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Software that enables you to create an audio, text or e-mail message and have it delivered real-time or at a specific time to any individual or group, AND get progress reports.

Just send an SS!

Smoke signals were used for getting messages out quickly and to a target audience. (people who would understand & benefit from the signal’s message)

Now you can send a digital

Smoke Signal! -Just send an SS!

Physical World From big & small packages

Digital World To audio, text or email


DATA Packets

DATA Packets

Interstate Highway

Broadband Highway

Digital World audio, text or - email messages DATA Packets

DATA Packets

Broadband Highway DATA Packets

DATA Packets

More data packets (telephone calls, text messages and email messages) require more bandwidth. More bandwidth with voice call priority is needed for more voice messages deliveries in a shorter time frame.

DATA Packets

DATA DATAPackets Packets

Broadband Connection DATA Packets

DATA Packets

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Onsite software No additional hardware Any phone system Personalized messages Secure data Database integration Flexible configuration Great value Direct service and support Dealer sells and handles billing Ultimate installs, integrates, trains and handles technical calls.

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400 Groups with 1 – 4000 contacts per group 400 Bulletins with up to 4000 contacts 400 Recordings 400 Text / email notes With .CSV integration you define the number of groups and bulletins (the number in each imported group is limited to 4000 contacts) Up to 47 VOIP calls (20 with the standard license) can be made at one time if you have enough bandwidth

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Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 Broadband internet access Each audio call uses 40 Kilobits per second. 500 messages would take about 12 minutes to deliver if they were 30 seconds long and Smoke Signal was making 20 calls at a time. (estimates vary based on length of call and number of rings before the call is answered) Voice mails and text messages go out quickly, but the time varies and depends on the broad band connection and cell service provider.

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Utilities Service companies Appointment reminders Civil information Hospitality Correctional institutions Retirement communities Schools and training centers

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Property management companies Collection agencies Police departments Investment companies Convention services Casualty services Faith based organizations

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Teams can announce a schedule or location change for a meeting, practice or game. Instructors can send a message to parents or students about current concerns or upcoming events. Clubs, agencies, religious or fraternal organizations can recruit assistance. In other words, anyone can send a Smoke Signal and anyone with a phone can get the message!

The Message is Important …and will be Acknowledged Because the Message is Personalized and Specific! 

When the phone rings, you pick up the handset and you hear, “This is an appointment reminder from your employment office. We are calling to remind you of an upcoming appointment with the Social Worker, Sandy Brown Monday at 7 in the morning at the Billoby office. If you cannot make this appointment call 123-333-1111. See you then. Again, …”

Why a Smoke Signal instead of calling or e-mailing? ď ˝

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To document results - After a Smoke Signal is sent you get a report including the text of the message, the time it was sent and the name and number it was sent to. To reduce expenses - Your staff will no longer need to make contact calls or to send reminders; reduce expenditures needed to pay postage; and you should experience far fewer missed appointments.

To ensure a bulletin is received - Because of the prevalence of quantities of “junk mail”, sometimes important messages can be accidentally overlooked. You may now send an ALERT to either a future message, or flag a recently sent message!

To save time - Instead of just sending an e-mail that may not be read immediately, send a voice SMS (text) that is often viewed as soon as it is received!

For a live demonstration of Smoke Signal or any of the family of Ultimate Communications Software applications contact us:

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Smoke Signal PowerPoint  

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