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Gemeinsam erfolgreich. In atemberaubender Successful together. Geschwindigkeit verändert sich die Handelslandschaft und The retail scene changing at breathtaking entwickelt sich is dabei ständig weiter. speed, developing continuously asVertiit does Nach Themen wie Globalisierung, so. In the wake trends like globalisation, kalisierung und of Konzentration kommen verticalisation and concentration, the retail mit der Digitalisierung der Konsumwelt sector is faced with new und challenges and neue Herausforderungen Chancen auf new opportunities with the digitalisation den Handel zu. In vielen Branchen führt of the consumer von world. In many die Verknüpfung Kanälen zu sectors neuen the linking of channels leading to new ­Geschäftsmodellen undisFormaten. ­business models and formats. UMDASCH Shopfitting ist nicht zuletzt in More ever in these exciting diesenthan s­ pannenden Zeiten für dentimes, Handel UMDASCH Shopfitting is an innovative ein innovativer und verlässlicher Partner andder reliable partner for retail scene in bei Entwicklung undthe wirtschaftlichen the development and economic realisation Realisierung von Ladenbau-Projekten. of successful shopfitting projects. Getragen von einer ehrgeizigen Vision und Borne along by an ambitious and einer selbstbewussten Mission,vision vor allem a confident mission, and above all inspired aber aus den vielfältigen Anforderungen by variedhat requirements retailers desthe Handels, UMDASCH of Shopfitting themselves, UMDASCH Shopfitting has ein wohl einzigartiges Leistungsangebot created a unique range ofgeformt: services for joint für gemein­ same Erfolge success: 360° Shopfitting. 360° Shopfitting.

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Whenever you think of shopfitting, ­ you think ­of UMDASCH Shopfitting. We are the best partner for successful ­shop­fitting solutions. We provide an international example ­ of ­customer-oriented service, corporate culture and sustainable practices. We are pioneers!

space for mission We are the shopfitters. We build shops which make our customers more successful. We build shops in which people feel at ease. We concentrate on excellence in 足project execution, and we are better at it than all the others. Everything we do, we do with 足passion and responsibility. We give more!

UMDASCH Shopfitting

Shopfitting with Passion and ­Responsibility

Dear Reader,

The new brand UMDASCH S ­ hopfitting stands for an integrated range of shop­ fitting services with an international The requirements which major interradius of action: 360° Shop­fitting. national brands and retailers expect of their (shopfitting) partners are as wide- The Umdasch consultants in the ­sectors “Fashion & Style”, “Food & Care” ranging as they are challenging. When and “Home & Entertainment” speak awarding a contract to Umdasch, the manager of a world market leader once the language of retailers and brands. summarised what global players in this Within the service areas Shop Consult, league look for in a shopfitting compa- Shop Project, Shop Systems and Shop ny: an excellent price-performance ratio; Academy they work on your behalf as an ideal combination of own production specialists in the discipline in question. ­It is good to know that, behind the and sourcing; an appropriate financial scenes, Umdasch also has a closely background; a Europe-wide sales network; an impressive list of references; interlinked network of seven own production locations and global sourcing. a complementary range of services; This means that the desire for Spaces a location in the heart of Europe; and for People can be realised in top quality, outstanding personal service. at competitive prices and just in time. We took it as a compliment and we All this would not be possible without could not help feeling just a little proud. Above all, however, we see such the outstanding ability and above-­ average commitment of our staff of comments as an important incentive over 1,300 employees. They are all to work permanently at adjusting our range of services to match the needs of experts in their own field and they work, our customers. An important step is the as our mission statement says, with passion and responsibility. Allow us to merger effected in 2013 between our convince you too! two previous core brands to form the Umdasch Shopfitting Group. Assmann Ladenbau and Umdasch Shopfitting have been united to form a new joint brand: UMDASCH Shopfitting. With the name Assmann Ladenbau, one of the leading European shopfitting brands will disappear from the market, but the company’s wide-ranging expertise in the food and health and beauty ­sectors will be systematically transferred into the new joint brand. This will be advan­tageous for our customers and will make our company even more ­successful internationally. Helmut Neher Executive Chairman Umdasch Shopfitting Group

