers seven undergraduate major areas of study along with a comprehensive internship program that allows a student to work outside the classroom, gaining valuable hands-on experience in a realworld setting. Students also benefit from the college’s strategic partnerships with corporate leaders such as Putnam Investments and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Yet another unique opportunity at Charlton is the minor in international business, a program that combines business coursework, foreign language immersion, and overseas travel to prepare students for global markets. Charlton has full accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), a distinction given only to the nation’s most prestigious business colleges.

World Class Awards

“It’s been a big eye-opener for me as to what I may experience if I go into a market research position after graduation. I’ve been working at the Center for Marketing Research since my sophomore year. We work directly with clients trying to figure out exactly what kind of research and solutions they need.” — Justina Andonian Marketing major

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) is an international project that works with leaders in business and higher education. The goal is to mobilize university students to make a difference in their communities, while developing the skills to become socially-responsible business leaders. SIFE also sponsors collegiate competitions on a sectional and regional basis. Ranked in the top 10% nationally, our team won the 2012 Northeast SIFE Regional Championship for the third time in four years, as the only team (out of 95) to earn the “2012 All-Star Team” recognition. Way to go, Corsairs!

Spotlight on Center for Marketing Research The Center provides businesses and organizations with affordable alternative marketing services. It also allows our students to get a true taste of working in marketing, students like Justina Andonian.

UMass Dartmouth


Major: Innovation College of Engineering The College of Engineering strives to prepare graduates to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Our worldclass faculty foster an immersive, interactive learning environment while engaging in cutting-edge research.

Did you Know? You can build your own supercomputer. Dr .Guarav Khanna and students from the UMass Dartmouth Physics department did just that by harnessing the processing power of 16 Sony Playstation 3 game systems. Researchers are using the PS3 cluster to study black hole simulations, gravitational waves and Quantam Gravity modeling.


Major: Your future

As a first-year student, you can take part in the Freshman Summer Institute, a pre-college program that helps you get acquainted with the campus, faculty, and other students before school begins. You will add to your educational experience as part of IMPULSE, an innovative program that promotes real-world training to build your core of knowledge. The integrated curriculum includes calculus, engineering and physics through team activities, projects, and team-based homework assignments. You’ll use state-of-the-art computers and other equipment to conduct experiments, collect data, and analyze information as you tackle your assignments. While at the University, you may also participate in one of the college’s co-op and internship experiences, working at firms like Lockheed Martin, Apple, Volkswagen, and Bose.

Bioengineering Undergraduate Program With the U.S. Department of Labor forecasting continued strong growth in the biomedical engineering field, the College of Engineering is the first in the UMass system to offer a bioengineering undergraduate program. The program will truly prepare students to excel in the rapidly emerging biotechnology and biomedical device industry.

World Class Faculty Our reputation as a research University attracts a world class faculty including top astrophysicists, software developers and tissue engineers. Our faculty members don’t just teach; they work with students to conduct research with grants from several organizations such as the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health. Recently, the college collaborated with the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center to develop new textile technology designed to accelerate the manufacturing of camouflage uniforms. Our students are also recognized for their work, including a team that won second in an international robotics competition.

Where Are They Now? Alumni from the College of Engineering currently hold positions at companies such as EMC Naval Underwater Warfare Center (NUWC), Disney, Raytheon, and Johnson & Johnson.

“It’s very fulfilling for students to learn they can do research. It’s an aspect that a lot of students don’t always get exposure to. I think that a University education should be about more than just getting a job —being involved in research adds that richness.” — Kelly Pennel, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

UMass Dartmouth


Major: Compassion College of Nursing Fast Track to a Fast-Paced Career Our College of Nursing will help you grow from student to practicing nurse in four short years. All our nursing classes are taught by registered nurses. Many of the nurses hold doctoral degrees and are practicing clinicians. Faculty members are there with you every step of the way, helping pave a smooth transition from student into health care professional. As a new student, you will partner with a faculty member as you acclimate to the demanding world of nursing. Your education starts by developing core knowledge in medicine and science then progresses to real-world, handson training in hospitals and other healthcare settings. And when you’re ready to continue beyond your bachelor’s degree, the College of Nursing offers master’s and doctoral programs.

State-of-the-Art Nursing You’ll have access to SimSan®, an advanced model simulator that exposes you to a host of ailments you’ll treat in a real-life physical examination room. Once you’ve diagnosed his condition, you’ll track it on his chart in our media lab equipped with the latest medical and records software. Other advanced diagnostic models include a ‘Noelle’ maternal simulator. We also have numerous individual health assessment rooms and the latest care management software. Nursing students are required to participate in the Evolve Learning System which includes Virtual Hospital, case studies, and online examinations. These are just some of the ways that our world-class nursing laboratory is like having a teaching hospital on campus.

