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About Us

UM Bridges is an English language publication produced by 4th year students in the Department of Communication as a graduation project. We express our gratitude to the course instructor Prof Wu Mei for her professional guidance and Teaching Assistant Serena Qu for her support throughout the course. Our thanks also go to Department secretaries Jenny Lou and Barbara Chin for their administrative assistance.


he theme of “Next Station, Future” is inspired by the whole class’ anticipation towards not only the future of Macao, but also their own future. As the graduating class, uncertainty and expectation drive us as we pursue our stories for this magazine. As we are in a journey toward the Future Station, we organize our stories in the magazine into five sections named after well-known bus stops in Macao -- “Lisbon Road”, “Serado Square”, “Social Welfare Bureau”, “Cultural Center” and “Science Center” indicating vital aspects of our city: transportation, economy, technology, culture, environment and society. With every story comes the journalistic progress that each student has made throughout the years in the university, showcasing their passion for journalism and promising prospect of our future. And as the Editor-in-chief, having overlooked the efforts that everyone has made, I am proud to present this year’s Umac Bridges and hope that you enjoy our work! Shiela Lay


he future is what will happen in the time after the present, therefore, it has unlimited possibility and we have unlimited imagination toward the future. Then a question appeared in my mind: how do we predict what is going to happen in the future? News is to report what has already happened, which is “the past”, and what is going on right now, is “the present”. Besides fortune telling, scientifically, the only way we have to predict “the future” is based on “the past” and “the present”. As a result, a main theme of our graduation publication has been decided. In our issue “The Next Station, Future”, we investigated “the past” and “the present” in Macau, in order to illustrate the unlimited possibility and our unlimited imagination to the city in many aspects, including social, economic, cultural and technological. After all the reporting and editing, we suddenly found out that the only one who has the power to create the future is the people in “the present”, which means we are the future to Macau. After reading “The Next Station, Future”, I hope everyone has their own vision of the future as the 22 of us do and try your best effort to make it come true. Ella Sio


Lisbon Road Bus mess in Macao 10 Traffic woes loom as HKZM Bridge opens 12 Be patient and look forward to the MLRT 14 Macao gambling licenses 16 Fate of historical sites: Demolition or preservation? 18

Senado Square "City of Gastronomy" 22 The future of the old fruit store 26 New lifestyle: Reducing plastic use 28 The Typhoon Mangkhut 30 Water flooding crisis: A year after Hato 32

Social Welfare Bureau Babies? No, no! 36 As long as you live 38 Mortgage payment: A long tortured journey 40 Home is where the heart is 42 Sex education in Macao 44 Social smoking at UM 48



Cultural Center 52 Warehouse music venues 54 The black horse: UM men’s basketball team 56 Craft market and village promote local creativity 58 Is it possible to make a living as a dancer in Macao? 60 Striving for an illustration dream 62 "Little character" persists in a singing career

Science Center 68 Aomi: First food delivery app in Macao 70 The digital world 72 From cash to no cash: E-payment in Macao 74 Teenage myopia problem of Macao in 2020 76 E-sports vs game addiction



Next Station

a Road


Bus mess in Macao By Karen Chan

“All that glitters is not gold.” Being an international tourist city, Macao should have world-class facilities that are convenient for residents and tourists. However, the real situation is different. Bus routes keep changing. People cannot get on buses since they are always crowded. How would such public bus service leave an impression on tourists?

It is like a constant fight for people who go to work or school by bus. If you wait for a bus in the main road like Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro or Avenida de Horta e Costa during rush hour, you may not be able to get on the bus or be squeezed like sardines in a can. There are not enough buses that should come every five to 10 minutes. “It just feels like killing me when I get on the bus during rush hour,” said Yuri Ho, a student from University of Macau (UM). “I need to wait for at least 20 minutes to get on a bus since every bus is crowded.”




ianca Ho, a girl from City University of Macau complained that she experienced countless times being unable to squeeze into the crowded

bus and now she may prefer walking instead of taking a bus. This is just a daily happening in Macao. According to the information from the Transport Bureau (DSAT), the number of average daily passenger capacity was 580,000 in the second quarter of 2018. The number seems unimaginable for a city with a population of 600,000 seemingly almost all the Macao residents take buses once a day. The bus routes and stops in Macao also cause troubles to residents as well as tourists. The No. 72 is the only bus route which runs between Taipa and UM. The route had a sudden and big change in June in order to serve more people who live in Taipa to travel to UM. Howev-

er, DSAT did not make enough announcements. A lot of people had no idea that some bus stops for this bus route had been cancelled. Frequent changes to bus routes and stops make people feel inconvenient or even lost.


ast September, DSAT changed more than 20 bus routes at the Border Gate after Typhoon Hato dev-

Bus capacity from April to June (DSAT)

astated Macao. The situation has brought incon-

venience to both residents and tourists since the Border Gate is the busiest terminal in Macao. Now when people come back to Macao from the Gongbei Port in Zhuhai, they need to go to different areas for bus stops instead of one convenient central place like before. This kind of traffic mess is still ongoing. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge opened on October 24. More and more vehicles are anticipated. In the policy address of 2018, the government promised that they will appropriately merge or diverse the bus stops in order to improve the bus operating system. It seems the policy may alleviate some of the problems. But still, the traffic issue is always one of the biggest challenges for Macao.



Traffic woes loom as HKZM Bridge opens By Evaldo Leong


esidents are worried that the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HKZMB) is going to add to Macao’s traffic problems. The HKZMB entrance to Macao is located in the north of the “Areia Preta” which is a traffic bottleneck connecting to one of the busiest intersections. There is a lot of traffic every day. The

government has repeatedly proposed in the past two years to develop mid-term and long-term solutions, but still no plans have been released at present. If the planning is not appropriate, vehicles from the bridge will not be effectively diverted leading to a traffic concentration in the “Areia Preta” district.



The entrance of subsea tunnel

There were 32 million people who came to Macao through various entry points last year, and the maximum daily inbound and outbound traffic

Courtesy:The New York Times


t present, the traffic in the north area is under heavy pressure. According to official projections, after the opening of the HKZMB, about

reached 428,000. All the visitors need to travel when

4,000 vehicles will pass through the bridge every day

they arrive in Macao. We expect the number would

to enter and leave Macao.

grow more in the future,” a superintendent of the frontier station of the public security police said.

However, it is worrisome that the traffic flow of the road network near the north district is heavy at the

The total number of outside vehicles coming to Ma-

busy time, and the traffic jam forms even more rapidly

cao, either from Hong Kong or mainland China will

with a slight blockage, which is already the traffic bot-

be difficult to estimate at the moment. HKZMB will

tleneck in Macao. The traffic flow after the opening of

provide more opportunities for Macao’s economic

the HKZMB will further aggravate the road load in the

growth, but the authorities need to be prepared for

north and affect residents’ traveling time.

a public traffic jam. If the traffic planning is not well designed, the entire north district will have a huge

In addition, the north district is also under various

traffic pressure. Macao’s economy, although it may be

cable, underground pipe network and other excava-

beneficial to some extent from the bridge, may bear

tion projects. It is estimated that the north district will

negative influence of traffic jams for residents of the

often suffer slow traffic, congestion, and even a major

north district.

paralysis. The HKZMB will be open by the end of this year. We hope the government can work out effective

Mrs. Wong, a coach driver, said that the north district

solutions which include the road planning and traffic

is so jammed around the commuting time at 9:00

diversion before the bridge opens to the public.

am and 5:00 pm that it is hard to imagine how bad it would be when the new bridge opens to the public.




ince the beginning in 2003, the Macao Light Rail

There are many reasons to explain why the MLRT

Transit (MLRT) system has been full of ups and

has kept postponing, the project was first started

downs, the opening to traffic has been delayed again and

in 2003 and the original budget was estimated

again, and the project budget keeps increasing. Although

around 7.5 billion, however according to "ML-

the Taipa line is almost ready, it seems that most citizens

RT-the fourth stage (September 2018)" report

have lost confidence and are dissatisfied with the Macao

from The Commission of Audit, the budget may

Peninsula line conduction. The MLRT is facing no end in

be over 50 billion and still not be capped. Further-

sight of problems.

more, during the project kick-off period in 2011,

MLRT's ups and down

MLRT is full of ups and down. According to the government report "The Five-Year Development Plan of the Macao Special Administrative Region (2016-2020)", the government pledged to work hard on the MLRT. On the other hand, the Secretary for Transport and Public Works Lo Lap Man reportedly stated recently, "I have confidence that the Taipa line of Light Rail will be opened to traffic in 2019." According to Lo's speech, the Taipa line so far is almost ready to be opened, however, officials always give hope to citizens, and then let them down. The light rail project still does not include the Macao Peninsula line.


because of the Gabinete para as Infra-estruturas de Transportes did not provide sufficient construction materials and designs in time, some parts of the project were "not able to finish". Therefore, many citizens doubt about how the money has been spent and complained about the long delay of the project.


Be patient and look forward to the MLRT By Iris Lo


hen will the whole railway line begin service? "I believe that the Taipa line of MLRT will

begin service next year," said the current affairs commentator Leung Kai Yin, who is also a lecturer at Macao Polytechnic Institute. Leung provided an overview of the project development and thought that it is time for the government to prove they could im-

prove social development. Leung believed there are various advantages when the light rail begins service in Macao, such as it could reduce the traffic pressure, encourage tourists to visit Macao and so on, however, the actual utility is ineffective, "because the light rail has a low passenger capacity, and is mainly beneficial for tourists," said Leung.