Thomas Birnleitner Managing Director Umdasch Shopfitting Group

Claus Schmidt Managing Director Umdasch Shopfitting Group

Thomas Birnleitner, Helmut Neher, Claus Schmidt

UMDASCH Shopfitting

The sector professionals

UMDASCH Shopfitting provides ­shopping and sector expertise in teamwork

Many large retail companies operate in a number of retail sectors. They are mostly active simultaneously in several channels (multi-channel) which they have also interlinked (cross-channel). In our shops’ daily practice the boundaries between the sectors are becoming increasingly blurred. Here we need only think of ‘brandlands’ and concept stores. In the digital consumer world new, innovative formats are created every day. And yet – or perhaps for this very reason – it is extremely important for the professional design and planning of shops to bear in mind the special characteristics of the individual sectors and product ranges. Above all, it is a ­question of the consequences for a “correct” product presentation. What is needed is fitness in subjects like optimal route guidance and customer ­orientation; presentation according

to the criteria of merchandising and returns; the correct amount of product pressure for the type of store; the finer points of visual merchandising; and many other aspects. The skills of professionals will be required both for basic questions like the consideration of loading limits and for more complex tasks, such as ­appropriate lighting. UMDASCH Shopfitting aims to provide its customers with this essential expert knowledge, which it then incorporates into its consultancy sessions and shop planning. Specialist teams with this valuable expertise are available in the specialist areas “Fashion & Style”, “Food & Care” and “Home & Entertainment”. First and foremost, the experts from our service area Shop Consult and/or external network partners from various disciplines also contribute to this teamwork.

  Fashion & Style The specialist area “Fashion & Style” ­covers the sectors fashion, shoes / leather goods, sports, department stores, ­perfume and cosmetics, as well as watches and jewellery and travel ­retail. In the case of fashion collections in particular, a setting appropriate to the location and all aspects of professional visual merchandising represent important success factors. Wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge is essential here. It is not least this in-depth knowledge which has made UMDASCH Shopfitting the top player in shopfitting for the international travel retail business, for example. Our staff will support you with regard to the rules governing product presentation at airports, as well as any country-specific safety requirements and thus the materials required.

The sector professionals

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  Food & Care In the specialist area “Food & Care” the focus is on convenience goods, necessities, health and beauty; the catch phrases like convenience, local amenities, consumption and freshness are in constant use. The basic challenges include intelligent product-range solutions, clear orientation and route guidance. The world of established brands rubs shoulders with the increasingly important major retail chains’ own labels; organic food meets discount concepts; local suppliers redefine themselves; and the supermarket of the future is being rebuilt on a daily basis. Our experts from the specialist area “Food & Care” are in demand as shopfitting partners for the entire food sector and for health and beauty stores, health-food shops, pharmacies, petrol stations and convenience stores. In this field, project and product expertise are as important as innovative and sustainable product ideas like, for example, the recently developed Green Shelf. Aspects of wide-ranging sustainability in line with active Corporate Social Responsibility are practised and demanded. This is in line with our conviction: an integral part of our CSR concept is environmental management in accordance with ISO14.001. Just ask the “Food & Care experts”!

 Home & Entertainment The UMDASCH Shopfitting “Home &  ­Entertainment” team advises the books / stationery, consumer electronics, electrical goods / photographic supplies / optical goods, home & living and do-it-yourself (DIY) retail sectors. The presentation of goods within these sectors often poses special requirements because of the size of the products or the large number of small items to be displayed, or sometimes because of their weight (e. g. white goods) or the necessity for anti-theft ­devices. Furthermore, ranges like books and consumer electronics have long since become a popular playground for online and cross-channel providers. Our team of specialists in the Home &  Entertainment department will help you develop the necessary new ideas, often introducing an unconventional approach.

Service areas

UMDASCH Shopfitting

Umdasch Shopfitting 足offers a unique range of service modules

With its modules Shop Consult, Shop Project, Shop Systems and Shop Academy, UMDASCH Shopfitting can provide a range of services which is unique in its structure. The modules are available either individually or in any combination. Behind the scenes, 足a network of seven own production locations and global sourcing ensure first-class quality and guaranteed deadlines.

