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Digital Newsletter March 2014

Digital Newsletter March 2014 Analytics

Monthly spend on social advertising, US dollars 14% 14%

None 1 - 1 000


Company 10% size 5 000+



1 000 - 5 000 5 000 - 10 000 10 000 - 50 000 50 000+

Which platforms do you advertise on?

Socialbakers run a survey to find out where social media is heading. Survey includes over 500 marketing professionals in 82 countries and 20 industries: • 57% companies invest in social media advertising more than 5 000$ per month according to a survey • Facebook is the most popular social network for advertising campaigns

Source: company Socialbakers

Market News • Apple will make changes in its iAd advertising service. Advertisers will have a possibility to embed the full-screen video advertising in applications for iPhone and iPad. Full-screen advertising will appear in the iAd in 2014. Video will be played automatically: any user action (for example, "click" on a banner) will be required • New report on video ads campaigns will appear in Google Analytics. It would be focused on TrueView ads format. Users will have the ability to track detailed impact of TrueView campaigns on the site traffic and revenue. The report contains information about TrueView-metrics: payed views, cost of view etc. New type of report is available in Ukraine

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Digital Newsletter March 2014 Innovation • Social network "VKontakte" launches stickers, that help users to express emotions. At first, four stickers is available for users: two free and two paid at a price of 66 rubles. First stickers are available in the Web version of social network • Number of Instagram users is more than 200 million people all over the world. For the last six months 50 million people joined the social network. Users have downloaded 20 billion photos and videos during the all period of service’s existence • Twitter has updated its mobile app for iOS and Android. Now users can add up to 4 photos to one tweet and tag people in the photos • Yandex team announced launch of a new product for partners multiformat blocks RTB. Earlier users could choose only one format for each block. But now banners of different formats can take part in auction. Block changes its size according to a winner

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UM Digital Newsletter March 2014  
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