Furthermore, Leung continued, "The Macao Peninsula Line development should not delay further." However, he said the government should consider carefully and have a comprehensive plan before starting the peninsula line. He suggested to build a passenger rail system with a high passenger capacity instead of the ineffective light rail, which should be nearby the seaside or connect to the Portas do Cerco and bring convenience to both citizens and tourists. At present, citizens put in a lot of hope in the Taipa line service, but still have to wait for the Macao Peninsula Line to begin construction. When will the whole light rail be completed for service? No one knows. Be patient and look forward.



Macao gambling licenses By Mabel Chan


ix gambling licenses in Macao will expire in 2020 and 2022, but the government still has not announced a plan for the new open bidding of gambling concessions. Which companies will get the gambling licenses is a topic of social concern. together bid for gambling licenses, local media reported. According to "Legal Framework for the Operations of Casino Games of Fortune", if gambling licenses expire, the Chief Executive can extend the license one or more times but the total period cannot exceed five years. Fong Hoc Nang, Assistant Professor of International Integrated Resort Management at the University of Macau, said that if SJM's license is extended for two years, that can make them have two more years to make money, but it is more feasible to perform the open bidding of the gambling license. There are also many opinions in society that agree with this practice. Two gambling licenses, SJM Holdings Ltd. and MGM


Paradise Ltd. will expire in 2020. The other four licenses,

The number of open bidding gambling licenses is also

Melco PBL Gaming (Macau) Ltd., Galaxy Entertainment

in discussion. Originally the government issued three

Group Ltd., Venetian Macau Ltd. and Wynn Macau

gambling licenses to SJM, Wynn and Galaxy-Venetian

Ltd. will expire in 2022. The Vice-Chairman of SJM So

Macau. Later, the government used administrative

Shu Fai said earlier that a reasonable arrangement

measures to allow each gambling license to transfer

was suggested that the Macao government extend

the right to another company once. The result is that

SJM's license for two more years so that SJM and other

the three casino licenses turned into six. The betting

licensed companies would expire at the same time and

duty rate and the rules for compliance were exactly the


Meanwhile, Macao's gambling industry may face more competitions in the region. The Japanese parliament has passed a law to legalize casinos in Japan. According to the new law, the first casino will officially open in 2025. Non-executive chairman of Wynn Allan Zeman had indicated an interest in participating in the gambling industry in Japan. This may stimulate some companies to choose to invest in Japan. "For now, it has less impact on Macao just like I took Singapore as an example that the markets of Macao and Singapore are different because the markets of Singapore are more in Southeast Asia," Fong said. "However, 2025, seven to Fong Hoc Nang, Assistant Professor from UM

same. Fong said that Macao's six gambling licenses can support employment at present and it is feasible to maintain six licenses in the future for the overall economic situation of Macao. The number of open bidding of gambling licenses must be an important consideration for the government. Macao, known as "Oriental Monte Carlo" has enjoyed a historical growth of economic development since 2002 after it opened up the casino concessions and has become the world's number one casino center. Many companies around the world want to share a piece of it. At present, among the six gambling companies half of them have a US-funded background. People are curious whether the government will give precedence to local companies in the re-bidding of gambling licenses. Fong claimed that it is not most important to focus on local companies in the re-bidding because the past 20 years

eight years later, there may be quite a few changes such as the passengers' access mode. If the policy changes, the situation may be different." No matter what, the Macao government should pay attention to the trend of Japanese casinos. The gambling industry has become a dominant source of tax revenue for Macao and brought employment opportunities to Macao people. However, the nongambling elements in Macao are still not enough. The government reiterated many times that it wanted to add more non-gambling elements. "Including other places, Singapore and so on, not based on gambling, they also have many non-gambling elements," Fong said. Gambling elements and non-gambling elements coordinate with each other, estimated to bring a better future to Macao. Although the government still has not announced a plan for the new open bidding of gambling concessions, it is estimated that many companies may want to get a gambling license.

have provided the opportunity for the local gambling companies to increase competitiveness to compete with international gambling companies. The director of The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau Paulo Martins Chan said that the work related to gambling licenses expiration is going on and a scoring mechanism is still under research.



Fate of historical sites: Demolition or preservation? By Teresa Lei

The draft about the latest conditional planning maps

plex units with elevators. It uses the design feature

was posted in May 2018, which included whether

of the Marseille apartment, which is the symbol of

to entirely retain or demolish the Lena Building, an

the influence of Western architectural style.

exemplary local building. In July 2018, Chan Tak Shing, the committee member of Town Planning

According to the latest environmental statistics

Board, said that it is not worthy of conservation.

released by the Statistics and Census Service

In August 2018, lawmaker Agnes Lam, together

(DSEC), the total land area of Macao was about

with a number of local architects, submitted a letter

30.5 square kilometers in 2016. The population

of consent from about 610 representatives to the

density increased from 21,100 people per square

Cultural Affairs Bureau, urging to conserve the Lena

kilometer in 2015 to 21,400 people per square kilo-


meter in 2016. This makes Macao the most densely populated area in the world. The lack of land is ob-


The Lena Building, located at John IV Road, is

vious, so many disputes about urban development

known as the best example of the history of high-

and the preservation and conservation of historic

rise residential buildings in Macao, which has du-

sites appear.


Lei suggested to add their value to the economy, such as converting them into a museum or using them to hold exhibitions, so as to balance the urban development and the preservation of historic sites. The main revenue of Macao comes from the gambling industry and tourism, so more and more hotels and casinos have been constructed. However, Macao also has a rich history of being the first contact point of Eastern and Western cultures. It contains many important historic sites and heritage buildings, which enrich the humanistic atmosphere. In fact, as long Courtesy:All About Macau

“To embody balance between urban planning and the conservation of historic sites, the urban planning

as they are properly integrated and supplement with each other, we can optimize our living conditions and make the city develop sustainably in the future.

authority should strengthen communication with the historic sites conservation authority in the future, also the related civil society,” said Wallace Kwah, vice president of Macao Heritage Ambassadors Association (MHAA). “The reasonable way of future urban development is to pay more attention to those non-renewable historic sites, the unique characteristic of the city while developing the economy.”

Wallace Kwah

Zmilace Lei

Macao citizen Zmilace Lei, said that the historic sites have their own value no matter how famous they are. “I love the outer walls of St. Dominic’s Church. It’s too beautiful for me,” she said.



Next Station

o Square


“City of Gastronomy” By Rosita Ng, Olivia Leong




n 2017, Macao was designated as a “Creative City

Actually from the last year, the Macao government has

of Gastronomy” by the United Nations Educational,

been promoting the “City of Gastronomy” by hosting

Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). For

events for tourists and local people, including “The Year

this title, the Macao government is promoting the local

of Macao Food, 2018” and coming up with a plan to re-

unique food culture, expecting this can bring more de-

inforce the title as the gourmet capital in four years. The

velopment opportunities to Macao, to encourage tourism

government hoped that this UNESCO designation can

and establish the reputation as the “World Tourism and

add another attraction for tourists. However a year later,

Leisure Center”.

how will tourists and citizens think about the food industry in Macao? Does Macao deserve the title of the “City

However, Macao is the third city that has this title in

of Gastronomy”?

China, after Chengdu of Sichuan and Shunde of Guangdong. Compared with these two cities, Macao lacks traditional food, and is not as unique as the Sichuan cuisine. Therefore, the Macao government and the catering industry should consider how Macao food can be carried forward to promote the tourism development, in order to live up to its reputation as the gourmet capital.




r. Chang, who is from Taiwan and now runs a Taiwanese style shaved ice shop in Macao. He used to have a stall in the Shilin Night Market

in Taiwan. He got to know a young entrepreneur from Macao who loved Taiwan culture and introduced him to Macao to set up a Taiwanese restaurant. “Anyone who runs a restaurant in Macao is bound to know that Macao is named as the ‘City of Gastronomy’ by the UNESCO,” Mr. Chang said. He has lived in Macao for five years, he found that although Macao has different types of restaurants and many Michelin restaurants in hotels, it

Does everyone in the catering industry really know that

still lacks unique local specialties and prices of food are

Macao’s new title of “City of Gastronomy”? The truth


does not seem to be impressive. Ms. Liao, a staffer of a traditional bakery in Macao, said that she has never

“However, in order to cater to the taste of Macao citizens,

heard of Macao being a “City of Gastronomy”. “I don’t

many restaurants will adjust their taste to satisfy the

think the food culture of Macao is more special than

market’s needs. Maybe in this way, it can become the

other places. Although Macao is the city with the new

characteristics of Macao cuisine and develops Macao’s

reputation, it is difficult to attract tourists to Macao just

own cuisine culture gradually,” Mr. Chang said. He stated

because of this title,” Ms. Liao said. She believes that the

that the government is doing enough to promote Macao

most impressive food for tourists in Macao are Portu-

to tourists. He had been to some tourism exhibitions in

guese egg tarts, pork chop bun or bovine offal, etc. But

Taiwan and seen the promotional activities about the

they are already well known to tourists.