Service areas

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Shop Consult

Shop Project

Shop Systems

—— Concept —— Design —— Planning

—— Project Management —— Construction Management —— Logistics and Rollout —— Production and Sourcing

—— Standard Systems —— Customer-Specific Systems

Shop Academy —— Seminars —— Forums —— Shop Expeditions

Shop Consult: Integral store branding through practice-­ oriented experts

Shop Project: Professionals for the cost-efficient realisation of shopfitting projects

Shop Systems: Reliable shopfitting components to meet the most demanding requirements

The core competence of the service area Shop Consult is the integral development of shop concepts – known in the trade as Store Branding. The brand identity always forms the basis for the individual phases of the overall p ­ rocess: Concept – Design – Planning. An inter­disciplinary team comprising over 45 experts in three countries – retail professionals, architects and designers – ensure that the shops created communicate the brand values which are exactly relevant to the target group in question.

In shopfitting, professional coordination is just as important as the quality of the individual services. At UMDASCH Shopfitting this field is covered by the service area Shop Project with its experienced professionals in project management, construction management and rollout logistics. They are all specialised in the efficient processing of contracts, not least for large-scale projects and rollouts for international retailers and brands. Accordingly, they secure quality, costs and deadlines in a ­ ll phases of the projects.

UMDASCH Shopfitting has at its d ­ isposal a well-engineered range of shop systems developed within the company. These modular programmes form the basis for cost-effective standard solutions and the technological background for customer- and project-specific solutions. Umdasch shop systems provide excellent functionality, innovative design and tested quality with an excellent priceperformance ratio. They are all available with a wide range of shelf fittings.

Shop Academy: Innovative trends and extremely popular shop expeditions round the globe. The radius of action is seminars with selected top lecturers being systematically extended beyond The Umdasch Shop Academy provides the German-speaking region. retail managers and brand professionals with valuable knowledge for improving Illustrious lecturers who are among the best in Europe, practice-related content, their competitiveness. The range of first-class organisation and moderate events on offer extends from classic prices are characteristic of the Shop visual merchandising seminars to the

Academy events. The annual seminar programme now extends to between 60 and 80 events in the formats day seminar, forum and shop expedition.

UMDASCH Shopfitting

Shop Consult

A store is irreplaceable as a three-dimensional brand ­experience

The store-branding process developed by our professional consultants consists of three core modules, which can each be booked separately if required. Through the brand analysis and d ­ efinition of the brand orientation towards target group and market segmentation the fundamental accents for a successful store concept are set. Further strategic markers are the design of the atmosphere at the POS, and based on that the basic design idea and then finally the store planning.

Concept – Successful retail concepts are always developed on the basis of an initial strategic idea.In this phase we develop with our customers the basis for an individual store design. In the analysis phase we study, for example, the target group, the current POS presentation and the brand and product range strategy. The results are then summarised in a clear brand briefing.

mood concept with the 3D representation, right down to the communication at the POS. Thus a setting for a retail world is developed according to classic marketing principles.

Planning – Good store design deserves a professional planning phase. Based on the results of the design phase, the final step in the integral concept is implemented during the shop ­planning phase. Here we offer individual ­modules such as, for example, the base estimates on site, the planning of the store and façade, the approval planning and the detailed design, which – depending on the project structure – can also be carried out by our Project Management team.

Design – As a three-dimensional brand experience a store is irreplaceable. The brand briefing of the concept phase is then implemented visually by our design team. A plan of the store is created by combining the design idea and the

The brand always forms the essential basis for our activities. Maik Drewitz Mastermind Shop Consult Germany

space for facts —— 45 architects, designers and retail specialists —— Locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland —— Projects implemented in over ­ 30 countries to date —— Planning of more than 1,000 shop-in-stores per year —— Planning of more than 150 store refits per year —— Planning of more than 50 new stores per year

Shop Consult

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UMDASCH Shopfitting

Shop Project

space for facts —— Over 6,500 shopfitting projects implemented each year —— Nearly 100 general contractor projects implemented each year —— Over 5,000 shopfitting installations each year —— Over 200 shopfitting technicians travel a total of over 5 million km every year —— Production capacity: over 600,000 m2 sales area p. a.

