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Spring/Summer 2022

Enriching homes and lives everywhere. Our new catalogue marks a time of change and renewal. With this edition, that’s truer than ever, as we unveil our new brand identity and new direction for Ulster Weavers into the future. Ulster Weavers is a quality textile homewares manufacturer rooted in Northern Ireland’s fine linen heritage. We believe that home is a feeling, not a location. It’s a sense of calm and connectedness, bound up in identity, nostalgia, and belonging. Home is a constant in a changing world that nonetheless exists in countless places. It lives in our daily rituals and everyday items and persists in the things that survive moving days and life edits. Our purpose is to enrich homes and lives everywhere. Our designers use authentic materials, sustainable practices, and time-honoured methods to create our collections. In this way, our contemporary kitchen textile and table linen collections connect traditional craftsmanship with the latest trends – appealing to homemakers from all generations. It is all part of our vision to bring inspiration and craftsmanship to every home in the world. We hope you enjoy exploring our new collections – thoughtfully made products designed and crafted to awaken that feeling of home, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.

Gillian McLean Managing Director



Lovingly crafted, thoughtfully made. At Ulster Weavers, our vision is to bring inspiration and craftsmanship to every home in the world, rooted in our purpose to enrich homes and lives everywhere. For over 140 years, we have been synonymous with producing high-quality and durable products that stand the test of time, products crafted with care, using time-honoured methods that reinforce the rich textile tradition for which we have become famous. We lovingly craft products that are both contemporary and rustic under our Ulster Weavers brand, and as part of a customised service – all thoughtfully made.



Eco-conscious. Ulster Weavers is embarking on an ambitious growth journey, anchored by sustainability. Our brand is steeped in heritage. We recognise that our founding principles, which blend time-honoured production techniques with durable, natural, and ethically sourced linen textiles, can continue to be a force for good in a fragile world. Sustainability is in our roots. For over 140 years, we have brought craftsmanship to homes around the world. Now is the time for us to lay a foundation that protects those roots, for the future of the business, the environment, and the communities in which we operate, minimising, if not eliminating or off-setting, our environmental impact. People, product, and planet – these 3 pillars underscore our commitment to adapting to new and innovative ways of working so that we can reduce carbon emissions, the amount of waste sent to landfill, and our consumption of virgin materials.

Our New Collections Causeway Geo 12 Murlough


Mourne Heather




Top Dog


Sustainable Cleaning



Our Classic Collections Kitchen Textiles


Dining 78 Bags 82 Kids 96 Accessories


Causeway Geo Our Causeway Geo collection, created by textile designer Jennie, tames the geological phenomenon of the North Coast, and the energy of the wild North Atlantic, in a range that harmonises the tranquillity of the modern home, and forces of the natural world.

Causeway Geo Bold geometric lines and contemporary reimagining of the iconic hexagonal basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway, converge with the ribbed waves of Atlantic swells.

7COAST01 Cotton Apron


Curves and contours bring movement to the collection, reflecting the openness of the environment, allowing the designs to breathe.

028COAST Cotton Tea Towel Twin Pack

Its colour palette blends maritimeinspired tones, capturing a refreshing and rejuvenating feel with shades of blue and grey, resembling the wild Atlantic coastline, contrasting with the burnt orange accents of the distant setting sun.

7COAST01 Cotton Apron


Causeway Geo Kitchen Textiles

7COAST022 Micro Mitts

7COAST01 Cotton Apron

016COAST Oven Cloth

028COAST Cotton Tea Towel Twin Pack

Causeway Geo Table Linens

4COAST84 Linen Placemats PK 2

4COAST81SM Linen Table Runner (180cm)

4COAST80 Linen Napkins PK 2

4COAST81LG Linen Table Runner (230cm)


4COAST80 Linen Napkins PK 2 4COAST84 Linen Placemats PK 2

Murlough Taking its inspiration from Murlough Bay, where the Mourne Mountains meet the Irish Sea, our Murlough collection, created by textile designer Jennie, captures the essence of the scenic Northern Irish coastline, where land and sea converge.

Murlough A fresh twist on traditional stripes and checks, the rolling sand dunes and wild grasses of the extraordinary vista inspire the impressionistic brush strokes and smudged patterns that reflect a living, breathing landscape.


