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The presumed consequence with which I disagree, however, is that the ternary confluence of College, Career and Citizenship is sufficient.   While obviously self-serving for an art/design administrator to claim, I believe that adding “C” #4 – Creativity – to the mix provides an effective and efficient accelerant to the three-C imperative that institutions must provide. The dynamic global context not only allows, but relentlessly demands that individuals accrue complex capabilities, versatility, and dynamic identities. Creativity can and should be taught to everyone. It is teachable


B rya n Ro g e r s , D e a n

and can be learned by everyone. In fact, once one has opened the doors of Creativity, it becomes a driving

The Four “C”s Not so long ago, College (“C” #1) was simply College –  

force, not simply a vocational skill. It is a highly transferable approach to problem-construction and problemsolving. This is hardly a radical point of view. Social institutions of all

  Even more recently, “C” #3 –

types, namely financial and industrial

Citizenship – or active engagement

institutions, are currently extolling

with a global society, has become an

the importance of Creativity.

expectation for both College and Career.

  The stories of individuals in this

College must not only lead directly to

issue of Emergence testify to the value

a kind of loose and fuzzy stepping

a Career, the Career must engage the

of Creative thinking. Michigan Art &

stone to whatever was next –

pressing problems and possibilities

Design has set out to unleash Creativity,

a special time-out prior to fully engaging

related to environmental sustainability,

not only in our small, cloistered

one’s emerging future – typically reserved

social justice, public health, and other

community, but throughout the

for the privileged few. Individuals

global issues. Citizenship means more

University, and the broader community

pursued College with a blind faith

than simply having a lucrative job.

  While the three “R”s remain

that it would facilitate a meaningful,

can “andCreativity should be taught

essential, the four “C”s must become

to everyone. It is teachable and can be learned by everyone.

Now it’s time to bring Creativity

even prosperous life. Fortunately, from my point of view, many vestiges of that enterprise remain, but the territory has become more complex.   More recently, “C” #2 – Career – has developed an intimate kinship with College, which is now charged with preparing students for nameable,

imperative in higher education. College, Careers, and Citizenship have established their legitimacy. on board. It’s available to anyone.

Faculty across universities, especially in art/design domains, stand ready to lead the charge. Once the powers-

immediately lucrative jobs. College

  While one could yearn for an earlier,

that-be at institutions of higher

is increasingly a training experience

less complex time, I do not. The

education acknowledge and enable

where high-priced professionals groom

national and global cultures we have are

this imperative, both individuals and

future generations for high-priced

the ones we have made. While Careers

the economic and social engines of

professional Careers. The escalating

have become equated with individual

the global culture will thrive. 

cost of College and the consequent

identity and personal survival in

expectation of a Career return on

society, Citizenship is essential for

investment go hand-in-hand.

collective identity and survival.

1  •  Emergence  summer 2010

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

Every grand American accomplishment,

every innovation that has benefited and enriched our lives, every lasting social transformation, every moment of profound insight any American visionary ever had has been the fruit of the creative imagination, of the ability to reach beyond received ideas and ready-made answers to some new place, some new way of seeing or hearing or moving through the world. — Michael Chabon

Fast Forward   People in creative fields im mediately recognize the truth of this statement.

And professionals across the work spectrum are coming to acknowledge it as well. In the midst of a world characterized by accelerating change, the qualities of creativity, holistic thinking, and innovation — the hallmarks of an art and design education —are increasingly in demand. This is, in part, because preparing emerging professionals today means educating them for work roles in a future that we can’t even begin to imagine. In work, and in life, success is and will continue to be about being nimble, strategic, and fluid. Daniel Pink, author of A Whole

  Whatever the field, “Art and design

with uncertainty, ambiguity, and the

New Mind concurs. He states that

processes help people develop fresh

paradox of invention.” - Linda Naiman,

while the Information Age was

thinking through aesthetic ways

founder of Creativity at Work.

characterized by logical and precise

of knowing, imagination, intuition,

  These big picture statements are

left-brain thinking, we are now in the

re-framing and exploring different

confirmation of a new awareness.

Conceptual Age — “ruled by artistry,

But even more resonant are the real

empathy, and emotion.” Within this

world stories that demonstrate how

We asked A&D alums

new era, “the winners are designers, inventors, counselors, ethnographers, social psychologists, and other rightbrain folks, while lawyers, engineers, accountants, and other left-brainers will see their jobs migrate to Asia.”   Pink continues, ”The ability to see the big picture, connect the dots, combine disparate things into something new —It’s a signature ability that is a great predictor of star

an art and design education prepares graduates for not just one professional outcome, but for many.   We a sked A & D a lu m s — some who graduated decades ago and some who have just left school — to describe how they got from here (A&D) to there (a career), and the

— some who graduated decades ago and some who have just left school —

performance in the workplace. Visual

them find their way. It’s a snapshot of the variety, richness, challenge, and satisfaction that characterize a

artists in particular are good at seeing

perspectives. Art-based processes also

how the pieces come together.”

help people learn to be comfortable

michigan art & design

tools and techniques that helped

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

life in art and design. 

summer 2010  Emergence  •  2 

Making the case for Creative Thinking Linda Holliday BFA ‘79 Media, Internet and Marketing Entrepreneur

Getting through art school is, itself, an incredibly entrepreneurial process, from how  

do I buy paint and pay rent? To figuring out what the assignment is, to transporting sculptures. You name it, art school is full of sink or swim experiences. After graduation, I definitely hit the ground running in my jobs, not just because I could think outside the box but because I really knew how to get things done.   My industrial design education at A&D helped me put structure around the problemsolving process. Most complicated problems are design problems in that they are about reconciling incompatible requirements. So, design training is exactly what’s necessary for solving the big problems facing business, government, and ecology. Furthermore, most problems are too complicated to understand unless they can be visualized. The exact intelligence needed to visualize problems is visual intelligence!   I had no career plan when I graduated.  All I had was voracious curiosity. Curiosity and the desire to expose myself to challenges of all sorts—emotional, conceptual, physical, intellectual, sensual—this is the hallmark of the first- rate creative personality. Follow what makes you excited, juicy, scared. Learn everything you can. It has a way of all coming together in new challenges and 

3  •  Emergence  summer 2010

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

M a n y b r i l l i a n t p e o p l e leave school thinking they are not very smart. And that’s not their fault.

It’s because the culture of education is not designed to identify the full range of human talents. — Sir Ken Robinson

  C r e at i v i t y is the process of bringing something new into being...creativity requires passion and commitment. Out of the creative act are born symbols and myths. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness–ecstasy. — R o l lo M ay, T h e C o u r ag e to C r e at e

  new accomplishments.  One of my

that time science had no status?

favorite quotes is ‘in the end, life

The humanities ruled. Thankfully the

is always right.’  It will happen.

monoculture era is winding down a bit

  I actually went from art school to

and the value of whole brain thinking,

business school, which was unusual

visual thinking, beauty, design are

at the time. Now, John Maeda, Vice

all being re-evaluated.  Intuition

President of RISD, is saying that MFAs

isn’t a dirty word anymore!

are the new MBAs. After graduation

  I believe that a degree in art and

I went into cable television marketing,

design is one of the most practical

sports marketing, television production

degrees for the future.  Professions

and then starting an interactive

and skills that don’t require intuition,

marketing agency, which I sold two

imagination and creative process

years ago.  We had a creative department

mastery are in danger of being

of over 70 people, and obviously I used

automated or outsourced to lower labor

my education guiding the development

cost markets.  The valued professions

of the creative.  Lately, I’ve been working

and skills 10 years from now won’t

all consuming interest in a

as a seed stage investor, advising

look the same  as 10 years ago.

particular field. Enjoying being

and investing in companies that

  I also think it’s imperative for artists

immersed in a field of interest

specialize in media and technology.

and visual thinkers to be articulate

  We’re moving from a mechanistic

about these distinctions and these

view of the world to a systems view

values, to be evangelists about their

I was lucky enough to have

of the world, from reductionism

contributions.  It’s kind of shocking

worked with two Chicago art

to complexity, from linear to the

to me, actually, that many creative

quantum.  With the recent emphasis

people I meet, even at high levels

on ‘mathandscience’  empirical

in their fields, can be uninformed

encouraged me to establish my

evidence,  and ‘metrics metrics

and inarticulate about these issues.

own practice. Their mentoring

metrics,’ the visual and the intuitive

Who can we expect to defend us in

have suffered  low status.  Did you

this way of thinking and about the

know the term scientist was coined

importance of these contributions

from science + artist because at

if we don’t defend ourselves? 

michigan art & design

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

other voices

I believe any successful career is borne out of a passion or

will eventually bring about a successful career or at least reward one with happiness.

collectors early in my career. They believed in my approach towards interior design and

was key to my success.

– Leslie Jones, (BFA ‘83) Interior Designer Leslie Jones, Inc.

summer 2010  Emergence  •  4 

Career Stories

Edible Art Baker

Heather Anne Leavitt BFA ‘07 on how painting, sculpture and food can all come together to make a career

  Instead of being prepped to fit

learned lots of new techniques

into a specific career path, going to art school gave me the

and got a better sense for the ins

tools to figure out what I wanted to do, and the ambition to

and outs of the cake business.

figure out how to get there.

  I currently run a cake

  I went to art school thinking I’d go into graphic design.

business called Sweet Heather

But I realized pretty quickly that I had a lot more fun

Anne here in Ann Arbor.

working in three dimensions. I entertained the idea

( I use

of going into industrial design, but a semester in Italy

the skills from my sculpture,

studying sculpture and falling in love with cooking

industrial design, and painting

changed my path. I came back, passionate about food, and

classes on a daily basis. My

eager to express this passion through my artwork.

time in CFC (an A&D core

  I actually started making cakes for my senior thesis project

course on developing concepts)

at A&D. Being able to spend a full year on one project, after

has also had a large impact on

trying out so many different media, gave me the opportunity

my work. Most of the cakes I

to find something that I was really passionate about.

make are completely different

  When I graduated, I went to a local cake shop and

from anything I’ve ever made

volunteered to help out on busy weekends. Then, the owner

before, so I rely heavily on

asked me to be her assistant on a series of Food Network

creative problem solving... and

Challenges. I met cake artists from all over the country,


other voices

No matter how talented you are, you will have to prove yourself to your employers on many levels in order to gain their confidence. If you graduate confident in your abilities it will carry you very far. Be confident. Be creative. Become successful. Give back.

