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OCT 2013

We’re making it a trend to feature non-models on our pages. Maybe I shouldn’t put it that way; we select women on a scene in T&T, social, sport, something… who totally could model but don’t define themselves by it. If you ask, “what do you do?” ‘model’ wouldn’t be among the first four things they name. Our current cover continues that trend. We get serious in this issue too, and join with several hardworking organisations to recognise October as breast cancer awareness month. Hats off, or actually bras off, to the guys who contributed their time, faces, and torsos to the cause (turn straight to pg 58 & 59 to see what I’m teasing about).


Cover credits Make up by Samantha Seebalack Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Clothes & accessories by United Colors of Benetton Location Drew Manor

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The island scene

Photography by Arnaldo James Location Clifton Hill Beach, Point Fortin


This is not a review of the whole product, this is just one cool thing*



he latest thing in phone chat app is removing the time stamp from Whatsapp (quick shout out to the six bredren who put up BBM pin sharing statuses last month, good luck with that). If you haven’t done it then whoever you’re ducking can see the last time was you were active on the app. It’s not enough that you haven’t ‘read’ their message, that little ‘last seen’ thing right under your name will make you out.

Step by Step

Settings > Chat Settings > Advanced (dont get scared) > Last Seen Timestamp

Once you’ve taken your timestamp off you can’t see anyone else’s either. There’s no hypocrisy in whatsapping apparently. 6 |




by: Richard Howard


he’s gorgeous, looks like she maintains herself impeccably, not wearing a wedding ring, and alone at the bar/club/restaurant/dentist/passport office. How do you approach her? If you’re tired of getting shut down, we did you a favor and got brutally honest with some visa-faced socialites. Being unknown is a GOOD thing. Trini is small. Often, our relationships start through an introduction by a mutual friend. That makes being the mysterious stranger likely to pique her interest. As one of our socialites said: “One guy (who I liked a lot) - he was very brave boy to come up to me very straight forward, I guess that’s why I liked him”. Another interviewee was emphatic, “If nobody has heard of him he definitely stands a better chance!” But come good, so…

you’re interested in being more than buddies. You might actually get a text back. Speaking of… Maybe give your number rather than take hers. You know you’ve made such an impression, she’ll contact you. Our socialites have informed us - that level of confidence is damn sexy. Read the lady right though. A few stated that even if the guy hit it out the park, she’d never initiate contact. Speaking of initiating contact…

Show interest, not creepiness. The ‘soot’, or “eh dahlin’ you lookin’ CRIPS” may work with some ladies, but you’re out of luck with our divas. The overwhelming consensus was that you’ve got to be respectful, not forceful. Bring some good conversation, make her laugh, and make sure she knows

8 |

SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT THE PLACE TO PICK UP. As one of our interviewees put it: “My Facebook inbox scares me. I get random msgs like “Hey I was that guy who was smiling at u in 51 last night.” It’s the worst.” Step out into real life if you hope to link up with a real woman.

There are deal breakers. You have as good a chance as Barnaby from Melbourne. Interestingly, our divas were pretty much split down the middle when it came to local vs. foreign. Some love the exotic personalities and accents of a foreigner, while others said they needed someone that understands their culture and belief system. Money matters. But not how you think. Nobody wants to date a scrub. Especially not our divas, all working on being successful themselves. But they were far more interested in the guy’s potential to have the big bank account. “Once you’re ambitious; either in school or have a good career goal and a plan, money will come,” was one well put quote. They also let us firmly know that a lady likes to be pampered every now and then, so you should make sure you have a few blue notes. But even if you have Machel-money you can still get shut down. Because….

Yep, even if you know she saw you roll up in that Land Rover she still might rebuff your advances. Some are totally under your control how you treat ladies on a whole, if you keep fit, are well read and can hold an conversation. And some, unfortunately, you can do nothing about. A few of our divas simply could not be attracted to a fella considerably shorter than themselves. Too young or too old? Too bad. Don’t fret… there’s some shorter, more-your-age diva dying to meet you. So, to maintain your pride and… Know a “No”. She’s probably not going to tell you to “rock so nah breds” and spit on your shoes. So you can set yourself up for embarrassment if you think that a polite “I’m sorry, I’m not interested” or “I have a boyfriend” means she just needs softening up. Sentences like these are not open ended for a reason. Graciously bow out and move along. | 9

ear cuffs F

orget earrings, the latest is to cover your entire lobe. Used to be that an ear cuff was basically butch, part of a rebellious youth look, but these days all kinds of designers have been reinventing the idea. We asked 3 local designers for their take on the trend and the results are bold.