4MURLOUGH84 Linen Placemats PK 2

7MURLOUGH01 Cotton Apron

7MURLOUGH022 Micro Mitts

Its textured feel is reminiscent of the changing topography of the bay and celebrates Ireland’s rich tradition of checked and woven textiles. Neutral earthy mineral tones showcased through the watercolour effect create a calming aesthetic that reconnects people and place.

7MURLOUGH022 Micro Mitts


Murlough Kitchen Textiles

7MURLOUGH022 Micro Mitts

7MURLOUGH01 Cotton Apron

016MURLOUGH Oven Cloth

028MURLOUGH Cotton Tea Towel Twin Pack

Murlough Table Linens

4MURLOUGH84 Linen Placemats PK 2

4MURLOUGH81SM Linen Table Runner (180cm)

4MURLOUGH80 Linen Napkins PK 2

4MURLOUGH81LG LinenTable Runner (230cm)


4MURLOUGH84 Linen Placemats PK 2 4MURLOUGH80 Linen Napkins PK 2

Mourne Heather Influenced by the foliage of the dramatic Mourne Mountains, our Mourne Heather collection, created by textile designer Helena, discovers the natural vibrancy of Northern Ireland’s breathtaking landscape, in a range that amplifies colour and celebrates biodiversity.

Mourne Heather Upland vegetation – shrubs and heathers, ferns, and grasses – blend to form a seamless pattern of alpine and heathland flora that invokes a rustic charm.

7MOURNE02 Gauntlet


An expressive, hand-drawn design uplifts the beauty of Northern Ireland’s flora, with visible pen and pencil strokes that emphasise the heterogeneity of the landscape. Its cream and brown notes paired with purple, green and grey hues encapsulate the richness of the uplands and transport us to rural County Down.

7MOURNE03 Double Oven Glove

Mourne Heather Kitchen Textiles

7MOURNE022 Micro Mitts

7MOURNE03 Double Oven Glove

7MOURNE01 Cotton Apron

7MOURNE02 Gauntlet

028MOURNE Cotton Tea Towel Twin Pack

7MOURNE01 Cotton Apron

BBQ Become ‘King of the Grill’ this summer. Our sumptuous and contemporary selection of barbeque aprons, tea towels and cloths will tempt everyone into the great outdoors this spring and summer.

Sperrin BBQ Our Sperrin collection, created by textile designer Hannah, pays homage to the undulating hills and valleys of Northern Ireland’s Sperrin mountains, in a range that reflects the unspoilt beauty of the landscape.

7SPERRIN01 Cotton BBQ Apron


028SPERRIN Cotton Tea Towel

Its unrefined aesthetic, achieved through abstract mark-making techniques, symbolises the untouched scenery of the mountain range. Subtle colour and pattern give the collection a natural look and feel with mossy green tones, influenced by the landscape, creating an understated camouflage that elevates the tasteful collection to heights in keeping with its inspiration. This simple, modern design has the minimalist in mind and is ideal for homes with pared-down décor.

Sperrin BBQ

7SPERRIN01 Cotton BBQ Apron


028SPERRIN Cotton Tea Towel


Top Dog BBQ A fun departure from our landscape-inspired collections, Top Dog, created by textile designer Hannah, is an attentiongrabbing and comical collection designed to be a perfect accompaniment for the relaxed atmosphere of the summer’s day barbeque.

7TDOG01 Cotton BBQ Apron


Tonal greys emphasise our leading puppy with bursts of yellow and red to elevate the motif. Its novelty message, complemented by a clean design, guarantees its appeal for all the family, though the dog of the house might bark otherwise!

From doting dog owners to the father fond of his trademark dad jokes, Top Dog makes the perfect gift for barbeque connoisseurs alike.

028TDOG Cotton Tea Towel PK 2

Top Dog BBQ

7TDOG01 Cotton BBQ Apron

028TDOG Cotton Tea Towel PK 2

7TDOG01 Cotton BBQ Apron

Sustainable Cleaning Linen cloths are an ecofriendly, long lasting, and sustainable way to clean your home or wash your dishes. Highly absorbent and machine washable, they last much longer than your sponge or blue cloth and contain no plastics.

Thanks to linen’s hollow fibres, it remains fastdrying, extremely absorbent and lint-free, meaning unwanted fluff won’t be left on your kitchen surfaces.

