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REGISTER STARTING MARCH 17 Join the thousands of students who take advantage of Summer Session to ease course loads in fall and winter, speed up completion of a degree, catch up on missed courses or simply enjoy summertime learning. Summer Session is in full swing throughout the spring and summer – starting May 5th you can take a course in either the day or evening on campus or begin a distance /online course, and starting in July even more courses and programs are available. In total, there are over 500 choices for a rewarding learning experience at the U of M Summer Session.



Courses and programs are available in a variety of formats in Summer Session: Compressed on Campus, Summer Institutes, Travel Study, and Online & Blended.

Please go to a Fees/Refunds for detailed information regarding fee payment. If you withdraw from a Summer Session course you may be eligible for a fee refund. For Voluntary Withdrawal and Refund information, go to a Fees/Refunds.

SEARCH FOR COURSES ONLINE Search for Summer Session 2014 courses at a Class Schedule. Search by course, subject, instructor and more!

REGISTER ONLINE Registration begins March 17, 2014, and continues until the course start date. Access the registration system at Please refer to Registration Schedule and Registration Procedures at a Registration.

ACCESS TO SPACE IN COURSES Over the first 5 days of registration, an equal number of spaces are released each day. So, whether you are assigned to register on Day 1 or on Day 5, gradual release ensures you fair access to space in courses. Following the initial 5 days, registration is open to all students.

PARKING For student parking information and rates, please go to a General Information a Services for Students. Paid casual parking is available for students and staff attending evening classes during stadium events.

INVESTORS GROUP FIELD EVENTS Every effort has been made in the design of the Summer Session 2014 class schedule to avoid having classes on Investors Group Field (IGF) event evenings. Students should watch for information on IGF events on the U of M website at

ADMISSION If you are not already admitted to the University of Manitoba, you are required to apply for admission to take courses in Summer Session 2014. For detailed information please refer to: a Admission or contact Enrolment Services: 204-474-8808.


MAY, JUNE, JULY & AUGUST REGISTRATION – AURORA STUDENT You may access the registration system online through Aurora Student. Only students who have applied and been officially admitted to the University of Manitoba may register. For detailed registration information, including Steps to Registration, go to a Registration Information and Registration Procedures. Remember to check Aurora Student for a Fee Assessment.




Monday, March 17



Tuesday, March 18



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Thursday, March 20



Friday, March 21



For the first 5 days of registration (March 17, 18, 19, 20, 21), spaces in most courses are released each day in equal numbers to ensure fair access for all students. For example, if a course has 50 spaces available, 10 spaces will be released each day. During these 5 days of registration, the only day you may register is determined by the last two digits of your Student Number (see below). You may register between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight on your day of registration. Starting Monday, March 24 registration will be open to all students and will continue until the final dates to register for Summer Session - go to a Important Dates.

Fees must be paid by the specified dates (see below). Outstanding balances after these dates will be subject to late fees and students may be placed on Hold. You will not be sent a fee statement in the mail. For detailed information regarding fees, including fee payment and the Summer Session 2014 Fee Schedule, please go to a Fees/Refunds. All inquiries or problems relating to the payment of fees should be addressed to: Revenue, Capital & General Accounting Office (204-474-9433).

PAYMENT DEADLINE DATES: May 5 - Courses starting in May or June v July 2 - Courses starting in July or August

VOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL (VW) & REFUNDS You must formally withdraw from a course or a grade will be assigned and fees will remain outstanding. To withdraw from courses, go to, login and select Enrolment & Academic Records a Registration a Add or Drop Classes. VW deadlines for courses with irregular class dates are different (i.e., Part of Term identified in the Aurora Student Class Schedule Listing includes the words ‘Irregular Dates’). Go to a Fees/Refunds a Irregular Refund Schedule. For all other courses, the following VW deadlines apply: May Day Course Full refund to May 7, 2014 VW deadline, May 22, 2014

May-June Evening Course Full refund to May 9, 2014 VW deadline, June 10, 2014

July Day Course Full refund to July 4, 2014 VW deadline, July 18, 2014

June Day Course Full refund to June 4, 2014 VW deadline, June 18, 2014

June-August Evening Course Full refund to June 27, 2014 VW deadline, July 29, 2014