– Jason Phillips (BFA ‘83), Furniture Designer

  R e s e a r c h h a s s h o w n that in creativity quantity equals quality.

The longer the list of ideas, the higher the quality of the final solution. The highest quality ideas appear at the end of the list. — L i n da N a i m a n , F o u n d e r , C r e at i v i t y at W o r k

5  •  Emergence  summer 2010

{ R}e vo l u t i o n


Stephanie Seliskar BFA ‘05

on deadlines, fashion photography, and becoming an entrepreneur   I am currently a fashion photographer in New York shooting fashion week runway shows, lookbooks, and stories for magazines. I have worked with Betsey Johnson, William Rast by Justin Timberlake, Charlotte Ronson, Diego Binetti, Michael Angel, Band of Outsiders

A&D taught me to build a portfolio, talk about art, and

and Sebastian Professional. My photos have been in Elle,

display work in a gallery setting. I started showing at

Cosmo, Seventeen, SURFACE and Glitterati magazines.

small gallery spaces and shops in New York, designed

  The School of A&D helped teach me to be creative

an identity, and basically self-promoted for a few years.

as an artist and, just as importantly, to be creative as

Slowly but surely, I picked up clients through friends,

a business woman. I moved to New York City to start a

friends of friends, and through online promotion.

career as an art director in advertising.  But once I was

  A&D taught me to work hard, and accomplish (sometimes

established as a Senior Art Director, I realized I wanted to

seemingly impossible) creative tasks on deadline.

be more hands on and conceptual in image-creation. I took

Sometimes you hit a wall, and have to think differently

the jump and started a freelance photography business.

to accomplish what you set out to do. U of M gave me a

  Three months later the economy tanked. So while I

background in being creative as an artist AND being

decided to start my own business at the wrong time, I used

a good business-woman by meeting deadlines. 

creativity, both in art and in business to my advantage.

Director of Marketing

Jill Ellis BFADS ‘01

reflects on how her career goals have changed over time  Leaving college, I h a d a vision

and development, as well as all aspects of the customer

for my career that included a glamorous job in advertising

experience for our suite of products and web-based tools.

where I’d ride a Vespa to work and pick up fresh flowers on my

Had I been asked eight years ago if I saw myself working

way home to my exposed brick loft. My journey has shaped

at a technology solutions company, I would have surely

up differently than I had imagined, but the well-rounded

said ‘no way.’ Joining a small early stage start-up gave me

education, creative problem-solving and analytical skill set I

the experience to wear many hats, find my strengths, and

harnessed in college equipped me to grow into business roles

carve out a niche for myself that amplified my strengths

that have proven challenging and extremely rewarding.  

and encouraged me to step up to new challenges.

  After spending a year as a ski-bum, I took a contract

  I had a narrow view, initially, about how I could use

graphic design position with a start-up company in Santa

my degree, but ultimately, I’ve learned that an art and

Barbara, California.  What began as temporary work has

design education has a much greater application in the

evolved into an eight-year career where I moved from sole

business world. I’ve seen how having a solid foundation

designer to Creative Director, and now sit as part of the

in good design, an attention to detail, a critical mind,

company’s executive management team.  Today, as the

and an ability to adapt and provide creative solutions to

Marketing Director, I am responsible for the corporate

problems are relevant and valuable in the workforce. 

brand and communications strategy, new product design michigan art & design

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

summer 2010  Emergence  •  6 

Career Stories

Film Director Kevin Smith BFA ‘78 on the benefits of backing into a career   I gr a duated before new media beca me pa rt of the curriculum. And I was once asked if going to U of M School of Art & Design mattered given the seemingly unrelated field of television and film production I ended up in. A&D’s rich environment, however, fostered a creative way of thinking and problem solving that embraced all and transcended any specific medium at the time.   While at A&D, I was most interested in areas that involved process as a big part of the aesthetic. I spent an awful lot of time in printmaking. It only makes sense in retrospect. My job now, as a director of television commercials and films, is a process driven occupation. We often start with the abstract problem of how to create a feeling about a product and end with something that becomes a part of millions of people’s lives and can change our culture. There are many steps in this process. I often fall back on everything from elemental problem-solving skills to different methods of visualization… skills I was able to develop in art school. I don’t think a vocational approach could have prepared me for the work I do now.   When I was younger, I was frustrated by not having a specific job in mind, let alone one that paid well. I only knew what I liked and what I thought I was good at. I slowly backed into situations that seemed right. Looking back at it, this turns out to have been a very rewarding path. By taking smaller steps in the direction of your interests you make more well informed decisions toward a goal that will fit your changing personality, skill sets, and the current world situation.

other voices Be a risk taker. You learn from what doesn’t work and it can make what you do later stronger. Be open to every opportunity.

  I think it is a mistake to look on an art education as job training, though there may be some who unlike me know exactly where they want to go. The best thing about a degree in Art & Design is having a foundation of creative thinking, which is personally rewarding and universally valuable. I can’t imagine a better background. 

And never dismiss tiny moments. You just never know when something is going to jell, when that idea or opportunity is going to happen. Sometimes that thing that is not the most linear, not the most expected is that catalyst that transforms everything.

– Ruth Taubman (BFA ‘81), Jewelry Designer, Ruth Taubman, Inc.

7  •  Emergence  summer 2010

  T o b e c r e at i v e m e a n s a sk i n g ,

“How do you see the world and how do you see it in a way that no one else does?” Those questions lead to innovation. — C r e at i v e T h i n k i n g i n t h e C l a s s r o o m , B o s to n G lo b e , F e b r u a r y 2 3 , 2 0 0 8

Footwear Designer Danielle Scarpulla BFA ‘06 “buona mano” gives her new opportunities at an Italian luxury footwear factory  After graduating from Michigan I studied footwear

like accessories and weaving

design in both London and Milan before moving fulltime to Italy, where I found a job

sandal uppers.  The designers

as a pattern-maker in a luxury footwear factory, Calzaturificio Della Vedova.  The

we worked with also invited me

technical skills I gained at the School of Art & Design directly helped me to land the

to work in their studio when I

job, and opened doors for me within the company after I was hired.  When I went for my

wasn’t needed in the factory. 

initial interview for my job, the first thing that my future boss commented on was my

There I did technical sketches of

“buona mano” (good hand) – the precision and smoothness of my cutting.  In this field,

lasts, consulted on shoe and heel

that skill, which I refined in my drawing, woodworking, and metalworking classes at

designs, and made color cards.  The

Michigan, is invaluable.  He hired me on the spot, despite the fact that I did not speak

past year of this work has been an

Italian and he did not speak English. 

incredible education for me, but I

  Once I began working, I was able to put to use not only my buona mano but also

would not have had the opportunity

the computer skills acquired in my many digital classes at Michigan. When my boss

to work in so many facets of the

discovered that I was trained in so many other subjects, I was given responsibility

company were it not for my broad

for managing and manipulating designs on Photoshop and Illustrator, creating line

design background from A&D. 

sheets and technical spec sheets, and assisting on production – creating jewelry-

Freelance Illustrators Wendy Walters and John Brinkman BFA ‘84 discuss the winding road from hat design to children’s books  As freelance illustr ators

Really nice ones. A lot of work though, especially for Wendy. 

and designers living in Brooklyn under the name

  One day, an accessories editor at Child Magazine who used our

“John & Wendy,” we work primarily on children’s

hats in photo shoots, suggested I show my drawing portfolio to the

books and products. Recently, Periwinkle Smith

magazine’s art director. That led to an illustration assignment. Then

and the Twirly, Whirly Tutu (PSS/Penguin, 2009),

the accessories editors strongly suggested that the art director give

which we both illustrated and wrote was published.

us the names of four or five other

In addition, for the past nine years we have

art directors, and that really got

illustrated the series Katie Kazoo Switcheroo.

the ball rolling for John & Wendy.

  We’ve also worked on a variety of other projects

  Is it a career? It’s been a modest and

for clients—including store windows for Barneys,

mystifyingly reliable livelihood so

packaging art and gift cards for Target, note cards

far. At the moment, the best I can say is

and prints for YeeHaw Industries, and illustrations

that I draw for a living, and that Wendy

and art for various magazines and department stores.

and I do our own thing, and work with

  So how did we end up as a free-lance illustrators

a lot of cool people. And you get to

and designers? After getting a foothold in

listen to any music you want. All day

Brooklyn, Wendy and I started a little hat company.

long. Unless Wendy’s home, in which

We designed and made hats, mainly kids hats.

case no Mahavishnu Orchestra. 

michigan art & design

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

summer 2010  Emergence  •  8 

The Power and Purpose of a Creative Life

Joan Sugihara BFA ‘72,

co-creator, with her daughter, of the Baggu, a reuseable, collapsible shopping bag.