By Laura Michelle Gomes Sterling Silver and Nickel with Pyrite and Hematite stones.

10 |

By Haute Savage Sterling Silver kimleeinniss

By Ela Design Company & Kimi See Tai Wire and Feathers


elcome to Rosana Hosang’s workweek. She’s a marketing professional, and something of a socialite. We asked to see what she wears when she’s on the grind because the fashion reality for most of islandME readers is that we spend more time in corporate than clubbing clothing (PJs edition coming soon, ha).

Tuesday Lunch 1.05pm

O Monday Meetings 11.20am


he starts her week in a pretty conservative way but avoids cliché by pushing the neutrals. Gray instead of white for the shirt, olive green instead of black for the pants.

12 |

n days without serious presentations, Rosana can relax the business vibe a bit but keeps it conservative. Her dress is youthful but still work appropriate.

Wednesday In Office 2.20pm


asic office shapes, the collared shirt and pencil skirt, are ‘Rosana-ed’ by incorporating animal print. Plus, have you noticed her oversized, blinging watch?

Friday Picking up dry cleaning. 12.45pm Thursday Cready to head out to… wherever, when she clocks Notice that her staples Leaving work out. (shoes, watch, pearls) can formal and casual 4.30pm straddle wear.

asual Fridays mean she’s


hursdays often have a post-work engagement, so she’s wearing a day-tonight outfit. This LBD has been a go-to for her. Take note as well, that her shoes and pearls and staples for her right now. They go with everything. | 13

WHO WENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 |


6 West Christina Court, Boissiere Village. Telphone: 684-9039.

Want an actual Chandra Maharaj or Sandra Hordatt bathingsuit? Head on down to Nixpixx to find one (or a few). We also saw some amazing swimwear from Agua Bendita and IndieSWIM. This place is definitely one of our new go-to spots for women’s fashion and accessories. Nicole Agostini, the owner, talked about her focus on island lifestyle so she’s well stocked for beach limes, boat cruises, bar hops, club nights and carnival fetes. Perfect.


Kerra Denel

Make up by Samantha Seebalack Styling by Simone Drost Photography by Lyden Thomas

Clothes & Accessories by Eve’s Closet

From what we’ve seen Kerra is three things at almost all times; confident, ambitious and jet lagged. Seriously, she’s back and forth between the Caribbean, Canada (where she lives, technically), the US and wherever else. She’s practically the poster girl for the Caribbean lifestyle, even if her accent is solidly Canadian. She’s busy as a business owner, an event/promotion coordinator and a professional freelance model, but her long-term goal may surprise you. She says that she wants to open music schools in third world countries, and that steelpan will definitely be a part of each school’s repertoire. | 17


here are two main reactions when Trinis hear about a new Lambo on our island, and they’re pretty polarized. So we got together with the man who dared to bring an actual Aventador to T&T (in islandME orange we might add) and confronted him from both sides.

Photography by Lyden Thomas Location Arima Race Track

responsiveness of both the throttle and steering is amazing, complete control. It is surprisingly comfortable for a super car. It gives you that smooth comforting ride then once you put your foot down it gets brutal with every gear shift jerking you back and forth, along with the g forces pinning you back to your seat. THE SKEPTIC: I’m probably going to get stuck behind it on Sweet Briar road and take 45 minutes to sloooooowly go over each hump and pothole. Steups. Why would anyone spend that amount of money on a car for T&T roads?

THE ENTHUSIAST: Waaaaaaaaayz... It looks fast even when parked… 700 hand crafted Italian horses from Lambo’s legendary V12 engine, very well placed in a futuristic body design while keeping traditional Lamborghini styling… That new aged colour, beautifully spread along the sleek body design… oh and the tone of the V12 engine accelerating through the rpm range! Is it everything they say it is? What’s it like to drive? Owner: This car basically let you do whatever you wanna do. The handling and 22 |

Owner: We bought the car mainly because of our love for cars and speed. I know it’s not an everyday car and it’s not practical for T&T, but it’s a good feeling to know that it’s in the garage. What’s the process of importing an exotic car into T&T like? Big hassle? No big hassle. We dealt directly with Lamborghini London. We were on a one year waiting list because we wanted it brand new. We could have gotten a used one right away but, believe it or not, a used Aventador is more expensive than a new one.