“City of Gastronomy” of Macao. “Although less people know that Macao is known for this reputation, I found that the Macao government has held various activities this year to attract tourists and citizens in order to promote Macao’s food, such as the activities in the old area in Macao and the night market,” Ms. Liao said. Also, these activities will provide some shuttle buses for tourists. Ms. Liao said that these activities can increase the business of her bakery which is near the market. The promotional efforts were effective, she said.




n the other hand, Macao citizens and tourists also have different opinion about the quality of the gourmet industry. Mr. Li, a tourist from Guangzhou,

said, “Although I have heard of the reputation of “City of Gastronomy” about Macao, I think that the Macao government lacks publicity and promotion to tourists.” He expected to spend MOP500 to 1000 in his two-day tour

At the same time, Mr. Cheang, a citizen of Macao, knows

in Macao. “But, the prices of food in Macao are higher

that Macao has been designated as the “City of Gastron-

than mainland China and I think it is a little bit expensive,

omy”. He also believes that the food culture of Macao

especially the famous restaurants in hotels,” Mr. Li said.

can meet this title. “Because there are many different

He prefers to find food in the city because it is more af-

types of restaurants in Macao, such as Southeast Asian,

fordable and get in touch with the food culture of Macao

Portuguese and Japanese. People can eat different food

local people.

from different countries in one place. In order to meet the market demand, there are many new restaurants in

Also, he has searched the recommended restaurants in

Macao in recent years, such as vegetarian coffee shops,

Macao on the Internet. He felt that Macao’s local food

animal coffee shops and fusion cuisine restaurants. I

is mostly in residential areas, such as roadside diners,

think these features are the advantage of Macao food

hawker stalls, tea houses and coffee shops, etc. Howev-

culture,” Mr. Cheang said.

er, because he is not familiar with the streets of Macao, it took him a long time to search these locations by a mo-

But he thinks that Macao government lacks promotion of

bile phone map. “I suggest that the Macao government

the new reputation and many of his friends in the main-

can design an authentic Macao food map to provide a

land do not know this UNESCO designation. “The Macao

clear guideline for tourists to find these food places in

government can engage in publicity in different tourist

popular tourist spots, such as the Border Gate, outer

attractions and make advertisements on billboards. Also,

harbor ferry terminal and airport,” Mr. Li said.

it should promote it on social media, such as Facebook, WeChat or Weibo, etc. These social media can attract the young generation,” Mr. Cheang recommended. To conclude the opinions from the tourists and citizens, the majority think improvement is needed, especially in the food prices which are expensive. As for the authentic food of Macao, a majority are Portuguese food, so tourists think there is a lack of the traditional Chinese cuisine, but there are other kinds of cuisine in Macao, including Portuguese, Korean and Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Burmese, and these cuisines are also fused with Macao taste, which is considered as Macao features. Furthermore on transportation, tourists suggested that the food patrol bus service can be implemented which can help visitors to understand Macao specialty food stores.



The future of the old fruit store By Jacob Jiang

The younger generation plays an important role in urban development. The progress of the times will be accompanied by the elimination of history. There are many traditional industries with a history of more than 100 years in Macao, but most of them have already closed down, and even disappeared because of no inheritance. With the changes of the times, social factors and market demand have made young people prefer to be office workers, causing the decline of old stores. Rua da Tercena is one of the old streets. More than a hundred years ago, with the development of trade, it has become a prosperous area of Macao. The fruits had been sold in various regions of Macao for decades and it is still the wholesale center for fruits. Every evening is the busiest time of Rua da Tercena, workers move in and out of this narrow street for wholesale deals, while vendors and local citizens shop for fruits. The street is flanked with various fruit shops, most of them have been there for generations, including the Frutas Tong Vo Chan, a wholesale business for nearly 80 years. Ip Veng Tai, the owner of Frutas Tong Vo Chan, is now



Ip Veng Tai, the owner of Frutas Tong Vo Chan the third generation of the family business and running

declined, most of which have no younger generation to

the shop with his mother, which has been in operation

inherit. Although the century-old fruit wholesale business

since the 1940s. According to Ip, this fruit street has a

is still busy, with a rise of the new business pattern and

history of over a century, but the busy period has re-

purchase behavior, there may be a big impact on old fruit

mained the same starting around 7 pm. Ip said that they


mainly deal with fruits from mainland China, but now the market demand for foreign fruits grows, and they change

With the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao

to sell fruits imported from other countries.

Bridge, it may bring greater convenience to fruit transportation. The goods can be delivered by land transportation

“Supermarkets may replace traditional markets in the

within one hour. However, Ip stated that it would be good

future, as young people all choose to go to the supermar-

if the business environment improves in the future. As

ket to buy fruits, vegetables, meat and even fish instead

for the future, when Macao is becoming the richest city

of coming here,” Ip said. With the change of time, fewer

in 2020, it will no doubt be accompanied by the elimina-

and fewer young people work or even go shopping in the

tion of old businesses. The phenomenon has been an

fruit street, as large food markets can choose to import

inevitable fact.

goods directly from abroad. The traditional old streets may only be preserved in the memories of older genera-

Macao has been supported by those historical shops and


businesses and should be expected to develop to a new height, said Ip.

Ip has a son and a daughter, and they all have other jobs. For the fruit shop, Ip’s routine work often finishes near midnight. “Young people are afraid of hard work, it is hard to see young people working here, and my children have no intention of helping the family business,” Ip said. In Macao, lots of traditional industries have gradually



New lifestyle: Reducing plastic use

By Cora Leong

Have you ever heard about buying packed lunch with no

will provide my own reusable utensils and bags for the

plastic lunch box? Do you know how many disposable

take-away, but many people think that I am foolish. This

plastic products are used per day in Macao and what are

makes me feel that the power of an individual is minimal,

the damages and outcomes for our world?

but the power of a collective is huge. There should be more motivations for people to safeguard our environ-

Stuffbox Natural Friendly Store (Stuffbox) is the first

ment. This is the main purpose of opening this group,” he

store with the theme of reducing plastic use in Macao. It


started on May 6, 2014 and mainly sells reusable plastic products, such as reusable utensils and bags.

He wants people in this group to share the experience of reducing plastic use in order to make people aware of

Pun Hio Kam is the storekeeper of Stuffbox, who ob-

environmental problems. People need to know that there

served that Macao people have the demand of reusable

are lots of alternative solutions rather than maintaining

utensils and bags. He started the business as an online

the current situation. “Many people have the conscious-

store at first. However, he noted that customers would

ness of reducing plastic use, whereas they have low

prefer to experience the products such as the texture and

practical action. In a rapidly developed society, the first

size in a real store because those products were new to

considerations are time and convenience, then environ-

them and they never used them before. Therefore, he

mental protection. Although there are only a few groups

resolutely launched an entity store.

of people who are concerned, they still influence others

Pun devotes himself to promoting the concept of re-

step by step. Action is important to encourage others to

ducing plastic use in Macao. He also opened a Face-

choose a life of reducing plastic use,” he adds.

book group, which is Macao Less Plastic Lifestyle. “I



There are many places that started to promote the

advocate environmental protection. Hence, they would

concept and legislate policy measures to limit people’s

have funds for some environmental activities, such as a

use of plastic. Hong Kong has already imposed a plastic

no-straw campaign. “I think Macao can set up a similar

bag tax to reduce plastic use since 2015. Taiwan has

environmental fund to facilitate more actions,” he says.

reduced the plastic use and restricted seven categories of plastic since 2002 and expanded seven more categories for reduction in 2018.

“In the future, plastic use reduction will become an essential part in environmental protection which will lead Macao to a better city development. When it is a global

The Macao government also

trend, Macao will also go forward

encourages Macao citizens to reduce waste at source.

to follow it,” he says.

It held a public consultation aiming to promote a sys-

“I hope more restaurants would

tem of restricting the use of

passively provide plastic prod-

plastic bags. However, the

ucts and people would prepare reusable utensils and bags in

legislative progress is still

daily life. Moreover, I hope more

sluggish. On August 31, 2018,

public events can also support the

some citizens initiated a joint ef-

action and refuse disposable plastic,” he

fort to urge the legislation on plastic use and pollution in Macao. They pressed


the government to strengthen measures of environmental protection and set up a scheme of replaceable plastic products. Pun pointed out that the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong (OPCFHK) is engaged, through a collaborative fundraising, in an education program to



The Typhoon Mangkhut

By Katelynn Wang


yphoon Mangkhut hitting Southern China on September 16 this year is considered to be the strongest

one in recent years, with its highest central wind speed of 33m/s (level 12). Students at the University of Macau (UM) had been frightened and anxious over the week before it came on a Sunday owing to the tragedy displayed in UM and Macao last year under the influence of Super Typhoon Hato. Fortunately, Macao, along with Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, recovered well and quickly from the disaster this time and UM began its classes only two days after it.

When Typhoon Hato hit Macao last year, UM was out of electricity and water. I clearly remembered spending a long night by chatting with friends with lighted candles. Hato directly landed in Zhuhai at noon of August 23, while the Macao Government had not put on Signal 8 until 9 am. The unexpected strong wind brought devastating harm to both city and the bus stations near the customs in Macao which have not been rebuilt yet. With its electronic, water and traffic system paralyzed over days, Macao was in an extreme adversity, engraving the event of Hato in people's psyche.



Courtesy: Meteorological Bureau Of Shenzhen Municipality


hanks to the lesson of Hato, Macao smoothly pulled

Having learnt about the harm of Hato, I escaped from

itself through the adversity by taking five measures

UM to Shenzhen on Friday evening and witnessed

beforehand, including using the public broadcast to let

a whole stop of running of the city on Sunday. Being

out the warning signal of execution, sending emergency

imprisoned at home, I browsed Weibo and read the

messages to citizens to warn them of the approaching of

messages from the weather bureau of Shenzhen, whose

red storm signal, having the news host launch the most

responsible and humorous staff kept interacting with cit-

recent information of Typhoon for the first time and so

izens throughout the duration of Mangkhut. I was deeply


moved by these people working for our safety and hope they will not be forgotten even after the disaster.

Wang Yuqing, a Year 4 student of UM who stayed on campus said she had a comfortable rest during the storm

Despite being stronger than Hato, Mangkhut did not

in her dormitory with an undisrupted supply of electricity

bring much loss to Southern China. According to the sta-

and water.

tistics, only about 60,000 trees fell down, 90% fewer than last year. That reasonable measures were taken beforehand is the most crucial and can be well proven this time.



Water flooding crisis: A year after Hato

By Ella Sio


n August 23 2017, the strong Typhoon Hato devastated the entire Macao. The serious water flooding caused by the Signal No.10 made the citizens all suffer from heavy losses, and even some of them

lost their lives. Looking back at the experience of Hato, we would like to know how water flooding affected Macao people and what suggestion they have to solve the flooding crisis.

