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Sorority Life at the University of Maryland

Table of Contents pg. 3… Letter from the VP of Recruitment pg. 5… Meet your Panhellenic Executive Board pg.6… Meet your Recruitment Team pg.7… Recruitment Schedule pg. 8… Round Descriptions pg. 11… Recruitment Attire pg. 12… Panhellenic Creed pg. 13… PHA Chapters at UMD and Info pg. 29… Greek Lingo pg. 30… FAQ’s

A Word from the VP of Recruitment

The Panhellenic Association’s Commitment to Inclusion

The Panhellenic Association at the University of Maryland is committed to including women from all different walks of life. Any person who identifies as a woman is allowed to go through recruitment. The Panhellenic Association makes an active effort to include all women who are interested in the values of sororities at the University of Maryland regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

your guide to sorority life at


Adviser Kahlin McKeown

VP Risk Management Sadie Isakower

VP Accountability Lauren Koenig

VP External Affairs Kate Shannon

Panhellenic Executive Board

VP Recruitment Sydney Lufsey

VP Community Excellence Emily Zhang

VP Membership Development Anja Aniere

President Shelby Brown

VP Public Relations Samantha Waldenberg

VP Administrative Affairs Jessica Hayes

VP Diversity & Inclusion Jessica Sirota

Recruitment Team

VP Recruitment Sydney Lufsey

Assistant VP Recruitment Erica Sandidge

Rho Gamma Coordinator Stephanie Hughes

President Shelby Brown

Rho Gamma Coordinator Heather Madigan

Formal Recruitment Schedule Weekend 1 Thursday, January 25th - PNM Orientation Friday, January 26th - Values Round Saturday, January 27th - Values Round Sunday, January 28th- Philanthropy Round

Friday, February 2nd- Sisterhood Round Saturday, February 3rd- Preference Round Sunday, February 4th- Bid Day Round

Values Round There are 16 sororities participating in each round of recruitment. During round one, you will visit each of the 16 sororities for 25 minutes at a time. These 16 parties will be spread over two days, so you will visit eight chapters one day and eight chapters the other day. The purpose of this round of recruitment is to introduce potential new members to all of the Panhellenic sororities in our Greek community.

Philanthropy Round This round allows you to visit up to 12 sororities to learn about their philanthropic organizations and other community service projects they participate in throughout the school year. At each of the parties you attend, you will view a short video that pertains to that sorority’s specific philanthropy. Our chapters are very involved in their philanthropies on campus and nationwide which brings our community together in a unique way. This round will give you the opportunity to gain insight into what we are most passionate about.

Sisterhood Round During round three you may visit up to seven sororities for 45 minutes each. The fun and entertaining atmosphere during this round of recruitment makes it a favorite for both potential new members and sorority women. At each of the parties, you will get to see how each sorority values their sisterhood. Chapters may have rooms decorated to show off a philanthropy event, or have a memory wall. This round will give you a deeper look at the personalities of the women in the sorority as well as the sorority as a whole.

Preference Round Preference gives you the opportunity to visit up to two sororities for an hour each. This round of recruitment is the most special because you are invited to be a part of an intimate chapter ceremony. Generally, you will be hosted by a member of the sorority whom you have already met and might have gotten along with especially well.

Bid Day Bid Day is the last day of the recruitment period. This is the day that invitations to join sororities are extended. Your Rho Gamma will inform you of the time and place to meet and receive your invitation. After a small Bid Day celebration with your Rho Gamma and group, you will meet your new member class and sorority sisters. You will go to your sorority's house with your new member class, where everyone will welcome you. There are usually activities planned for you to get acquainted with your new sisters. You will be given a t-shirt by your new sorority, so wear something that is easy to layer over top of.

What to Wear Round 1 & 2: Values Round & Philanthropy Round The dress for this round is casual; comfort is key! You will be visiting all 16 chapters in the first two days and will be doing a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes or boots are recommended. Jeans are appropriate, as well as flats or boots and a nice, casual top. Dress warm and comfortable because you will be outside in winter and it will most likely be cold.

Round 3: Sisterhood Round During round three the attire is similar to rounds one and two, but a little nicer. Jeans, a blouse, or a casual dress with boots, booties, or flats are common of both potential new members and sorority members.

