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Tuesday, 4, January, 2011

UltimateHealthBox Newsletter N0.18

Hello, Welcome to another issue of the Ultimate Health Box Newsletter. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and joyous New Year's celebration. ===================================================== Do you have something bothering your mind on your health? ===================================================== If you have a question you'd like answering or want to make an observation about your experiences with your health, please send an email to Be assured that within 24 hours I will attend to you. ===================================================== What Resolution Do You Have On Your Health In 2011? Thank God for sparing our lives to see yet another year of fulfillment, our God is always good. It has almost become part of our adopted culture that whenever we enter in to a New Year, many of us will sit down to make a New Year resolution. Many will resolve to move to a new apartment, some may resolve to change their vehicles while some will be thinking of changing their jobs; blah, blah, blah….. Have you ever made any resolution about your health? It is very sad that many neglect their health, chase business with vigor forgetting the old saying that “health is wealth”. Look through last few years; and take audit of your health situation, are you satisfied? Well I leave you to the answer. Remember; you are the CEO of your own wellness. You need to take back your health from the diseased-care system.

It is more important to understand the imbalances in your body’s basic systems and restore balance, rather than name the disease and match the pill to the ill. The fork is your most powerful tool to change your health and the organic food is the most powerful medicine to heal chronic diseases.

================================================= Diabetes and alcohol Today; let’s briefly discuss diabetes and alcohol. Alcohol is an extremely prevalent part of our society, whether you have diabetes or not. Some even belief that having a bottle or two in a day will relief their tension. The majority of people enjoy a drink of alcohol and they feel there is no reason why people with diabetes should feel any different. I have received many e-mails on whether people with diabetes should give up alcohol simply because of their condition. Well; in my candid opinion; diabetics who take alcohol are at risk of hypoglycemia because when blood sugar levels drop, the liver usually begins to produce glucose from stored carbohydrates to compensate. Drinking alcohol blocks the liver's ability to produce glucose to perform this function simply because the liver treats alcohol as a toxin in the body and initiates natural detoxification ways of removing alcohol as quickly as possible from the body. The liver will not produce glucose again until the alcohol has been processed and cleared from the body. Although the American Diabetes Association recommends that diabetics can drink alcohol moderately, and also advised never to drink on an empty stomach in order to protect themselves from low blood sugar - drinking only after a meal or a snack and that diabetics who have had something to drink check their blood sugar before going to sleep.

To me the word moderate is very subjective and this can be dangerous to diabetics’ health and counter-productive. In one way people with Type1 diabetes can be significantly more brittle, there could be greater difficulties with blood sugar control after alcohol ingestion than people with Type 2 diabetes irrespective of the amount consumed. In another way there is always tendency to abuse this recommendation, I recommend that diabetics should completely abstain from alcohol especially for those on medication. Perhaps you've probably heard that red wine is good for heart, lowering blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity. Researchers acclaimed this efficacy to the presence of resveratrol, which is involved in regulating metabolism; so half glass of red wine with dinner may be beneficial. Resveratrol is also found in red grapes and some berries, why not go for these. Are you ready to take control of your toxic colon and reverse your diabetes, why not join hundreds of others who have put their health first?.... I'll be staying in touch with you and keeping you updated with in-depth articles and features on recommended products. To your good health,

Bidemi Ojeleye P.S. Read the testimony of one of the subscribers “Dear Bidemi, thanks so much for the series of health tips being sent to my mailbox regularly, I must confess; I always enjoy them. May God continue to bless you. After administering your colon cleansing program, I’ve been feeling highly energetic. My usual bad breath is over and that pot-belly is gone” – Folorunsho Akanbi, Ilesha.

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