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Ulterion 2100 WT produced a non-wicking linerboard that was gluable when combined with Ulterion 2100 WT treated non-wicking liner. Ulterion 542 OPV coated linerboard is a non-blocking water repellant coating that produced boxes that held water for one month when combined with Ulterion 2100 WT non-wicking medium. The combined board passed the FBA protocol for recyclability.

Objectives of Study  

Produce a recyclable/repulpable water resistant medium that is non-wicking to water and combinable with Ulterion 2100 WT non-wicking linerboard. Target Properties

Overview of Study 

Ulterion 8070 was introduced to the discharge of the white water chest in order to optimize the system charge and allow for proper attachment of Ulterion 2100 WT to the fiber. The Ulterion 8070 was added at a dosage of 20 wet #/ton. The Ulterion 2100 WT was added after the refiners and prior to the machine chest at a dosage of 50 wet #/ton. ASA was added at 8 wet #/ton. There were no runability issues during the trial or later production runs and all broke was successfully recycled without affect on the paper produced.

Study Specifics Fiber Production Rate Ulterion 2100 WT Ulterion 8070 Hercules ASA Retention Aid Polymer

37.5 tons/hour (base ply, filler & top ply) Discharge of white water chest (base ply, filler & top ply) Prior to Ply Head boxes Prior to Ply Head boxes

50 lbs/ton (wet) 20 lbs/ton (wet) 8 lbs/ton 0.95 lbs/ton

Testing Protocol     

Cobb: 10 Minute Wicking Float Test Water Drop Runability

Summary (Results) of Study 

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 

30 Minute Cobb Wicking Float Test Water Drop Runability

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<0.3 g/m2 Sheet exhibited no wicking to water and IPA Medium floats in hot water for 24 hours without penetration Water drop will evaporate on medium before diving into sheet No issues

Non-Wicking Medium Case