A Competitive, Nationally-Accredited School Nursing is the most competitive program at UMass Dartmouth—in fact, acceptance rates average less than 30 percent. The College of Nursing is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission and recommended by the American Nurses Association.

Where Are They Now? You can find our nursing alumni practicing all over the world including locally at Massachusetts General Hospital, UMass Memorial Medical Center and other hospitals throughout New England.


Major: Your future

Where Are They Now?

Major: Creativity

College of Visual & Performing Arts

Whether you have your sights set on being the next Van Gogh, Sondheim, Groening, or Gaga, the College of Visual & Performing Arts (CVPA) will help you showcase and expand your talent. The college is a tightknit community of artists, scholars, and musicians working together to inspire and breed creativity.

Foundation Program Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, CVPA offers specialized programs for nearly every genre. Visual arts and art education majors begin their studies with fundamental courses in drawing, 2D- and 3D-design, and visual language. Music students work one-on-one with instructors and through group performances gain an appreciation of the global music scene. Art history students find their inspiration through digital and slide images in our Visual Resource Center.

Two Campuses, One Vision Studios and classrooms can be found on our main campus as well as in the exciting Star Store, a former department store in downtown New Bedford. The Star Store was converted into a modern urban arts complex with spacious studios, galleries, and state-of-the-art equipment. Most students take classes at both campuses—a fast, free shuttle bus called the LOOP connects the two. The Star Store is also home to the University Art Gallery, which features exhibitions by artists of local, national and international renown.

CVPA students are recruited locally, regionally, and nationally for their technical skills, preparedness, and creative problem solving abilities. Our graduates become professional artists, musicians, and scholars. Many can be found in creative positions at major organizations like DC Comics, Ralph Lauren, and the Fashion Institute of Technology. •

Scott Wells, BFA Sculpture, ’91, is a Character Artist at Treyarch, an Activision Studio in Santa Monica, CA. Scott worked on a team responsible for creating all of the characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops that required digital sculpture, modeling and texture.

Michael Brolly, MFA Wood/Furniture Design, ’08, was recently awarded the “Excellence in Design of the Future” achievement by the Smithsonian with a body of work that he began during his time at UMass Dartmouth.

Bethany Laprade, BFA Textile Design/Fiber Arts, ’02, is the Owner/Designer for the KAYA Couture Collection in Los Angeles. She designs up-scale, young girls and bridal apparel.

• Annette Arabasz, BFA Digital Media, ’07, is a web designer at Mindfire Interactive in Boston. UMass Dartmouth


Being a Student

Getting Involved


College is more than just textbooks, seminars, lectures and homework. A major part of your time at UMass Dartmouth will be spent forming lasting relationships and becoming a vital part of the campus community. Being a student here is about working hard, but it’s also about having fun, like scoring a mention from the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest snowball ever. How cool is that?

Every September, the Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership Office (SAIL) sponsors the Corsair Fair, a campus-wide event showcasing more than 120 organizations. You’re bound to find a student group that interests you, such as: Habitat for Humanity Ski & Snowboard Club Anime Club Social Change Society Humans vs. Zombies Hillel Theatre Company Dance Team Torch Newspaper

We have 14 residence halls and four integrated living/ learning communities. Most freshman live in the ‘freshman quad’ rooms with suite-style living—the majority are double rooms although singles, triples and quads are available. Our first-year buildings are co-ed, but each suite is same sex. Resident rooms feature telephones, high speed Internet access, furniture, and unlimited laundry. (Won’t Mom be happy!)

A Diverse Campus We are diverse yet inclusive. Roughly one-quarter of our students are of color. Many student clubs celebrate this diversity, as do we. We have a non-denominational reflection room in the Campus Center as a quiet place for prayer and meditation. To learn more about other cultures, we created the Frederick Douglass Unity House, which students find both welcoming and illuminating. In order to enhance the relationships between cultures and communities, the University established the Council on Cultural Diversity and Pluralism. It is made up of students, staff, faculty and administrators committed to promoting cultural diversity and pluralism within the UMass Dartmouth community. The University embraces cultural diversity not only because it is educational and ethically sound, but because it is vital to our future prosperity and global well-being.