041ULWEAV Linen Cleaning Cloths PK 2

042ULWEAV Linen Polishing Cloths PK 2


042ULWEAV Linen Polishing Cloths PK 2

Our Classic Collections

Kitchen Textiles


Cotton Aprons

7AQU01 Aquarium Cotton Apron

7AVY01 Aviary Cotton Apron

7BKE01 Bee Keeper Cotton Apron

7BEES01 Bees Cotton Apron

7BFH01 Butterfly House Cotton Apron

7NCAW01 Cats in Waiting Cotton Apron

7CWK01 Catwalk Cotton Apron

7CWO01 Cotswold Cotton Apron


7CMW01 Cottontail Meadow Cotton Apron

7CRAN01 Cranes Cotton Apron

7DTS01 Dotty Sheep Cotton Apron

7FMI01 Field Mice Cotton Apron

7FFX01 Foraging Fox Cotton Apron

7GEO01 Geo Leaves Cotton Apron

7GIY01 Gingham Yellow Cotton Apron

7HDG01 Hanging Around Cotton Apron

Cotton Aprons

7HMG01 Home Grown Cotton Apron

7HOT01 Hot Dog Cotton Apron

7HOD01 Hound Dog Cotton Apron

7IBL01 India Blue Cotton Apron

7INB01 Indigo Batik Cotton Apron

7IPA01 Italian Paisley Cotton Apron

7KYC01 Kitty Cats Cotton Apron

7LEM01 Lemons Cotton Apron


7LNT01 Lisbon Tiles Cotton Apron

7MDF01 Madame Butterfly Cotton Apron

7MPL01 Mediterranean Plates Cotton Apron

7MDY01 Melody Cotton Apron

7MLC01 Mutley Crew Cotton Apron

7ORB01 Oriental Birds Cotton Apron

7ROO01 Rooster Cotton Apron

7WKE01 Walkies Cotton Apron

Cotton Aprons

7WFL01 Wildflower Cotton Apron

7WWD01 Wildwood Cotton Apron

Cotton Apron & Tea Towel Sets

7BRH21 Brunch Cotton Apron & Tea Towel Set

7SBE21 Springtime Blue Cotton Apron & Tea Towel Set


PVC & Oil Cloth Aprons

600BKE Bee Keeper PVC Apron

600NCAW Cats in Waiting PVC Apron

600HOD Hound Dog PVC Apron

608BKI Baking Oil Cloth Apron

608DTS Dotty Sheep Oil Cloth Apron

608HDG Hanging Around Oil Cloth Apron

Double Oven Gloves

7AQU03 Aquarium Double Oven Gloves

7BKE03 Bee Keeper Double Oven Gloves

7BEES03 Bees Double Oven Gloves

7BFH03 Butterfly House Double Oven Gloves

7NCAW03 Cats in Waiting Double Oven Gloves

7CWK03 Catwalk Double Oven Gloves

7CWO03 Cotswold Double Oven Gloves

7CRAN03 Cranes Double Oven Gloves

7DTS03 Dotty Sheep Double Oven Gloves

7FFX03 Foraging Fox Double Oven Gloves

7GEO03 Geo Leaves Double Oven Gloves

7GIY03 Gingham Yellow Double Oven Gloves


7HDG03 Hanging Around Double Oven Gloves

7HMG03 Home Grown Double Oven Gloves

7HOT03 Hot Dog Double Oven Gloves

7HOD03 Hound Dog Double Oven Gloves

7IBL03 India Blue Double Oven Gloves

7INB03 Indigo Batik Double Oven Gloves

7IPA03 Italian Paisley Double Oven Gloves

7KYC03 Kitty Cats Double Oven Gloves

7LNT03 Lisbon Tiles Double Oven Gloves

7MDF03 Madame Butterfly Double Oven Gloves

7MPL03 Mediterranean Plates Double Oven Gloves

7MDY03 Melody Double Oven Gloves

Double Oven Gloves

7MLC03 Mutley Crew Double Oven Gloves

7WWD03 Wildwood Double Oven Gloves

7ORB03 Oriental Birds Double Oven Gloves

7ROO03 Rooster Double Oven Gloves

7WFL03 Wildflower Double Oven Gloves



7AQU02 Aquarium Gauntlet

7BKE02 Bee Keeper Gauntlet

7BEES02 Bees Gauntlet

7BFH02 Butterfly House Gauntlet

7NCAW02 Cats in Waiting Gauntlet

7CWK02 Catwalk Gauntlet

7CWO02 Cotswold Gauntlet

