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Change your Life Today: 5 Ways to Get Unstuck! You know the feeling. Waking up to the sound of the blaring alarm. Hitting the snooze button over and over again. You just cannot bear to face another day. It‟s just another day of the same routine. You wonder what can you do to change your life? This is referred to as “getting stuck in a rut.” We‟ve all been there. Getting stuck really isn‟t the problem. Inaction is. Here are five ways that can move you toward changing your life in positive direction: The Power of Perception Take a peek inside your closet and throw out/donate some of your clothes. Just toss „em. Change your image. How do you want to feel about yourself? Take a stroll to the shopping center and give yourself permission to splurge a on some new outfits. Invite a friend. Who knows, get a new haircut, whatever calls to you. You may be amazed at who you see in the mirror. The World Awaits… Take some time to travel. Seeing new places gives you an opportunity to see how different cultures live, enjoy nature, and appreciate what you have in your own life. It doesn‟t have to be expensive. The new change will do you some good. Gain new perspective. Changing your environment, even for a little bit, gives you a new outlook on your life. Honing in on a New Hobby If you think about it, the hours you spend watching television probably come out to just about the same as how much you spend at work. Not even counting web surfing. It‟s so easy to just come home, flip on the TV and turn in. Why not join a book club, learn to crochet, tango, or go to the gym after work. Whether it‟s a group or solo activity, taking on a new hobby not only satisfies your creative side (right brain). Any of these can create possibilities for you to change your life in a positive way. An added bonus is that you‟ll make more friends and add another aspect to your personality.

Changing Jobs or Starting a New Business The stark reality of knowing that we spend over one third of our lives at work can be depressing if we hate our jobs. If you currently love your job, then great! However, if you feel uninspired and dread Mondays and can‟t wait for Fridays, then a new job search may be in order. Or this just might be the right time to start that business you have been telling your friends about forever. It‟s okay to recognize that change is necessary. Changing your life can be a wonderful experience that yields amazing results. After all, you have one life, why shouldn‟t you be happy doing what you want? Gratitude Everyday something positive happens. Being grateful for everyday occurrences makes a difference in your perspective. Think about it. Someone breaks just in time to not cause an accident right in front of you. You catch the train one minute before it leaves. Your kid actually does his homework without causing a temper tantrum. Changing your perspective helps you pay attention and appreciate your life. It doesn‟t really matter how you express gratitude. There are many ways. The important thing is to be grateful. This leads on the way to changing your life.

By Edward R. Munoz

Change your Life Today: 5 Ways to Get Unstuck!  

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