Round 4: Preference Round This is the most formal round, and a nice skirt or dress is appropriate to wear to Preference. You may also want to wear heels because you will only be visiting a maximum of two sororities. It is common to bring extra layers and comfortable shoes to wear in between rounds when walking from house to house.

Panhellenic Creed We, as undergraduate members of women's fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide fraternity activities. We, as Fraternity Women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.

Alpha Chi Omega Motto: Together let us seek the heights Nickname: AChiO, Alpha Chi Colors: scarlet red and olive green Symbol: Lyre Flower: Red carnation National Founding Date: October 15, 1885 UMD Founding Date: 1937 Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness Chapter House Address: 4525 College Ave Academic requirements: 2.8

President: Ally Johnson Membership/Recruitment Contact: Mary Beth Miller (marybmiller15@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $1,192 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $797 Room and Board Cost: $4,930/semester

Twitter: @AlphaChi_UMD Instagram: @umdaxo Tumblr: umdaxo.tumblr.com

Alpha Delta Pi Motto: We live for each other Nickname: ADPi Colors: Azure Blue and White Symbol: Diamond Mascot: Lion (Alphie the Lion) Flower: Woodland Violet National Founding Date: May 15, 1851 UMD Founding Date: 1940 Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Charities New Member Program length: 4-6 weeks Chapter House Address: 4535 College Ave Academic requirements: 2.8 GPA

President: Krysten Diaz-Silveria Membership/Recruitment Contact: Juliana Macrini (betaphirvp@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $1328.00 Semester Dues (Regular Member): Out-of-house: $1165.00 In-house: $796 Room and Board Cost: $5095.00/ semester

Twitter: @umdadpi Instagram: @umdadpi Tumblr: umdadpi.tumblr.com

Alpha Epsilon Phi Motto: Many hearts one purpose Nickname: AEPhi Colors: Green and white Symbol: Columns & Giraffe Mascot: Giraffe Flower: Lily of the Valley National Founding Date: October 24, 1909 UMD Founding Date: 1943 Philanthropy: Sharsheret and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation Chapter House Address: 11 Fraternity row Academic requirements: 2.8 GPA

President: Kendall Hurwitz Membership/Recruitment Contact: Alexandra Discolo (alexdiscolo@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $1,285 Semester Dues (Sophomores/Juniors): $975 Semester Dues (Seniors): $0 Room and Board Cost:$5,180/semester Additional Expenses:

Twitter: @AEPhiUMD Instagram: @aephi_umd Tumblr: umdaephi.tumblr.com/

Alpha Omicron Pi Motto: Inspire Ambition Nickname: AOII Color: Cardinal Symbol: Rose and panda Mascot: Panda Flower: Jacqueminot Rose National Founding Date: January 2, 1897 UMD Founding Date: October 25, 1924 Philanthropy: The Arthritis Foundation New Member Program length: 6 weeks Chapter House Address: 4517 College Avenue Academic requirements: 2.8

President: Nicole Lynch Membership/Recruitment Contact: Erin Moser (erinmoser1@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $1,686 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $550 Room and Board Cost: $10,591/year Additional Expenses: Initiated out of house development fee $900/year

Twitter: @umdAOII Instagram: @umdaoii Tumblr: aoii-umd.tumblr.com

Alpha Phi Motto: Union hand in hand Nickname: APhi Color: Silver and Bordeaux Symbol: Ivy Mascot: Phi bear Flower: Lily of the Valley and the Forget-Me-Not National Founding Date: October 10, 1872 Philanthropy: Alpha Phi Foundation in support of women’s heart health New Member Program length: 6 weeks Chapter House Address: 7402 Princeton Ave Academic requirements: 2.8

President: Annie Gosse Membership/Recruitment Contact: Madison Nordyke (madisonnordyke@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $1,600 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $710 per semester for underclassmen $610 per semester for seniors Room and Board Cost: $12,000 a year

Twitter: @umdalphaphi Instagram: @umdalphaphi Tumblr: umdalphaphi.tumblr.com

Alpha Xi Delta Motto: Realize Your Potential Nickname: AXiD, Alpha xi Colors: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Gold Symbol: The Coat of Arms Mascot: BetXi Bear Flower: Pink Rose National Founding Date: April 17, 1893 UMD Founding Date: 1934–2000, 2012 Philanthropy: Autism Speaks New Member Program length: 6 weeks Chapter House Address: 4517 Knox Road Academic requirements: GPA of 2.7