Mr. So, who is engaged in environmental recycling in the Inner Harbor area, recalled the escape experience of Hato, "When the sea water poured into my store, I fled to the attic to avoid it, but the water level rose sharply and even the attic was no longer safe." Fortunately, a ship that was forced to turn back due to the typhoon saved his life, so he swam to the ship to take refuge. He smiled and said, "Because the water was rising, it was safer to stay on the water than on land." However, the escape experience was really frightening to him even after an entire year.

So questioned the accuracy of the warning signal issued by the authorities at that time. he believed that the government’s construction of waterproof gates, water level detection and other disaster prevention measures were unrealistic so the tragedy occurred. He suggested that it is more practical to build a large tidal gate as soon as possible.




he head of a temple in Rua de Cinco de Outubro, Mr. Lu said that he is old enough to have

a relatively strong experience of encountering strong typhoons. He also lamented that nowadays, the people in Macao have a weak sense of crisis. The new generation does not understand disasters, because Macao was too safe and sound in the past few decades. Lu believed that disaster prevention education is important to train young people to be independent, self-caring, and raise their sense of crisis, so that they could be fearless and able to save themselves during disasters.

After the typhoon, many volunteers and organizations walked in the front line to help and clean up the streets. Mr. Yang, a Fai Chi Kei resident, also participated in the exhibition, witnessing many unforgettable moments. He pointed out that the street was full of rubbish, the trees were uprooted, the signs and scaffolding were crumbling. However, because of the typhoon, Yang deeply felt the kindness and solidarity of Macao people, adding a strong touch to warm the destroyed city.

A year after Hato, water flooding is still happening in the typhoon season. On Sep 17, 2018 Typhoon Mangkhut prompted the Typhoon Signal No. 10 in Macao, and made the entire city suffer from flooding again. It is hoped that similar incidents will no longer occur and the government will be able to do practical wind and flood prevention measures. In 2020, can our home not be flooded?


Social Welf

Next Station

fare Bureau


Babies? No, no!

By Annabelle Lin

The fertility rate in Macao is dropping obviously.

The concept was that the adoption of control over fertility would lead to the result observed in Japan in the 1950s

One by one, countries and regions in East Asia demon-

and 1960s, where the fertility rate would fall to the

strated a lower birth rate. Reasons may be due to some

replacement level of two children per woman and then

types of birth control program by the government like

the country’s population would remain at the same level.

in China. Others may be a result from economic con-

Even China’s one-child policy was designed to reduce


fertility in China to about replacement level. However, in every Asian country and region where the fertility rate

Japan and Asian tigers: South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore

fell to replacement level, it continued to fall to levels

and Hong Kong were the first few places where a decline

described as a very low fertility, which is below 1.5 births

in the birth rate was witnessed when economic develop-

per woman. In Asia, the very low fertility is found in Ja-

ment took off. Ironically, developing countries like China

pan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singa-

and Vietnam adopted a concept of family planning when

pore, Thailand and probably mainland China.

they started to have an economic reform from the 1980s onwards.



“Housing prices go up, birth rates go down,” Nancy

In the long term, however, the size of the labor force

Kwok, a 28-year-old who lives in a 500 sq ft apartment

falls sharply, the total population size spirals downward

in old town Macao with her husband and mother-in-law.

and the population ages dramatically. These longer-term

There is no room or money for babies, said Nancy. “If we

effects are already well under way in Japan. Socially, in

had a baby there would be nowhere to put him.”

the short term, the young couples desiring to have children are frustrated. For example, the desired family size

“Raising a child is a really expensive proposition,” said

of couples in Japan has never fallen below two. And in

Nancy, “and home prices have grown really, really

the longer term, society may adjust itself to the absence

quickly... it is making it really difficult to afford housing

of children, making a reversal highly problematic, which

or education and that could defer the decision of having

is called the low fertility trap hypothesis. An absence of


children and young workers may also generate a “demographic malaise” - a deficit of incentive- as has been

The Macao government does not have any birth control

claimed in the case of Japan.

programs but the fertility rate has dropped every year since 2016. It is widely considered that a very low fertility

As time ticks on and Nancy gets older, she worries they

rate resulted from various barriers faced by women who,

might never be in a situation where they can have chil-

now better-educated and more career-oriented, have to


combine work with family responsibilities. This is particularly an issue in Macao’s economy where long hours of work are expected for full-time workers and it is difficult to find part-time jobs that are not low-paying. Female employees are unwilling to change the current working conditions because they fear they will lose whatever competitive advantage they may have. In Macao, the birth rate dropped 8.6% between 2016 and 2018. Nancy said the housing market likely is a contributing factor. Nancy and her husband wanted to buy a home and become more financially stable before having children. The couple tried to buy a home in the old town but quickly realized the available homes were out of their price range. The two have steady incomes, her husband is a policeman and she is a receptionist. In the short term, a very low fertility and smaller population increases GDP per capita because both households and nations benefit from the reduced costs of having fewer children.



As long as you live By Rosita Ng

In 2012, based on the Statistics and Census Service

been working for decades. When they reach the retire-

(DSEC) data, the population over 65 years old accounted

ment age, shouldn't they enjoy retirement? In Chinese

for 7.7% of the Macao population. After five years, the

society, we have a tradition that we should be respect-

elderly population increased to 10.5% of the total Macao

ful and responsible for our parents when we grow up

population. The DSEC estimated that in the next decade,

and take good care of them when they get old. So, the

the elderly population of Macao will reach the United

majority of the elderly can enjoy their retirement life. But

Nations' s standard of aging society.

the time has become different now, people live longer and longer, the elderly people begin to worry about the

Furthermore, according to the statistical data, there

economic security in the future.

are 70,000 senior citizens, and almost 10,000 are still employed, which accounts for one seventh of the elderly.

Furthermore, even though Macao has a series of social

There are more and more people over the retirement

welfare schemes and medical system to protect citizens,

age, who continue to work, the issue of re-employment of

and the current economic situation looks prosperous, the

the elderly cannot be ignored.

elderly still worry about the economic security, especially because Macao is a city that depends on a single econo-

Why do the elderly people continue to work? They have


my. Hence many of them choose to continue working as



he aging problem is an issue that the world is facing. Due to the low birth rate and prolonged life, the population is aging faster. Macao is facing with an aging population now. Yuen, a 71-year-old man, sells "dragon beard" candies in his own shop which used to be near Mercado Municipal Almirante Lacerda 40 years ago, and has moved to Rotunda de Carlos da Maia. Yuen has been working for 40 years, and is still enthusiastic to explain the name of the "dragon beard" candy, "As the emperor had tasted this candy and thought it was delicious, and the emperor represented a dragon, thus this candy was named "dragon beard" candy. "However, after 40 years of working, he originally planned to handover the shop to his son, but due to the government policy, the hawker license cannot be transferred to his son. Therefore Yuen has to continue working for his later life. Maybe you will say, as an owner of a shop, he can get his holiday at any time, but actually, he cannot. As there is a regulation for the hawker, he must follow it. Otherwise, the hawker license will be revoked. Yuen also wanted to live a colorful retirement life. He is active in participating in voluntary activities. He likes nature and plants trees to decorate the city. He was joyful and excited to talk about these activities. He said that he wanted to have more time to do things he enjoyed, but he needed to take care of the shop. There was not much spare time. Although Yuen gets the welfare payment from the government, he still worried about the future. He said he was not sure that the later life would be stable. So, he chose to keep working and not to enjoy his retirement life. In an ideal world, of course people want to work for the wonderful living, but for the aging society, people work for a stable living, they do not have a retirement life. They worked hard when they were young, but also work hard at old age. As long as you live, you need to struggle for life.




Mortgage payment: A long tortured journey By Doris Lei



“It was her birthday, but she was not happy actually,” Andy Kwok said with a gloomy expression. He took his girlfriend to a cheap restaurant to celebrate her birthday. “She said it was fine but I knew she was disappointed.” Kwok is trying to save money for the property mortgage and he is stressful. problems. Dora Leong is a 32-year-old officer who has paid mortgage for five years. She was so stressed that she had stomach trouble at the beginning of the repayment period. “At that time, I had to repay MOP5,000 monthly,” She said. “I was seriously worried about the mortgage and saving money. I did not sleep well and eat well, which lead to the stomach trouble.” For the young house owners, making mortgage repayments can be a big expenditure for income. It seems like a long and tortured journey. Dora Leong

For an easy handling of house mortgage, there are some According to the Statistics and Census Service,

suggestions. Jerry Chan, a property consultant of Heng

there were 1,328 building units purchased and sold

Hui Investment Ltd., advised that buyers can buy a small

in the second quarter of 2018. Among them, some

unit with lower down payment initially with friends. He said,

were property buyers with mortgage loans. For those

“There are many such cases in the market now. Two or three

young Macao people between 20 and 39 years old,

friends pay mortgage together would be easier.” What’s

they are suffering from the pain and stress caused by

more, beginning to buy a car park is also a good choice.

high housing prices and heavy mortgage payments. The government has also been urged to come up Mortgage stress occurs when house owners spend more

with measures to monitor the property prices and

than 30% of their income to repay their house loans. It is

keep them at a reasonable level. For Macao 2020,

more likely to occur when the house owner’s living stand-

not only the Macao city develops well, but also Ma-

ard is beyond their means. Kwok is a 30-year-old youth









who has paid mortgage for three years. “Even though I pay it together with my parents, I have to pay one third of my monthly income,” Kwok said. “Sometimes I will cut