  I wish I had known

we begin to recognize, trust and encourage

sooner that there was more than

those embers that become the fires in our

one ‘successful’ outcome from

bellies.  Rather than steering by trends, praise

studying art and design. My

from others, expert advice, or career plans, I

achiever’s orientation could only

found our training equipped me with real skills,

see one— creating a body of work

resourcefulness and creativity.  

that would result in my being

  Moreover, there is no career to build, there

famous! I thought doing the work

is only the daily returning to what are our real

was a means to that end. The

concerns, what do we really care about, which

tricky wonder of art training is

isn’t always what anyone else is going to be caring

in the fact that you can’t really

about at that particular time or place. There is no

make art (or a life) that way.

neat timetable—years may pass when we (and

  Creativity arises in certain conditions, and fortunately those

others) may wonder what we are doing. 

conditions require that you relinquish most of your smallish (and

“ It is not about

largish) ideas about yourself.  Given my success perspective, there was so much riding on how good the work was at each minute. How can you

building an identity, but about accepting that we have one.”

possibly get good at something when you are so stressed about how good you are that you can’t work?   Studying art and working at making art has turned out to be a way more radical activity than I imagined. And I have learned many secrets about how we can live well and happily.  It requires that we

  N e v e r has the need for

creativity been so compelling and never has genuine creativity been in such short supply. instead of experiencing the refreshing spray of authentic originals we risk drowning in a sea of iterations on imitations. — R ya n M at h e w s a n d Wat t s Wac k e r o f F i r s t M at t e r

9  •  Emergence  summer 2010

learn to live without

  The challenge is and always has been the

constantly needing

courage to be simply who we are, following the

ego reinforcement.

interests we actually find arising in us. It is not

That is what actually

about building an identity, but about accepting

frees us to tinker at

that we have one. If there is joy in working with

something with no

our hands and eyes and materials and images,

idea whether it’ll

whatever they are, there is every reason in the

result in something

world to study art or design.  

tangible or admired

  What I value most that I learned in art school

or profitable.  It

was finding the key to taking the elevator down

requires that

deep into myself—to see that my first ideas 

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

other voices

Find an internship for every summer/semester you have off. Don’t worry about pay. Many companies only offer unpaid internships, but the knowledge and ‘real life’ experience will out weigh any 9-5 job you can get that isn’t connected to the design field. Go to craigslist or visit sites of companies that you respect and you believe would be great to work for. – Shane Ward (BFA ‘96), Designer,

DETNY Shoe Design

  were almost always irrelevant or not of sustaining interest; they were just jumping off points to begin the involvement.  I used to agonize over what to draw, what to paint, and more broadly what kind of work to do, what kind of life to live etc.  What I found was that there is a whole other level of involvement that only kicks in when we cede control, lose our idea, and land in some deeper water where we actually are more fully awake.  Then we’re open, noticing something not even seen or felt before— and it is way more alive and interesting than what we thought we were interested in. Always follow that life.  That is where the safety is. It isn’t in figuring out which careers are going to be in demand when we graduate.  Training in the arts is really training in how to make authentic contact, from the belly, with our life— which is always right where we are. 

  T h e N o m u r a I n s t i t u t e of Japan classifies four eras of economic activity:  1) Agricultural 2) Industrial 3) Informational...

and now through the evolution of technology 4) Creative: constant innovation.

  B e h a v i o r i s g e n e r at i v e ; like the surface of a fast flowing river... Generativity

is the basic process that drives all the behavior we come to label creative. — R o b e r t E p s t e i n P h D , P s y c h o lo g y To day J u ly/A u g 1 9 9 6

  T h e f i r s t g e n e sequencing machine, developed by Leroy Hood while at

Caltech, was hatched by multi-disciplinary cross fertilization. “Hood needed the cooperation and assistance of computer scientists and electrical engineers,” says Hollingsworth. This kind of innovation is less likely to occur at a typical university where different departments don’t communicate with each other. — Rogers Hollingsworth , Universit y of Wisconsin Madison

michigan art & design

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

summer 2010  Emergence  •  10 

Career Stories

Owner of Motawi Tile

Nawal Motawi BFA ‘88,

decided first on lifestyle, and then, with help from UM’s College of Engineering, on a business plan   I sta rted my business because I wanted to make a certain kind of


product, make a living at it, and be in control

to a coalition of

of my minutes.  I wasn’t thinking about

researchers, 81 percent of corporate

customers or markets or anything.  I wanted

leaders in America

a certain lifestyle and I went on a quest to

say that “creativity

make it happen.  I was open to all sorts of

is an essential skill

options and struggled to make financial

for the 21st-century

headway. Even ten years in I didn’t feel like I


was making enough money for it to be worth

— C r e at i v e T h i n k i n g i n t h e C l a ss r o o m , B o s to n G lo b e , Feb ruary 23, 2008

it indefinitely. Thanks to help from Professor Liker in UM Engineering, and sustained

religiously. Matawi Tile is built on my

effort on our part, the company is now

aesthetic sense, which was highly

eighteen years old and healthy. I think about

influenced by my work at A&D.

succession, not survival.

  One main concept that I use

  The path to my current profession from

consciously from my schooling is

A&D is unusually direct.  My concentrations

the idea that every aspect of the end

were in ceramics and figure sculpture and

product relates to the central idea.

after graduating I worked for an independent

The details should all enhance the

potter and then for Pewabic Pottery making

message. It’s important to provide the

tiles.  After a few years at Pewabic, working

visual information needed to convey

in production and later bookkeeping, I got

the idea as clearly and succinctly as

restless and decided I needed to be my own

possible and no more. End products

boss. I received modest financial assistance

should be informed by the goal and

from my parents and started getting a

ideals of the maker. 

  The ke y to prize winning science

business education by reading Inc. magazine

is interaction and cross-fertilization. — Rogers Hollingsworth, Universit y of Wisconsin-Madison

other voices

My résumé never got me a job. The question people want to know is: ‘Do I like you?’ and ‘Can you do it?’ It’s ALL about who you know. And if you do a good job, one thing leads to another. Having anyone who cares about you at all will go a long way in the business.

– Belal El-Hibri (BFA ‘07), Film Colorist 11  •  Emergence  summer 2010

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

I believe a creative mind is more

Gallery Owner and Painter

inclusive and expansive, and thus more open to seeing things

Augusto Arbizo MFA ‘97

and experiencing other ideas.  The world today is complex. Being attuned with, and receptive to, new ideas are critical to being able to understand how we function individually and collectively, helping us to keep moving forward.   I am lucky to be able to still paint and also work with artists as director of the New York gallery Eleven Rivington, a job whose

finds a balance between curating and creating his own work.

beginning I can trace all the way back to Michigan.  It began as a required professional internship, while in graduate school, with an independent curator and art advisor; this evolved into opening an art gallery with her after I graduated and becoming the director.  Later on, an opportunity presented itself to leave that position and to open and run a new gallery.  It’s all been very organic: my job and my studio practice, while separate professionally, are intertwined, and navigating both is a constant challenge and source of great pride and accomplishment.    www.

Teaching Artist

Sara Holwerda BFA ‘06

finds challenge and flexibility

  I’m working as a teaching a rtist in

  A&D’s interdisciplinary program has helped me

Chicago.  There’s a strong contingent of teaching artists in the city,

tremendously with one particular course that I teach

and I’ve gotten to make some great connections.  As an undergrad,

periodically to adults and college students: The Creative

I didn’t really know how viable this was as a career option!  It offers

Process.  In all my art and writing classes there were

flexibility to make your own schedule, allows you to do your own art

general processes for generating and refining ideas. I made

work, and is constantly creative with curriculum, class proposals,

this process into a unique curriculum that I was recently

and various projects. I’ve also worked with a diverse group of

invited to share in a workshop with students through the

students in the public schools, homeless youth, and adult artists

Associated Colleges of the Midwest. 

with disabilities. 

  Teaching art is a great way to share your knowledge and

  My post-undergrad life has also been a lot of creative problem-

passion with others.  It’s even more rewarding when your

solving in relation to my financial stability.  The good thing about

students are eager for art.  In one public school, where I

all the struggling and odd jobs is that, after only a few years, I

teach art to second-graders, a student exclaimed: ‘Art is

have established a professional teaching practice that has grown

better than gym!’  which I considered a high compliment,

enough to mostly support me, and has allowed me to have time for

and also proof that art is a vital part of early education. 

developing my portfolio and selling my work.  michigan art & design

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

summer 2010  Emergence  •  12 

Moving In Together The Benefits of

C r o s s - D i s cip l i n a r y C o h a bi t a t i o n

 Encouraging students from all disciplines

to explore the creative possibilities of their studies is the goal of a revolutionary new interdisciplinary living-learning community in Bursely Hall on North Campus. Opening in Fall 2010, Living Arts is one of the first of its kind among American universities. It’s also the latest example of U-M’s emphasis on encouraging students to be entrepreneurial and innovative within an environment that fosters radically new ideas and creative insights.

  While students will be drawn from across

introduction to creative problem solving,

  “We’re providing an open,

the University, a core of undergraduates

an interdisciplinary independent study, a

interdisciplinary residential

comes from one of the four units on U-M’s

lecture series and the highly innovative

community that enables

North Campus: the School of Art & Design;

course, Creative Process, cited by the

students to pursue the kind

College of Engineering; School of Music,

Michigan Daily as “one of the University’s

of risky insights that might

Theatre & Dance; and Taubman College of

most intriquing courses.”

not occur in a traditional

Architecture and Urban Planning.

  “This brings a new dynamic to living and

academic classroom

  In addition to housing, Living Arts provides

learning at Michigan, and sets a standard

environment,” said Theresa

students with a large, well-equipped studio,

for the entire country,” said David Munson,

Reid, executive director of

individual and group practice rooms, wireless

dean of U-M’s College of Engineering.

Arts on Earth, sponsor of

study and collaborative-work spaces, and

“Catalyzing the creative, intuitive, analytical

Living Arts. 

designated classrooms and meeting areas.

and intellectual, the program will provide

  Students also participate in a set of

a unique experience in trans-disciplinary

shared course experiences, including an

collaborations among students and faculty,”

13  •  Emergence  summer 2010

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

michigan art & design

Close Listening Lea rning the Language of Colla bor ation   Cross - fert i l iz at ion, a k e y com pon en t of i n novat i v e t h i n k i ng, is t h e goa l of a growi ng n u m ber of cou r ses de v eloped by A& D facu lt y. By partnering with such fields as engineering, business, architecture, public policy, and anthropology in handson projects, A&D students and faculty learn to speak and understand other “languages,” sometimes creating new hybrid languages in the process. They also practice the arts of listening, learning, and problem solving together. What follows is a sampling of A&D courses that have trans-disciplinary teamwork at their core.

summer 2010  Emergence  •  14 

Close Listening Lea r ning the La nguage of Colla bor ation

  Cross disciplina ry Tea mwork and real world problem solving a r e at t h e h e a rt of I n t egr at e d Product De v e lopm e n t ( I PD ) ,

a course that links Business Administration, Engineering, and Art & Design. Teamtaught by A&D Professor Shaun Jackson and Business Professor Bill Lovejoy, the course is designed to develop an appreciation for the process of customer-oriented innovation, design and manufacturing in a competitive context, working in multi-disciplinary teams where success depends more on the combination of disciplines than any one in isolation.