7CRAN02 Cranes Gauntlet

7DTS02 Dotty Sheep Gauntlet

7FFX02 Foraging Fox Gauntlet

7GEO02 Geo Leaves Gauntlet

7GIY02 Gingham Yellow Gauntlet


7HDG02 Hanging Around Gauntlet

7HMG02 Home Grown Gauntlet

7HOD02 Hound Dog Gauntlet

7IBL02 India Blue Gauntlet

7INB02 Indigo Batik Gauntlet

7IPA02 Italian Paisley Gauntlet

7KYC02 Kitty Cats Gauntlet

7LNT02 Lisbon Tiles Gauntlet

7MDF02 Madame Butterfly Gauntlet

7MPL02 Mediterranean Plates Gauntlet

7MDY02 Melody Gauntlet

7MLC02 Mutley Crew Gauntlet


7ORB02 Oriental Birds Gauntlet

7ROO02 Rooster Gauntlet

7WFL02 Wildflower Gauntlet

7WWD02 Wildwood Gauntlet

Micro Mitts

7AQU022 Aquarium Micro Mitts

7BKE022 Bee Keeper Micro Mitts

7NCAW022 Cats in Waiting Micro Mitts

7CWO022 Cotswold Micro Mitts

7DTS022 Dotty Sheep Micro Mitts

7FFX022 Foraging Fox Micro Mitts

7KYC022 Kitty Cats Micro Mitts

7MPL022 Mediterranean Plates Micro Mitts

7MLC022 Mutley Crew Micro Mitts


7ORB022 Oriental Birds Micro Mitts

7WFL022 Wildflower Micro Mitts

Pot Mats

7AQU062 Aquarium Pot Mat

7BKE062 Beekeeper Pot Mat

7NCAW062 Cats in Waiting Pot Mat

7CWO062 Cotswold Pot Mat

7DTS062 Dotty Sheep Pot Mat

7FFX062 Foraging Fox Pot Mat

7KYC062 Kitty Cats Pot Mat

7MPL062 Mediterranean Plates Pot Mat

7MLC062 Mutley Crew Pot Mat

7WFL062 Wildflower Pot Mat


Tea Cosies

7BKE04 Bee Keeper Tea Cosy

7BEES04 Bees Tea Cosy

7CAT0412 Cat Shaped Cosy Tea Cosy

7NCAW04 Cats in Waiting Tea Cosy

7NCAW07 Cats in Waiting Muff Cosy Tea Cosy

7CWK07 Catwalk Muff Cosy Tea Cosy

7CWO04 Cotswold Tea Cosy

7DTS04 Dotty Sheep Tea Cosy

7HDG04 Hanging Around Tea Cosy

Tea Cosies

7HMG04 Home Grown Tea Cosy

7HOD04 Hound Dog Tea Cosy

7HOD07 Hound Dog Muff Cosy Tea Cosy

7MPL04 Mediterranean Plates Tea Cosy

7MDY04 Melody Tea Cosy

7ORB04 Oriental Birds Tea Cosy

7OWL04 Owl Shaped Cosy Tea Cosy

7ROO07 Rooster Muff Cosy Tea Cosy

7STD04 Scottie Dog Shaped Cosy Tea Cosy

7WWD04 Wildwood Tea Cosy


Door Stops

8NFOX35 Fox Door Stop

8ZBR35 Zebra Door Stop

8LAMA35 Llama Door Stop

8TIG35 Tiger Door Stop

Tea Towels Animal Tea Towels

022AQU Aquarium Cotton Tea Towel

022BAA Baa-Baa Cotton Tea Towel

022BPR Block Print Rabbits Cotton Tea Towel

023BCW Brushstroke Cow Cotton Tea Towel Pack of 2

022CNTR Canter Cotton Tea Towel

022NCAW Cats in Waiting Cotton Tea Towel

022CWK Catwalk Cotton Tea Towel

022DAN Chihuahua Cotton Tea Towel

022DOA Dogs Arrived Cotton Tea Towel

022DGA Dogs Galore Cotton Tea Towel

022DTS Dotty Sheep Cotton Tea Towel

022DLS Dream Landscape Cotton Tea Towel


Animal Tea Towels

022FMI Field Mice Cotton Tea Towel

022FFX Foraging Fox Cotton Tea Towel

022GBL Gardens of Babylon Cotton Tea Towel

022HDG Hanging Around Cotton Tea Towel

022HMG Home Grown Cotton Tea Towel

022HOT Hot Dog Cotton Tea Towel

022HOD Hound Dog Cotton Tea Towel

022IST I’m Slimming Tomorrow Cotton Tea Towel

022IBL India Blue Cotton Tea Towel

022KIA Kittens Arrived Cotton Tea Towel

022KYC Kitty Cats Cotton Tea Towel

022MGE Menagerie Cotton Tea Towel

