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Ulterion Chemgram February 2010

Ulterion® Introduces New and Improved Wax & Poly Replacement Coating Ulterion 531 OPV is the latest coating addition to Ulterion International's product line. The coating is designed to process on a variety of applicators such as off-machine rod and air knife coaters; gravure & flexo presses and in certain cases on-machine coaters. It can be used to replace wax and/or poly when a high degree of water resistance, freeze release or grease resistance is desired. It's relatively high surface tension allows for use wheregluing and printing are desirable, Ulterion 531 OPV can be used as either a base coat or top coat depending on application requirements, substrate, process method and the final performance properties desired. Below are comparative properties of various Ulterion topcoats coated over a clay coated SBS substrate with a zero rod. Please note the exceptional 30-minute Cobb values obtained with the Ulterion 531 OPV. COBB

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% Solids

(g/m )

Influence on COBB

Slide Angle

531 OPV





535 SWH





537 SWH





542 OPV





Low Viscosity, Self Cross linking Coating for Water Holdout

549 OPV





Low Viscosity, Self Cross linking Coating for Water Holdout with lubrication for machinability


Primary Usage High Surface Tension Coating for Water & Oil Holdout Low Surface Tension Coating for Water & Oil Holdout High Surface Tension Coating for Water & Oil Holdout

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Ulterion Chemgram February 2010

Ulterion Manufacturing Improvements Allow For More Economical Pricing Ulterion International has made improvements to processes for manufacturing Ulterion 300 & 500 Series Coatings and 2000 Series products making them much more affordable for sustainable packaging applications. The 300, 500 and 2000 Series products are designed to provide water resistance as well as grease holdout Pricing for Ulterion 5000 Series products have also been reduced and these products are used as a means to improve paper smoothness. The 5000 Series products also enhance print quality of paper and provide a base coat where the paper substrate needs a more closed surface for future coating applications or to provide a more hydrophobic surface than starch. Its use can also allow for lower cost fiber sources to be used. Contact your local Ulterion Representative for more details on pricing.

Ulterion Welcomes Kalia Vang to Customer Service Role Ulterion International has reorganized to support forecasted growth in the upcoming year. Kalia Vang, is a University of Wisconsin graduate with a BA degree in Business Administration and mother of two has been appointed Customer Service Representative. She will be responsible for all order processing which includes customer liaison and coordination of related logistics. Kalia and her husband Steven live in Pendergrass, Georgia.

Connie Holihan Role Expanded Connie Holihan, the voice and heart of Ulterion for the past several years will be working with Kalia but focusing more on procurement and vendor relationships. She and Kalia will work closely and provide back-up support for each other.

New Literature Developed Ulterion International has updated its literature and now has capabilities brochures available for both its line of coatings for sustainable packaging applications and textile finishing products. Please contact us if you are

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Ulterion Chemgram February 2010

interested in obtaining a copy.

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Ulterion Chemgram February 2010  

Ulterion Chemgram February 2010 wheregluing and printing are desirable,...