If student feedback is a guide, the IPD experience is exhausting, educational and very memorable.   Each IPD team — consisting of students from art and design, business, and engineering— designs, manufactures and costs out a product. Then, each team pits its product against other teams’ products in two simulated markets (a web-market and a physical trade show). In both the web and physical trade shows, the public is invited to review the products and vote for their most preferred. In the past, teams have been challenged to design a disaster area portable hygiene station, an urban shopping cart, and a kitchen for someone with only one arm.   The course is unique in the country in combining fully functional,

15  •  Emergence  summer 2010

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

customer-ready prototypes with economic competition. If student feedback is a guide, the IPD experience is exhausting, educational and very memorable. And the press concurs. The course has been covered in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek as well as on CNN. In fact, for three consecutive years BusinessWeek has selected the course as one of the top design courses in the world. 

Close Listening Lea r ning the L a nguage of Coll a bor ation   Col l a b or at i v e t h i n k i ng a n d h a n d s - on

projects that have impact were also the goals of A&D professor John Marshall, Architecture professor Karl Daubman, and Engineering’s Max Shtein in developing the course, Smart Surfaces. Smart Surfaces’ collaborative, project-based learning environment asked undergraduate artists, designers, architects and engineers to come together to build a realworld project focused on sustainability. The goal, to create a heliotropic surface—that is, a surface powered by solar energy. 

“If we’re going to solve

global issues like climate change, it will be by learning how to cross the boundaries of our disciplines, to think smarter and more creatively.”   For John Marshall, this course

to-day they were also challenged

pointed to the future of education.

to negotiate and manage the

“If we’re going to solve global

differences among the cultures of

issues like climate change,

Art & Design, Architecture, and

it will be by learning how to

Materials Science Engineering.

cross the boundaries of our

  As teams worked to complete their

disciplines, to think smarter

projects, another key element was

and more creatively.”

the cross-fertilization that occurred

  Students had to learn how to

as discipline-based methodologies

harvest solar energy, how to do

had to be redefined and merged in

microcontroller programming,

response to concrete problems.

parametric modeling, digital

  Was it successful? One Academic

fabrication and how to move

Services staff member exclaimed

beyond their usual intellectual

“You could auction off places for the

and disciplinary boundaries. Day-

next course, it was so popular!” 

other voices

I needed UM to help me find my focus. I was able to explore many options, and find what I was passionate about and good at. I feel confident that I can do anything I want from this point on. If I want to be a fashion designer for the best companies in LA, I can. If I want to become a full-time artist making work for galleries, I can. If I want to continue with graphic design and become an art director for a firm one day, I can. It’s all about making these decisions, and pushing forward with what you want, and you can have it. No doubt about it.  – Kevin Tudball (BFA ‘06),

Graphic Designer michigan art & design

summer 2010  Emergence  •  16 

Auditioning the Future

E x periential L earning at A & D  “ R a r e ly d u r i n g o u r l o n g n i g h t s of finishing projects do we have the time to understand the bigger picture of our work, and reflect on the options we have as artists. However, this past summer, I was fortunate enough to have (an internship) opportunity, opening my eyes to an entirely new possibility for me as an artist.” — A l l i s o n Is e n b e r g , A & D u n d e r g r a d u at e

 An a rt and design

freshman and sophomore years.

communicate with the public – all

education is a bout

  “We know that employers state that

transferable skills. That project that

building skills – in concept

experience is one of their primary

was done in class, it can be used to talk

development, drawing, photoshop,

requirements, so we try to give

about your ability to problem solve.”

wood, metals, paint, indesign,

students as many opportunities as

  He also applauds A&D alumni as one

ceramics, 3-D modeling, etc. But,

possible to get that experience.”

of his, and students, best resources.

ideally, it’s also about developing

  Once a student has determined

“Whether it’s being part of the yearly

the skills students will need to

what s/he is interested in, the work

A&D career expo or networking

identify and pursue careers. And,

begins to make the internship a

with students, or giving advice, our

as with skill building in other areas,

reality —from training on where

alumni are invaluable. I couldn’t

learning how to become a professional happens over time, and requires

 “ i n t e r n i n g

practice, practice, and more practice.

( a s a p h o t o g r a p h e r ) at the

  This is where A&D’s internship

San Diego Union-Tribune was affirming and exhilarating.

program comes in. Led by John Luther,

Each week I shot from four to six assignments. Once I covered a Native American star gathering in the desert.

Career Development Coordinator,

I took photographs at a DUI checkpoint on a highway. I

the program begins its efforts to bring students closer to their post graduation futures as soon as they enter the School as freshmen.   Every incoming student has an

gained a lot of confidence and I discovered that not only could I see myself taking the photos for a publication for my adult life, I would have a great time doing so, too.” —  A n g e l a  A n g e l a’ s Em p loy e r S ay s : “Angela


showed she has a good working

individual orientation meeting where

knowledge of the technical skills needed in a newspaper environment.

s/he is introduced to the realm of

She also showed a very important skill: critical thinking. I wish the

careers and career development.

internship could have been longer.”

“We start out with a very open ended career exploration questionnaire that looks at students interests,

to look for opportunities and how

do my job without them.”

skills and values,” Luther explains.

to find resources to learning how

  Once goals are defined and materials

“We explore what is important to

to network and develop materials

developed, students make the contacts

each person and develop a baseline

for each opportunity including

and secure the positions themselves.

that I have in mind when they

resume, cover letter, and portfolio.

“There are other universities where

come to talk with me again.”

  For Luther, “My role is to show them

they have a team of people on staff

  And, unlike many other schools

how to take whatever experiences

whose job it is to find placements and

and colleges that only offer

they have, whatever creative work

match students to placements. But

internships during the last two

they have, and describe it in a way

A&D’s curriculum fosters independent

years of undergraduate education,

that makes it pertinent to their job

thinking and entrepreneurship and

students at A&D can apply for

search. If you’ve waited on tables,

the internship program mirrors those

internships as early as their

you work well under pressure, and

values.” Because A&D students

17  •  Emergence  summer 2010

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

michigan art & design

“( w o r k i n g

at S c o u t P r o d u c t i o n s ) opened my eyes to

how I can apply my creative, out-of-the-box thinking and my digital and graphic design interests in the real world. It allowed me to gets hands-on experience in a creative and fast-paced environment where I could apply both my research skills and artistic/design knowledge.” —  A l l i s o n Is e n b e r g ( B FA ’ 0 9 )   A l l i s o n ’ s e m p lo y e r c o mm e n t e d : “ In

addition to her can-do attitude,

Allison impressed us with her graphic arts talents. With very little supervision, Allison designed drafts of pitch books, relying on her own sense of creativity. She also contributed to many creative brainstorms, never afraid of jumping right in.”

  take responsibility for their own

navigate the world independently.


you can provide an

internships, they get early and, we

  As John sums it up, “Are the

hope, multiple opportunities to practice

internship results different than

the application process for themselves,

if a student had been part of a

just as they will once they graduate.

different program? Maybe. But the

The program provides students with

journey is definitely going to be very

resources, time, and support and, in

different. The person who graduates

please contact John Luther

return, they are expected to assume

is different — with bigger ideas, and


a certain level of responsibility. The

more confidence in his/her abilities

or 734-647-7761

goal is to have graduates who can

to enter the working world.”  

 “M y

internship for an

A&D student, or know of an internship opportunity,

p h o t o i n t e r n s h i p in the Bravo digital department in New

York exposed me to so many new things. I was quickly thrown into the photo editing process, choosing images for various online photo galleries. I was also a part of weekly editorial team meetings, and even asked to contribute my ideas. I met new people, made great connections and came away with new skills and confidence.”  — M e r e d i t h

 M e r e d i t h ’ s

Em p loy e r s ay s :


“ Meredith brought original ideas to

Bravo, and had a passion and eagerness for learning. She is an extremely dedicated and strong person and we at Bravo have all benefited from having her work here. We would love to have her back anytime.”

other voices I have always believed that you need to be smart, disciplined, tough, driven, and willing to say no. Additionally, you need to have a good handle on what you are trying to accomplish, how much risk you are willing to take, and what it really takes to build a leading company. Those are just a few of the skills that come to mind – in the final analysis, there is no substitute for hard work and a determination to outperform your competition.

speakers tell graduates to follow their passion. But to me, that is too simple an approach, and one that can often lead to disappointment. Realistically, it is hard to know with any degree of certainty what your passion is when you are 21 years old. I think the better advice is to try to figure out what you are good at, and then to do your absolute best at it. In your twenties, you need guidance to build the foundation for

  I know that many commencement

your career. I believe the best place •

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

to get that guidance is a wellmanaged business with talented leaders and a commitment to growing its people. And once you are working for that business, you should try to set aside many of life’s distractions and focus on making your employer (and ultimately yourself) be as successful as humanly possible.

– Roe Stamps, A& D’s Dean’s Advisory Council summer 2010  Emergence  •  18 

Photographs by  J a m e s ro t z A & D G raduate S tudent

Moving Out

A&D Seniors Enter the World   In the midst of this global shift in work, the next crop of A&D seniors prepared for graduation, signaling their launch into the "real world.” Graduation is also the time each year when seniors unveil their Integrative Projects, bodies of work meant to synthesize their A&D educational experiences. Each senior has had the whole year to plan, conceptualize, and build a single project of his/her choosing. With the help of faculty advisors, students manage their own creative processes and working schedules. And they each do this work in an individual dedicated studio provided by the generosity of A&D donors Penny and Roe Stamps. This April students exhibited the fruits of their year-long efforts in galleries and theaters across campus and off-site.

19  •  Emergence  summer 2010

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

In April students exhibited the fruits of their yearlong efforts in galleries and theaters across campus and off-site.

michigan art & design

{ R}e vo l u t i o n

summer 2010  Emergence  •  20 

Alumni Updates


am a signature member of The Audubon

their own towns. Those interested can get

Artist Association, receiving an award at

information from

their fall exhibition in New York City.

Jim Adair (BSDES ‘52) I live in New Paltz, NY and work out of my

John Rieben (BSDES ‘57)

art gallery /studio. After a 42-year career

Jack Lardis

in New York City advertising as an art

I launched a nonprofit art organization

in Graphis Posters 2010. Graphis

director, I came to this wonderful upstate

in 2003 called Oil Drum Art. Its mission

features the best in design, advertising,

Hudson River Valley region to initiate a

is to recycle 55-gallon oil drums by

photography and Illustration. The Poster

15-year experience with viticulture and

having artists transform them into

Annual presents the best internationally

wine making at Adair Vineyards. Now

artworks. Part of our program involves

produced work from the previous year. I

that operation is sold and I have been

students painting drums and creating

have also reached that senior citizen

painting watercolors for the past 12 years,

public art for inner-city parks, municipal

category of emeritus professor. I now

a desire established and nurtured at UM

buildings and neighborhoods. Over

spend half the year in Florida and then

but not acted upon until moving to the

300 drum artworks have been created

migrate north to Wisconsin when I have

land of the Hudson River School painters.

and deployed throughout the state.

been assured Spring is in full bloom. I

(My wine label bore a reproduction

  Recently, Oil Drum Art has partnered with

keep fairly busy creating trademarks and

of Asher Durand’s “Solitary Oak.” )

the Naugatuck Valley Arts Council to create

posters for whatever clients I can locate.