Maybe you can jump a battery, or change a tire, but past that you’re car-clueless. A mechanic could be ripping you off, you’d never know. You don’t need to go full gear head, but take in some basics before you get taken at your next service.

MACHO by: Jean Marc Camacho

All motors create friction and need lubrication to function better, and prevent wear. Besides gas (you do know where that goes right? And what kind you should use?), here’s where to put the wettin’.



2 3


24 |





The master cylinder is usually against the firewall with a high and low mark. The fluid should be just below high, and light in colour. An early sign of a brake system failure is darkening of the fluid. This indicates that a rubber seal is breaking down. TIP:// Brake fluid is very abrasive, and can strip most paints. Pour carefully, and make sure the master cylinder is closed properly after.




You know when you’re out. Fill it up at your leisure.





With your vehicle on a level surface; remove the dipstick (usually brightly coloured), wipe it clean, reinsert it, and remove it again. There should be residue somewhere between the high and low marks at the bottom of the stick. Maintain the oil level on, or just below the high mark, but never over. That will increase oil pressures and damage seals. TIP:// Oils vary; check your owner’s manual for advice. Get the filter replacement part number and change it too, it’s got contaminants from the old oil.


5 TRANSMISSION FLUID (Automatic) Place the car is on a level surface. Turn the car on, warm it up. Pull up the emergency brake. Keep your foot on the brake pedal, slowly move the gearshift from park to the lowest gear (L or 1). Do this a couple times, then back to park. Do not turn off the car. Look at the level on the transmission fluid dipstick. It should be just below the full line. Manual transmissions carry a much ‘thicker’ oil and unless leaking, only have it checked every 90,000km. But access is below the vehicle and tools are required, so leave it to your mechanic. TIP:// Check your vehicle’s specs, transmission types are ever evolving in modern vehicles, so fluids vary.


COOLANT Find the overflow bottle. It’s a light colored plastic bottle (usually beside the radiator). Coolant should be between full and low, and not look too dark. Don’t top up there; pour coolant directly into the radiator. Also, check that the rubber around the cap isn’t damaged, and that it’s on tight. TIP:// Make sure the engine has cooled before opening the radiator cap; pressure can build up and cause severe burns. | 25


Photos provided by trinidad + tobago film festival

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

trinidad+tobago film festival / 13 September 17 – October 1 2013, various venues.

Workshops, screenings, panels, presentations, awards, lots and lots of conversation. The 2013 theme was “hotter”, and that’s no joke. Every night, post-proceedings ‘Drink Bar’ was packed with people who a) know their craft b) know their fashion and c) know their liquor. The festival proved that we want to see ourselves on screen. Seriously, no foreign blockbuster could compete with “God Loves The Fighter” for per screen income, it was completely sold every time. It wasn’t even the only one.


Arielle Williams

Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Photography by Lyden Thomas Make up by Peggy Camacho

Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Photography by Lyden Thomas


rielle doesn’t know it, but a lot of girls in T&T want her skin. It’s gorgeous, smooth, unblemished; like a make-up ad but she’s not wearing any. Maybe she’s not so naïve actually, she gets a lot of attention as a freelance event marketer and coordinator, she probably even encourages it for the good of her personal brand, but still… unlike the girly girls out there reveling in their tight bodies and playing up their features with fashion tactics, Arielle’s look is androgynous, and maybe even conservative. It makes her stand out, way out. People who don’t know her ask who she is when they see her, and at this point on the town party scene, she’s a who’s-who. Keep in mind that she’s only 23 years old. When we asked her questions about her goals her answer was, “God these are complicated questions in a complicated time” and then to say that she goes with the wind and whatever makes her happy. Eventually she revealed that she wants to own multiple companies and travel the world. Her degree will

probably help with that, which she got through a full scholarship to Hofstra University (in New York). The kind of scholarship will probably surprise you… hockey. She’s played her whole life, so does her sister, so did her parents, so did her grandparents! She’s represented T&T in the sport too, her tournament last March that took her Brazil might have been her last though. No more competition, just for fun. We asked one other question, “What’s your attitude toward relationships?” This is the one that we know people really want to read about. Her answer was practically pageant-like in it’s diplomacy, she said, “At the moment I’m just not interested in having one [a relationship] because I’m focusing on building a better me, so that I can be the best me for whoever I decide to settle down with.” Lyrics gyal.

Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Clothes & Accessories by Bang Bang Photography by Lyden Thomas Make up by Peggy Camacho

WHO WENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 |


October 13 2013. Queen’s Park Savannah. Hosted by The Digicel Foundation.

5K run and after party, plus pink and purple powder. This event triumphed over major rain early in the day. We love how the organisers were able to bring out everyone’s enthusiasm (so many great costumes), we love that the differently abled were given free admission and we especially love the $10,000 that went to the charity of choice of the winner for most colourful Kaleidodasher.



COOL Costumes

Halloween could have plenty more Ole Mas’ to it, costumes with some creativity and piccong. Instead fellas go as themselves and girls go as the sluttiest version of themselves. Do yall get that the majority of what is sold as ‘Halloween Costumes’ are really themed lingerie? Here’s what we wish we’d see instead.

Doubles Vendor

Ian Alleyne New Overpass

If you insist going as a “sexy something”, preferably with a tail, then may we suggest a group costume to tongue-in-cheek represent Ylvis’ “What Does the Fox Say?” | 33

3 Lifehacks For Your Car Forget Far-Away Fete Parking When you need it: Any big event, especially if you’re hauling a cooler Pre-park. Have your pardnah follow your car to the venue about 5 hours early. Park your car. Ride back with your friend. Later, arrange to get dropped off right at the entrance.

Tip: Don’t forget the keys

Mall Exit Strategy When you need it: Christmastime at any mall Finding a park is only half your problem, there’s a jam to LEAVE behind crawling cars and craned necks trying to find their spot. Park outside the exit. Longer walk to get in, but you’ll buss it on your own terms.

Tip: Behind West Mall even has a handy gate

Fool Proof Flat Tyre Excuse When you need it: When you’re running late for something really important. The next time you have a flat, take a phone snap. Just the tire, no selfie. Wait for the day you’re late for the most important presentation of your life and your boss is calling you like a pregnant woman ordering pizza. Whatsapp that pic to him/her.

Tip: It won’t work if your pic is night time, but you need a daytime excuse. 34 |

A lifehack is something you can do or create to cut a corner. None of these deal with traffic, sorry.

EXPLAINING by: Darryn Boodan

What was it? Last month a video surfaced on the internet showing a group of friends caught in a rainstorm, trying to run away from what looked like a mini tornado. As they got into the car to drive away, one of them kept screaming “Redman”! It went viral, the nation was transfixed by it, and everyone had just one question on their mind.

Finding redman video on youtube.

Was it, “Is this a result of climate Change”? No. it was “who was Redman, and where was he”? But surely the idea of anything like a tornado developing in Trinidad deserves more attention.

“Where is Redman” meme

Look the internet decides what deserves attention and it had spoken ok! There were memes everywhere. It wanted to know where Redman was! In fact a TV station even dispatched a news crew to go find him.

36 |

You’re joking? And did they? Yes. He was fine. Apparently he was hiding under a step during the storm. Well. That solves that mystery. Now, about this tornado. No wait. There is more. You see as it turns out Redman wasn’t actually ‘Red’. He was dark skinned. This led to another big question being collectively asked by many. Was it ‘Is our news media so desperate to seem hip, that they do stories based on frivolous internet memes? No it was, “what actually does it mean to be a Redman.

