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Handling / Storage Stability

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Dispersions of Ulterion® 462 LC should be stored between 20C and 35C to insure maximum shelf life. For best results, this emulsion should be used within six months.

Garment affects and handle Exceptional softness Shiny Finish

Product Description Ulterion® 462 LC is a urethane anionic acrylic emulsion designed for textile applications where a soft shiny look is desired. It is recommended for applications requiring durability and soft hand.

Typical Properties % Solids pH Charge Appearance Specific gravity Viscosity (cps) #6@20 RV Origin

52-54 9.0-10.0 Anionic Milky white liquid 1.06

For spills of dispersed Ulterion® 462 LC, sprinkle sawdust or vermiculite over the spill area and sweep the material into approved chemical disposal containers

Product Safety When considering the use of Ulterion International products, please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). If you require an MSDS for this product; please call Customer Service or your Ulterion International Representative.

23,000-40,000 USA

Application Methods For Garment, Ulterion® 462 LC can be sprayed, blade coated, or foam applied for desired effects.

Drying and Curing Recommended drying conditions are 250oF 275oF for 5 minutes. Depending on coat weight, it could be longer. For the best curing effect, use 300oF - 325oF for Ulterion International, Inc. 3-10 minutes depending on coat weight. P.O. Box 236 Braselton, GA 30517 Telephone (706) 654-2222 Fax (706) 654-2234 The information contained herein is thought to be accurate in all aspects; however, the applications for these products mentioned are presented without guarantee or responsibility as to the suitability of our products whether used singly or in combination with other products. Nothing herein is to be taken as a license to operate under or as a recommendation to infringe any patents. The products are sold without warranty, expressed or implied, and are purchased at buyer’s risk.

Ulterion 462 LC  

Recommended drying conditions are 250 o F - 275 o F for 5 minutes. Depending on coat weight, it could be longer. Ulterion ®...