August Day Course Full refund to July 30, 2014 VW deadline, August 14, 2014

May-June Day Course Full refund to May 7, 2014 VW deadline, June 12, 2014

May-August Evening Course Full refund to May 9, 2014 VW deadline, July 15, 2014

July-August Day Course Full refund to July 4, 2014 VW deadline, August 8, 2014

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2014 SUMMER SESSION IMPORTANT DATES ADMISSION Please go to a Important Dates for admission information and deadline dates. CLASS DATES (Class dates vary - go to a Class Schedule for exact class start/end dates) May 5 May Day classes begin (end May 28); May-June Day classes begin (end June 24) June 2 June Day classes begin (end June 24) May 5 & 6 May-June Evening classes begin (end June 18 & 19); May-August Evening classes begin (end August 6 & 7) June 23 & 24 June-August Evening classes begin (end August 6 & 7) July 2 July Day classes begin (end July 24); July-August Day classes begin (end August 20) July 28 August Day classes begin (end August 20) EXAMINATIONS (Exam dates may vary – go to a Class Schedule) May 30 & 31 May Day exams (no May-June Day classes) June 20 & 21 May-June Evening exams (no May-August Evening classes) June 26 & 27 June Day and May-June Day exams (no June Day or May-June Day classes) July 25 & 26 July Day exams (no July-August classes) August 8 & 9 June-August Evening & May-August Evening exams (no June-August Evening and May-August Evening classes) August 22 & 23 August Day and July-August Day exams (no August Day and July-August Day classes) FEE PAYMENT (For more information on fees go to May 5 Last day to pay fees without late payment fee for courses starting in May and June July 2 Last day to pay fees without late payment fee for courses starting in July and August REGISTRATION (Late registration dates vary - see ‘Registration Dates‘ in the class schedule listing at March 17 Registration begins for all courses May 5 - 7 Late registration/revision period in May Day and May-June Day courses May 5 - 9 Late registration/revision period in May-June Evening and May-August Evening courses May 5 - June 4 Late registration/revision period in June Day courses May 5 - June 27 Late registration/revision period in June-August Evening courses July 2 - 4 Late registration/revision period in July Day and July-August Day courses July 2 - 30 Late registration/revision period in August Day courses



Field Techniques in Entomology Field Methods in Land Resource Science

FACULTY OF ARTS ANTH 1210*† ANTH 1220*† ANTH 2100 ANTH 2430 ANTH 2530 ANTH 2560† ANTH 2860 ANTH 3910 ARTS 1110W*† ASIA 1420W ASIA 1430W ASIA 1750 ASIA 1770* CATH 1190W CATH 2100 CLAS 1270 CLAS 1280 CLAS 2520 LATN 1080 LATN 1090 ECON 1010* ECON 1020*† ECON 2390 ECON 2400 ECON 2450† ECON 2460† ECON 2470† ECON 2480† ECON 2530 ECON 3170 ECON 3640 ECON 3670 ECON 3680 ENGL 0930W* ENGL 1200W* ENGL 1300W ENGL 1310W* ENGL 2190W* ENGL 2760W ENGL 2940W ENGL 3800W FILM 1290 FILM 2460 FILM 3250 FILM 3260 FREN 1150* FREN 1200 SPAN 1180 SPAN 1190 GRMN 1120 GRMN 3262 RUSN 1300 HIST 1200W HIST 1380W HIST 1420W HIST 1430W HIST 1440W HIST 2750W HIST 4580 LABR 1260 LING 1200 LING 1380 LING 2200 NATV 1000 NATV 1220W† NATV 1240W† NATV 2020W† NATV 3240