President: Laura Spector Membership/Recruitment Contact: Jennah Lupiwok (jennahmay@yahoo.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $642 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $770 Room and Board Cost: $5,850

Twitter: @UMDalphaxidelta Instagram: @axid_umd Tumblr: alphaxiumd.tumblr.com

Delta Delta Delta Motto: “Let us steadfastly love one another.” Nickname: Tri Delt, Tri Delta Colors: Silver, Gold, Cerulean Blue Mascot: Dolphin Flower: Pansy National Founding Date: 1888 UMD Founding Date: 1934 Philanthropy: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital New Member Program length: 6 weeks Chapter House Address: 4604 College Avenue, College Park, MD Academic requirements: 2.8

President: Maddie Cohee Membership/Recruitment Contact: Lauren Scaringi (trideltavpm@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $2,206 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $1,735 Room and Board Cost: $3,505 Additional Expenses: Dining Service $2,165

Instagram: @umdtridelta Tumblr: umdtridelta.tumblr.com

Delta Gamma Motto: Do Good Nickname: DG Colors: Bronze, Pink and Blue Symbol: Anchor Mascot: Hannah Doll Flower: Cream Colored Rose National Founding Date: Dec 25th, 1873 UMD Founding Date: 1945 Philanthropy: Service for Sight, Delta Gamma Foundation New Member Program length: 6 weeks Chapter House Address: 4518 Knox Road Academic requirements: 2.75

President: Lauren Anne Carroll Membership/Recruitment Contact: Emily Delinski (recruitdg@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $1,129 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $448/fall & $325/Spring Room and Board Cost: $4,464 Additional Expenses:

Twitter: @DG_UMD Instagram: @dgumd Tumblr: http://dgumd.tumblr.com/

Delta Phi Epsilon Motto: Esse Quam Videri; “To be rather than to seem to be” Nickname: Deeph, DPhiE Colors: Royal Purple and Pure Gold Symbol: Equilateral Triangle Mascot: Unicorn Flower: The Lovely Purple Iris National Founding Date: March 17, 1917 UMD Founding Date: 1963 Philanthropy: Cystic Fibrosis, Anorexia Associated Disorders (ANAD), Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation New Member Program length: 6 weeks Chapter House Address: 4514 Knox Road Academic requirements: 2.8 GPA

President: Lena Bakalian Membership/Recruitment Contact: Mara Zankman (recruitment.delta.xi@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $900 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $675 Semester Dues (Seniors): $480 Room and Board Cost: $6,560/semester

Twitter: @dphie_umd Instagram: @dphie_umd Tumblr: dphieumd.tumblr.com

Gamma Phi Beta Motto: Founded on a rock Nickname: Gamma Phi, GPhi Colors: Brown and mode Symbol: Crescent moon Flower: Pink carnation National Founding Date: November 11, 1874 UMD Founding Date: October 23, 1940 Philanthropy: Building Strong Girls and Girls on the Run New Member Program length: 6 weeks Chapter House Address: 8 Fraternity Row Academic requirements: 2.8 GPA

President: Allison Hannahs Membership/Recruitment Contact: Andi Cwieka (umdgpbmvp@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $442 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $1,020 Out of House, $685 In House Room and Board Cost: $10,600/year

Twitter: @UMDGammaPhiBeta Instagram: @UMDGammaPhiBeta Tumblr: umdgammaphi.tumblr.com

Kappa Alpha Theta Motto: Leading Women Nickname: Theta Colors: Black and Gold Symbol: The Kite Flower: Gold Pansey National Founding Date: Feb 14th, 1870 UMD Founding Date: Feb 15th, 1947 Philanthropy: CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) & Theta Foundation New Member Program length: 7 weeks Chapter House Address: 7407 Princeton Ave Academic requirements: 2.8

President: Maddie DeRegis Membership/Recruitment Contact: Mackenzie Genthe (mackenzie.genthe@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $177 Semester Dues (Regular Member): Out of House $1,152, In House $530 Room and Board Cost: Room: $4,000 Board: $2,000 per semester Twitter: @umdtheta Instagram: @umdtheta Tumblr:http://umdtheta.tumblr.com/