Jerrry Chan

out things like eating outside, which always makes my girlfriend grumble and I am losing face.” For these youth, income does not change after the property purchase while expenses increase greatly. They could not handle it well and are in a high-stress financial environment. More seriously, the financial stress can lead to health



Home is where the heart is By Shiela Lay

Gomes in his youth days


y definition, “Home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” But what happens when the future

is so uncertain that you doubt where home would be? As 2020 approaches, the deadline of the 50-year one country two system contract of Macao inches a step closer. The severity of change that Macao and its people will face is still unpredictable, whether economically, politically or socially. As most residents ponder about their future, the choice of emigration plays a major dilemma. Jenny Ip, a middle-age Chinese local, claimed that although she predicts that Macao will adopt China’s laws, she will remain in Macao and does not feel threatened by the rumors and speculations regarding the Chinese government. “I grew up in Macao. I built a family in Macao. Therefore, I am staying in Macao. Regardless of the changes it will face in the future.”




any middle-age and elderly Chinese locals share the same point of view as Ip, whereas the younger generations would consider the

option of emigrating elsewhere. “I would not like to live in a place that is under the total rule of the Chinese government... Maybe I will emigrate to other countries...” said Anson Ting, a local university student. While the predicament is evident, it is made harder by the fact that most Chinese locals only have Macao to call home. One community in Macao, however, has the privilege to choose between two homes - The Portuguese/ Macanese community. Most of the people in the community hold two passports, Portuguese and Macao SAR. This gives them the opportunity to move freely between the two places. But which one will they choose? Ricardo Agostinho Gomes, a Macanese civil servant, feels that although the economy has gotten better since the handover of Macao to China back in 1999, the quality

Anson Ting. UM student

of living standards has changed a lot. “After the handover, the city became too overcrowded. The prices of buildings skyrocketed. It is not a good place to live, only to work...” When asked what major change would be after the deadline, the Portuguese and Macanese culture comes to Gomes’ mind. “I think the number of Portuguese people will decrease. And Macao’s local Portuguese culture... The Macanese culture so to speak, will not completely disappear, but would evolve a lot.” Gomes stated he is certain that he would not stay in Macao when the time comes, but would not necessarily return to Portugal. With that being said, he expressed that Macao will always be his true home. It seems that the choice of whether or not to leave when the time comes does not change the fact that Macao will always be the only home to many people.



Sex education in

By Shiela Lay, Tiffany Chen, Donfree Lei, Jacob Jiang The alarming number of sex-related cases involving

on their teaching model for sex education based on their

minors has been a concerning matter to the public over

teaching background. Certain schools would hold lec-

the years, and with accessible Internet nowadays, the

tures, seminars or exhibitions, while others simply teach

issue continues to worsen. According to Macau Daily

the subject as a chapter in biology class.

Times, the acting head of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ), Leong Vai Kei, stated that 22 sex-related

On the other hand, DSEJ has held the “Community sex

cases involving underage students were recorded in the

education promotion activities” for eight years. It is an ac-

past academic year. This has raised questions regarding

tivity cooperated with different organizations and schools

Macao’s policy on sex education.

in order to help children and teens establish awareness of protecting the body and privacy and provide basic

DSEJ does not have a compulsory format or formal

sexual education. According to their website, around 70%

curriculum on sex education in secondary schools. Much

of Macao’s schools have participated in over 30 different

like Hong Kong, the government’s policy of sex education

types of events in the whole activity.

is to integrate various topics into relevant subjects rather than to make them independent. Each school may decide


Saint Joseph Diocesan College (CDSJ) is one of the


n Macao schools which has participated in this activity. It includes

would also hold regular seminars delivered by guest

lectures, parent symposia, drama performances etc. Alvin

organizations and speakers which are usually tailored to

Ma, a teacher of CDSJ, said students respond well to the

respective grades. On top of that, special classes will be

event. “As a biology teacher, I think we should first bring

offered to students who need guidance on the issue.

some basic biology knowledge to students,” Ma said. He believed that the first part students should know about

While most of Macao’s schools seem to have sex edu-

is the scientific knowledge about the human body struc-

cation whether under the guidelines of the government

ture, sexual behaviors and sexually transmitted diseases

or not, many students did not recall being greatly impact-

(STDs). And the next step is the ethics part of the educa-

ed, while some might even have trouble recalling ever


attending any seminars. Regina Elma, a student who graduated from one of said schools, stated that she only

Mr. Wong, a teacher who works in another high school,

recalled ever having one seminar a year, which lasted

expressed that they have included sex education into the

around one and a half hour, “I vaguely remembered

“personal and social” subject, discussing ethical topics

attending a short and basic talk conducted by some or-

such as interpersonal relationship of the two sexes,

ganization, but it never taught me much. Most of the stuff

family values, marriage purposes etc. Furthermore, they

I know, I either learn it through media or through friends.”



Like many other graduated students, Elma’s memory of

From the cases above, we can see that even though

ever having sex education, besides learning the basics

the government and schools appear to have put effort

of human biology, has faded or diminished. This really

into the matter, the impact is not evidently enough.

shows the effect of influence the school’s sex educa-

A pressing matter should be more emphasized on

tion had on them.

students’ education. Sex education is a complex topic, with various layers and levels. However, that should

Ma believed teachers should keep improving the sexu-

not stop schools from discussing it in an open and

al education, “We should not ask if the current educa-

comfortable setting, instead of being glossed over and

tion is enough, we should ask what else we can do to

not providing the appropriate information to the learn-

improve,” Ma said.

ing students.

Being part of a relatively sensitive subject, it is quite

Besides teaching the students the scientific part of the

hard to have a full, open discussion about many layers

topic, such as human biology, STDs, safe sex etc, the

of sex education, especially when challenged with

ethical part of the topic, such as abstinence, family,

traditional views and mindsets. Neighboring areas such

marriage etc. should also be brought up to the table

as mainland China and Taiwan share the same fate

and discussed openly. A safe zone should be created

as Macao, with many students only having learned

as students might not feel comfortable talking about the

the physical difference of the sexes and biological

topic with their parents and vice versa. If the alarming

behaviors. Most parents are not willing to help as well,

numbers are to drop, a change in the education system

resulting in many students sourcing the media, or their

should be made, with constant upgrade and improve-

friends and classmates to acquire that knowledge.

ment on the curriculum. It is time to start talking about sex in a healthy manner!





Social smoking at UM

By Joshua Feather, Benjamim Soares, Annabelle Lin, Joel Fesalbon


moking has been a popular habit for centuries. Smoking tends to be seen as a negative action and believe it or not, there are young smokers at the University of Macao (UM). Given all the drawbacks that smoking brings, the positive side of smoking tends to be overlooked.



Smoking is known for having hazardous health effects.

According to the results of the 2017 annual survey

Yet, it seems there are many young smokers at UM.

from the Serviços de Saúde de Macau (SSM), among

The school has set regulations regarding smoking are-

551,000 people aged 15 and over in Macao, 67,300

as and has designated specific areas of the school for

people are currently using tobacco products, account-

this activity. There are various smoking areas through-

ing for 12.20% of the population aged 15 and over;

out the campus. One spot is the open roof on the first

62,700 people who use tobacco products daily which is

floor of Building E21. Other areas include various bus

11.40% of the population of this age group. In the age

stops and an area behind the University Mall.

group between 15-24 years old, it is estimated to have 1,500 male smokers and 400 female smokers, account-

It is easy to spot by the amount of cigarette butts lying

ing for 2.9% of the young population.

around and a yellow half circle around a stainless steel bin. Young smokers are seen to gather around these

When we asked one interviewee if he considered the

areas after class or when they have a moment to spare

potential negative health consequences of smoking he

for a cigarette. This can be during breaks from classes,

said that he was aware of the fact it was harmful but

breaks between classes and after students are done

was more afraid of not fitting in with his friend group.

with a lecture. Are all these students smoking addicts or are they there for the reason of socialization?

Perhaps the phenomenon of social smoking causes young people to begin smoking or using tobacco re-

We have been lucky enough to find youngsters who

lated products. It’s clear that many students don’t only

were willing to open up with us on this topic as this may

use these spaces for smoking but also to socialize with

tend to be quite a sensitive topic for smokers.

classmates and friends alike; may they be smokers or not. Thus making these areas youth spaces on campus

Paulo Mesa, a habitual smoker and communication

along with other areas such as E6 and Pacific Coffee

student said, “It’s interesting that not only smokers go to

for example. This type of space gives the chance for

the smoking area, but also people who want to go out

students to relax and release stress; to take a moment

of the classroom for a breath of air while drinking their

to forget the adversity of assignments and projects, to


have a laugh with their friends.

Another student who wanted to remain anonymous

It does not exactly promote a healthy lifestyle but it

said, “I’m what some people would call a social smok-

does somewhat give students the opportunity to con-

er. I never buy cigarettes but when my friends go for a

nect more with other students and socialize. However,

smoke I will go with them and have a cig or two.”

Mesa suggested that non-smokers could utilize the other socialization spots such as Pacific Coffee or E6

“I wouldn’t consider myself a habitual smoker or ad-

which might be better alternatives to social smoking.

dict but I like to hang out with my friends and they all smoke...”



Next Station

l Center


By Benjamim Soares

Warehouse music venues What are Macao’s options for alternative artists

There is a venue in Macao that hosts music events at a more

looking for venues to perform their music? Big

affordable rate focusing on alternative artists who are perhaps

names in music such as Bon Jovi, Bruno Mars,

known in their own circles, but have not made it to the large

and Madonna have been to Macao reaching out

arena. The Live Music Association (LMA) is located in down-

to fans in Macao and the local region. These

town Macao on Av. Cel Mequita next to an old Buddhist Tem-

are big and famous names who ask for big

ple, in an unsuspicious commercial building. Someone would

arenas, large crowds, high ticket prices. What

have to find the address on LMA’s Facebook page to know

about independent bands, local or international,

that it’s in this building and up a wobbly elevator on the 11th

that do not have a big audience and are looking

floor. It’s hard to imagine such a well-kept and trendy space

for a place to perform?

could be inside such a humble building. It is a small space big enough to host about 50 people. There’s small bar inside the venue but smoking is only allowed outside. Spotlights flood the room’s black-washed walls. There’s one row of seating at the opposite sides of the room, leaving the middle space wide open for standing room.