Human Origins and Antiquity (A) Cultural Anthropology (A) Introduction to Archaeology (D) Ecology, Technology and Society (B) Anthropology of Political Systems (B) Anthropology of Illness (B) Evolution and Human Diversity (C) Archaeological Field Training Introduction to University* Asian Civilizations to 1500 (B)* Asian Civilizations from 1500 (B)* Introduction to Korean Introduction to Japanese Introduction to Catholic Studies Field Studies in Catholic Culture Introduction to Ancient Greek Culture Introduction to Ancient Roman Culture Greek and Roman Mythology Introduction to the Reading of Latin 1 Introduction to the Reading of Latin 2 Introduction to Microeconomic Principles Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles Introduction to Environmental Economics Introduction to Energy Economics Microeconomic Theory and Its Applications 1 Microeconomic Theory and Its Applications 2 Macroeconomic Theory and Its Applications 1 Macroeconomic Theory and Its Applications 2 Introduction to Mathematical Economics Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Economics Economics of the Financial System International Trade International Finance English Composition Representative Literary Works Literature since 1900 Literary Topics Special Topics Introductory Creative Writing Short Fiction 1 Special Studies The Art of the Film 1 Film Genres Special Topics in Film 1 Special Topics in Film 2 Introductory French French 1 Introductory Spanish Introductory Spanish 2 Beginning German Representations of the Holocaust in English Translation Introductory Russian An Introduction to the History of Western Civilization (G) An Introduction to Modern World History: 1800-Present (M) Asian Civilizations to 1500 (B)* Asian Civilizations from 1500 (B)* History of Canada (C) History of the United States from 1607 to 1877 (A) The Great Historians (G) Working for a Living Introduction to Linguistics General Phonetics Syntax Orientation Course: The Colonizers and the Colonized* The Native Peoples of Canada, Part 1 The Native Peoples of Canada, Part 2 The Métis of Canada Native Medicine and Health

* multiple sections and/or topics offered † also available by distance/online

NATV 3280 Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian Criminal Justice System NATV 4300 Advanced Selected Topics in Native Studies PHIL 1200 Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 1290*† Critical Thinking PHIL 2740 Ethics and Biomedicine PHIL 2750* Ethics and the Environment PHIL 2830* Business Ethics POLS 1010 Political Ideas and Ideologies POLS 1500W Introduction to Politics POLS 2040W Introduction to International Relations POLS 2070W Introduction to Canadian Government POLS 2510 Great Political Thinkers POLS 3950 Research Methods in the Study of Politics POLS 4190 Manitoba Politics and Government PSYC 1200* Introduction to Psychology PSYC 2250 Introduction to Psychological Research PSYC 2260M Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology PSYC 2290 Child Development PSYC 2310 Adolescent Development PSYC 2360 Brain and Behaviour PSYC 2390 Psychology of Women PSYC 2410 Social Psychology 1 PSYC 2420 Social Psychology 2 PSYC 2440*† Behaviour Modification Principles PSYC 2450*† Behaviour Modification Applications PSYC 2460† Dyadic Relations PSYC 2470 Learning Foundations of Psychology PSYC 2520 Orientations to Psychological Systems PSYC 3450† Psychology of Personality PSYC 3460† Abnormal Psychology RLGN 1320W Introduction to World Religions (B) RLGN 1410 Death and Concepts of the Future (C) RLGN 1420W Ethics in World Religions (C) RLGN 1424W Religion and Sexuality (B) RLGN 1430 Food: Religious Concepts and Practices (C) RLGN 1440W Evil in World Religions (C) RLGN 2110 Religion and Healing (C) SOC 1200* Introduction to Sociology SOC 2200 Sociology Through Film SOC 2290 Introduction to Research Methods SOC 2510† Criminology SOC 3660 Sociology of Mental Disorder SOC 3710† Sociology of Criminal Careers SOC 3790 Women, Crime and Social Justice WOMN 1500W Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies in the Humanities WOMN 1600W† Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies in the Social Sciences WOMN 2540* Special Topics in Women’s Studies

I.H. ASPER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ACC 1100*† ACC 1110* ACC 2010 ACC 2020 ACC 3040 ACC 3050 ACC 4010 ACC 4030 FIN 2200*† FIN 3480 MIS 2000 ACT 2020 ACT 2120 ACT 3130 ACT 3230 ENTR 2020 GMGT 1010W* GMGT 2010W* GMGT 2060* GMGT 2070* GMGT 3300* GMGT 4010* GMGT 4210* HRIR 2440*

Introductory Financial Accounting Introductory Managerial Accounting Intermediate Accounting - Assets Intermediate Accounting - Equities Cost Accounting Taxation Accounting Auditing Accounting Theory Corporation Finance Corporate Finance Theory and Practice Information Systems for Management Economic and Financial Applications Interest Theory Actuarial Models 1 Actuarial Models 2 Starting a New Business* Business and Society Business Communications Management and Organization Theory Introduction to Organizational Behaviour Commercial Law Administrative Policy* Seminar in Management and Capitalism Human Resource Management

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2014 SUMMER SESSION CONTINUED... HRIR 3450 INTB 2200 MKT 2210* MKT 3220 MKT 3230 MKT 3240* MKT 3300 MKT 3340 MKT 4270 MSCI 2150* SCM 2160*