Our “master shopbuilders” will take over the entire construction management for you if you wish. Michael Kuss Director, Project and Construction Management

—— Own production locations: ­Amstetten, Dubai, ­Gleinstätten, Leibnitz, Neidenstein, ­Oberentfelden, Oberhausen —— 850,000 m2 wood products and 7,100 t steel processed each year

Shop Project

Efficient project management against a permanent tension field of quality, deadlines and costs

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The international standard nowadays comprises all aspects of professional project management, especially with regard to the implementation of largescale projects and rollouts. UMDASCH Shopfitting covers this key discipline of modern shopfitting, which requires flexible thinking and action within a network, with four service modules and highly trained staff.

t­ echnology, powder coating, galvanising to CNC and laser technology. Our production technologies for shop systems and sales-area furnishings in wood, metal, wire mesh, plastic, acrylic and glass are not just designed to produce large quantities. Thanks to our variable and adjustable machine configurations we can also fulfil special requests.

Project Management – The clear goal is an optimisation of the interfaces in the implementation process as well as a contact person within the company in charge of the execution, who coordinates all those involved in the project, understands the interfaces and directs all the individual tasks. All these tasks must be carried out against a permanent tension field of quality, deadlines and costs.

Logistics and Rollout – UMDASCH Shopfitting has developed a sophisticated logistics system in order to be able to implement even large-scale and international rollouts on time. Our own warehouse capacity at various locations and experienced logistics partners permit an uninterrupted management of the entire supply chain right down to the final installation works on site, which are then planned and carried out in close cooperation with all the expert teams required. Whether we send a complete Umdasch installation team, or the installation technicians work in interdisciplinary teams or UMDASCH Shopfitting is acting as supervisor – a smooth execution is guaranteed.

Construction Management – There is a steadily increasing demand for services over and above those of classic shopfitting, such as interior construction, electrical installations and domestic ­engineering, fire prevention installations, entrance and façade works. In line with this trend, the “master shopbuilders” at UMDASCH Shopfitting will take over upon request the entire construction management for the new construction or renovation of shopfitting projects in Europe. We can carry out the work as general planner, g ­ eneral contractor or general transferee, or we can also implement individual service modules.

Production and Sourcing – ­Seven own production locations and a certified, worldwide sourcing network guarantee first-class quality and capacity organised to meet market requirements. The production technologies in use are state of the art, from surface

Shop Systems

Product innovations like the Green Shelf cause a sensation among the experts. Karl Muttenthaler Shop Design Professional

UMDASCH Shopfitting

Shop Systems

Product ­development demands an ­intensive study of the product ranges of the ­retail sector

p 14_15

The creative thumbprint of innovative designers is essential in the development of shopfitting products. So, too, is the meticulous work of engineers in the fields of functionality, materials and surface technology and statics. When designing shelving in particular it is also important to study carefully the range of products and articles to be displayed. And of course an Umdasch product developer is also familiar with all the rules governing visual merchandising. In line with the slogan “individual design with system”, UMDASCH Shopfitting uses the modular principle to develop both standard systems and customer or brand-specific systems. The systems consist of intelligently ­constructed universal elements which are produced in large numbers and thus at economical prices. Wall systems permit product presentation in vertical or horizontal profile structures as well as in boxes positioned at intervals. Free-standing stands and furniture systems are designed for use in the centre of the space.

space for facts —— Umdasch standard systems include over 150 different types of shelving —— The most frequently used shop systems: Basixx, Quadra AX, AlGate, HorizontPlus —— Usual axis measurements for shop systems: 625 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,250 mm, 1,330 mm —— Adjustable heights in Umdasch wall systems: 25 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm or with freely adjustable horizontal tracks —— Shelf variations in Umdasch shop systems: metal, wire mesh, wood and glass shelving

Umdasch has repeatedly sparked off pioneering trends in product development. Two examples are the Green Shelf and the Smart Shelf. The Green Shelf caused a sensation as the shelf with the smallest ecological footprint thanks to its shelves made of wood, bamboo, banana stalks or cane. And the new basic system Basixx represents another milestone. It goes without saying that Umdasch demonstrates a professional approach at the very highest level in the adaptation or development of brand or project-specific shopfitting systems. With individual solutions like these, often designed for shop-in-shop presentations, the genetic code of a brand is consistently transferred to the POS.