  A recent exhibition of my work was at my

a “Drums For Troops” initiative, inviting

And when that is not enough, I paint.

Red Pump Studio/Gallery in August ‘09. I’m

15 schools to paint drums with patriotic

planning another show for August 2010,

themes. The drums will be filled with

in tandem with the new owner of Adair

donated goods and supplies and shipped

Vineyards. I am a signature member and the

to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

first vice president of North East Watercolor

This is a pilot program. We hope media

Society where I received an award at their

coverage will help interest other groups in

33rd Annual International Exhibition. I

initiating “Drums For Troops” projects in

21  •  Emergence  summer 2010

al u m n i

(BSDES ‘54)

u p dat e s

I recently had two posters included


pieces was a figure called “O.K., O.K., Lord!”

system that revolutionized the way offices worked and are planned. Yes, we invented the tools that created the cubicle.

Jules Strabel (BSDES ‘60)

And it was done in Ann Arbor as well!   My contributions were many, including

I was in the Michigan Watercolor Show,

the product design of the first installation

the School of Art & Design Storm

of the system at the U of Tennessee in

Show, the Kentucky watercolor show,

1965 and the custom design of the first

and the I.S.E.A.International Society

human factored computer workstation

of Experimental Artists Show where I

for Dr. Doug Engelbart, the inventor of

received an award. I was also fortunate

the world’s first computer mouse in 1968.

to get into Charles McGee’s Urban Edge

In fact, as a result, I wound up designing

Show for the Grosse Point Artists, as well

the world’s first mouse pad along with

as Wayne County Community College’s

several major components of Action

Self Portrait Show. I need to live another 100 years to do all that I wish to do.

Office, recognized by the International

Russell Thayer

Society of Industrial Designers as the

(BS ‘57, MA ‘61)

best design from 1960 to 1985.

As the result of winning a Michigan State University competition, I recently completed and installed a large-scale sculpture, Windrapids II, on the MSU campus at the entrance of the BioMedical Physical Science Building. The smaller Windrapids I is in Birmingham, Michigan. Both were fabricated in our Franklin, Michigan, studio home that has been featured in both Style and Ambassador magazines.

Matthew Zivich

  My wife Nancy, a painter with three pieces in the collection of the Detroit

(BSDES ‘60)

Institute of Arts, and I are also both

I was recently included in the School

currently teaching classes at the School

of Art & Design Work•Detroit show,

of Art & Design. We both recently

Migration. My art work, “Prairie

showed our work in a two-person show

Home Companion,” was featured on

at the Marshall Fredericks Museum at

the posters promoting this show and

Saginaw Valley State University, and my

also on the Work • Detroit web page.

sculpture was included in the invitational

Stephanie Duran (BSDES ‘64) My daughter, Gabrielle Lyon, received a Presidential Award for her non-profit organization Project Exploration, that works to ensure experiences with science by populations traditionally overlooked—

Michigan Masters exhibition at the

particularly minority youth and girls.

Kresge Art Museum in East Lansing. I also have two sons. Raphael graduated from

Jack Kelley (BS ‘62)

Brown with honors and is a musician/

In 2009, the Muskegon Museum of Art,

sculptor and does installations all over

in cooperation with Herman Miller, Inc.

the world. He also finished a film, i film,

and the Ford Museum put on an exhibit

shot in Buenos Aires when Argentinian

of the design history of Herman Miller.

banks were all failing. His website is

  I was fortunate to have been employed by Lucas works with planes

the Herman Miller Research Division in Ann

and cars and is amazing with machines

Arbor. I began as a student design intern

and engines. He graduated from Southern

in 1961 and was hired full time upon my

Illinois University majoring in avionics.

graduation from A&D. Through the early

Finally, I include a painting by my

‘60s I worked with Bob Propst, research

husband, Robert Duran. He passed

(bsdes ‘59, MFA ‘61)

director, in the research and development

away 5 years ago and was a well-known

C. Malcolm Powers participated in the art

of the world’s first modular panel furniture

painter and in many collections.

show at First Presbyterian Church, Ann

system, Action Office. Bob and I shared

Arbor, November 08, 2009. One of his

over 28 patents and created the furniture

C. Malcom Powers

michigan art & design

al u m n i

u p dat e s

summer 2010  Emergence  •  22 


Norman Stewart (BFA ‘69, AM ‘72) and Susan Stewart (BSDes ‘70, AM ‘00) As you may already know, my wife, Susan, and I are partners of Stewart & Stewart and are both graduates of UM’s School of Art & Design (formerly the College of Architecture and Design when we earned our multiple degrees

Frank Ettenberg (BSDES ‘66) I have been working as a self-employed artist in Vienna Austria since 2003. I rent my studio from the city, which has seen fit to provide studios for qualified visual artists as long as they are official residents of the city. I am in the midst of a drawn-out visa application and review process, since the immigration department wants to make sure one more subsistence-level, foreign artist doesn’t get stuck here and turn out to be a ward of the state. I recently had an exhibition of selected works in the offices of BMM marketing, Gmbh in Graz, Austria.   I would be happy to host UM art or other tours, since I know the German language and would be happy to arrange the itinerary ahead of time.

in the late 60’s and early 70’s).   Since 1980, our studio in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan has been working with artists to print and publish fine screenprints. And, over the past few years, we have also

Diane Morgan

been showing other fine prints created

(BFA ‘70)

by artists from across the United States.

I started my own business, Diane

Most recently, we have been showing

Morgan Fine Art, four years ago.

the outstanding woodcuts created by

After many years in advertising and

Endi Poskovic, a new faculty member at

public art administration I decided

A&D. Endi’s work and the work of other

to take the plunge and go full-time as a

fine print artists were featured in 2009

fine artist. Since going full-time I have

Stewart & Stewart’s presentations at the

been winning awards and made great

IFPDA’s (International Fine Print Dealers

strides in my artistic career. I have

Association) international Fine Print Fair

been featured in International Artist

in NYC, and locally at Works on Paper

Magazine and The Artist’s Magazine.

IV at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art

F + W publications, publishers of Southwest

Center, and the Flint Print Fair at the Flint

Art, The Artist Magazine and Watercolor

Institute of Arts. We also presented at

Artist have used my art as a feature in their

the Capital Art Fair in Arlington, Virginia

advertising. I was selected as the poster

(Washington DC area) this April.

artist for the Indian Wells Arts Festival

  The Detroit Institute of Arts mounted

and my art is featured in their advertising.

two museum exhibitions celebrating

One of my watercolors is on display in the

Stewart & Stewart’s accomplishments in

California State Capitol. Another is on a

a 10-year anniversary exhibition in 1990

year-long national tour with the National

and a 25-year anniversary exhibition

Watercolor Society. Starbucks recently

in 2005. Our fine print editions have

purchased three pieces for display in their

been exhibited in and purchased by

new location at the Palm Springs

museums, corporate collections, and

International Airport. If I hadn’t

private collections around the globe.

taken the risk, I would not have received the rewards. I look forward to every day and the new creative challenge. It’s so true…..if you do what you

Margot Jacobson Gotoff (AM ‘66)

love, you will never work a day of your life. I will never retire, because I love what

I want to share w/you the honor bestowed

I do. Art is my life, not my job. I’m also

on me by the State of Ohio via the Ohioana

teaching now because I’m always getting

Library Association. I was awarded the

calls to demonstrate my techniques.

Ohioana Pegasus Award for my cultural/ artistic contributions. This same award has been given to Maya Lin, Eric Kunzel, Doris Day, etc. I received it in October for my sculpture cast in glass and for my teaching.

23  •  Emergence  summer 2010

al u m n i

u p dat e s

at Boston in the “Gilded Age” as a center

writing through the first-person narratives

for reform, epitomized by the Aesthetic

of classic women authors, and examines

and the Arts and Crafts movements, and

how their experiences are relevant to

the evolution of the profession of design

writers, especially women, working today.

criticism in the 19th century. Brandt said. “I wanted to explore how people

Susan Hensel (BFA ‘72)

got those ideas, and shaped them. To tell

Julie Walters

the back stories of the objects that are

(BFA, AB ‘79)

part of the Arts and Crafts movement.”

I have been promoted to Senior Associate

For more information

at Brereton Architects, where I head

contact Brandt or Beverly at

one of two design studios. We focus on

(480) 443-3043 or

commercial interior design for projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am working

In March 2010 Susan (McGaughan) Hensel

on projects for several insurance and

Gallery in Minneapolis, MN featured

engineering companies, along with

the tenth anniversary of the national

managing the tenant planning for over 30

survey show of artists’ books, Reader’s

office buildings in the Bay Area. I received

Art 10. As a part of this anniversary

my BFA in Interior Design in 1979 along

celebration, Susan invited long-time

with my BA in History of Art. I was dually

curator of books, Jon Coffelt, to shape the

enrolled in both LS&A and the Art School

show. Reader’s Art began in 2000 in East

during my final two years at Michigan. I

Lansing, Michigan at The Art Apartment,

also am involved in our local UM Alumni

an alternative space right across the road

club where I serve on the Board of

from Michigan State University. From

Directors. I recently hired a UM grad to

the beginning, it had national scope, showcasing handmade artists books from

work in our studio as a junior designer.

across the United States. In 2005 the

Jamie Joseph Alder

show moved to Minneapolis with Susan

(BFA ‘74)

as she opened the Susan Hensel Gallery.

In 2009 I had four pages of my work

  The Susan Hensel Gallery maintains a

included in the book, Abstract Comics. I

robust online archive, which can be viewed at

also had four pages of my work included

in the show, Silent Pictures, at the Amie

Elizabeth LaPorte

and Tony James Gallery at the Graduate

(BFA ‘81)

Center at the City University of New York.