I talked to Krystal [no sirname was given], a

“Those difficulties exist, and I think for us, the young genera-

former manager of LMA about the future of

tion could do something for it... There’s not any young gener-

venues like LMA in Macao. She said that one

ation willing to work in this industry anymore, most of the staff

benefit of small music venues like LMA is the

are our friends or volunteers,” she said adding that LMA is

close community built between musicians and

getting more difficult to run because it’s harder to find young

fans who perform and attend the shows. She

people willing to work in the industry.

said that LMA will be around for longer than their already successful 10-year run. Howev-

In the future can Macao make use of warehouses and spaces

er, it’s not always smooth waters. They have

to continue the trend of alternative music communities? Macao

had issues in the past, being reported for loud

citizens must be prepared to make that push because the

noise, and had to change buildings a couple

government is not going to be behind these initiatives. In fact it

times. She mentioned that the Macao govern-

may be even harder in the future, as property prices continue

ment is cutting down the budget for venues like

to go up and the population density keeps rising. Young peo-


ple will need to push this music culture forward.



The black horse: UM men's basketball team By Marshall Yin T

he University of Macao (UM), as the only public university in Macao, and is committed to the development of sports in student life. There are 18 sports teams in UM.



The UM men’s basketball team is the best university

In 2017, the UM team became the largest black horse in

basketball team in Macao. They won the first place at the

the 19th CUBA League. This year, the UM team achieved

University Basketball Championship in 2017. However,

an undefeated result in the group stage and entered the

the UM men’s basketball team was not a strong team a

finals with the game against the Central South University

few years ago. In 2013, it joined for the first time the Chi-

which was the defending Champion on March 20. Even-

nese University Basketball Association (CUBA). As the

tually, the team became the 1st runner-up in the CUBA

first Macao team in CUBA, the UM team did not perform

League (southwest region) and qualified to go forward

well in the first two years as it was made up of students

to the National Championship. "More and more ranking

who lacked professional training and skills.

athletes and quality training are the reasons why we can be the black horse," said Fuin Lao, the coach of the UM

In 2015, UM decided to offer the "UM Outstanding Stu-

men's basketball team.

dent-Athletes Awards Scheme" to student-athletes who have accomplished remarkable sports achievement and

Macao’s first professional basketball team, the Macao

to encourage them to pursue higher academic qualifica-

Black Bears, was founded this year. Lai Ka Tong, who

tions while continue to make breakthrough in their sports.

graduated from UM, became a member of the team. “We hope the establishment of this professional team

Each year, UM will select some good basketball players

will create opportunities for Macao basketball and inspire

from the mainland, and test them first about their aca-

more young people to love and play basketball,” Lai said.

demic levels and basketball skills. UM will then offer a

Also, the UM team may provide excellent athletes to the

scholarship to the top two students. The university will

Macao Black Bears, making professional basketball a

waive their tuition and college fees. This enrollment sys-

challenging opportunity. Chou emphasized, “In the future,

tem provides UM with more excellent student-athletes.

we will not only focus on the results of the University of

Grace Chou, the director of the Office of Sports Affairs

Macao in CUBA, but also to cultivate more athlete talents

(OSA said that they will supervise and improve this stu-

for Macao professional basketball.

dent-athletes scholarship program so as to recruit more distinguished players to join the UM team and hopefully improve the ranking in CUBA competitions in the next few years. They will also pay more attention to the academic performance of these student-athletes.



Craft market and village promote local creativity By Cecelia Tai


he Instituto Cultural (IC) of Macao has been strongly supporting the development of cultural and creative industries

in Macao over the past 10 years. The Tap Siac craft market, which is usually held twice a year on two weekends of April and November, is one of the largest cultural and creative events since 2008. Aiming to encourage local designers and artists to participate actively, the event has become an important platform for local cultural and creative people. Two activities “Creative Handmade Workshop” and “Stage” are quite popular in this market. The workshop hosts local people who have handicraft skills to teach crafting skills to visitors during the activity. “Stage” provides the public performance opportunities to local music pro-

ducers. Such activities motivate the participation, creativity and talent of citizens. It is hoped that through this market, more people are encouraged to support local creations.



n addition to the craft market, local creative workers also participate in the Man Chong village, which is supported by IC as well to promote the local creative industry. The “vil-

lage” is a place for people to get to know Macao’s local creative works, a central place for local craftsmen to demonstrate and promote their products. Local designers and artists can set up their own studios and shops in the village. Customers can find most locally made creative products in the village. In addition to the “Creative Handmade Workshop” where visitors can watch the production process of art works, and communicate with the artists directly, they can now through both innovative and interactive ways, have a clear understanding how creative works are originated.



his reporter interviewed Amy [no sirname was given], one of the artists who runs a selfmade accessories shop “Vintage Pepperland� in the Man Chong Village.

Reporter (R): When did you start to take

R: Have you met any difficulties?

part in the market?

A: Yes, because not many people know about

Amy (A): It was already a long time ago

our shop, they will think that our products may

when it was in the Nam Wan, and then it was

be second-hand, and reject them, so it took a lot

in the Tap Siac.

of time to explain the objectives of our shop.

R: What is the age group of your customers?

R: Is there anything that will give you the motiva-

A: Most of them are students, and some are

tion to continue doing cultural innovation?

working adults.

A: In addition to making money, I hope that

R: What are your objectives in running this

more and more people will pay attention to the


culture of Macau, also hope that more different

A: I want to show young people the creativity

types of cultural markets can be held in the

of local artists.


R: Where do you get your raw materials? A: They are mostly imported from Taiwan, Europe and other places.




Is it possible to make a living as a dancer in Macao? By Joel Fesalbon


acao has a very diverse community when it

Another reason is that the market for professional work

comes to dance. Multiple genres of dance are

in Macao is very small. Yes, there are a number of shows

a part of the community, such as street dance

that go on in Macao, but they are not run by big brands

which includes hip-hop, popping, locking and breaking.

and mostly by charity organizations which cannot afford

Not many Macao citizens know about this and there are

generous payment. When there are big shows such as

also quite a few dance studios that teach these dance

concerts or car shows, these organizers usually hire

styles. Many of them also host showcases where each

dancers outside of Macao.

teacher is given an opportunity to showcase his/her style with their students. However, making a living has been

Another downside is the salary paid to local dancers.

very difficult for these people especially when all they

They do not earn as much money as regular working

have for work is dance.

people. This may indicate that talented local dancers are not protected and valued.

One of the main reasons that it is so difficult for people to make a living from dancing is that Macao dancers are

I have interviewed a few professional dancers who have

usually not hired for shows in Macao, because clients

years of experience and traveled around the world in

that look for dancers often look for dancers from outside

order to train and work in the dancing profession. In sum-

of Macao such as Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia

mary, they all agreed that the dance community should

and so on.

be better recognized. From their experience they do not have many jobs in Macao because most of the dancers hired for shows in Macao are usually from Hong Kong. Local dancers often earn around MOP400 to 700 per show whereas dancers in Hong Kong get paid triple the price of Macao dancers.




ane Lao, a local dancer said that there are good

Studios in Macao such as TDSM, Nowz, LDG are a few

decent jobs for local dancers but the payment is

of the studios that provide dance lessons for people and

not even close to MOP5,000 a month, which is

they have produced a number of students since they

not enough to survive in a place like Macao. However,

started up. Take TDSM for example, they are currently

he pointed out that dance teaching can earn a decent

one of the biggest dance studios in Macao as they are

salary. “Teaching dance on the other hand gives you a lot

government funded and they are constantly working to

more money depending on the number of students you

create a new and better place for people to learn how

have,� he said.

to dance, and for people who aspire to be professional dancers. They have dancers that teach in multiple styles

Another dancer Jarvis Mo agreed. He said that it is

such as street dance, ballet, jazz etc. They also hold

possible to earn money and make a living from dancing,

intensive training programs for the more advanced stu-

including performing and as well as teaching, but it is

dents who have been dancing for quite some time.

only enough to make you survive in Macao, not for you to enjoy a good lifestyle. He hoped that in the future, the

With more effort in creating shows to let people know

average Macao dancer’s salary would be increased.

that Macao dancers are better than what they seem, the dance community can make a stand and be more suc-

Macao dancers are often neglected and are not usually

cessful in the future.

well appreciated, but that can be improved by building up the dance community in order to create more jobs for local dancers. They are slowly making progress.