Labour and Employment Relations International Management Fundamentals of Marketing Marketing Research Consumer Behaviour Selected Topics in Marketing International Marketing Services Marketing Sales Management Introduction to Management Sciences Supply Chain and Operations Management

FACULTY OF EDUCATION EDUB 1602 EDUB 1612 EDUB 1620 EDUB 1640 EDUB 1650 EDUB 1840* EDUB 1860 EDUB 1940 EDUB 1950 EDUB 5220* EDUB 5230 EDUB 5360 EDUB 5470 EDUB 5510 EDUB 7090 EDUB 7212 EDUB 7330 EDUB 7416 EDUB 7420 EDUB 7600* EDUA 1500 EDUA 1570 EDUA 1590 EDUA 5080* EDUA 5480* EDUA 5500 EDUA 5510 EDUA 5520 EDUA 5540 EDUA 5550 EDUA 5570 EDUA 5600 EDUA 5630 EDUA 5660 EDUA 5670 EDUA 5680 EDUA 5730 EDUA 5740 EDUA 5770 EDUA 5800 EDUA 7200 EDUA 7406 EDUA 7540

Aboriginal Perspectives and the Curriculum* Adult ESL Curriculum and the Canadian Language Benchmarks Principles and Procedures of Second Language Teaching Teaching ESL Vocabulary and Pronunciation Teaching ESL Grammar Recent Developments in CTL 1 Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Integrated Programs School Experience 1 Integrated Programs School Experience 2 Recent Developments in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning 1 Recent Developments in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning 2 Children’s Literature* Recent Developments in Curriculum: Mathematics and Natural Sciences 1 Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Seminar in Reading Processes Critical Applied Linguistics in a Global Context Inquiry in Curriculum and Instruction Teaching and Learning In Post Secondary Education Study of Teaching Action Research in Education Aboriginal Education Foundations of Adult Education Facilitating Adult Education Recent Developments in Educational Administration 1 Counselling Skills Theories and Issues in School Counselling Elementary School Counselling Ethics in Counselling Groups in Guidance Psychology of Human Relationships Family Life Education Introduction to Inclusive Special Education Assessment and Instruction in Inclusive Special Education Organization and Delivery of Resource Program and Support Services Strategies for Organizing Inclusive Classrooms and Schools Promoting Responsible Behaviour in Educational Settings Recent Developments in Educational Psychology 1 Recent Developments in Educational Psychology 2 Focus on Exceptionality: An Ecological Approach to FAS/E Introduction to Educational Research Philosophy of Education Topics in Adult and Post-Secondary Education Programs in Career Development

FACULTY OF ENGINEERING CIVL 4050 ECE 2160 ECE 2220 ENG 1430 ENG 1440 ENG 1450 ENG 1460 ENG 2010

Engineering Economics Electronics 2E Digital Logic Design in Engineering Introduction to Statics Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Introduction to Thermal Sciences Technical Communications


Environmental Science 1 - Concepts Environmental Science 2 - Issues Multidisciplinary Topics in Environmental Science 2

GEOG 1280*† GEOG 1290*† GEOG 2272 GEOG 2570† GEOL 1410W GEOL 1420 GEOL 3910 GEOL 4260 GEOL 4740 GEOL 4910

Introduction to Human Geography Introduction to Physical Geography Natural Hazards (PS) Geography of Canada (A) Natural Disasters and Global Change Exploring the Planets Introduction to Field Mapping* Applied Geophysics Field Course* Geophysics Field Course* Advanced Field Mapping*

FACULTY OF HUMAN ECOLOGY FMLY 1010† FMLY 1012† FMLY 1020† FMLY 2800 FMLY 4300 HEAL 2600 HMEC 2000 HMEC 3000 HNSC 1200* HNSC 1210* HNSC 2130 HNSC 2140 HNSC 4364 TXSC 2420

Human Development in the Family Introduction to Social Development Family Issues Across the Lifespan Family Violence Field Experience Integration of Health Determinants of Individuals Research Methods and Presentation Introduction to Social Epidemiology Food: Facts and Fallacies Nutrition for Health and Changing Lifestyles Nutrition Through the Life Cycle Basic Principles of Human Nutrition Foods Industry Option Practicum* History of Textiles