UMDASCH Shopfitting

Shop Academy

The Shop ­Academy has established ­itself as ­the élite school for retail professionals

As the “élite school for retail professionals” the Umdasch Shop Academy has developed into a leading provider of seminars and other specialist events in the German-speaking region and beyond. The focus of the content lies quite clearly at the POS, in other words on topics relating to the sales location. The programme includes approx. 60 to 80 events per year in three formats. Apart from a few very special seminar highlights we also arrange customerspecific seminars, a field which is being developed to meet the growing demand.

One-Day Seminars – Visual merchandising, staff development, store branding, neuromarketing and crosschannel retailing are some of the topics covered by this format. The locations for these seminars are the ideally equipped U ­ mdasch locations such as Amstetten, Neidenstein, Oberhausen, Oberentfelden, Bolzano, Verona and Champlan / Paris. In addition to the ­lecturers, the internal Shop Academy team guarantees the high quality of these events.

Forums – These evening events are held in shopping metropolises like Vienna, Zurich, Hamburg, London, Paris, Bolzano and Verona. Top experts from various disciplines lecture on and

The Shop Academy makes retail pro­ fessionals fit for the POS. Sonja Scheidl Head of Umdasch Shop Academy

discuss the exciting challenges in the retail scene. The highlight of this format is the three-day Alpbach International Retail Forum, which is held every three years with selected keynote speakers.

Shop Expeditions – Shop ­expeditions lasting several days and entitled “Laden-­Dramaturgie LIVE!” (Shop Dramaturgy LIVE!) are a success story in their own right. Core destinations of these ­fascinating events include ­London, ­New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo and Dubai. T ­ he highlight of this format is the shop expedition “In 18 Tagen um die Welt” (Around the World in 18 Days), which provides an ­inspiring overview ­of the global ­experience economy.

Shop Academy

space for facts —— No. of participants at Shop Academy events annually: approx. 3,000 —— Events per year: 60 – 80 (including customer-specific seminars) —— Event locations per year: 15 in 7 countries —— Destinations of the shop expedition “In 18 Tagen um die Welt” (Around the World in 18 Days): Frankfurt / Main, Miami, Allure of the Seas, Los Angeles, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Dubai —— Lectures at STAGECRAFT IN RETAILING (selection): Sir David Chipperfield, Max Hollein, Claus Peymann, Stefan Ruzowitzky, Peter Sloterdijk and Sarah Wiener

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UMDASCH Shopfitting

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Umdasch Shopfitting, ­responsible ­action and economic stability complement each other

With a corporate history stretching back some 145 years, UMDASCH Shopfitting is one of the oldest and biggest family-owned firms in Austria. Against the background of traditional values, a stable ownership situation and deep-rooted links with its locations, a central element of corporate policy is based on economic, ecological and social responsibility. This is practised actively by the owners, management and employees alike.

sustainability: economy, ecology and social responsibility.

It goes without saying that we comply with the provisions of industrial law and that we pay fair wages appro­ priate to the job done at the location concerned. Our day-to-day routine is based on consistent management and continuous improvement as well as the involvement of our staff in decisions. We pursue a policy of social commitment, in particular within the framework The secrets of our success include value-­ of regional projects in the vicinity of our company locations. oriented management and an atmosphere of trust in which a handshake Through increased attention to the can seal an agreement, linked with responsible actions. In all our companies value-added chain we attempt to counteract any weaknesses in work-safety we pursue the three-pillar model of

measures and contraventions of human rights. We do not tolerate child labour within the organisation, especially not in the case of certified suppliers and partners.