Elizabeth LaPorte has been appointed

Editor’s Note: Jamie Alder

a member of the Michigan Sea Grant

passed away on March 22, 2010.

Management Team, effective December


2009. LaPorte serves as co-principal

Nava Atlas (BFA ‘77)

investigator of Sea Grant’s communications and education programs. She is the director

I’m participating in a traveling threeperson exhibition, In Retrospect: Artist’s Books and Works on Paper by Maureen

Grant’s strategic planning and program

It opened at the Abcedarian Gallery in

development efforts. Currently, LaPorte is

Denver in April, traveling on to Hope College, Holland, MI (August-Oct.), SUNYUlster, Stone Ridge, NY (Nov.-Dec.), and to

(BFA ‘73)

several other venues from 2011-2012.

Beverly Brandt, professor of design at

  This year I’m also working on a new book,

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts,

The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing

has just published a new book exploring

Life, to be published in May 2011, along

the Arts and Crafts movement and its ties

with its companion limited edition artist’s

to Boston. Entitled “The Craftsman and

book, Dear Literary Ladies, and the blog of

the Critic: Defining Usefulness and Beauty

the same name www.dearliteraryladies.

in Arts and Crafts-Era Boston,” (University This multidisciplinary

of Massachusetts Press) the book looks

project looks at the creative process of

michigan art & design

al u m n i

u p dat e s

Learning On the Web. For the past nine years, she has contributed to Michigan Sea

Cummins, Ann Lovett, and Nava Atlas.

Beverly Brandt

of the award-winning curriculum, Fisheries

managing the development of the Michigan Clean Marina Classroom, a web-based professional training program for marinas. LaPorte joins Jim Diana, Program Director and Professor in the UM School of Natural Resources and Environment, and others, in

the management of this statewide program.

See Michigan Sea Grant:

summer 2010  Emergence  •  24 

review of it. I would love if A & D alums would submit possible “Grommets” to me. We look at everything from kitchen tools to outdoor gear, to green products, and we love anything with a deep social enterprise heritage. There’s a form on our site to tell us about the idea. Surely U of M A & D grads can find some pretty amazing products, and are also producing many themselves.

Francie (Johnson) Hester (BFA ‘82)

Susan Wechsler

I paint on aluminum and last year I won

I opened my first museum exhibition,

a competition to create a piece for the

Integral Elements, at the Loveland Museum

American Speech and Hearing Association.

in Loveland, Colorado. This group exhibition

The underlying themes in this piece

included the work of four artists from

reflect the mission of ASHA to promote

across the United States — Liz Quisgard,

effective human communication. The

Hariete Estel Berman, Susan Weschler,

understanding that language is the

and David Chatt. The Loveland Museum

bridge to everyday life becomes the

is one of the top 25 small museums in the

cornerstone for the structural elements

country. Wayne Theibaud’s retrospective

of the painting and ASHA’s vision to make effective communication a human right spanning a lifetime is captured by linking themes of childhood learning to those extending to the end of one’s life. I am represented by Anton Gallery in Monterey CA, and EA Gallery in Port Chester, NY. I work just outside of Washington DC — I have an old auto body shop where I work in Kensington, MD.

My current work is on my blog linked from

(BFA ‘83)

was just there, then DALI. They took

Leisa Rich (BFA ‘82) 2009 was a busy year for Leisa Rich with the launch of her Etsy shop of creative items for body and home (

William MacArthur

and a solo installation exhibition (see it in

(AM ‘84)

the Installations gallery at www.monaleisa.

I am participating in Buckham Gallery’s

com). In addition, Leisa was included in the

25th Anniversary Art Exhibition in May

“Quilt National 2009” juried exhibition

2010 in Flint, MI. It’s a five-person show.

at The Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio (the

I have created some rather unique works

exhibition is now travelling) and in the book

just for this exhibition! I’ve made glow-in

of the same name by Lark Books Publishers.

-the- dark relief-sculptures, modular photo-

The first in a series of exciting new work-

montage relief-sculptures and relief prints.

viewer interactive scenes- is also included

One sculpture is collapsible/modular and

in the Fiberart International at Pittsburgh

made without using any conventional tools,

Center for the Arts from April 16-August 22,

just scissors, cable ties and dowel rods!

2010. Leisa is the state representative for the Georgia chapter of the Surface Design Association and is on the board of directors and planning committee for the Southeast Fiber Art Alliance soon to open in Atlanta, Georgia. Leisa teaches art at The Galloway School, the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, in her studio and at Arrowmont in June 2010.

Jules (Julie Knittel) Pieri (BFA ‘82) I founded Daily Grommet, an online marketplace, in 2008. Given my degree in design, it is a natural that I created a business that finds one inventive product or service a day and produces a video 25  •  Emergence  summer 2010

Dali off the walls and put my work up!

al u m n i

u p dat e s

Christopher S. Smith

James Mott (MFA ‘85)

Jennifer Bostek

(BFA ‘84)

I just had an Itinerant Artist Project (IAP) 10-

(BFA ‘87)

During the month of September 2009,

year retrospective exhibit here in Rochester,

I have been teaching Design Concepts

my series of sculptures “Perfectly

NY including 60 of the best paintings from

in the Foundations Department at the

Naked” was exhibited at the Noyes

30 weeks on the road, along with text,

College for Creative Studies for 10 years.

Museum in Hammonton, NJ. Twenty-

maps, journals, sketches and a video loop

My 2009 exhibitions included The Detroit

five sculptures were shown.

of the Today Show piece. It got enthusiastic

Artists Market Small Show, Detroit Artists

reviews from other artists, the press and

Market Garden Party, Detroit Artists Market

the general public. It’s a great show for

All Media Exhibition 2009, The Anton

small museums and college galleries.

Art Center Michigan Annual Exhibition

My website has more about the

2009, and two commissioned portraits.

project and contact info.   It was a good year for the IAP, with

Cary A. Zartman

a residency in Rome, NY; my first

Marco Lorenzetti (BFA ‘85)

workshop, in St. Augustine; and my

(BFA ‘87)

9th tour, which finished up with an

Recently, Logo Lounge announced that

invitation to paint at Prout’s Neck,

three Cary Zartman-designed identities

Maine – a stone’s throw from Winslow

have been included in its new Master

Homer’s studio. I also got a NY State

Library series of books, on the bookshelves

grant to do a local version of my project.

in February 2010. Included in its Initials and

  In 2010 I’m considering a New York City

Crests edition are: Linkergy (a new business

tour: taking gift exchange into the heart

development company), Out of the Ballpark

of the commercial art world. Anyone

(an online business for the leisure and travel

out there want to host? Also... My wife’s

industry) and Z Factory (a creative studio

My photographs were recently included

memoir, “Ghostbread,” recently published

that challenges and inspires businesses to

in the Greater Michigan Art Exhibition

by University of Georgia Press, won

be inventive in their design and marketing

at the Alden B. Dow Museum of

the AWP award for creative nonfiction.

solutions). Communication Arts published

Science and Art. The photographs are

It’s strongly-written and an excellent,

its Design Annual 50 in December

36”x46” gelatin silver enlargements

unsentimental take on the subject of

‘09, which also featured the recently-

from original 8”x10” negatives.

growing up in poverty in Western NY.

redesigned Z Factory logo. (To see a more

The group is called Divine Intervention.

in-depth exploration of each of these identities, visit In

Based on my submittal, the museum granted me a solo exhibition award. The show is scheduled for 2010.

Andy Ross (MFA ‘86)

addition, Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood has hired Cary to design a series of

Andy Ross has been busy creating web sites, presentations, and other interactive content using the Adobe Flash platform. In fact, he’s been so busy he’s looking for

wayfinding street kiosks to be installed this spring along popular retail districts within its area.

help. So if you know anyone with skills in Adobe Flash, have them contact Andy at Andy recently finished a web site for the local Ann Arbor painter Nina Friday at

michigan art & design

al u m n i

u p dat e s

summer 2010  Emergence  •  26 


time as possible with her three-year-old

May. Fellow A&D alum Angela Faris-Belt

son, Shea.

kindly included several of my photographs in her very successful book, The Elements

Robin Leventhal

of Photography, already used in many photography programs across the country.

(MFA ‘92) I was just on season 6 of Top Chef Las Vegas!

at Eastern Michigan University’s Art Gallery in March 2009, travelling to venues across

bio/robin-leventhal From the Top Chef website: While pursuing a Master’s in Fine Arts at the University of

the country over the next couple of years. I’m still good friends with my darkroom neighbor, Peter Finnemore, (MFA ‘95)

Michigan, Robin took a job in the catering department. It quickly became clear she had a passion for food. Robin’s Pacific Northwest roots are the foundation of her cooking,

Robin Weiss (BFA ’90)

An exhibition based on the book debuted

accented by the flavors of her world travels. Robin formerly owned and operated Crave,

Robin Weiss, founder and artist of Paint

a popular Seattle bistro. She currently uses

Your World, is celebrating her 10th year as

her cooking and culinary connections to

a muralist. Located in the New York City

help raise money for lymphoma research

region, Paint Your World creates custom

and is closely involved with the Fred

murals, faux finishes and furniture. Clients

Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

have added custom details to bedrooms,

and was privileged to write a catalogue essay for his Zen Gardener exhibition at Oriel Mostyn in 2004. Richard and I had a blast catching up with Peter and his Welsh entourage in Venice when he was one of three artists representing Wales during the Biennale in 2005. I’ve lost touch with many A&D friends but have fond memories of our time together in Ann Arbor and would love to hear from you and catch up.

kitchens, play spaces, stairwells and more. Paint Your World also services commercial clients such as restaurants, office spaces, schools and day camps. Visit her website: for a browse through the gallery and additional info. Robin also recently completed her MS-Art Education and is a NYS certified art teacher.

Cynthia Greig (MFA ‘95) I continue to work in photography and

a partnership with Macys and Endless.

photographs from my Representations

com. The shoes, which have the same

series were included in the exhibition,

fashion forward/comfort fusion design

Complicity: Contemporary Photography

elements as the core SHANE&SHAWN line,

and the Matter of Sculpture at Rena

debuted Jan. 1, 2010, and are selling well.