Striving for an illustration dream By Olivia Leong There are many different industries

practicing illustration in her past time

book was completely full with visitors’

in Macao, among which the gaming

for 10 years. Mostly she works on

signatures supporting messages.

industry, tourism industry and hotel

freelance illustration contracts such

She was so touched to realize that

industry are highly valued. However,

as book illustrations, album cover

there are still many people in Macao

there are still many industries that

paintings or game character designs.

who support local illustrations.

are striving to develop in Macao, and

Her clients are from different regions

not taken seriously by either socie-

including mainland China, Taiwan

Momoko has always been enthusi-

ty or the government. People who

and Hong Kong.

astic for painting even when she was

are devoted to such field can only


a little girl. She has been practicing

support their own ideals in their own

Last February, she worked as an

painting techniques and studying


illustrator for the light novel”Cang

computer graphics since she was a

Shen Xiang” (藏神鄉) published in

child. When she went to university,

Wong Yue Man, 26, prefers that

Taiwan. Also, she held her first illus-

she chose to go to Taiwan, where

others will call her Momoko. Work-

tration exhibition in Macao last Sep-

she improved her illustration knowl-

ing in a medical laboratory currently

tember. She showed about 20 of her

edge and skills. In addition to partici-

she always has a dream of being

paintings in the exhibition, and re-

pating in the comic association in the

a full-time illustrator. With a univer-

ceived a warm response better than

university, she also set up a booth in

sity major in biology, she has been

she expected. The exhibition guest-

the Fan Conventions in Taiwan. She


said that the illustration industry is

Momoko believes that the reason

their future career. These schools

well developed in Taiwan. They often

for the slow development of the

have joint programs with design

hold large-scale events and provide

illustration industry in Macao lies in

companies to provide jobs after grad-

a platform for people in the same

the behavior of local illustrators who

uation,” Momoko continued. How-

industry to exchange ideas.

have kept a low profile. They often

ever, most illustrators in Macao are

plug away at their own work and

freelancers and always need another

On the other hand, she said that the

spend less time to communicate with

full-time job to make a living.

development of illustration indus-

others who are in the same industry.

try in Macao lags behind. The Fan

“The illustration industry in Macao

She suggested that people who

Convention in Macao started 10

lacks a platform for communication

are interested in this field should

years ago, but it is held only once

and I hope that the illustrators can

learn and develop different styles of

or twice a year. In recent years, the

be more in unity and make a group

drawing so as to cater to the market

Macao government has begun to

effort for the illustrator industry to be

needs and tastes. “When I received

pay attention to the development

recognized in Macao,” Momoko said.

a new design job from a client, they always asked me to change the

of cultural and creative industries and provided various assistance

“The education system in Macao

design. Although I have 10 years

programs for local people. Momoko

is lacking relevant study. Both in

of experience, I’m still learning and

thought that although the develop-

Japan and the mainland, there are

practicing different styles of painting,”

ment of the illustration industry is still

art schools and programs for young

she said.

at the starting stage, it is a good sign

people to learn drawing and illustra-

for Macao.

tion and students do not worry about

Momoko Wong, a freelance illustrator



"Little character" Persists in a singing career By Iris Lo, Ella Sio

Kenny had made friends with different local singers



Kenny gained various performance experience


an you name a local singer or an original piece of music from Macao? As becoming the richest city in the world in 2020, the cultural development especially in the musical field is not going as well as the GDP of the city, and the market for Local music and musicians is not as big as the neighboring city of Hong Kong. While the world only recognizes Hong Kong musicians and seldom mentions any Macao musicians, what makes local musicians persist to fight for their dream in this industry?


n Macao, people rarely listen to the music from local singers and mostly listen to the Hong Kong music. There is also another fact that most well-known local singers are active in Hong Kong such as Siufay and Vivian Chan. Unfortunately, there are fewer platforms for them to perform and publish their own work locally, so they choose to develop their own career in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, there are still some local singers who are passionate to sing and create original songs; some of the "little characters" are chasing their singing dream in their own way. All of them are contributing to the local music development. We cannot help but to wonder what makes them stay for the local industry and how they make a living under such a limited market.



A "little character" in Macao Kenny Chit, is a talented 22-year-old man who loves singing. He was passionate about singing on stage when he was young in order to gain people's attention and listen to his song just for once. He worked hard to practice and also participated in various singing competitions in Macao, mainland China or overseas. Up to now, he indeed gained lots of performance experience, got some music awards and made friends with many local singers. Also, he has published his own songs and different cover songs.

Kenny Chit, a talented “little character� who loves singing

"When I was 12, I found that I loved singing and enjoyed being on the stage during performances. But I'm just a 'little character' who loves singing in Macao, not a singer," said Chit with a humble tone during the interview. However, Chit has been struggling hard to become what he is. He had participated in many local or mainland singing competition such as "AECM Singing Competition", "Sing Arena", "Sing! China" and so on. Not only has he earned good grates and become a winner in various singing competitions, but also gained more performance experience so that to improve his singing career in the future. After that, some of his peers suggested him to leave the comfort-zone and develop his own music. "I am glad that I obtained an opportunity to publish my new songs, some of the songs were awarded in Macao music events," said Chit. Although he had "little success", he was never arrogant. At present, he keeps practicing and releasing different cover songs online in order to attract more people's attention, click links and enjoy his music. Challenges of local singers in Macao Asked about challenges in being a singer or creating music in Macao, he said that there is a phenomenon that Macao citizens do not know much about local singers and locally made music, they would prefer listening to music from neighboring places such as Hong Kong or Taiwan. He explained the main reason is that Macao is such a tiny place with little market demand and limited promotional effort, it is really hard



for singers to increase their exposure rate and attract people's attention even though they might be very talented or come out with really good songs. On the other hand, although various music companies exist in Macao nowadays, there is a lack of professional training which provides young singers with quality singing technique courses. In addition, resources to support a promising music industry which include musical instrument, funding or creativity expertise could not satisfy the needs of local singers, especially independent singers, who are inadequately publicized and lack of a platform to develop better music and to gain more performance opportunities. Under this circumstance, Chit was lamenting about the development of the Macao music industry. He recognized the improvements of Macao music industry in recent years, more and more singers published their own music and participated in Macao music events. However, the development of Macao music industry is still relatively backward and suffers a chronically slow growth when compared with mainland China or Hong Kong, which leads to the consequence that local singers would rather develop their career or music in Hong Kong than in Macao. Although it is still a "hard time" for local singers who continue developing a music career in Macao, Chit never gives up singing, "I really love singing, at the same time it is important that I see people supporting my music, which could encourage me to keep singing." He hoped that more and more local singers and music could be recognized by different audiences so that the Macao music industry would become better in the future. People would not only concentrate on gambling or tourism in Macao, but to appreciate local music, he said. To achieve this, in addition to the effort of singers, it also depends on the support and promotion of the government and media.

Kenny enjoys on the stage



Next Station

e Center

Aomi: First food delivery app in Macao By Tiffany Chen UMAC BRIDGES FALL 2018


he first online platform of food delivery in Macao, Aomi, offers a more convenient delivery service for students in the University in Macau (UM). Aomi makes it easier for students who live on campus to taste more diverse food in Macao.



For the traditional way of ordering a takeaway, the order would be accepted only when a bill reaches a certain amount of large quantity. Aomi makes it possible to place an order for only one or two people more easily. Kim Ho, a year 4 student who asks for delivery twice a week, said that it takes a really long time for delivery using Aomi. A staff from Aomi replied that there were around 200 delivery staff in Aomi and the company would consider two solutions to speed up the delivery time, one is to recruit more part-time or full-time couriers and the other is to build more large or small delivery sites to optimize the system of delivery. The Aomi mobile application was founded in January 2016. Originally, it was the first online platform of food searching and delivery service which required people to pay online with credit cards. The mobile payment service was secured through the provision of the Bank of China in Macao and Cyber Source. On the other hand, people could also use Alipay and WeChat to pay for Aomi delivery in Renminbi according to the exchange rate at the day of payment. Users could leave comments and read comments from other users in this application. Also, according to Macao Daily, the Chief Operating Officer from Aomi, Shing Lei, expressed that Aomi application There are only a few restaurants in UM. Students and

shortened the ordering time from five minutes to three

staff who have to stay on campus for a long time were

seconds and it prevented errors in ordering.

already fed up with the canteen's menus. Hermione Nian, a year 4 student from mainland China said, "My friends

This kind of service, combined with both online and of-

and I feel so tired of food in UM because the dishes are

fline services, would generate new consumers. It reduces

the same all the time." Especially for staff and students

the manpower to do the ordering service and increases

who do not own a private car, they have to spend quite a

the service efficiency greatly. It builds up a bridge be-

long time going to the city center to look for more varie-

tween restaurants and consumers to make deals most

ties of food.





The digital world By Joshua Feather

As a 90’s baby, I grew up in an education system where books were dominant and the use of touch screen devices was unheard of in foreign language learning. Mandarin was my foreign language and the use of iPads during that time was not on the agenda. Nowadays, the use of a 9.7-inch tablet is now on the menu and it is not uncommon to be seen replacing books in schools and education centers throughout Macao. Pui Ching Middle School Macao is an example of this, where young learners occasionally use iPads during lessons. If you were to ask me, tablets will dominate the education system of Macao by 2020. This in my eyes, is the new world. As stated in a BBC article “iPads in the Classroom”, assistant head teacher Anne Bazin works in a school where everyone (students, assistants and teachers alike) in the classroom is provided an iPad to use in and out of the classroom. According to Bazin, the biggest advantage is the improvement in communication. Documents

The use of iPads in the classroom has created a new

can be transferred directly to students within the class-

dimension of learning for young learners. Different tools

room so they can view the information in front of them

within these tablets can be used to enhance listening

while the teacher is explaining in front of the class. Bazin

and speaking skills like never before. Children can

also mentioned that teachers will take attendance using

access dictionaries with ease within these devices; such

an iPad. This means that there is a concrete record of

sources would only be in the form of hard copy before.

information; including what classroom students are in

Interaction with students has never been easier. Nowa-

and which children are at school. These are a few of the

days, the use of tablets in foreign language learning and

numerous benefits that tablets bring to educators and

teaching is slowly becoming the new theme; and such

learners in the classroom.

use brings benefits not only to learners but to educators as well.

