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Warp Sizing Desizing Bleaching Dyeing


More uniform size pickup More uniform size removal More uniform bleach pickup Better dye pickup Jet dye bath lubricant Beck dye lubricant Improved leveling in indigo More uniform pickup

Warp Sizing Desizing Bleaching Dyeing Finishing

Handling / Storage Stability

Product Description ®

Ulterion 1000 NP is a polyacrylamide polymer supplied as a powder that can be dissolved easily to form a 1-2% solution that has a wide range of uses in textile processing.

Typical Properties


Ulterion 1000 NP will become very slick if it comes in contact with water. Spills should be removed by placing the product into a container and washing the surface until it is no longer slick.

Product Safety


White to off-white freeflowing powder Ionic Nature Nonionic Solution Appearance Slightly hazy solution UL Viscosity 3.8 – 4.4 cps. Dry Content, wt% 88 min. pH of 25% polymer solution 7.5 Residual Acrylamide, ppm 999 max. Insolubles, wt % 3.5 max.

Application Methods ®

One to two per cent solutions of Ulterion 1000 NP can be prepared by dissolving the polymer in hot water (80°C) with continuous agitation. Wetting the polymer particles with a watersoluble solvent like methanol can be helpful before contact with the dissolving medium. A small amount of bactericide should be included to the polymeric solution.

When considering the use of Ulterion International products, please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and ensure that the intended use can be accomplished safely. If you require an MSDS for this product, please call (706) 654-2222 or your Ulterion International Representative.

Ulterion 1000 NP  

Application Methods  Warp Sizing  Desizing  Bleaching  Dyeing  Finishing Ulterion ® 1000 NP will become very slick if it comes in conta...