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Brazil Brazil is home to a lifetime of adventures, from tame and relaxing sightseeing tours to some of the most extreme white water rafting trips in South America. Amazon jungle safaris in Brazil offer unique and incredibly exhilarating sights of flora, fauna, and a staggeringly beautiful landscape. Silky beaches stretch for miles along the South Atlantic, offering epic surf in many areas, and are paradise for darkly tanned sun bathers from all over the globe. World-renowned beaches line the shore near Rio de Janeiro, which offer equally world-renowned beauty and adventure. Ride a gondola to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain and enjoy the breathtaking 360 degree views. Take a plunge off towering platforms to dangle precariously with your legs attached to a bungee. Soar with the eagles over Rio with one of the many hang glide tour operators, dive from an airplane for the ultimate views of the area. With nearly 4,700 miles of tropical and sub-tropical Atlantic coastline, there is always a watery adventure waiting to be discovered. Most travelers to Brazil target the famous city of Rio de Janeiro for the incredible and colorful carnivals, pristine beaches, and heart-throbbing nightlife. Of course, there is a lifetime of adventure opportunities within close proximity to Rio. If you are truly seeking adventure, an urge to get away from it all, and pursue the ultimate expedition, you have come to the right country! Starting on the Amazon River along the northern Atlantic coast of Brazil, opportunities for adventure branch off into limitless possibilities. Amazon expeditions offer splendid opportunities to view unique, colorful, and exciting flora and fauna. Some can only be seen within the Amazon Basin of South America. For the ultimate Amazon expedition, it is possible to take a boat trip from the Atlantic Ocean, through the entire depth of the Amazon Jungle of Brazil, and into Peru, even Ecuador. If public river transit is chosen, be prepared for a very long, hot, and very public journey. The best experience is with a private river vessel, giving the adventurer an opportunity to explore tributaries and dry land whenever there is an opportunity or something that sparks your interest. For an extreme Amazon river adventure, begin your trip in Quito, Ecuador. Exhilarating and thundering white water begins in the Ecuadorian highlands, eventually dropping to the meandering waters of the lower Amazon, which can be taken to the Atlantic Ocean. A guide can arrange the trip of a lifetime, including this near cross-continent river tour. For a dry land adventure, take a flight into Brasilia and target the inland wilderness of the central highlands. Rugged, remote landscapes are laced with deep canyons, impressive caverns, and breathtaking waterfalls. A scenic drive north to Sao Jorge from Brasilia offers many chances for exploration on the way. Once you get there, you can get supplies and set out for the backpacking trip of a lifetime. The Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is loaded with ancient rock formations, cave systems, and towering waterfalls. Thundering white water cuts through the narrow canyon walls, then plunges off rocky cliffs from staggering heights in many places along the rivers that slice through the park.

Brazil is a place of incredible opportunities for adventure. We have barely scratched the surface of what Brazil has to offer here. The best way to find the perfect trip in Brazil, is to get out and explore!

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