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LED Lighting Shelf

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The brilliant future: the LED lighting shelf The subject of lighting as a design form gained new impetus with the revolutionary development of the LED. The ability to regulate the brightness and colour of light combined with the versatile optical characteristics of the LED source make new technical solutions possible. The word “accentuation” describes the current changes taking place in the product world, which was hitherto excessively flooded with light. Increasing numbers of stores are changing over to the practice of using deliberate lighting effects to lead their customers (on), thereby sparking off the desire to purchase. The LED lighting shelf with integrated busbar inside the upright is an impressive result of the synergy between energy savings and functional lighting. The power cable, which is not visible, was specially designed for the modular Basixx system series. This innovative development is suitable for the typical needs of all sectors and is available exclusively through UMDASCH Shopfitting.

Advantages of the LED-lighting shelf:

Specially suited to:

—— Illuminated goods —— Increased product awareness —— Very simple handling (Shelves are height-adjustable) —— Upgrading for Basixx A25, A30, A50 available —— Only one power connection bracket required —— System can also be used for gondola solutions —— Advantageous cost-benefit ratio compared with classic lighting shelves

—— Fashion & Lifestyle —— Food & Care —— Premium & Travel Retail



LEd light

magic cube


The LED lighting shelf in detail

Special bracket with power connection point

Busbar is integrated into the upright

For all low-voltage LED lighting tracks (12V; 24V)

As a result of its wireless design, the LED lighting shelf is a compact and simple system. The shelf is powered via the contact established when it is attached to the upright. Once it has been removed it is without current again.

LED-lit shelf