Tea Towels Animal Tea Towels

022MAG Moggie Mayhem Cotton Tea Towel

022MKB Monkey Business Cotton Tea Towel

022MLC Mutley Crew Cotton Tea Towel

022TUL Turtles Cotton Tea Towel

022WKE Walkies Cotton Tea Towel

022WWD Wildwood Cotton Tea Towel

022WFX Woodland Fox Cotton Tea Towel

022WHA Woodland Hare Cotton Tea Towel

022WOW Woodland Owl Cotton Tea Towel

022WSQ Woodland Squirrel Cotton Tea Towel


Birds & Bees Tea Towels

022AVY Aviary Cotton Tea Towel

022BKE Bee Keeper Cotton Tea Towel

023BEES Bees Cotton Tea Towel Pack of 2

022BTL Beetles Cotton Tea Towel

022BETS Beside The Sea Cotton Tea Towel

022BID Birds & Iris Blue Cotton Tea Towel

022BFH Butterfly House Cotton Tea Towel

022CWO Cotswold Cotton Tea Towel

022CRAN Cranes Cotton Tea Towel

022DBE Daisy Bees Cotton Tea Towel

022DCS Dawn Chorus Cotton Tea Towel

022MDF Madame Butterfly Cotton Tea Towel

Tea Towels Birds & Bees Tea Towels

022MDY Melody Cotton Tea Towel

022ROO Rooster Cotton Tea Towel

022OTRI On The River Cotton Tea Towel

022ORB Oriental Birds Cotton Tea Towel

022PHO Palm House Cotton Tea Towel


Classic Tea Towels

023AFS Abstract Feather & Splat Cotton Tea Towel Pack of 2

022AFL Abstract Flowers Cotton Tea Towel

022AAC Arts & Crafts Cotton Tea Towel

022BKI Baking Cotton Tea Towel

022BLM Bloom Cotton Tea Towel

022BOU Bountiful Floral Cotton Tea Towel

022GAC2 Gardeners Calendar 2 Cotton Tea Towel

022GEO Geo Leaves Cotton Tea Towel

022GIY Gingham Yellow Cotton Tea Towel

022HYV Hygge Vases Cotton Tea Towel

022INB Indigo Batik Cotton Tea Towel

022IPA Italian Paisley Cotton Tea Towel

Tea Towels Classic Tea Towels

022LNT Lisbon Tiles Cotton Tea Towel

023MIA Miami & Chevron Cotton Tea Towel Pack of 2

022PPA Pot Plants Cotton Tea Towel

022TLE Tropical Leaf Cotton Tea Towel

022WES Wedding Sampler Cotton Tea Towel

022WFL Wildflower Cotton Tea Towel

023SBH South Beach & Confetti Cotton Tea Towel Pack of 2


Food & Drink Tea Towels

022BAE Bon Appetite Cotton Tea Towel

022BBN Bourbon Cotton Tea Towel

022CFD Cosy Food Cotton Tea Towel

022GNT Gin Cotton Tea Towel

022LEM Lemons Cotton Tea Towel

022LPY Lifes Peachy Cotton Tea Towel

022LSR Lobster Cotton Tea Towel

022MRA Margarita Cotton Tea Towel

022MPL Mediterranean Plates Cotton Tea Towel

022MOJ Mojito Cotton Tea Towel

022SLM Salmon Cotton Tea Towel

022SMP Shrimps Cotton Tea Towel

Tea Towels Food & Drink Tea Towels

022SFO Super Food Cotton Tea Towel

022TCP Tea Cups Cotton Tea Towel

022TPF Tropical Fruits Cotton Tea Towel

Global Tea Towels

022BOST Boston Cotton Tea Towel

022WHN Washington Cotton Tea Towel

022YBB Yorkshire Born & Bred Cotton Tea Towel

022WKY Whiskey Cotton Tea Towel


Irish Tea Towels

022CEB2 Celtic Blessings 2 Cotton Tea Towel

022CEL2 Celtic Celebrations 2 Cotton Tea Towel

022CEP2 Celtic Panel 2 Cotton Tea Towel

022CES Celtic Shamrocks Cotton Tea Towel

022IRI Irish Recipes Cotton Tea Towel

022IRT Irish Toasts Cotton Tea Towel

022IRW2 Irish Wild Flowers 2 Cotton Tea Towel