FACULTY OF KINESIOLOGY AND RECREATION MANAGEMENT KIN 2320 KIN 2330 KIN 3470 KIN 3512 KIN 3520 KIN 3530 KIN 3740 KIN 3914 PERS 1200† PERS 1300† PERS 1500 PERS 4200 * PERS 4630 PHED 2400 PHED 2402 PHED 3102 PHED 3770* REC 4150 REC 4170

Human Anatomy Biomechanics Exercise Physiology Principles of Fitness Training Coaching the High Performance Athlete A Coaching the High Performance Athlete B Resistance Training and Conditioning Athletic Therapy Clinical Block Placement Physical Activity, Health and Wellness Introduction to Leisure Travel Foundations of Physical Education and Kinesiology Special Topics Supervised Fieldwork Experience Coaching Theory and Practice Advanced Coaching Theory and Practice Aboriginal Song and Dance Aboriginal Games and Activities Clinical Aspects of Therapeutic Recreation Sport Management


Music for Children 1: Orff-Schulwerk Music Education Program Music for Children 2: Orff-Schulwerk Music Education Program


Human Growth and Development Introduction to Nursing


Structured Practical Experiential Program 2 (SPEP - 2) Structured Practical Experiential Program 3 (SPEP - 3)

FACULTY OF SCIENCE BIOL 1000* BIOL 1010* BIOL 1020 BIOL 1030 BIOL 1340 BIOL 1410 BIOL 1412 BIOL 2242 BIOL 2300 BIOL 2390 BIOL 2410 BIOL 2420

Biology: Foundations of Life Biology: Biological Diversity and Interaction Biology 1: Principles and Themes Biology 2: Biological Diversity, Function and Interactions The State of the Earth’s Environment: Contemporary Issues Anatomy of the Human Body Physiology of the Human Body The Flowering Plants Principles of Ecology Introductory Ecology Human Physiology 1 Human Physiology 2

Should there be discrepancies between information in this publication and The U of M Undergraduate and Graduate Calendars, the latter will govern. Changes may be made to information without notice, including changes to the Class Schedule and cancellation of courses.


MAY, JUNE, JULY & AUGUST BIOL 2500 Genetics 1 BIOL 2520 Cell Biology BIOL 2540 Developmental Biology BIOL 3372 Wetland Ecology CHEM 0900 Preparatory Chemistry CHEM 1300 University 1 Chemistry: Structure and Modelling in Chemistry CHEM 1310 University 1 Chemistry: An Introduction to Physical Chemistry CHEM 2210 Introductory Organic Chemistry 1: Structure and Function CHEM 2220 Introductory Organic Chemistry 2: Reactivity and Synthesis CHEM 2360 Biochemistry 1: Biomolecules and an Introduction to Metabolic Energy CHEM 2370 Biochemistry 2: Catabolism, Synthesis, and Information Pathways COMP 1010† Introductory Computer Science 1 COMP 1012 Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers COMP 1020 Introductory Computer Science 2 COMP 2080 Analysis of Algorithms COMP 2150 Object Orientation COMP 2280 Introduction to Computer Systems COMP 3010 Distributed Computing COMP 3170 Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures COMP 3350 Software Engineering 1 COMP 3430 Operating Systems COMP 3620 Professional Practice in Computer Science MATH 0500 Preparing for University Mathematics MATH 1010M† Applied Finite Mathematics MATH 1020M* Mathematics in Art MATH 1210M Techniques of Classical and Linear Algebra MATH 1300M*† Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra MATH 1500M*† Introduction to Calculus MATH 1700M Calculus 2 MATH 2130 Engineering Mathematical Analysis 1 MATH 2132 Engineering Mathematical Analysis 2 MATH 2300 Linear Algebra 2 MATH 2500 Introduction to Number Theory MATH 2720 Multivariable Calculus MATH 3132 Engineering Mathematical Analysis 3 MBIO 1010 Microbiology I MBIO 1220 Essentials of Microbiology MBIO 2020 Microbiology II MBIO 2360 Biochemistry 1: Biomolecules and an Introduction to Metabolic Energy MBIO 2370 Biochemistry 2: Catabolism, Synthesis, and Information Pathways PHYS 0900 Preparing for University Physics PHYS 1020M General Physics 1 PHYS 1030M General Physics 2 PHYS 1050 Physics 1: Mechanics PHYS 1070 Physics 2: Waves and Modern Physics STAT 1000M* Basic Statistical Analysis 1 STAT 2000M* Basic Statistical Analysis 2 STAT 2400M Introduction to Probability 1

