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Recyclable/repulpable/environmentally friendly coating Performed equal to poly at lower cost Ready to use from the container (drum, tote or bulk) Successfully applied on a paper machine via coater as well as on an off-machine coater and printing press Resistant to grease for many bakery applications i.e.; Deli sandwich take out cartons; take out donut cartons; cakes and pies Printable & Gluable

Objectives   

Use Ulterion 361 BC to replace poly at a lower cost Develop a packaging product that is sustainable (recyclable/repulpable) Eliminate finger printing on the surface of brown donut boxes

Overview 

Ulterion 361 BC coated board replaced poly containers at lower coast while improving processing efficiency

Study Specifics 

Ulterion 361 BC was applied directly from a tote (50% solids) to a coat weight of 1.4 lbs./msf (dry)

   

Paperboard Type/Caliper: Rod Coater: Paper Machine Speed: Web Temperature:

Tan bending chip or White lined bending grinds/0.016”-0.028” Varibar- smooth rod 600 fpm 190°F

Testing Protocol  

Kit 6 and WD-40 for pin holes Water Resistance, Cobb - 10 Min <60 g/cm2

Summary (Results) of Study

Ulterion International, Inc.

     

No Pin holing 10 Minute Cobb: 54 g/cm2 No fingerprinting on donut boxes Positive feedback from converter and final customer Cost savings over poly by eliminating converting step and freight Sustainable packaging alternative developed that could be re-pulped and recycled

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Baker Container Case Study  

Objectives Study Specifics Benefits  Use Ulterion 361 BC to replace poly at a lower cost  Develop a packaging product that is sustainable...

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