022MCI Map & Crests of Ireland Cotton Tea Towel




8CWK65 Catwalk Mug

8GEO65 Geo Leaves Mug

8IPA65 Italian Paisley Mug

8MPL65 Mediterranean Plates Mug

8IBL65 India Blue Mug


Placemats & Coasters

8HMG04 Home Grown Placemats Pack of 4

8HMG05 Home Grown Coasters Pack of 4

Scatter Trays

8HMG02 Home Grown Scatter Tray

8HDG02 Hanging Around Scatter Tray

8NCAW02 Cats in Waiting Scatter Tray



Packable Bags Animal Packable Bags

647NCAW Cats in Waiting Packable Bag

647CWK Catwalk Packable Bag

647DTS Dotty Sheep Packable Bag

647FMI Field Mice Packable Bag

647FFX Foraging Fox Packable Bag

647GBL Gardens of Babylon Packable Bag


647HDG Hanging Around Packable Bag

647HMG Home Grown Packable Bag

647HOD Hound Dog Packable Bag

647IBL India Blue Packable Bag

647JFM Jennies Farm Packable Bag

647KYC Kitty Cats Packable Bag

Packable Bags Animal Packable Bags

647MGE Menagerie Packable Bag

647MKB Monkey Business Packable Bag

647MLC Mutley Crew Packable Bag

647SSD Sausage Dog Packable Bag

647WKE Walkies Packable Bag

647WWD Wildwood Packable Bag


Birds & Bees Packable Bags

647AVY Aviary Packable Bag

647BKE Bee Keeper Packable Bag

647BFH Butterfly House Packable Bag

647CWO Cotswold Packable Bag

647CRAN Cranes Packable Bag

647MDY Melody Packable Bag

Packable Bags Birds & Bees Packable Bags

647ORB Oriental Birds Packable Bag

647ROO Rooster Packable Bag

647TWI Twitter Packable Bag


Classic Packable Bags

647BOU Bountiful Floral Packable Bag

647FDL Fleur De Lis Packable Bag

647IPA Italian Paisley Packable Bag

647WFL Wildflower Packable Bag

647GEO Geo Leaves Large Packable Bag

Packable Bags Food & Drink Packable Bags

647AQU Aquarium Packable Bag

647LEM Lemons Packable Bag

647MPL Mediterranean Plates Packable Bag


Small PVC Bags

609AQU Aquarium Small PVC Bag

609BFH Butterfly House Small PVC Bag

609BKE Bee Keeper Small PVC Bag

609NCAW Cats in Waiting Small PVC Bag

609CWO Cotswold Small PVC Bag

609DTS Dotty Sheep Small PVC Bag

609GEO Geo Leaves Small PVC Bag

609HOD Hound Dog Small PVC Bag

609IBL India Blue Small PVC Bag


609KYC Kitty Cats Small PVC Bag

609MDY Melody Small PVC Bag

609MPL Mediterranean Plates Small PVC Bag

609WFL Wildflower Small PVC Bag

609MLC Mutley Crew Small PVC Bag

Medium PVC Bags *Please note all medium PVC bags have long handles

604AQULH Aquarium Medium PVC Bag*

604NCAWLH Cats in Waiting Medium PVC Bag*

604FFXLH Foraging Fox Medium PVC Bag*

604BKELH Beekeeper Medium PVC Bag*

604CWKLH Catwalk Medium PVC Bag*

604GEO Geo Leaves Medium PVC Bag*

604BFHLH Butterfly House Medium PVC Bag*

604CWO Cotswold Medium PVC Bag*

604HMGLH Home Grown Medium PVC Bag*


604HODLH Hound Dog Medium PVC Bag*

604IBL India Blue Medium PVC Bag*

604IPA Italian Paisley Medium PVC Bag*

604MPL Mediterranean Plates Medium PVC Bag*

604MDYLH Melody Medium PVC Bag*

604MLCLH Mutley Crew Medium PVC Bag*

604WFLLH Wildflower Medium PVC Bag*



Kids PVC Aprons

606BUN Bunnies Kids PVC Apron

606CMP Campervan Kids PVC Apron (10-14 yr old)

