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Digital Newsletter June 2013

Digital Newsletter June 2013 Market News


• Ukraine is the leader by the average CTR (1,15%) among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe


4% 3% 3% 2%

2% 1% 1% 0%

Rich Media

Standard formats

Average market CTR

Source: AdMonitor, Gemius,

• Compared with other countries, the share of Rich Media (Video, nonstandard formats) on the Ukrainian market is very high - CTR is 3,95%; CTR for banner advertising is lower and is 0,34%

Analytics • According to GfK Ukraine, 12.6% Ukrainians use mobile Internet, 10.2% of them - on mobile phone or smartphone. Usage of mobile Internet shown good pace of growth. For comparison - in the first quarter of 2012, the figure was 6.9%

Market News • UMH group and VETEK signed an agreement for ownership of 98% of media company’s shares. Expected that the deal would be closed in the first quarter of 2014

• UMH Group has transferred control of the project "Focus", which includes magazines "Focus", "Focus.Krasivaiia Strana", site to Ukrainian group Vertex United

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Digital Newsletter June 2013 Innovation • One of the largest portals of Uanet bigmir:)net restarts the video section in the new format. Video bigmir:)net now united in one platform such channels as: 1+1, STB, Noviy, ICTV, 2 +2, News Channel 24, Lux TV, TVi, QTV. The section has a modern minimalist design and interface

• Publishers "Burda Ukraine" started selling digital versions of their magazines in Pdf format in the online stores of Apple and Google. These are the exact copies of printed magazines that will appear in online simultaneously with the printed version and are designed primarily for tablet owners • Ukrainian notice board Slando released a mobile app for smartphones based on operating system Android. App Slando repeats almost all features of the site, but is optimized for touch control. The application is available for download in Google Play.

• Google AdSense launched five new advertising formats: 240 x 400 (vertical rectangle), 250 x 360 (triple widescreen ad) 580 x 400 (netboard); 930 x 120 (top banner), 980 x 120 (panorama). Accordingly, in the near future this formats will be available to advertisers

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UM Digital Newsletter June 2013