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HISTORY In the last 90’s a group of Italian and Dutch botanists working for Pentaflor – Holland began researching and perfecting a capsule that can act as an incubator for young plants. By the end of the decade experimentation was started on the capsule and now, after almost 20 years of research, we have a perfected a capsule that forms the basis for Minì’s growth. At the same time with the explosion of electronic games , especially games that simulate real life and growth, we started working on the Minì project that does not simulate real life but is actually real life. In the following years we have spent time and money to develop a product that is 100% recyclable with virtually no environmental impact, starting with the materials used to the actual seeding and growth of the plants that compose the Minì line. Over years of experimentation we have developed and selected only the sturdiest plants that can survive the rigors of today’s distribution channels and guarantee a long and prosperous shelf life.

PRODUCT The Minì are real, live, growing plants that begin their life in a small transparent capsule especially developed to create the perfect habitat for their development and growth. At the same time the exceptionally compact size of the capsule (3.9 x 1.5 cm) permits you to carry it with you at all times. The capsule is constructed using 100% recyclable Plexiglas which is resistant to everyday wear and tear. The capsule is provided with minuscule holes that create the perfect habitat for the growth of the plant protecting it from drastic temperature and humidity changes. The base of the capsule once removed, separates into two smaller pieces that protect the plants roots and permits easy transfer to a larger pot when it has outgrown the capsule. The base is also provided with minuscule holes that permit you to provide your Minì with nutrients and the water it needs for healthy growth. To water your Minì all you have to do is place the capsule right side up into a small dish with approximately 2mm of water for 2 minutes. After this period you remove the capsule with the plant from the dish and the water that has been absorbed by the specially developed soil remains inside the capsule leaving it clean and dry with no possibility of out flow of water from the base. The need to water your Minì varies from plant to plant and instructions are provided with each capsule on how to best take care of your plant. The soil has been especially developed to release the appropriate amount of water to each

specific plant over the course of time from one watering to the next. There are currently 9 Minì’s available for sale with approximately another 50 different plants in their last stages of experimentation and ready for release in the coming year. Pentaflor, which produces exclusively for Minì srl, uses only 100% natural products for the seeding and growth of the plants, and the plants are in no way genetically modified but have achieved their strength and durability from years of experience in selecting the best seeds , soil and growing conditions available. All of the factors previously mentioned influence to various degrees the time needed for your Minì to outgrow the capsule. Years of observation have indicated that this period can vary from 4 to 6 months. Once transplanted into a vase after outgrowing the capsule, the Minì continues its path to maturity according to the characteristics of each plant’s species. Some Minì’s can grow to heights that exceed 1 meter .


EDUCATIONAL MESSAGE Each and every Minì creates with the end user an awareness of their environment just by the fact that it is alive and needs care. It is the perfect companion for all age groups and can be used as an educational instrument to teach environment friendliness. Let us take for example children: we mentioned at the beginning of this presentation electronic games that had the scope of caring for an electronic chick or similar animal otherwise it would die. It became a worldwide mania with everyone wanting to care for their animal. On an educational level it taught absolutely nothing for the simple reason that if the animal died all you had to do was hit the reset button and you could start again. No educational reference to real life, nature or the environment. Minì, on the other hand is Nature with a capital N. Every day we are bombarded by the media on the difficulty our planet is having due to the maltreatment we are giving it, but in most cases these concepts are very far from our everyday life and hard to comprehend if not on a more abstract basis. Deforestation, ozone layer, oil spills, CO2 levels etc etc etc… we all know what they are, but in most cases they are problems that we feel are larger than real life. So imagine how it must feel to children who do not have an adult’s understanding of these problems. Most schools even today try to create environmental awareness using the classic experiment of the bean in cotton swab. At the end of the day though, it remains a school project with little or no household involvement. Minì on the other hand carries within itself all of the characteristics necessary to better this educational experience. Imagine children with their Minì’s ,where they are actively involved in the growth of their plant, can carry it with them wherever they go, can empathize with the character involved and follow his/her up and coming adventures either on TV ( near future ) or as a comic book and therefore also learn more everyday about their environment. This message is the message of Minì srl and can involve all of the family of whatever age and ethic group. After all, we all inhabit the same planet and her well being is also ours. This message is available for all and the Minì’s simplicity in care and originality can also involve persons that, up to now consider themselves plant free because they are too difficult to care for. Our plants have been specifically selected to cater to almost all “ Green Thumb “ abilities and growing spaces. So be you an expert gardener with lots of room to grow your plants, a student living in a dormitory or just someone who wants to try a new experience, Minì caters to all of these needs. The Minì is a “personal plant” that you can take to school, to work or even on vacation. You can use it as a mobile phone accessory, a pendant, a keychain or wherever your imagination carries you,

which is a totally different and unique experience from acquiring a fully grown plant from a flower shop. Below are some fan pictures lifted from our facebook site

CHARACTERS As we all know a message, as important as it may be, cannot reach the general public without proper product identification. For this very reason every single Minì has its own character, symbol, color and characterization. Every plant has its own natural characteristics and, from these, we took the predominant ones. We then created its personality. From there the step to characterization was very easy. So you can live your Minì experience not only through the plant but also through its associated character. You can now choose your “ Personal Plant “ not only by species but by choosing its character, color or symbol. Angie, Axel, Eve, Floe, Joy, Holly, Kira, Sophie and Sue become the spokesperson of our message, the personification of your life style. Be you a child, a teenager or an adult with a multitude of interests (or not), you can help carry our message in trying to create a better world for all of us to live in. We have already created a small advert in animation with our mascot presenting the birth of our first 9 characters.

The spot can be seen at the following link: Like the Minì in their capsules who are taking their first steps in their cycle of life, we are also creating our own MINì WORLD where the plants and their characters are an integral part of the stories and communicate our message of love for the environment.

The firsts months of 2011 will see the start of the on足line publication of our weekly strips 足 short stories that we hope will capture your smile at the same time sending out our message. We are presently in negotiations with 2 major companies that produce comic books with an animated series to follow shortly after in 2012.

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