Accessibility We are committed to an equal education for every student. The Center for Access and Success provides tools that help all of our students excel. Services include peer note taking, alternative testing arrangements, sign language interpretation, and advising.

You can also start your own organization. The SAIL office provides training, support, and even funding for your new club. Think you’ve got leadership potential? Run for a seat on the Student Government Association or become a Resident Assistant.

Go Greek UMass Dartmouth has 11 active Greek organizations on campus including four fraternities, five sororities, and two that are co-ed. Taking part in Greek Life will enhance your leadership skills, provide opportunities for you to serve the campus and surrounding community, and develop lifelong friendships.

Staying Tuned From reggae to metal to show tunes, WUMD 89.3 is your campus radio station. You can stream live at Want to read about all that’s going on? Pick up The Torch, our campus newspaper.

Staying Healthy Massachusetts law requires that full-time students have comprehensive health insurance. UMass Dartmouth offers student health insurance plans. We also provide Health Services, an outpatient facility that evaluates and treats minor problems and helps students with chronic health problems.


Major: Your future

Finding a Roommate Are you a clean freak? Early riser? Do you listen to loud music? A simple questionnaire will help us match you with a roommate that best suits your personality and lifestyle. Want to room with a student you already know? You can do that, too.

Getting Around All students, including freshman, are allowed to have a car while on campus. A parking decal (purchased for a nominal fee) is all you need. No car? Our Corsair Shuttle will get you where you need to go. It makes stops not only throughout the campus, but also to nearby shopping and restaurants. City buses make regular runs to the New Bedford and Fall River transportation terminals, where you can transfer to a Boston or Providence bound bus.

Chowing Down From pizza to stir-fry, sandwiches to Belgian waffles, you won’t go hungry. There are 14 venues on campus, some serving until 2 a.m. Our array of dining options reflect what students have told us they wanted: lots of choices, the freshest ingredients, healthy options including vegan and vegetarian selections, and plenty of Starbucks for late night study sessions. It’s all here. Much of it from local farmers. We even have a registered nutritionist on hand ready to dish out nutritional information, menu planning ideas, cooking demonstrations, and assistance to students with special dietary needs.

Get the whole story online at:x

UMass Dartmouth



Major: Your future

Get your game on! Ahoy, Mateys! We’re the Corsairs! (That’s ‘pirates’ to you landlubbers.) Worthy adversaries. Towers of strength. Forces to be reckoned with. The Corsair is our mascot because he represents the adventurous, courageous spirit of our student athletes and the pride of our campus. Arrrgh!!! The Corsairs have a long and impressive history of outstanding performance and can boast of one of the most extensive NCAA Division III intercollegiate athletic programs in New England. More than 500 UMass Dartmouth students participate in one or more of our 25 teams. In addition to successes on the court and in the field, our student athletes excel in the classroom, earning higher average GPAs than the student population at large. In fact, more than 180 of our athletes made the Dean’s or Chancellor’s List.

Intramural Sports Our Intramural Program offers students, faculty, and staff a number of athletic and wellness activities, including indoor soccer, roller hockey, ultimate Frisbee and more. On average, roughly 2,000 students—more than a quarter of our undergraduates—participate in at least one intramural squad during the school year.

GO COSAIRS Women’s Intercollegiate Sports Basketball Cross-Country Equestrian Field Hockey Lacrosse Sailing Soccer Softball Swimming & Diving Tennis Track & Field (indoor & outdoor) Volleyball

Men’s Intercollegiate Sports Baseball Basketball Cross-Country Football Golf Ice Hockey Lacrosse Soccer Swimming & Diving Tennis Track & Field (indoor & outdoor)

Did you Know? Corsairs find success on the court. Men’s Head Basketball Coach, Brian Baptiste, is a member of the inaugural Little East Hall of Fame. During his 29 years on the bench, he has lead his teams to more than 500 victories, 19 post season berths and 11 conference championships. Coach Baptiste is one of many shining examples of Corsair Pride! UMass Dartmouth


Major: Options

Major: Civic Engagement

Study Abroad

Community Involvement

Our International Programs Office will help you plan and find finances for a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience. Study for a year, a semester, or during a school break. You decide. We have exchange agreements with partner schools in Germany, France, Australia, and Portugal — just to name a few — that let you study abroad for about the same cost as a semester at UMass Dartmouth. Scholarships and financial aid are available. Study abroad not only introduces you to new people, cultures and perspectives, it also teaches self-confidence, adaptability, and teamwork skills, adding greater depth to your entire college experience.

