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I hope that you have an amazing 17th birthday filled with all sorts of happiness, success and health. One month with you has been incredible. You’re funny, compassionate, cute; and an “overall really cool guy.” :P I know, because you actually bought brand new skates for our first date, and I made you sit through one of the dumbest movies ever, on the second one. But on those dates I never really care what we are doing, “as long as I’m with you.” You have the greatest smile; and your hugs are so warm and fuzzy. I enjoy all the moments I have with you- especially when I make you blush  Even our conversations are interesting; I think my phone has stored over fifteen hundred texts from you alone! You’re a breathtaking boyfriend, and once again I hope you have a great 17th year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE

Your date ideas

We Have To Try This

Happy Birthday Baby <3  

Arn't I amazing with computers

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