Bransten Gallery in San Francisco. I was

(BFA ‘91)

also happy that several images from this

For the past ten years, Lauren has been

body of work were recently acquired for

running her own successful company,

the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts

Eyelevel Design. She has designed many

Boston, Smith College Museum of Art and

websites, logos, corporate identity

the Wellington Management Art Collection.

packages, data sheets and catalogs. She

  This year I’m in the group show,

also has been working as a part-time

Drawing Pictures, at the Camera Club in

instructor at the Academy of Art University

New York, and

and at City College San Francisco. When

I have a solo exhibition at DNJ Gallery

she’s not working, she is spending as much in Los Angeles, CA in

al u m n i

u p dat e s

Shoe designers Shane and Shawn

collection of affordable fashion shoes in

on an independent basis. In 2009,

27  •  Emergence  summer 2010

(BFA ‘96)

Ward (BSEME ’96) have launched a new

video, occasionally writing and curating

Lauren Turetsky

Shane Ward

Diversity in Design. Spring 2010 (http:// multi); “Sustainable Design Education Rethought: The Case for Eco-Modernism.” In Design Principles & Practices: An International Journal. Spring 2010; “Counterculture Green: The Whole Earth Catalog and American Environmentalism: A Review.” DesignIssues. MIT Press. Spring 2010; and “Designing the Immaterial.” DesignInquiry. Spring 2010. (http://

Paul Flickinger

Jason (Jay) LeVasseur

(MFA ‘97)

(BFA ‘92, MFA ‘97)

A lot has happened in my life. I left my

After graduating, I started freelancing

position at the Kalamazoo Institute of

as Applied Art Studio. Concurrently, I

Art to start a non-profit, Clean Water

worked on a one-year appointment for

for the World. Our mission is to provide

the Medical Illustration department on a

simple, adaptable water purification

book illustration project with McGraw-

systems, at no charge, to communities

Hill. After that, I moved to Fort Collins,

without access to potable water. We

Colorado (fall of 1998) and I’ve been here

have about 60 units installed around the

ever since. I met a wonderful woman here

world serving about 36,000 people.

soon after the move, and she became my

  We recently partnered with the UM

wife in July of 2001. Her name is Celia.

College of Engineering to design a low

We had a baby girl on September 12,

cost pump to supply water to the systems

2005, and her name is Elise. She loves

in cases where water is not provided by

to draw, and is a tremendous joy to us!

other pumps. We also will be sending

  I teach 2D design, and figure drawing at

one of our solar powered units to Ghana

a community college here, and I continue

with Engineering students next summer. I

to freelance from our home. My clients

traveled with my daughter Nicole (all grown

are mainly medical/surgical publishing

up and working in Mid-town Manhattan) to

companies, with a sprinkling of non-

southern India to install 5 water purifiers in

medical clients. As fot fine art, I don’t make

poor rural communities. Last spring break

time to regularly create pieces. However,

I travelled to Haiti to install our first solar

at the college, we have a faculty show

powered unit in a remote community on

about every other year, so this gives me

the Caribbean coast. Clean Water for the

an impetus to generate something new.

Janna Bissett (BFA ‘98)

Western Michigan University in ceramics and foundations. I have attached a photo of kids at a school in India getting their first taste of potable water. I am hoping that A&D alumni can help me spread the word about our organization.

michigan art & design

Eric Benson

Janna Bissett recently had a one-person show of her work “Photography by Janna Bissett” at Farmington Hills City Gallery in Farmington Hills, MI. Bissett credits her photographic style to the fact that she works in many other media, including charcoal, metalwork, paint and fiber. “Once I accepted that having a hand in all these different media can actually work for me rather than against me, I started to see my art grow in ways I never thought possible.”

World is a volunteer run organization with no paid employees. I am also teaching at

(BFADS ‘98)

In some of her photos, a combination of media is used, as photos are shot

Eric Benson is an Assistant Professor

through a glass “painted” with cleaner,

of Graphic Design at the University of

and also manipulated after the shot.

Illinois – Champaign. He recently won an American Design Award for his design of

has an active exhibition record including

Andrea Urbiel Goldner (BFA, BS ‘98)

the group exhibitions, Less is More 2010

After graduating with a Master’s degree in

at Connexion Gallery-Design Studio.

Landscape Architecture from the University

Dunwoody, GA.; the Hello: Graphic Design

of California, Berkeley, I joined Hood Design

Group Invitational at the University of

(the studio of Walter Hood) in Oakland, CA.

South Dakota. Vermillion, SD.; and Art

The San Francisco Bay led me to Mexico

D’Eco at Gallery 125. Trenton, NJ. His work

City, Veracruz, Rome, and a very long walk—

has been published in “The Intersection

from the Pyrenees to the ocean—across

of Identity Within Pattern & Structure:

Spain for a traveling fellowship in landscape

A FLYSPACE Continuing Collaboration.”

architecture. Returning to Detroit, I’ve

Multi: The RIT Journal of Plurality and

now jumped with both feet into 

the webiste Eric also

al u m n i

u p dat e s

summer 2010  Emergence  •  28 

my own landscape architecture practice,

I have been running a small design

Peregrine Workshop. I also occasionally

studio called Elevated Works for six

teach design and visual communication

years now, providing freelance graphic

in the Master of Landscape Architecture

design and web development services

program at UM. The threads through

( and have

this work in the Bay Area, the traveling

also been working commercially as a

fellowship, and now in Detroit remain: the

photographer and continuing some

reconstruction of urban places, landscape

long term photography projects

design for the person on foot, exploration

(, the latest

of the hinges between culture and ecology,

focused on Michigan itself.

and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

  Michelle founded a letterpress printing

Peregrine Workshop 510.316.0261.

and design studio, Elevated Press

Yolanda Curry (BFADS ‘01)


Jacquelene Steele (BFA ‘98) I am pleased to announce that I am an MD Candidate at Wayne State University School of Medicine Class of 2013.

Shawn Alexander (MFA ‘99) Shawn K. Alexander creates stories with

Since graduating my time has been spent

specializing in custom stationery and

creating jewelry and teaching youth art

wedding invitations, and her own

classes. I have been creating and selling

line of greeting cards and prints

jewelry in boutiques, galleries, online, and

( Our

featured at special events. This has been

studio is on Felch St, near downtown

very rewarding, as I have always been

Ann Arbor, where Michelle holds public

interested in being an entrepreneur. My

letterpress workshops and where

Detroit line of jewelry, The D Collection,

we collaborate with local artists to

has been very successful, not only in

host small gallery exhibitions.

the city, but across the country. One

paint, words and film that meet at the Pan-

Kelvin Hongshin Pan

African crossroads of history, family and

(BFADS ‘00)

identity. He co-wrote the award-winning indie feature, August The First, distributed via, and co-produced the play, Raw Love, which ran at the Theater for the New City in December 2008. He’s currently developing an animation TV & web series via Gruntled Entertainment, LLC. and rewriting two feature-length scripts, and shooting a trailer short for another feature-length script.


reviewer commented, ‘The jewelry line pays homage to the City of Detroit, celebrating the rugged yet refined,

In 2008, Hongshin Pan was invited to

industrial and innovative, hard-working

join the startup company Healthcare of

and creative spirit of Detroit.’ Future

Today as the Chief Operating Officer

plans include a design studio where

( Hongshin

other talented individuals can hone their

was able to apply his creative background

skills. I will once again be teaching, while

to think about healthcare in new and

still maintaining my jewelry business.

exciting ways. Under his leadership,

I am also blessed with an amazing

the young company quickly became an

daughter who turned three years old

aggressive force in healthcare, specifically

in March. Needless to say, I am busy!

senior care. Hongshin oversees the daily operations of the businesses and the unique vertical-integration model that they hope will pass savings to consumers. Over the course of less than 2 years, the holding company grew from four companies to over 30 businesses. Recently the company has acquired Xenotis, an advanced human tissue engineering company based in Australia.

Kimberley Ellsworth-Flores (BFA ‘02)

Peter Baker (BFADS ‘00) & Michelle Baker (BFA ‘00)

On June 6, 2009 Kimberly married fellow U of M alum Atticus Flores, BSME ‘02, at Zion Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor.w

My wife, Michelle, and I, both born and

The couple and the wedding party took

raised in Michigan, recently moved

pictures at the Big House, the Law Quad,

back to Michigan from San Francisco. 29  •  Emergence  summer 2010

al u m n i

u p dat e s

Michigan Union, and Angell Hall before

photography and I show illustration and

design and building of the GM technical

heading to the reception at Kensington

design, a great reminder that I should be

Center, (which is also where Susan has her

Court on State Street. At the reception,

painting more while keeping my day job.

office.) Closer to home, a complete set of

“Let’s Go Blue” and “The M Fanfare”

the work from Susan’s solo exhibition at

played. The bride and groom entered to

Washtenaw Community College, Twenty-

“The Victors.” Several members of the

Six of 26: An Edition of 26 Alphabets, has

wedding party were U of M alumni.

been purchased by the UM Library Special

  Kim put her graphic design degree to

Collections. Susan’s upcoming speaking

good use for the wedding. She designed

engagements include a presentation for

the engagement and wedding invitations,

the UM Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

the ceremony program, the hotel guest

concerning how artists continue to be

welcome bags, the logo for the Shutter

creative in times of economic hardship,a

Booth filmstrips, the wedding cake and

lecture at AIGA Celebrate Michigan Design

the groom’s cake—a replica of the U of M

2010 (also featuring Jody Levy (’02),

Rock, complete with squirrels. The graffiti

and Interview with EYE magazine about

on the cake included words and phrases

Susan’s work/career and the career of

that had meaning to the bride and groom.

fellow calligraphic artist, Carl Kurtz.

The honeymooners visited Disneyland before heading onto Hawaii for two weeks. Kimberly is a graphic designer at the U of M Law School. Atticus is a data transfer engineer at L & W Engineering in Belleville. The newlyweds reside in Canton, MI.

Lee May (BFA ‘03) studying for a Master’s of Art in Art

William (Matt) Tailford (MFA ‘04)

Education at the School of the Art Institute

I’m back in Michigan thanks to the state’s

of Chicago (SAIC). I also work as a graphic

film incentives, and we started a studio

designer in the Communications &

up in Manistee, 10 West Studios, to shore

Graphics department and as a TA for two

up what Detroit has been doing and offer

undergraduate classes at the SAIC. Once I

a little something different. I have been

complete my master’s, I’d like to become

working as a production designer, art

a college/university teacher with an

director, actor, and producer. It’s pretty

emphasis in design and art education.

quiet in the winter, which allows me to find

I now reside in Chicago where I am

time for my sculpture work. When I was at UM I studied the figure intensively in hopes of doing figurative work. I’m wrapping up work on my first commission bronze of a life size wildcat for a school in Sylvania, Ohio.