Kappa Delta Motto: Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest Nickname: KD Colors: Pearl white and olive green Symbol: Nautilus shell, dagger, diamond shape Mascot: Teddy bear Flower: White rose National Founding Date: October 23 1897 UMD Founding Date: 1929 Philanthropy: Girl Scouts of the USA and Prevent Child Abuse America New Member Program length: 6 weeks Chapter House Address: 4610 College Ave President: Isabella Olive Membership/Recruitment Contact: Lily Ebrahimi-Qajar (Alpharhorecruitment@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $674.20 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $507.20 Room and Board Cost: $10,700/year Additional Expenses: $75 Facility Fee per year (for all members)

Twitter: @UMDKappaDelta Instagram: @umdkd Tumblr: kappadeltaumd.tumblr.com

Phi Sigma Sigma Motto: Diokete Hupsala (Aim High) Nickname: Phi Sig Colors: King Blue and Gold Symbol: Sphinx Jewel: Sapphire Flower: American Beauty Rose National Founding Date: Nov 26, 1913 UMD Founding Date: 1936 Philanthropy: Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation New Member Program length: 6 Weeks Chapter House Address: 4531 College Ave Academic requirements: 2.8

President: Maddie Berman Membership/Recruitment Contact: Adrienne Frank ( abfrank@terpmail.umd.edu)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $1,000 Semester Dues (Regular Member): Senior: $600/year, Junior: $650/year, Sophomore: $700/year Room and Board Cost: $5,600/semester Additional Expenses: Abroad Dues: $475/semester Instagram: @phisigumd Tumblr: http://umdphisig.tumblr.com

Sigma Delta Tau Motto: “Patriae Multae Spes Una” –One Hope of Many People Nickname: SDT Colors: Café Au Lait and Old Blue Symbol: Jeweled Torch Mascot: Teddy Bear Flower: Golden Tea Rose National Founding Date: March 25, 1917 UMD Founding Date: March 22, 1952 Philanthropy: Prevent Child Abuse America & Jewish Women International & Women for Women International New Member Program length: 6 weeks Chapter House Address: 4516 Knox Road Academic requirements: Overall GPA: 2.8

President: Jordan Levine Membership/Recruitment Contact: Abby Grossman & Vanessa Lewinsky (vprecruitment4516@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $1,150/semester Semester Dues (Regular Member):$820 Room and Board Cost: Fall semester: $7,065, Spring Semester: $6080 Twitter: @sdt_umd Instagram: @sdt_umd Tumblr: http://sdtmaryland.tumblr.com

Sigma Kappa Motto: One Heart, One Way Nickname: Sig Kap Colors: Maroon and Lavender Symbol: Dove Flower: Wild Purple Violet National Founding Date: Nov 9, 1874 UMD Founding Date: April 27, 1940 Philanthropy: Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology, Maine Sea Coast Mission, and Alzheimer's Research New Member Program length: 7 weeks Chapter House Address: 10 Frat Row Academic requirements: 2.6 (2.9 as a New Member)

President: Maria Janush Membership/Recruitment Contact: Antonia Dolan (skbzvpm@gmail.com)

Semester Dues (Regular Member): $550 Additional Expenses: $240 for Parlor Fees

Twitter: @UMDSigmaKappa Instagram: @sigmakappaumd Tumblr: sigmakappaumd.tumblr.com

Zeta Tau Alpha Motto: Seek the Noblest Nickname: Zeta Colors: Turquoise and Grey Symbol: Crown Mascot: Strawberry Flower: White Violet National Founding Date: Oct 15, 1898 UMD Founding Date: March 10th, 1990 Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Education and Awareness New Member Program length: 5 weeks Chapter House Address: 12 Frat Row Academic requirements: GPA of 2.8

President: Emma Houck Membership/Recruitment Contact: Peyton Cassidy (iotaomegarecruitment@gmail.com)

New Member Dues/Expenses: $1,162 Semester Dues (Regular Member): $1,228 Room and Board Cost: $5,032 (rent and dues)