Our Leduc Center for Civic Engagement helps students serve our neighboring areas in a number of ways, some of which include course credit or work-study employment. If you’d like to help the lives of those living in the area, you can participate in events such as Make a Difference Day and Relay for Life or join groups like Habitat for Humanity. Student engagement at UMass Dartmouth has received national attention, including recognition from the Carnegie Foundation and a place on the President’s Community Service Honor Roll. New initiatives, such as our School of Education, Public Policy & Civic Engagement (SEPPCE), continue to connect the students, faculty, and staff of the University with our neighbors.

30-Credit MBA In a hurry? Here’s something definitely worth keeping in mind. It’s our 30-credit Charlton College Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. It allows you the opportunity to complete your MBA in one calendar year while attending full-time. If you need flexibility, you can attend part-time and progress at your own pace. The program offers online, blended, and as well as onsite classes, all taught by leading scholars in their fields.

At UMass Dartmouth, Blue + Gold = Green. World firsts. Students actively learning. Graduates leading. UMass Dartmouth was the first university in the world to publish a sustainability report that met the highest level of the most widely used standard in the world. Equally remarkable, the report was the work product of students. In parallel, and also involving students, UMass Dartmouth conducted a campus sustainability assessment involving virtually every department and facility on campus.

“3+3” Law School Program Always an innovator, UMass Dartmouth is home to the first public law school in Massachusetts. In that spirit of innovation, the University offers a unique “3+3” program, under which qualifying undergraduates may substitute their first year at the law school for their senior year at the University. In other words, you can earn your bachelor’s degree and your Juris Doctor Degree in six years rather than seven.

Dual Degree to Teaching (BA-MAT) Take the fast track to your master’s degree by enrolling in the BA-MAT your junior year. By working to finish your bachelor’s degree requirements at the same time you’re taking education courses, you can graduate in five years with a bachelor’s degree in your subject area, a master’s degree in teaching, and an initial license to teach in Massachusetts for five years. Two degrees + one teaching license = major efficiency.


Major: Your future

Our Green Navigators are students who actively improve sustainability practices and awareness in recycling, energy conservation, composting, and waste reduction. We offer Sustainability Studies classes, giving students a wealth of learning opportunities, including the chance to engage in cutting-edge research. As home to over 300 acres of woodlands, we are a living classroom for sustainability. UMass Dartmouth also trains teachers for sustainability education. Based on this preparation, our graduates have gone on to deploy these best practices in the world; some have even started companies that relate to sustainability challenges, such as alternative fuel businesses.

Did you Know? Our students know the meaning of community service. In 2011-12, UMass Dartmouth students, faculty and staff committed more than 175,000 hours of service. UMass Dartmouth was recognized as being among the top 1% of educational institutions, out of more than 640, on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. We were the only top honoree in Massachusetts and only one of two in New England. If you want to make a difference, UMD is the place to do it!

UMass Dartmouth


Next Steps I’m Ready to Visit

Transfer Students

When you visit our campus, you’re one of us for a day. Our knowledgeable student guides will give you an informative look at UMass Dartmouth while our Admissions staff walks you through the application process in our Blue and Gold Welcome Center. We welcome your visit on any weekday or on select Saturdays during the school year. Admissions Counselors are available before and after your tour to answer questions.

Our Admissions Office welcomes transfer students and is committed to maximizing the transfer of your previous coursework and credits. UMass Dartmouth has formal agreements with all Massachusetts state public community colleges as well as with Dean College, Quincy College, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, and the Community College of Rhode Island. These agreements provide qualified students with guidance about pursuing a bachelor’s degree along with expedited admission to UMass Dartmouth. To learn more about transferring, visit

We hold open house events throughout the year so you may have the opportunity to get a more thorough look at UMass Dartmouth. Our entire on-campus community comes together to share information and experiences that will help you see our campus in action. Sign up for a tour or any of our events online at

I’m Ready to Apply Our application process is simple and efficient. Admissions Counselors review your application based on the following requirements: • a completed UMass Dartmouth online or paper application or Common Application with UMass Dartmouth supplement • a non-refundable application fee ($40 for MA residents, $60 for non-residents/international students) • an official high school transcript including 16 units of college prep courses • an official result of your SAT 1 (math and critical reading scores) or ACT • a personal essay • one letter of recommendation Additionally, applicants in Visual Arts (excluding art history) must submit a portfolio for review in person or electronically through SlideRoom at, while music majors must contact the Music Department at 508.999.8568 to schedule an in-person audition and theory placement test.