Insistence on top quality with ­sustainable business practice The corporate policy of Umdasch Shopfitting places top priority on ecological considerations. We consider it very important to satisfy the requirements of our customers and business partners today without compromising the livelihood of future generations by doing so.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every day we take into consideration the careful use of our resources by sourcing goods in an environmentally-friendly way, by continuous value analyses in the use of materials like wood and metal, including software-controlled optimisation of the cutting in wood production, and by efficient route planning of our delivery and installation teams. Equally important is the continuous and responsible use of the energy available. Thanks to efficient heat recovery systems we have been able to reduce our energy consumption considerably in our production facilities and office buildings in recent years. Furthermore, in the interests of a sensible recycling management wood scraps are transferred by pipeline to a nearby thermal power station, where they are transformed into CO2-neutral heat energy. With a forward-looking refuse management concept we constantly reduce the quantities of waste and their harmfulness and continuously improve the separation of the individual waste substances. The high quality standards of ­Umdasch Shopfitting are documented in a management system which includes binding criteria for quality control, safety, health, environment and infrastructure. Umdasch Shopfitting is certified at its Amstetten, Leibnitz, Neidenstein and Oberentfelden locations according to ISO 9001:2008. At the company’s largest production location in Leibnitz Umdasch Shopfitting is certified ­according to ISO 14001:2004.

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As an internationally recognised standard for effective environment management systems, ISO 14001:2004 is an effective instrument for us to take sustainable business practices into account in our daily activities, to improve continuously our environmental balance and thus ultimately to increase the cost reductions which thereby arise.

how­to treat digital natives. At the EuroShop 2014 Umdasch Shopfitting will present first solutions and ideas for shop formats of the future in the light of a digital consumer world.

Tomorrow is the key to the future Innovation is more than just a good idea. Innovation is organised and deepseated creativity. Umdasch Shop­ fitting makes use of internal experts – its employees – but also regularly calls upon professionals of varying ages and origins to give us their opinion. Recently, a large number of “digital natives”, as we could call the youth of today, turned their attention towards consumer and shopping habits of the future. In a “Junior Innovation Camp” they developed visions and ideas as to what shopping worlds and shop solutions might look like in the future. With the “Umdasch Innovation Circle” a permanent body was established within the company with the aim of developing pioneering retail concepts and the shopfitting hardware required to achieve them. In cooperation with our professionals at the Umdasch Shop Academy as well as experts from industry, science and the specialist world and the retail establishment, they discuss urgent questions affecting the retail scene and work together to produce possible approaches to a solution. The current topics which confront the retail sector with major challenges include subjects such as multi-channel and cross-channel retailing, visual merchandising and

With our in the Umdasch Innovation Circle we want to ­contribute actively to the ­development of pioneering retail concepts. Petra Böttinger-Barth Head of Marketing Department

Corporate Social Responsibility

UMDASCH Shopfitting

Only an organisation which is learning all the time is in a position to inspire its staff repeatedly to enthusiasm, creativity and personal best performances. In a dialogue with the staff and in an intensive examination of the needs of people in times of change, ideas and performances are created to ensure that a company remains attractive. UMDASCH Shopfitting places great value on the advancement of its employees. This begins with young people such as apprentices or school-leavers. Every year we offer many young people the opportunity to get to know various jobs in the form of trial days or to gain valuable job experience during internships over a period of several weeks. From the first day onwards all our employees can take advantage of an attractive range of personal development and further training opportunities. Individual talent management, in fact. Those who long to see the world are also in the right place at UMDASCH Shopfitting. The company is always willing to send ambitious staff to other national companies or to participate in customer projects throughout the world. Intercultural communication is energetically supported and encouraged. And at the same time the exchange of experience internally and externally acquires a new dimension.

Fit at work Umdasch Shopfitting recognises that physical and mental balance and a healthy diet form the basis for optimal performance in the workplace. Employees are actively supported in questions relating to exercise, diet, physical and mental health with wide-ranging health programmes. At the same time they can establish social contacts and friendships within the company.

space for facts —— Over 100 apprentices in 15 ­different skilled trades —— More than 50 internship places ­ per year as part of our training and further training schemes —— Some 25 schools, technical universities and universities as cooperation partners —— More than 10,000 days of further education p. a.

Corporate Social Responsibility

p 20_21

For us, sustainable company development also means effective quality management, active environmental protection and social responsibility. Franz Kendler Head of Management System & Quality Control

Through my father, a qualified carpenter, I discovered my passion for wood as a child. Now I am undergoing an ­apprenticeship as a carpentry technician at Umdasch Shopfitting. Since the start of my second year of training I have been allowed to work in ­production. It’s all mine!