Twitter: @UMDZTA Instagram: @umdzta Tumblr: umdzta.tumblr.com

Terminology Bid A formal invitation to join a particular fraternity or sorority. Big Sister An active mem-ber of a fraternity or sorority who serves as a sponsor, advisor and special friend to a new member, guiding him/her through the new member program and initiation. Chapter A local group of the larger inter/na-tional organization, designated by a special Greek name. Legacy The brother or sister, son or daughter, or grandson or granddaughter of a fraternity or sorority member. Each local chapter has its own policy regarding legacies. Being a legacy does NOT mean automatic membership into that chapter. Nonetheless, preference is sometimes given to legacies. Membership Recruitment/Rush The process of mutual selection between a prospective member & active chapter. Potential New Member (PNM) A college woman or man who is participating in Formal Membership Recruitment. Rho Gamma A sorority or fraternity member who has disaffiliated from their chapter during formal recruitment. The recruitment guide or “Rho Gamma� s specially trained to help Potential New Members and answer any questions they may have about membership. Sister A term used by sorority members to refer to one another.

Frequently Asked Questions How does the selection process work? The selection process is mutual. You are able to choose which sororities you would like to return to and the sororities will choose who they would like to invite back. Most often, the chapters you feel most comfortable returning to will also feel the same way. What are the GPA requirements for joining a sorority? You must have a 2.5 GPA and 12 credits in order to participate in sorority recruitment. While most houses require a 2.8 GPA to join, we still encourage those who do not have this GPA to attend fall open houses in order to better prepare for formal recruitment in the spring. How do I know which chapter is for me? Going through the recruitment process can be a challenging time because all 16 chapters are so incredible. It can be very tough to choose which chapter you would like to be a member of. To help choose a chapter, think about which place you feel most comfortable. Imagine yourself out of the recruitment process talking and hanging out with these women on a regular basis. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and just try to think about a chapter that comes to mind. If you are having difficulty choosing, there are many people who are around to help with your decision. How much of a time commitment is joining a sorority? Joining a sorority is definitely a sizable time commitment. Chapters have weekly chapter meetings and various mandatory events throughout the semester that will be on weekday nights and over the weekend. The goal of being in a sorority is to better yourself, so many of these mandatory programs will focus on topics that will help you become build skills and confidence to use in your college life and beyond. Do sororities haze at the University of Maryland? No, hazing is strictly prohibited on this campus. At the University of Maryland, we hold ourselves to the values and principles that our organizations were founded upon. A member of the Greek Community is held accountable as an individual in a chapter, a peer in a fraternal community and a member of the campus community. We build and enforce policies to recognize our shared mission as a community to prepare individuals for a responsible citizenship. For more information, read the University of Maryland Hazing Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I sign my bid? When you sign your bid, you accept the invitation to join that chapter. Once you have accepted this invitation, you will start your new member period with the chapter. What happens if I regret my decision after signing a bid? After signing a bid, you are bound to that chapter for one year. This means you are not able to go through the recruitment process or sign a bid for another chapter until that year is over. If you become an initiated member of that chapter then you are not allowed to join a sorority for the rest of your college career. However, if you do not get initiated you can go through the recruitment process after the one year period has subsided. What happens if I have to miss a round during spring recruitment? If for any reason you have to miss a party during recruitment, you must tell your Rho Gamma as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that if you do not attend specific events, it is the sorority’s decision as to whether or not they invite you to attend their party during the next round. We strongly encourage you to attend every party during recruitment, so you can maximize your information and opportunities during recruitment and to help make your decision making process easier! Will there be opportunities to live in my chapter house once I accept a bid? Yes! All 16 sororities have houses at the University of Maryland that sleep between 28-65 members, with the average number of in house sisters around 35 members. Many chapters ask their newest pledge classes move in for the next school year to better acclimate them to the chapter/Greek community. Additionally, many chapters require all leadership/executive board members to live in the chapter house. What is a Rho Gamma? During the recruitment process, you will be assigned to a Rho Gamma group led by your Rho Gamma. Your Rho Gamma will help you throughout the recruitment process. The Rho Gammas are members of our Panhellenic Recruitment Team and each has promised not to reveal her sorority affiliation. Therefore, she can give you unbiased guidance and advice throughout the process. Who is the Panhellenic recruitment process open to? We are open to anyone who meets the eligibility recruitment of 12 credits and above a 2.5 GPA and who identifies as a woman. Our chapters are accepting of all women regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. There is no one type of Panhellenic sorority women, we encourage all interested women to go through the recruitment process.


Profile for UMD Panhellenic Association

Recruitment Guidebook  

A guide to sorority life at the University of Maryland.

Recruitment Guidebook  

A guide to sorority life at the University of Maryland.

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