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• Call Reporter • Wireless Staff Notification • Instant Messenger • 24 Hour Security

2.0 E mer genc y R e spo n se S y s t em f o r S c h o o ls


URA 2.0 is a comprehensive emergency response solution. Software and hardware are combined to provide centralized monitoring of incidents or situations. The software modules display all active alarms, launch instant messages to the staff and log all calls for future analysis of your workload and staff efficiency. The hardware module allows you to utilize both wired and wireless devices to monitor students and faculty as you see fit. Choose either a wired, wireless or combination system based on the needs of your staff , facility and students.

Panic Button Text Messaging to cell phones

Wireless Pendant

Wireless Pull Cord Desktop Notification

Cornell Area of Rescue Assistance

In-House Pagers

AURA 2.0 Features: Wireless Notification • Allows for staff and faculty mobility • Reduces staff response time. • Economical installation especially for building renovations. • Multiple types of portable devices are available to customize your system, such as; pendants, pull cords, smoke detectors and motion sensors to notify administration after school hours.

Instant Messenger • Notification to staff via in-house pagers, cell phone text messages or e-mail. • Customized to allow notification of groups or individuals. • Customized alert escalation when calls are not answered.

Call Reporting • The Call Reporting module saves all call history data for reporting and analysis. • Provides remote documentation of staff and response time. • Provides monitoring of staff efficiency. • Reassures families that their students are being taken care of in a timely manner.

How AURA 2.0 Works The AURA 2.0 software resides on a central application server. It continually monitors all alarm stations to determine if an emergency has been detected or if help is needed. When a call is received, the appropriate staff members are notified, and the call is logged for future analysis. AURA 2.0 expands your ability to notify responders as follows: Cell phones can be called with a text message stating help is needed, in-house pocket-pagers can be used to send a message directly to staff or an e-mail could be sent to notify administration of an incident or situation.

Other Benefits: With AURA 2.0, you also have the ability to notify staff of other facility issues including broken windows or doors ajar. Many users also utilize wireless smoke detectors and motion detectors to enhance facility security and safety and alert administration. Choose AURA 2.0 when you need to combine today’s technology with the flexibility, security and efficiency needed by staff administration.

Cornell - The Care Connection Cornell has been in the emergency call system business for over 40 years and is recognized nationwide for high quality, advanced and reliable equipment and systems. Cornell invests in the latest technologies to bring our customers the best products possible. Our entire staff is customer-focused, delivering outstanding service, attention and response. Cornell is proud to have some of the nation’s leading companies, non-profit organizations and healthcare providers among our long-standing customers.

Ask about our other Emergency Call Systems: 4200 Series The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a Rescue Assistance System in all newly constructed multi-story buildings and public accommodations to provide a means to request evacuation assistance in emergencies. The ADA also applies to significant renovations of existing multi-story facilities. The 4200 Series Audio Rescue Assistance System is an extension of the time proven Cornell 4100 Rescue Assistance System that has received wide industry acceptance. The 4200 includes voice communication, which is initiated by simply depressing the call station button transmitting the signal to a central annunciator panel and optional access to a public telephone line.

1000 Series Our door monitoring series provides at a glance indications of your facilities door status.

Custom Solutions With over 40 years of call system design, let us develop the custom system to meet your needs. Any combination of visual, voice, wired or wireless call stations and remote annunciators can be configured to meet the unique requirements of your staff, students and administration.

Call our Sales Team today to discuss your specific requirements. 7915 North 81st Street Milwaukee, WI 53223 p: 800-558-8957 • f: 414-351-4657

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