Finding Redman group on Facebook

Of course. You see, what makes a Redman? Is it just being mixed race? Why is there so much value on being ‘red’ in our society? Is the adoption of the nickname ‘redman’ an attempt to feel valuable in a society that places disparate values to the colour of your skin? Or is there more to it? Maybe in the 21st century there are no lines to demarcate race. Maybe the whole idea of race is partially a mental construct that we are free to adopt or disavow. Maybe it’s time to change how we ‘see’ race. While you were talking I went on google and found out that a family in Charliville had their roof blown off due to this storm. It seems as if this was a serious storm. What storm? The storm that the people in the video were running from Look if the storm was that serious wouldn’t the internet have said so by spreading memes with that guy from Charlie and the Chocolate factory making a sarcastic remark about it? You got me there I’m off to make a meme about people who mock the value of memes. | 37

WHO WENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 |

islandME DdiME October 20 2013. Scotland Bay.

Tickets were like gold from the week before. IslandME served up the scene in full sunlight with full vibes and models from our pages everywhere you turned. The introduction of coolerbyME was perhaps the legacy of the fete though. It shall return at future events for sure!


Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Clothes & Accessories by Wet Swimwear Photography by Lyden Thomas Location Drew Manor

Lisa See Tai

Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Clothes & Accessories by Tres Chic Boutique Photography by Lyden Thomas Location Drew Manor


model turned designer seems too clichéd a description for what Lisa See Tai has been up to. Modeling might be what most of you recognise her for, but she’s been an artist long before that. Our editor has a couple of her drawings actually. She’s still an artist of course, in fact these days you can find her instructing at the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design in the field of Model Drawing. But she’s a recent graduate of CAFD too, in fashion design (with honours!), and we’re predicting Lisa will ultimately become best known for making dresses, not wearing them. That is, if she’s able to part with her creations. Lisa admits that while she prefers not to model her own clothes, she hates actually selling them because, “they’re like my pieces of art, you know?” She then agreed that wasn’t a very good business plan and added that she will have pieces on sale at the holistic market at Akasha Yoga Studio in November.

Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Clothes & Accessories by Zadora Clothing Store Photography by Lyden Thomas Location Drew Manor | 43

Blow Me


he difference between limp, frizzy, uncontrolled hair and that perfect look is a blow dry, but at-home attempts usually suffer from one of these common mistakes: Using the wrong styling products Heat either too high or too low Over blow drying Holding the dryer in the wrong position Using the wrong brush type Blow drying once a week gives your hair time to naturally recover from the harsh, daily rituals of brushing and products. But using the right shampoo, conditioner and styling products for your hair type is also important, products that contain natural essential oils and proteins make a big difference for lasting results. Skimping on these products for cheaper alternatives also will adversely affect your results, and could lead to unhealthy hair and scalp.

Photo by Katy and George Photography

Ask your hair professional what specific blow drying tips and techniques work best for your hair type and desired style, for that just-leftsalon look. They can also suggest hair products that will actually keep your hair healthy and help repair any issues caused by previous treatments. Blow drying is not just a way to dry your hair. It’s an essential element in getting your hair to look its best while keeping it healthy. Luis Enrique, located in San Juan (868) 2218019, brings exotic South American techniques to his clients and these hair tips are sponsored by De Fabulous Hair Care products - products for people who want De Fabulous hair. | 45

WHO WENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48|


October 5 2013, Harbour Master

Our floating fete pick for this issue. Frazzled rode the success of last year’s cruise to come back strong. Looks like this one will be annual from now on. Management held nothing back, frazzled cups on entry, sno cones, puncheon penna cools, shots on board and party bags on exit. They really ‘Doubled Up’ totally leaving everyone saying “ohshucksimfrazzled”.


Valene Craig Make up by Samantha Seebalack Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Clothes & Accessories by Tres Chic Boutique Photography by Lyden Thomas Location Drew Manor

Make up by Samantha Seebalack Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Clothes & Accessories by Bang Bang Photography by Lyden Thomas Location Drew Manor


he doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who seeks the spotlight, soft spoken, with a shy gaze, but in front the camera she’s a whole new girl. She says that what defines us is not what we have accomplished, but who we have became along the way. She’s pursuing modeling, lord knows she’s made for it, but holds down a corporate retail job right now as well. Without getting specific about any life challenge she also said she believes that, “life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” We’d like to add that her private manner extends to her family life as well. We would never have known about her son, but tight shoot scheduling meant he came along. All she’ll say is, “My greatest blessing calls me mom”, but just that line says it all. 50|

Make up by Samantha Seebalack Styling by Afiya Bishop Photography by Kwesi Marcano