FACULTY OF SOCIAL WORK SWRK 2080*† SWRK 4210 SWRK 4220 SWRK 6010 SWRK 6050 SWRK 6070 SWRK 7180 SWRK 7190 SWRK 7220 SWRK 7300

Interpersonal Communication Skills Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy Aboriginal People and Social Work Practice Data Analysis in Social Work Research Field Practice Qualitative Research in Social Work Advanced Field Practice Integrating Theory and Research in Advanced Field Practice Readings Clinical Evaluation of Social Work Interventions

SCHOOL OF ART FA 1020M* FAAH 2080 FAAH 2930W FAAH 3210 FAAH 3250 STDO 1210* STDO 1240

Mathematics in Art Modern to Contemporary Art Writing about Art Introduction to the Theory and Criticism of Art Topics in Art History Drawing: Studio 1 Figure Study 1

* multiple sections and/or topics offered † also available by distance/online

STDO 1250 STDO 1410 STDO 2680 STDO 3680

Drawing: Studio 2 Visual Language Special Topics Special Topics in Studio Practice 2

TRAVEL/STUDY COURSES Choose from the following Travel/Study destinations: • Banff, Alberta • Churchill, MB • Clearwater, MB • Costa Rica • Germany • Iceland • Israel • Japan • Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine • Peru • Poland • Tell es-Safi, Israel For detailed information on Travel/Study courses go to a Travel/Study Courses

SUMMER INSTITUTES Choose from the following Summer Institutes: • Cree Language and Narrative • Building a Community Commons • Program Evaluation • Education for Sustainability • Manitoba Writing Project: Writing for/as Human Rights • Teaching and Leadership for Human Rights Education • Inclusive Special Education - Universal Design for Learning: Teaching Diverse Learners in the Inclusive Classroom • Inclusive Special Education - Universal Design for Learning: Teaching Diverse Learners in the Inclusive Classroom (Advanced) • Coaching the High Performance Athlete • Coaching Theory and Practice - Women’s Soccer For detailed information on Summer Institutes go to a Summer Institutes

ADDITIONAL COURSES OFFERED BY DISTANCE/ONLINE: ANTH 2550 HIST 2282 HIST 2284 NATV 2080 PSYC 2400 PSYC 3530 SOC 2330 SOC 2460 EDUA 1540 EDUA 1560 EDUA 1580 GEOG 2580 GEOG 2630 GEOG 2640 FMLY 1420 PERS 1400 KIN 2540 COMP 1260 COMP 1270 COMP 2140 SWRK 1310 SWRK 2110 SWRK 3100 SWRK 3130 SWRK 3140 SWRK 4200* SWRK 4300* FAAH 1030 FAAH 1040 FAAH 1100 FAAH 2110 FAAH 3590

Culture and the Individual (B) Inventing Canada (C) Democracy and Dissent: Contesting Canada (C) Inuit Society and Culture The Psychology of Sex Differences Contemporary Issues 1: Obesity and Eating Disorders Social Psychology in Sociological Perspective The Family Cross-Cultural Education Adult Learning and Development Program Planning in Adult Education Geography of the United States (A) Geography of Culture and Environment (HS) Geography of Culture and Inequality (HS) Family Management Principles Concepts of Recreation and Leisure Psychology of Sport and Exercise Introductory Computer Usage 1 Introductory Computer Usage 2 Data Structures and Algorithms Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis The Emergence of the Canadian Social Welfare State Systematic Inquiry in Social Work Contemporary Canadian Social Welfare Introduction to Social Work Practice Field Focus of Social Work Practice Field Focus of Social Work Practice 2 Introduction to Art 1A Introduction to Art 2A Survey of Asian Art Women and Art Islamic Art and Architecture

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SUMMER SESSION University of Manitoba 185 Extended Education Complex, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2 204-474-6963/8008 1-800-421-1960 ext. 6963/8008 1-888-216-7011 ext. 6963/8008

EXPLORE THE WORLD & LEARN 2014 Travel/Study destinations: • Banff, Alberta • Churchill, MB • Clearwater, MB • Costa Rica • Germany • Iceland

• Israel • Japan • Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine • Peru • Poland • Tell es-Safi, Israel a Travel/Study Courses Please be kind to the earth, give this publication to a friend, recycle.

Summer Session 2014  

University of Manitoba course schedule for summer session 2014

Summer Session 2014  

University of Manitoba course schedule for summer session 2014