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Performance Enhancement for Endurance Athletes The biggest improvements in performance come if you can train more, train faster and complete more workouts in each progressive training cycle. Performance Enhancement allows us to take to take care of muscle imbalances, strengthens the core and increases postural integrity, builds explosive speed and dynamic strength, and keeps us tuned to minimize risk of injury. Performance Enhancement will also allow you to absorb more pounding, up training volume, and recover quicker because you are not going to suffer as much breakdown during workouts. $320 for 8 sessions ($40/session) Big discounts for groups 3 and over!!!! One-on-one personalized attention and the ability to work on individual weaknesses and build on strengths. Performance Enhancement is a progressive program, each week building on the week before challenging the athlete but also keep the exercises appropriate for their individual level of conditioning. Each session will last 45 minutes and include a dynamic warm-up, plyometrics, functional strength working on balancing out muscle imbalances, balance work, flexibility, and body awareness. Classes are scheduled individually in order to work into each athlete’s schedule and time availability. Performance Enhancement Coach, Cristin Van Driel: USA Track and Field Certified Coach and American College of Sports Medicine -Certified Personal Trainer) Cristin has been improving the lives of her clients and athletes for years. Cristin's mission is to motivate and educate her clients to allow the achievement of established goals. She enjoys working with all ages and abilities; young kids to seniors and beginning exercisers to elite athletes. Her extensive knowledge in the field comes from years of personal experience (14+ years competing at a high level), opportunity to learn from the best, and certifications obtained in related fields. Cristin has coached a number of athletic programs and worked with numerous teams and individuals on performance enhancement and achieving established goals.

Performance Enhancement  

Performance Enhancement for endurance athletes. Train smarter, race faster, feel better, and minimize risk of injuries.

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