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Don’t leave your best camera at home

PhotoProX for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C Every day, more pictures are taken with the iPhone than any other camera. Optrix ProPhotoX protects your iPhone in any environment, and takes professional-caliber pictures. Optrix ProPhotoX is the first and only waterproof iPhoneography case with interchangeable lenses.

PhotoX for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C Want a PhotoProX but you’re on a budge? The PhotoX is the answer. With our high-quality glass Flat and Macro lenses, PhotoX lets you take stunning photos while protecting your iPhone in every environtment. Additional lenses sold separately.

CycleX Handlebar Mount for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C •Joint project between Optrix and mount innovator BAR FLY. •Case mounts iPhone inline with the bars allowing lower wind resistance and less interference. •First and only iPhone bike mount to offer users both portrait and landscape views •Optimized for Strava •Case allows easy access to headphone jack for music or power •iPhone is protected with ultra-rugged waterproof Optrix housing

“Current cycling mounts for

iPhone all look like afterthoughts, so we wanted to create something that looked integrated – something that reflected the simple elegance of the iPhone.” - Woody Tate, CEO of Tate Labs

XD5 for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C


ODB2 Race Data Plug-in

Suction Cup Tripod Connector

Chest Mount Replacement Adhesives



Assorted Base Mounts


iPhone 4/4S Sled Super Sucker

Chase Rig

Tripod Flex

Tripod Adapter

Point Of Purchase Displays

HD Video POP 7” 1080P HD Video Dimensions: 15”x13”x8”

Basic POP Holds 6 Units Dimensions 15”x13”x8”

Optrix Catalogus November 2013 - Ultra Outdoor Sports  

De Optrix maakt van uw iPhone een waterdichte action sport camera..! De Optrix verbetert de HD-camera van uw iPhone door de volledige van gl...