I am currently in year four of Communication and I have just finished my internship. I interned at an English center



which used iPads as an aid in the learning process. My job was to write a report on the use of iPads in teaching and learning. I also had to compare this to the traditional methods of teaching based on my own views. Throughout this period, I interviewed students, teachers and parents to obtain first-hand information on the different views on modern technology in foreign language teaching. One of the most important aspects to consider in this industry is the learners, and the young learners LOVED using this method to learn English. “Using games from the iPad to learn grammar concepts makes me understand it quickly,” nine years-old Jason said. “Using iPad is fun as I can play English games with classmates and using many different ways [listening, spelling and writing] to learn English is fun,” said Noby, seven years old. Another student said that the iPad helped her remember the words [vocabulary] better. Other students also mentioned that using the iPad was fun as they learn English in a different way from using books. The use of iPads in learning also stirred comments from parents. Grandfather of one of the children said he definitely felt the use of iPad was good in learning English as it could help them remember better by the use of games. The mother of Noby commented that the use of iPads was good and her daughter really enjoyed it. Her only concern was on the duration in which students used the iPad as she didn’t want her daughter facing the screen for too long. Another concern was that children would only see the use of iPads as a time for ‘play’ rather than learning and this may hinder their processing of the foreign language. I believe that the use of iPads is the way forward for the education industry. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks. The use of these devices is both appealing to students and parents.



Macao, the richest city with a lot of “CASH”! The International Monetary Fund (IMF) ranks Macao as the richest place in the world in 2020, but Macao’s payment method is not yet the “smartest”. The electronic payment is a trend in the world now and most of the Macao people are still using the old-fashioned way of spending their money - paying cash. According to a report from the Macao Association for Internet Research, 72% of the Macao citizens have never used the mobile payment, more than half of the respondents worry about the security problem of the mobile payment, which is the main factor why customers don’t use the mobile payment. But around 60% respondents are willing to use the E-payment which is a payment method through the Internet such as online payment and mobile payment in the future.



From cash to no cash: E-payment in Macao By Donfree Lei Actually the Macao government has always been com-

The development of the E-payment in Macao is grad-

mitted to promoting electronic payment, such as the

ually getting momentum with the support of the Ma-

“Blue Street Program” in 2016, which is a program to

cao government. Moreover, there are more and more

help participating stores install the Alipay system in order

Macao local stores which support or even encourage

to promote the E-payment and try to attract more cus-

their customers to use the mobile payment. For exam-

tomers. There was a significant increase in the number

ple, Macao Fresh Life Technology Company Limited,

of transactions during the event. More and more stores

a local company has come up with an online shopping

nowadays support mobile payment systems like WeChat

application - Aomi. Partnered with MacauPay, Aomi’s

Pay and Alipay.

objective is to make life more convenient for Macao residents. Aomi supports several payment methods to

In addition to the Chinese mobile payment systems, the

meet consumers’ demand. “The Macao government

stored value card company Macau Pass has developed

also supports the establishment of smart city and the

a local mobile payment application, MacauPay which is

promotion of cashless payments,” an Aomi staff said.

similar to WeChat payment. MacauPay is a free smart

“Macau Pass produces this application which is similar

phone application that can connect to the user’s credit

to some popular payment methods, such as WeChat

card, and make payment through the phone. There are

Pay and Alipay. It’s indispensable to cooperate with the

more than 110,000 users and 4,000 consumption points,

largest Internet life service platform in the country.”

according to the MacauPay official website.



Teenage myopia problem of Macao in 2020 By Yoyo Siu

On September 26, the city was Macao.

vision. The myopia rate of high school and college students is more than 70%, and for primary school students,


“Myopia is serious in Macao, more than half of the stu-

the rate is close to 40%, according to the World Health

dents in the class that I am teaching have myopia, other

Organization (WHO). Compared with the United States

classes also have the same problem,” said Lucy Chan

where the myopia rate of primary school students is just

who teaches English to junior high school students in

close to10%, Chinese teenagers have the highest ratio of

Yuetwah high school in Macao.

myopia in the world, the WHO reported.

The myopia of Macao students is quite serious, the

Myopia does not only affect people’s health, but also will

detection rate of myopia was 69.8% and 75.0% for male

have a negative impact on the social development of the

and female students aged between 6 to 22 years old

countries. Professions such as flight technology, naviga-

respectively, according to the research report on the con-

tion technology, fire engineering and other profession all

stitution of Macao Special Administrative Region in 2010.

have strict requirement on eyesight. If the myopia prob-

As for secondary school students, the detection rate of

lem of teenagers is not tackled effectively, fewer and few-

myopia reached 60.7% for male students and 64.7% for

er people can be qualified to study these related majors

female students.

and engage in these professions in the future.

A similar problem is reported in mainland China as well.

According to the Xinhua news reporting, Chinese Presi-

There are 600 million myopic sufferers in China, it means

dent Xi Jinping made an important instruction on August

that almost half of the people in China have myopic

28 that the teenage myopia problem is becoming high-


risky as the age is getting younger and younger. This

that Macao students frequent use of electronic devices for

problem affects the physical and mental health of school-

reading and playing, and most parents are busy with work

children seriously, also affects the future of the country.

and rarely control the time their children use the electronic devices.

Following that, the Ministry of Education and other relevant departments are going to launch a plan to prevent

“If the parents do not supervise children on the duration

and control myopia, including measures to ensure that

they play the electronic products, whatever plans launched

primary and secondary school students have more than

by the government in this regard are useless,� said Chan.

one hour of physical activity in a day, all the schools should have visual inspections twice in a semester and so on. Chan thinks the situation about the myopia is quite serious in Macao too. She believes that the main reason is



E-sports vs game



addiction By Evaldo Leong, Yoyo Siu, Marshall Yin, Katelynn Wang

E-Sports, a game played interpersonally in the form of

is not only a competition, but also a spectator sport. For

video games has become trendy. Out of curiosity of how

example, a university in Illinois set up an E-sports schol-

it develops, we look into the psychological states of differ-

arship program for 30 students in 2014. The award-win-

ent people and tried to read the essence and influence of

ning students can receive tens of thousands of dollars


in tuition fees, room and board, and conduct E-sports training on campus.

E-sports is said to emphasize intelligence, technology, reaction and physical strength. In 1997, the first profes-

In August 2018, E-sports was included in one of the

sional E-sports league was set up by Angel Munoz, an

Asian games demonstration projects held in Jakarta,

American. After that, E-sports competitions were held

Indonesia. It is really likely that someday E-sports will

in Europe and other places with prizes that could be up

become a “mainstream sport” for young people. Views

to $1 million. An E-sports culture has gradually formed.

about E-sports vary in society. We interviewed two

Since then, many countries have begun to develop

groups of people with different attitudes, one is E-sports


players, the other is people who do not like to play games.

In China, the State General Administration of Sport approved E-sports as a formal sport in 2003 which then

One of the writers, Katelynn, shared a story of her cous-

has been regarded as a new industry. In the first half of

in. “My cousin, a girl of grade 7 in an international school,

2017, China’s game industry report showed that China’s

is very addicted to mobile games. When I asked her why

E-sports sales revenue exceeded RMB35.99 billion, with

she was fond of it, she told me that it was the only way

an estimated annual earning of over RMB90 billion. In

of entertainment in her life. The girl kept her academic

some universities in the UK, the US and China, E-sports



grade outstanding at school, while being banned

“As a friend of sports lovers, I totally know that if

from using WeChat and other social media by her

I am too fond of playing games and am addicted

parents. Without a second choice to entertain her-

to them, I will be in an awkward position for those

self after class, she naturally turned to play games.”

around me who do not play games. That’s why I do not like the games,” said one recent graduate.

The reason why people get obsessed with games, on the one hand, is their pressure. Students like

There is a mechanism for “attention” in humans,

Katelynn’s cousin, and working adults are pushed

which always requires a clear goal. Those who love

hard nowadays, while game playing becomes a

to play games aim at victory, and regard winning

way of easing stress. On the other hand, they im-

games as their goals. Since a human mind is con-

merse themselves so much in the virtual world that

stantly looking for a goal for attention, we get upset

they refuse to come out to reality. The rewarding

when we lose a goal. Playing games makes it easier

system also encourages them to stick to playing,

for the brain to work harder because it is a very hard

which is why nerds make it hard to quit.


Many people play games to kill time because they

From the perspectives of people who do not like

do not have other hobbies or interest to assume

games, they probably think that they are wasting

their energy. A person who has other activities as

their time and life. A great deal of time will be spent

interest will naturally pay more attention to and

playing games without learning something useful.

spend time on it. For example, professional ath-

It is true that games can be played occasionally to

letes usually spend less time on video games. The

relax, but once the brain takes too long to rest, it

best entertainment for them is doing exercise.

eventually becomes empty. But professional gaming should not be included, which is actually profitable.



With the rapid development of E-sports, many

million. The revenues mainly come from adver-

problems are exposed. An obvious one is young

tisers, sponsors, tournament tickets and game

people’s addiction to playing E-sports, making them

issuances (excluding merchandise and related

neglect their studies; According to a media report,


five students from Huazhong University of Science & Technology, which is one of the national key

The related new businesses are emerging as

universities in China, failed to graduate because

well, such as player coaches, game development

they received very low grades due to their addiction

business, game analysts and so on. The most im-

to online games. The second problem is that many

portant is that E-sports is forming the new sport cul-

relationships are destroyed. It is easy to lose inter-

ture. The Asian Games of Jakarta in 2018 had six

est in real life, and refuse to communicate with the

E-sports matches. The development of E-sports

“real world”. Some couples often quarrel because

seems promising if appropriate policies are in place

one of them is addicted to playing games. The third

to prevent addiction.

problem is a health hazard. Medical professionals point out that long term participation in E-sports will make lumbar and shoulder strain and so on. But E-sports also bring some benefits that we cannot ignore. According to the 2017 global E-sports market report released by Newzoo, a Dutch market research company, the related revenue will increase to US$6.96 billion from US$100 million, a 41.3 percent from 2016’s revenue of about US$493












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