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Stand alone water barrier Recyclable and repulpable Excellent release properties 30-Minute cobb value of 30 or less Glossy finish Excellent rub and scuff resistance FDA approved for food contact

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Sustainable containerboard packaging • Cooler boxes Sustainable folding carton • Deli • Fast food

Product Description Ulterion® 512 OPV is a low viscosity coating developed for water repellency in folding cartons. It has applications in moisture barrier coatings, cold release coatings, cold food packaging coatings, and others where water holdout is a requirement and process-curing conditions are minimal.

Typical Properties % Solids pH Odor Appearance Tg (fully cured) Density, lb/gal Viscosity, seconds (#3 Zahn Cup) Origin

40 7-9 Vanilla/Acrylic Milky Color ~34 8.7 – 9.0 35 - 40 USA

FDA Status Ulterion® 512 OPV is composed of ingredients, which are in compliance with FDA for direct and indirect food contact. (21 CFR 176.170 with limitations and 176.180 dry film).

Application Methods Ulterion® 512 OPV should be used as received and stirred. Application temperature should be between 95° - 125°F (35° - 52°C). Water

should be used to reduce viscosity to achieve optimum results on certain equipment. Sufficient volumes of warm air, and medium or short wave IR should be used for optimal drying. Load temperatures should range between 95° - 135°F (35° - 57°C). Additional curing will continue over time. Ulterion® 512 OPV is particularly suitable for in-line coater/dampeners and blanket coaters as well as conventional air knife and on-machine applications such as size press or spray systems.

Handling / Storage Stability The Ulterion® 512 OPV is a made to order product, which should be kept in Cool dry conditions. Storage temperatures above 90°F will decrease the shelf life considerably. Optimal storage conditions will yield a shelf life of 60 days from the date of manufacture.

Product Safety When considering the use of Ulterion International products, please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). If you require an MSDS for this product; please call (706) 654-2222 or your Ulterion International Representative.

Ulterion 512 OPV  

Application Methods  Stand alone water barrier  Recyclable and repulpable  Excellent release properties  30-Minute cobb value of 30 or l...

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