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March | 2008

Ulterion Soil Release Products for Polyester and Synthetics Ulterion PW 100i and PW 166 are polyester based resins with proven success in textile soil release applications. The resins form a hydrophilic film over synthetic fabrics which can be thermosoled for a permanent finish. The products can be pad dried for a renewable finish in the wash wheel for garment applications. PW 166 is recommended for water based

Volume 11 March 2008

In This Issue Ulterion Soil Release The Wash Line Ulterion Global Team Ulterion 2501 ST

2501 ST Developed as a Cost Competitive Alternative to Poly Vinyl Alcohol

stains (JC Penny Protocol) and PW 100i for petroleum based soiling. PW 166 provides improved wicking for

Ulterion has developed

napery and linen applications. The renewable feature

an alternative to PVOH

offered by PW 100i is particularly useful for protecting

for sizing. Ulterion

mechanic soils, uniforms, and walk off mats from deep

2501 ST is a medium

stains by providing a protective coating to the fiber

viscosity water based

that's removed by washing and replaced in the laundry. Both PW 100i and PW 166 also provide anti-static properties and adds comfort to apparel by wicking perspiration away from the skin. It can be used in

resin developed to provide stronger fiber to fiber bonding and can be enhanced to

undergarments, socks and athletic wear.

enhance surface size starch performance. Ulterion 2501 ST is

"The Wash Line" By David Shank

supplied as a 100% powder and gives optimal rheology at a neutral pH that improves runnability of

Some pointers for using Ulterion products to assist in developing improved looks and/or performance: Some pointers for using Ulterion productsto assist in developing improved looks and/or performance: Acid Cellulase for Denim (with reduced backstaining) Ulterzyme 4116 would be my first choice for a liquid product. It is very concentrated and can easily be formulated. This is a liquid product that performs well at pH 4.5 to 6. For customers requiring pH 4.5 - 5, this can be marketed as an acid. A good alternative would be Ulterzyme 4115 as a simple acid product. Low temperature Hybrid Cellulase Ulterzyme 4106 is the first choice (liquid). Ulterzyme 4116 is the second choice here, with optimal pH 5.5 - 6. Ulterzyme 4108 for a granular. Neutral Cellulase - Powder (granulate) Ulterzyme 4199 Biopolishing - Liquid Ulterzyme 4116 Laccase - Ulterzyme 4100 (enzyme, base) and Ulterzyme 4102 (Mediator or Assist) used together at a ratio of 15 parts base to 7 parts assist.

the coating in order to maintain excellent surface sizing.. It has no environmental impact like PVOH has and is very user friendly. It is available in 25 Kg bags.

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More Dave Pointers For black staining of the pockets after wash in black jeans processing the usual ethoxolates and polyesters don't do much for sulphur black, however PVP K-15 or K-30 (poly vinyl pyrrolidone, 15,000 or 30,000 mw) would help at about 2-5% on the weight of the denim. A similar level of Kelzan S (Xanthan gum) or a mix of the two can also help. Another possibility may be to include some sodium percarbonate to try to bleach the stain a little, but this would necessarily limit the pH to 10 or above, which is not appropriate for enzyme application, but may be useful for after-treatment.

Ulterion Global Team Ulterion has been growing globally over the past few years. We are now in all major textile markets from North, South, Central America, Europe and Asia. In order to better serve these markets, we would like to present our staff who are an integral part of serving your needs.

Peter A. Signoretti- Director of Sales- North, South, and Central America

M. Barry Lindler- Director of Sales- Europe and Asia

technical bulletins

Clint Varndore- New Product Development

Ulterion International 4799 Olde Towne Parkway Suite 201 Marietta, GA 30068 Phone: 770.579.0552 Fax: 770.579.0348

David Shank- Market Application Specialist

Connie Holihan- Customer Service

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ChemGram Textile Updates February 2008  
ChemGram Textile Updates February 2008  

properties and adds comfort to apparel by wicking Both PW 100i and PW 166 also provide anti-static that's removed by washing and replaced in...