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Workplace Safety Management System

Your business is as unique as your employees. Convenient, Cost-Effective Training That’s why UL delivers tailored solutions designed to transform your workplace culture into a health and safety culture. PureSafety is our proven Safety Management System that melds expertise, guidance and customized software to give you the integrated tools you need to simplify and centralize training, safety and compliance programs. Backed by more than a century of experience, we understand the workplace health and safety problems that keep you from achieving your business goals. Our problem solving method gives you powerful

Our Expertise. Your Edge.

delivery, tracking and reporting tools that seamlessly manage training requirements; create reports and analytics; and help you learn from incidents, observations and near-misses to take preventive action.

UL has been working for a safer world since 1894. Our expertise moves in lockstep with your workplace health and safety needs. All courses are: •  Developed by our team of subject matter experts and instructional designers •  Built using proven adult learning principles •  Continuously updated to address all compliance requirements All experts are: •  Certified safety professionals •  Fully abreast of national regulations, such as OSHA

We are your partner, working with you to develop a single, comprehensive system that’s right for your organization – one that decreases missed days and workers’ compensation claims, increases employee confidence and productivity, reduces costs and generates success.

Our Guidance. Your Peace of Mind. Just as we have for more than 2,000 companies of all sizes, UL will provide you with: •  Analysis of current business practices and workflows, and guidance on best practices •  A customized plan •  Assistance to implement the plan and use recommended tools to their fullest potential •  Comprehensive training and refresher instruction to ensure learning and understanding have been internalized •  Unreserved, ongoing customer support

So are your workplace health and safety needs. Our Impact. Your Advantage.

Our Options. Your Opportunities.

UL pairs its expertise, guidance and tools with your

PureSafety’s comprehensive solutions allow you to:

individual needs to deliver the results, such as:

•  Access 700+ occupational health and safety courses

•  Better informed and prepared workforce

•  Deliver safety training

•  Fewer accidents and injuries that can lead to days away from work

•  Report and track incidents

•  Increased productivity and efficiency •  Heightened situational awareness •  Greater agility and responsiveness to health and safety issues

•  Analyze and learn from near-misses •  Assign corrective actions to avoid future incidents •  Customize courses to your brand, images and equipment •  Streamline workflow

•  Improved processes and workflows

Our System. Your Support. When you rely on PureSafety to manage safety programs, you are entering into a partnership with UL – a trusted name in safety for more than a century. PureSafety also connects with UL’s Occupational Health Manager, which offers powerful, easy-to-use tools to manage employee health programs and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. PureSafety. A total Workplace Health and Safety learning solution designed to transform your distinct workplace culture into a health and safety culture – one that generates employee satisfaction and organizational success.

Our single, simple solution gives you: ACCESSIBILITY.


Allows users to report incidents, observations

Identify your training needs, assign training

and near-misses any time from any computer –

responsibilities to employees and track their

even anonymously




Effectively manages situations that could lead

Offers powerful reporting on important

to major incidents in the future

metrics. For example, the “Safety Scorecard”

REAL-WORLD LEARNING. Using details from real-world occurrences, the system can auto-populate in-the-moment news flashes or create customized training sessions based on actual events or generate learning experiences

provides details that help identify safety trends and focus attention where it’s most needed

Use real-world experiences to help prevent workplace accidents and injuries – and improve productivity – with UL’s powerful Safety Management System.

CONTACT US TODAY Learn more about how to develop a culture of health and safety in partnership with UL. By phone: 1.888.202.3016 By email: Via web:

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