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continuous motion

Medical caps

Push pull closures


Flip top

Flexible packaging

Oil closures

Spirit caps

Oil closures

Cartoon closures

Multi-part closures

Child-proof caps

Cartoon closures

Child-proof screw-caps

Closure with liner

Closures for can container

Toothpaste shoulder


index motion


Cosmetic closures

Medical containers


Shampoo closures


Medical filters



Cosmetic closures


Air spray

Mechanic parts

Caps for tablets containers


Cartoon closures

Oil bottle

AUTOMATION High speed assembly cells

AUTOMAZIONE Macchine per assemblaggio veloce

The best solutions are often the simplest, and experience is of primary importance in day-to-day decision. For more than 30 years, Gefit has been analysing, studying, designing and suggesting solution for any assembly problem.

Le soluzioni migliori sono spesso le più semplici e l’esperienza è fondamentale per le decisioni di ogni giorno. Da oltre 30 anni Gefit analizza, progetta, disegna e suggerisce soluzioni per affrontare ogni tipologia di problema di assemblaggio.

Gefit S.p.A Strada per Felizzano 245 15043 Fubine (AL) Tel. +39 0131 792817 Fax +39 0131 772644

Gefit - Beijing Office Room 1008 - Building K, Hui Yuan Apartment Anli Road n°8, An ding Men Wai Beijing 100101 - China Tel. +86 10.64992477

Gefit - Moscow Office Gefit - Livernois Engineering Vorotnikovsky per. 11, Str.1 12163 Globe Street, Livonia, MI 48150 103006 Moscow - Russia Tel. +1 7344647000 Tel. +7 4956992986 Fax +1 7344627250

Scheda - Gefit - Assembly Machines  

Realizzazione e progettazione grafica per scheda Molds for Closures Cliente: Gefit Spa

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