Make up by Samantha Seebalack Styling by P.Noire.Vou Ltd Clothes & Accessories by Nixpixx Photography by Lyden Thomas Location Drew Manor

Inspire your employees with strategic meetings, in a serene setting conducive to creative ideas and optimize productivity. From state of the art facilities, to the comfortable yet versatile decor, Drew Manor offers the ideal setting for your next corporate meeting, brainstorming session, focus group, team building event, seminar or retreat. The Samaan Room at Drew Manor contains large windows, which offer a mixture of natural lighting flowing freely through the space, as well as recessed overhead lighting accented with chandeliers. This mid-sized room is equipped with multimedia screen, projector and a top-of-the-line sound system. Drew Manor also houses an easily accessible field and tennis court that can be used for outdoor team building events and sports days. Located in the tranquil Santa Cruz Valley, Drew Manor is accessible from Port of Spain and the main arterial highways North, South, East and West.

Email: Telephone: 1-868-676-2083 Facebook: Drew Manor Trinidad Website:

Check your Tone C

atherine Miller is Miss T&T Universe 2013. So some people are vex. Why? She’s not unattractive, she’s not an airhead, she’s not mean, she’s not short, she’s… white. Immediately after her win the comments came rolling in about alleged bias of the judges, or the pageant franchise holders. Immediately after those comments came comparisons to the experience of Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2013/14. Davuluri also received lots of criticism from folks who thought she did not represent a true American because of her race, she’s of Indian descent. It’s even more interesting that the all-important interview question onstage at our Miss T&T Universe pageant actually asked each contestant to advise Miss America on how to handle the backlash. Miller’s winning answer was that she has already experienced racist comments during the pre-competition and that Davuluri should remember that ‘what does not kill you makes you stronger’. Some people didn’t take her words to heart exactly 54 |

and accused the pageant of tailoring the question to Miller. The parallels between Davuluri and Miller are pretty obvious; their personal experiences are eerily similar. But the experience of the home country audiences does have one difference, and it’s worth discussing. An Indian girl in the United States is breaking a barrier when she wins, but a white girl in Trinidad and Tobago is not, because white women are over represented in the history of Miss T&T Universe (we’re not including Miss World, Miss Pan America or any other pageant for the sake of this analysis). That fact does not make Catherine Miller any less worthy to represent T&T. Who would represent us best from a racial standpoint anyway?

Catherine’s win has been over shadowed by race talk.

To always select a young woman with the right balance of race, religion, culture, etc is fairly impossible, far less one who also has the qualities valued by pageantry. Also, that woman would have to actually enter; she has to WANT to be Miss T&T, don’t forget.

Racial representation has more to it than skin colour, but here’s a look at Miss T&T Universe over the past 20 years by estimation of foundation colour. Year

Miss T&T Universe

1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2008 2010 2011 2012 2013

Rachel Charles Lorca Chelsea Gatcliffe Arlene Peterkin * Top 6 Finalist Michelle Khan Margot Rita Bourgeois *2nd runner-up Wendy Fitzwilliam * Miss Universe Nicole Simone Dyer * Best National Costume Heidi Ann Rostant Alexia Charlerie Nasma Mohammed Faye Alibocas * Top 10 Finalist Danielle Jones *4th runner-up Magdalene Walcott * Top 15 Semi-finalists Kenisha Thom * Top 10 Finalists Anya Ayoung-Chee La Toya Woods Gabrielle Walcott Avionne Mark Catherine Miller

• A lot of beiges • Top performers are almost all of darker tones • Equal representation between darker and lighter tones within the last decade. The population is not split evenly, but there’s progress. • Indian is actually the most under represented ethnic group. Nasma Mohommed’s win was back in 2002, more than a decade ago, despite Indian being the dominant race in T&T per the latest census.

Hopefully Miller has been prepared for her position, it is a difficult one. By entering the pageant she literally asked to be judged, and boy has she been. Though many support her (she was the fan favourite by a mile) quick interviews of past Miss T&Ts have found that criticisms were harsher than expected, and that the microscope they were under lasted for many years after their reign. For those who placed (top 15 or better), the microscope is still there. Best of luck Catherine! | 55

Parliament Is In Session As a DJ crew we’re constantly observing the social scene, and this time we’re talking to promoters (or wannabe promoters).