Benjamin VanDyke

Yen Azzaro & Nick Azzaro (BFA ‘04) (BFA ‘03)

(MFA ‘06) During 2009, Ben VanDyke (MFA ’06) has

Nick is a full-time working artist. His

been promoted to head of the graphic

site shows some

design program at the University of

of his fine art. He is also working on

New York at Buffalo. He has had a solo

securing grants and funding for large-

exhibition *Lecciones de Anatom=EDa, at

scale projection installations. His

Susan Skarsgard

current project utilizes the underground

(MFA ‘04)

City, Mexico as part of ATypI, 09, and

advertising technology in the Chicago

Susan Skarsgard (MFA ’04) has recently

group exhibitions in Toronto, ON and at

subway tunnels that flashes a series of

been promoted to Global Industrial

I Space Gallery in Chicago, IL. He has

images as the train goes by at 30 mph.

Design Manager at General Motors Design.

lectured at Oberlin College and the UK’s

He is producing hundreds of photos for

In January she gave a presentation at

University of Cambridge Clare College.

a social commentary that will engage

the Museum of the City of New York, in

Ben has also received an NSF Grant

riders and pique the interest of those that

conjunction with the exhibition, Eero

for Science & Art: materials research,

normally do not see art in the public realm.

Saarinen: Shaping the Future, where she

typography and educational outreach;

We have also started a small business

took participants through a tour of her

had six projects published in Typeface:

through Etsy, a site that markets stores for

one of a kind, custom-made book, Where

Classic Typography for Contemporary

homemade and vintage items. Our store

Today Meets Tomorrow, detailing the

Design by Tamye Riggs // Princeton

Casa Vecina-Espacio Cultural* in Mexico

is called The Satisfied Ant. Nick shows his michigan art & design

Arch Press and had his work 

al u m n i

u p dat e s

summer 2010  Emergence  •  30 

reviewed in Eye Magazine Blog

In Memoriam

not only contains exhibition space, but

*Dimensional Typography *by Leslie

is an International hub for revitalizing

Atzmon (

exchanges within Asia, Europe, both North

Elected positions include those on the

and South America, etc. Boda wants to

Jamie J. Alder

Board of Directors of DesignInquiry and

expand cultural exchange so that anyone

the Society of Typographic Aficionados.

unfamiliar with different kinds of visual

BFA ‘74 March 22, 2010

art can easily raise his/her cultural fluency. Because of this cultural exchange with art and culture communities from all over the country, there will oftentimes be a chance for people who live in Korea to see the great international artwork domestically. If you are interested in having an exhibition in Korea or studying photography,

Marni Babas BSDES ‘66 August 11, 2009

Stuart P. Browne BSDES ‘53 September 19, 2009

Joseph L. Fiems is our

BFA ‘70 June 7, 2010

Korean website, but it’s not fully written in English, so we use facebook

Margaret A. Gibson

as our temporary website.

BDES ‘40 March 11, 2010

Megan M. Greydanus (BFA ‘07)

Vivian S. Gottlieb

After graduating from A&D, I worked

BDES ‘52 November 8, 2009

in Athens, Greece as an Interactive Art Director at the interactive design company

Burton Kelly

Can Communication. That experience

BDES ‘50 April 17, 2010

was fantastic, but I decided to move back to Michigan where I worked at a few different companies before deciding

Bess T. Littleton

become a freelance graphic designer. I am

BDES ‘48 October 8, 2009

doing really well with my own business networking with other freelance designers and small businesses. I’m getting design

Edward Johnston

Warren F. Moore

work in the film industry that is coming

(MFA ‘08)

to Michigan. Last summer I worked as the

In 2009, I was the recipient of two Young

BDES ‘46 June 12, 2010

graphic designer for a Rob Reiner film,

Artist’s Program Grants from the D.C.

Flipped, filmed in Ann Arbor. I worked

Commission on the Arts & Humanities,

closely with Production Designer Bill

partly funded by the National Endowment

Brzeski. I also worked in Detroit on Master

for the Arts. My work was selected for the

Class, a film starring and directed by Faye

ArcheTime conference and exhibition at the

Dunaway. With my schedule I can now

Tank Space for Performing and Visual Arts

travel and visit A&D friends who are in

in New York. My work was also selected

other cities and I am able to bring my work

from the 2009 Artomatic Art Festival in

with me.

Washington, D.C. for the Best of Artomatic

Doris B. Peter BDES ‘39 September 29, 2009

I work as an International Network Coordinator at The Center of Visual Art Boda in Seoul Korea. The Center spreads photographic culture around the world, selects and supports young artists, provides gallery space, promotes creative artwork, conducts academic research, and creates both domestic and international visual

Maryland. In November, my work was

BFA ‘72 January 28, 2010

included in the Urban Revolutions portion of

Arlene E. Schultz

the Video Arts Festival, Miden, in Kalamata,

BSDES ‘63 May 1, 2010

Greece. In February 2010 my work was included in The Matter of Time exhibition at the Philoctetes Center for Multidisciplinary Study of the Imagination in New York,

James S. Symons III BSDES ‘59 September 25, 2009

NY. Finally, I just updated my website.

Donald H. Weir

BSDES ‘53 September 12, 2009

media based partnerships. The Center

31  •  Emergence  summer 2010

BSDES ‘ 59 October 19, 2009

James P. Schaffer

exhibition at the Fraser Gallery in Bethesda,

Yoon Ji Lee (BFA ‘08)

Dwight W. Presser

al u m n i

u p dat e s

Good fortune is recognizing opportunity when it comes your way and being ready and able to grab it. —Chris Van Allsburg, (BFA ’72) author and illustrator

A special incentive for gifts over $10,000

The Van Allsburg Undergraduate Scholarship Challenge Please Help Us Reach Our $400,000 Goal by June 30, 2011!


Donors of $10,000 or more to A&D’s undergraduate scholarship fund or to already existing named scholarship funds will receive a set of sixteen of Chris Van Allsburg’s childrens’ books signed by the author.

am very pleased to announce that two dear friends and graduates of A&D — Chris and Lisa Van Allsburg — have agreed to create the Van Allsburg Undergraduate Scholarship Challenge Match. They will match all

gifts for undergraduate scholarships, dollar for dollar up to $200,000. This is a wonderful opportunity, in effect, to double your donation. For every dollar you give to A&D’s Undergraduate Scholarship Fund, Chris and Lisa will give a dollar. Our goal is to meet their challenge by June 30, 2011. I can’t emphasize enough what a difference your help will make to A&D students. In many cases, it will be that boost that makes it possible for them to continue their educations. Please consider helping us rise to the Challenge. With sincere thanks, Bryan Rogers

summer 2010  Emergence  •  32 

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Announcing inCircle, a free, online directory and social networking site for all University of Michigan alumni.

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inCircle allows you to find old friends, roommates, studio colleagues, and some faculty. You can let alumni know about your work, exhibitions dates, websites, future plans, personal plans, etc. You can post as much or as little as you want. You can also search or post a job!

You will need a university assigned unique name and a password. To get a unique name and password email or call 800.847.4764

inCircle houses the U-M Alumni Association’s job

Questions: contact Scott Creech at Art & Design:

board with more than 3,000 job postings.

We Want to Feature You and Your Work Now it’s easier than ever to have your event, exhibition, or announcement featured on the front page of the School’s website, and on our Facebook page. Just submit your news online at Click on “News/Events” in the left hand column, click on “Submit News” and then fill out the form. It’s as easy as that. It’s a great way to get your news out to former classmates, the A&D community, and beyond. Questions: contact Kate West at

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{ R}e vo l u t i o n

Dean’s Advisory Council

Ann Aikens Robert Aikens Linda Banks Thomas L. Dent MD Joan K. Rosenberg-Dent Debra Gorman Steve Gorman Bette Klegon Halby Gary Halby Gretchen Hoenecke Odette Maskell Richard M. Maskell Sally Angell Parsons Luke Raymond Ellen L. Rontal Maxine Snider Larry Snider Penny Stamps E. Roe Stamps IV Ilene Steglitz Marc Steglitz Chris Van Allsburg Lisa Van Allsburg Susan Smucker Wagstaff Reid Wagstaff Susan Isaak Wahl Eric Wahl

This issue of Emergence is brought to you through the generous support of Susi and Reid Wagstaff

Regional Alumni Co-Chairs:

Roddie Pistilli, Northern California Bill Reuter, Northern California Linda Banks, Southern California Arden Rynew, Southern California Kevin Smith, Southern California Perry Irish, Illinios Dick Maskell, Illinios Judy Maugh, Michigan - Ann Arbor Ann Aikens, Michigan - Detroit Sally Parsons, Michigan - Detroit Ellen Rontal, Michigan - Detroit Janet Watkins, Michigan - Grand Rapids Bette Klegon Halby, New York Susan & John Brown, Wisconsin

The School of Art & Design is now on Facebook! Get in touch with old friends, network with alumni and receive news and information about A&D events. B e c om e a fa n at:

University of Michigan Regents

Julia Donovan Darlow, Ann Arbor Laurence B. Deitch, Bingham Farms Denise Ilitch, Bingham Farms Olivia P. Maynard, Goodrich Andrea Fischer Newman, Ann Arbor Andrew C. Richner, Grosse Pointe Park S. Martin Taylor, Grosse Pointe Farms Katherine E. White, Ann Arbor Mary Sue Coleman, ex officio Nondiscrimination Policy Statement

The University of Michigan, as an equal opportunity/ affirmative action employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action. The University of Michigan is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions. Inquiries or complaints may be addressed to the Senior Director for Institutional Equity, and Title IX/Section 504/ADA Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity, 2072 Administrative Services Building, Ann Arbor, Michigan 481091432, 734-763-0235, TTY 734-647-1388. For other University of Michigan information call 734-764-1817.

michigan art & design

ed itor K at e W est 

{ R}e vo l u t i o n


designer Ca r l Gr eene

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