Alternative Admissions UMass Dartmouth also offers two alternative admissions programs, College Now and START. These programs are designed for students who have completed high school or its equivalent, and want to do university-level work, but whose academic performance has been affected by certain social, education, or economic obstacles. These programs have an application priority deadline of February 1. For more information, visit


Major: Your future

Tuition You’ve probably seen the tuition charges at private universities and out of state schools. Pretty intimidating. But at UMass Dartmouth you can get a great education at an affordable rate. Even when you add in the cost of room & board, books, fees, etc., you’ll find a UMass Dartmouth diploma is one of the region’s best values in education.

Financial Aid Need help paying for college? Contact our Financial Aid Department, Between scholarships, grants, loans, and work study, they’ll show you ways to make it happen.

Additional Information UMass Dartmouth operates on rolling admissions, which means that a decision will be made as soon as possible once we receive and review your completed application. While there is no cut-off deadline, some programs such as nursing, biology and psychology are competitive; therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply early. The Nursing Program has a priority application deadline of February 1. Enrollment to the College is very competitive. Due to the limited number of spaces, students who are not admitted upon initial evaluation, may be placed on a wait list. UMass Dartmouth will review the wait list no later than early May. Wait list candidates are encouraged to strongly indicate an interest in remaining under consideration. We can’t fit everything about UMass Dartmouth into this book. If you have questions, ask away. You may reach us by phone or by email— we’re ready to help you take the next steps.

UMass Dartmouth


Cost of Attendance (rates are subject to change, please visit our web site for most up to date figures) Tuition plus fees (full year rates) Tuition plus room & board and fees

Mass Residents $11,681.00 $22,255.00*

Out-of-state $23,028.00 $33,602.00*

Regional/Proximity $14,722.00 $25,296.00*

(based on 19 meal plan and double room for a full year) *includes a $339 telecommunications fee—resident students only Tuition Only




$9,629.00 $225.00 $155.00 $160.00 $95.00

$14,294.00 $225.00 $155.00 $160.00 $95.00

$11,961.50 $225.00 $155.00 $160.00 $95.00




$18.00 $2,102.00

$18.00 $2,102.00

$18.00 $2,102.00

Mandatory Fees Curriculum Support Athletics Fee Student Fee Campus Center Fee Health Fee Total Mandatory Fees Optional Fees Mass PIRG Health Insurance Individual College Fees Arts & Sciences (based on student’s registered major) Business Engineering Nursing Visual & Performing Arts CVPA: Applied Music Fee

$340.00–$690.00 $330.00 $690.00 $490.00 $755.00 $500.00

$330.00 $330.00 $690.00 $690.00 $490.00 $490.00 $755.00 $755.00 $500.00 $500.00

One-time only Fees Orientation (Freshmen) Orientation (Transfers) Transcript Fee

$250.00 $150.00 $75.00

$250.00 $150.00 $75.00

First Year Student Housing Triple/quad $6,545.00 Other Student Housing Options $6,545.00–$8,575.00 Meal Plans 19 Meal Plan 14 Meal Plan 10 Meal Plan 5 Meal Plan

$3,534.00 $3,434.00 $3,076.00 $2,936.00 (this plan is not available for freshmen)

$250.00 $150.00 $75.00

Double Single $6,701.00 $7,498.00

Regional/Proximity Program The Regional Student Program enables New England students to earn degrees in areas not offered by their home-state public colleges and universities at a significant discount. More information can be found at Through the Proximity Program, discounted rates apply to students whose permanent home address is in either Bristol or Newport counties in Rhode Island.

Complete admissions information can be found at:


7A 7

6 5



Directions to our main campus


Campus Ctr


From Boston and points north Route 128/93 to Route 24 south. At exit 12 take Route 140 south to exit 2, Route I-195 west to exit 12A.


CVPA Welcome Center


Admissions RT LA 1

From Cape Cod and points east Route I-195 west through New Bedford to exit 12A.




From Providence, RI and points west Route I-195 east through Fall River, MA to exit 12.



13 14



From Exits 12 or 12A to the UMass Dartmouth campus Take right off exit onto Faunce Corner Road. Proceed south, traveling across Route 6 onto Old Westport Road. 13A



At fork, bear right, staying on Old Westport Road. Campus is one mile on left. Follow signs to visitor parking lot 5. Admissions Office visitors should follow the signs to Admissions parking.


Phone: 508.999.8605

Email: admissions@umassd.ed


UMass Dartmouth Viewbook  

a snapshot of the UMass Dartmouth campus for prospective students and their families

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