! ?

Create/add value to a brand from which various benefits will be gained.

Trinidad Promoter Attempt to become popular by forcing members of the visa face fraternity to push a concept stolen from a movie/ cartoon/voice note/song.

Gone are the days when promotion was a skilled profession. In T&T we have been struck with the ‘lets throw a party’ disease, stemming from the desire to eat-ah-food. All well and good, food is necessary for survival and growth, but when yuh party buss it may be because you’re chaining up yourself:

56 |

SIZE: You’re calculating numbers and dollars. Eyeing down some sponsorship deal. Parliament says vybz and hot girls, preferably those who can twerk. Join the ‘SAY NO TO STUSH’ campaign. VENUE: We’ve partied on land and sea, where else can we go? It doesn’t matter, we could party in the backseat of our form 5 dean’s pink PAU lancer, just make sure the bar and music is pumpin’. COMMITTEE: It’s simple, do not expect Kim Kardashian to come the event if Tommy Lee is doing your ground work. Take a page from our book! Rain dance/Frazzled/Crave DDI


Photos provided by

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Women Against Breast Cancer 5K Classic September 28, 2013. Hosted by The Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation

This annual 5K event raises awareness for the early detection of breast cancer, funds to underwrite annual breast screening for women who cannot afford it, and support for survivors and their families. It was super sold out. 6,000 women took part simultaneously in 3 locations; Marabella, Tobago and the Savannah. Official registrants all got a medal for finishing. Well done runners, and organisers.


About Breast Cancer It’s more than a month, and more than a ribbon. If you really want to join the fight, donate directly, not just buy products that donate partial funds to research. In 2013, most women diagnosed with early breast cancer will have a survival rate of upward of 90 percent. So be optimistic! Don’t buy into the myths, breast cancer is NOT spread by a needle biopsy or a mammogram squeezing. Your arm pits may not be sexy, but they’re part of the breast area. Breast implants can obscure mammogram images. Still, mammograms are effective cancer screenings for those of you packing some surgical padding. Get your mammogram. Over 40, do it annually. Don’t forget. Tie it to another annual event, like a Christmas gift to yourself, or paying your car insurance. If you have a family history, probably you’ll want to start earlier, and your self exams will be even more important. Adult women of all ages should do a breast self-exam at least once a month. Know your breasts, the look and feel so you can detect any changes.

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Self exam

How It’s Done 1 2


In the Shower Using the pads of your fingers, move around your entire breast in a circular pattern moving from the outside to the center, checking the entire breast and armpit area. You’re feeling for any lump, thickening, or hardened knot.

In Front a Mirror Study your breasts with your arms at your sides. Look for any changes in the contour, any swelling, or skin dimpling, or changes in the nipples. Then do it with your arms raised high overhead. Then do it with palms on hips, pressing firmly to flex your chest muscles. Left and right breasts will not exactly match, but look for any dimpling, puckering, or changes, particularly on one side.

Lying Down When you’re on your back, the breast tissue spreads out evenly. Place a pillow under one shoulder and that arm behind your head. Using the other hand, move the pads of your fingers around your breast gently in small circular motions. Cover the entire breast area and armpit, using light, medium, and firm pressure. Squeeze the nipple to check for discharge or lumps.

Do Inbetween Checks… wherever! | 59


October is breast cancer awareness month



Breast cancer is real for them:

80% know someone who has had breast cancer, the remaining 20% were all under 40.

They’re ready:



said they would be there for a wife or girlfriend while undergoing treatment.

said they would not be turned off knowing a woman was a breast cancer survivor.

They don’t think it can happen to them:


of all breast cancers occur in men, it can happen.


Awareness is up:


know the pink ribbon is for breast cancer. Of the 10 who don’t know, 8 of them are over 50 yrs old. 62 |

of our guys admitted that they do not ever think about getting it.

Other ribbons they could name: Red – HIV 68 men Yellow – Troops 8 men Yellow – Testicular Cancer 8 men White – Lung Cancer 8 men Lavendar – Cancer in general 8 men Purple – Lupus 8 men Purple – Alzheimers 4 men Gold – Child Cancer 4 men Black – Anti-Terrorism 4 men

One of the ads in this magazine was fake‌

Did you notice? Yeah, go back and look.

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