Within the framework of a 6-month internship as a student I was able to take an active part in exciting projects. I was a part of the team from the very start. Now I can now make full use of the knowledge I gained in the Marketing Department. It has motivated me and it is great fun! Sophia Huber Staff Member, Strategic Marketing

Katrin Reischl Apprentice in the Wood Production Facility at Umdasch

With our holistic Vital programme, we at the Umdasch Shopfitting Group have been very successfully supporting the health of our employees for more than three years. Sylvia Edelsbrunner-Lafer Head of Human Resources Austria

UMDASCH Shopfitting


145 years of ­corporate ­history

1868 Stefan Hopferwieser, the great-grandfather of the present owners, is granted the “Concession” to work as a carpenter. 1937 – 1944 Mathilde Hopferwieser, granddaughter of the company’s founder, marries Ing. Josef Umdasch. The latter takes over as managing director of the firm in 1939. The company moves to the east of the town of Amstetten and a new factory is built.

1991 The present-day corporate structure of the Umdasch Group is established. The Doka Group and the Umdasch ShopConcept Group operate as independent entities within the company under the umbrella of Umdasch AG. 2001 Umdasch AG purchases Assmann Ladenbau Leibnitz, the Austrian market leader in food shopfitting. With its core brands Umdasch Shop-Concept and Assmann Ladenbau the Umdasch Shopfitting Group now covers all sectors.

1956 Specialisation in the business areas ­Umdasch Laden-Einrichtungen (Shopfit- 2012 / 2013 ting) and formwork technology (Doka). Umdasch Shop-Concept becomes ­Umdasch Shopfitting and the core 1983 brands Umdasch Shopfitting and The company purchases the shopfitAssmann Ladenbau are subsequently ting segment of Bremshey. Umdasch merged to form the common brand thus also becomes one of the leading UMDASCH Shopfitting. shopfitting companies in Germany.

Umdasch Group The Umdasch Group operates through the divisions formwork ­technology (Doka Group) and Shopfitting ­(Umdasch Shofitting Group). The company’s headquarters are located in Amstetten / Lower Austria. The concern employs more than 7,000 staff members worldwide, over 20 percent of them in shopfitting.



Brands The Umdasch Concern is solely owned by Hilde Umdasch and her brother Alfred Umdasch.

umdaschgroup Umdasch Shopfitting Group (shopfitting)

Doka Group (formwork technology)


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space for growth

Middle East >

Locations & partners AT

Amstetten (Headquarters), Leibnitz




Neidenstein, Oberhausen, Bamberg, Hamburg, Munich


Szigetszentmiklos / Budapest


Oberentfelden, Münsingen / Bern, Renens / Lausanne




Bolzano, Milan, Parma, Rome












Champlan / Paris


Oslo, Stavanger

UMDASCH Shopfitting


50,000 shops in more than 50 countries

You will find details of further completed projects on our website.

  Fashion & Style

—— Aldo —— DFS Duty Free Shops —— Dielmann —— Esprit —— Sport Eybl & Sports Experts —— Gant —— Gebrüder Heinemann —— Geox —— Gerry Weber —— IWC Schaffhausen —— Kastner & Öhler —— Mexx

—— Molton Brown —— Mulberry —— Nike —— Northland —— Peek & Cloppenburg/ Van Graaf —— Reno —— s.Oliver —— Sportalm —— Sportler —— Thomas Sabo —— Wolford —— Yves Saint Laurent

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—— A1 —— Athesia —— Caran d’Ache —— Cyberport —— Dänisches Bettenlager —— Hannspree —— Interio —— Media-Saturn —— Reiter Betten & Vorhänge —— Sony —— Swisscom —— Thun

—— Arnotts —— Billa —— Bipa —— Budnikowsky —— Coop —— denns —— dm drogerie markt —— Eni —— Jet Tankstellen —— Lindt & Sprüngli —— Neuform Reformhäuser —— Rewe —— Spar —— Stockmann —— Tchibo —— Zielpunkt