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Latex Coating Rheology Modification Surface Sizing Viscosity Enhancement General Thickening of Aqueous Products General Thickening of Solvent-Based Products Suspension of Insoluble Particles Emulsion Stabilization General Rheology Modification

Product Description Ulterion® 200 Series Polymers are exceptional thickeners, suspending agents and stabilizers. Most Ulterion polymers are high molecular weight homo- and copolymers of acrylic acid cross-linked with a polyalkenyl polyether. Ulterion® 205 LT is a cross-linked acrylate emulsion copolymer. It is specifically formulated to provide greater holdout and reduction of coating penetration into the sheet than conventional thickeners. Ulterion® 205 LT is an effective thickener, which exhibits resistance to ions and exceptional suspending ability. It possesses long flow characteristics when properly dispersed and brought to a pH above 6. Ulterion® 205 LT remains effective even in highly alkaline conditions. It is also very effective post-add thickener. Ulterion® 205 LT is a low viscosity, milky white liquid with total solids content about 15 percent.

Typical Properties Appearance: Chemical Description: Total Solids: pH, (At 1% in Water) Viscosity:

Milky white liquid Acrylate emulsion copolymer 15% polymer in water 2.2-3.8 10 mPa.s (or cP)

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Paper Coatings Textile Coatings Adhesives Emulsion Polymerization Water Based Inks

Application Methods In most situations, Ulterion® 205 LT can simply be poured into water while mixing. At this point, the pH of the water is about 3.5 and the viscosity is very low. When ready to build viscosity, usually after the other ingredients are added, the pH is raised using a monovalent inorganic base (such as sodium hydroxide) or an organic base (such as triethanolamine). This neutralizes the polymer, causing thickening to occur rapidly. For use as a postadd thickener, Ulterion® 205 LT can be directly incorporated into the system while mixing and the pH adjusted as needed.

Handling/Storage Stability Ulterion® 205 LT should be stored in a cool, dry area. Avoid freezing and high heat to retain a six-month shelf life.

Product Safety When considering the use of Ulterion International products, please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). If you require an MSDS for this product; please call (706) 654-2222 or your Ulterion International Representative.

Ulterion 205 LT