606DIN Dinosaur Kids PVC Apron

606HDG Hanging Around Kids PVC Apron

606LEN Lets Explore Nature Kids PVC Apron

606MRDS Mermaids Kids PVC Apron


606MMC Moon & Me, Character Kids PVC Apron

606MMB Moon & Me, Moon Baby Kids PVC Apron

606MMM Moon & Me, Music Kids PVC Apron

Kids Backpacks

845HDG Hanging Around Kids Backpack

845MGE Menagerie Kids Backpack

845MRDS Mermaids Kids Backpack

845MMC Moon & Me, Character Kids Backpack

845MMB Moon & Me, Moon Baby Kids Backpack

845MMM Moon & Me, Music Kids Backpack

845UIC Unicorn Kids Backpack


Kids Lunch Bags

683MGE Menagerie Kids Lunch Bag

683MRDS Mermaids Kids Lunch Bag

683MMB Moon & Me Baby Kids Lunch Bag

683MMC Moon & Me Character Kids Lunch Bag

683MMM Moon & Me Music Kids Lunch Bag

683UIC Unicorn Kids Lunch Bag

Kids Gym Bags

846HDG Hanging Around Kids Gym Bag

846MGE Menagerie Kids Gym Bag

846MRDS Mermaids Kids Gym Bag

846MMB Moon & Me Baby Kids Gym Bag

846MMC Moon & Me Character Kids Gym Bag

846MMM Moon & Me Music Kids Gym Bag

846UIC Unicorn Kids Gym Bag


Kids Pencil Cases

642HDG Hanging Around Kids Pencil Case

642MGE Menagerie Kids Pencil Case

642MRDS Mermaids Kids Pencil Case

615MMC Moon & Me, Character Kids Pencil Case

615MMB Moon & Me, Moon Baby Kids Pencil Case

615MMM Moon & Me, Music Kids Pencil Case

642UIC Unicorn Kids Pencil Case

Kids Umbrellas

989HDG Hanging Around Kids Umbrella

989LEN Lets Explore Nature Kids Umbrella

989MGE Menagerie Kids Umbrella

989MRDS Mermaids Kids Umbrella


989MMC Moon & Me, Character Kids Umbrella

989MMB Moon & Me, Moon Baby Kids Umbrella

989MMM Moon & Me, Music Kids Umbrella

989UIC Unicorn Kids Umbrella

Kids Wellington Boots

Hanging Around Size 6-7: 9HDG6 Size 8-9: 9HDG8 Size 10-11: 9HDG10 Size 12-13: 9HDG12

Lets Explore Size 6-7: 9LEN6 Size 8-9: 9LEN8 Size 10-11: 9LEN10 Size 12-13: 9LEN12

Menagerie Size 6-7: 9MGE6 Size 8-9: 9MGE8 Size 10-11: 9MGE10 Size 12-13: 9MGE12

Mermaids Size 6-7: 9MRDS6 Size 8-9: 9MRDS8 Size 10-11: 9MRDS10 Size 12-13: 9MRDS12

Moon & Me, Baby Size 6-7: 9MMB6 Size 8-9: 9MMB8 Size 10-11: 9MMB10 Size 12-13: 9MMB12

Moon & Me, Character Size 6-7: 9MMC6 Size 8-9: 9MMC8 Size 10-11: 9MMC10 Size 12-13: 9MMC12


Moon & Me, Music Size 6-7: 9MMM6 Size 8-9: 9MMM8 Size 10-11: 9MMM10 Size 12-13: 9MMM12

Shoe size chart UK Europe

Unicorn Size 6-7: 9UIC6 Size 8-9: 9UIC8 Size 10-11: 9UIC10 Size 12-13: 9UIC12
















Face Coverings

719LBLK Linen Face Covering Black

719LDBL Linen Face Covering Navy

719DIA Diamonds Pack of 3 Cotton Face Coverings

719FYA Freya Pack of 3 Cotton Face Coverings

719LNAT Linen Face Covering Natural


Signature Scented Candles (45 hour burn time)

001CFZ Citrus Fizz Signature Candle

001CNG Clean Cut Grass Signature Candle

001ITS Italian Suite Signature Candle

001SDA Seaside Sundae Signature Candle

001WWS Walk On The Wild Side Signature Candle




Cotton Meadow


Freshly cut stems infused with jasmine, rose and green fig

Clean Cut Grass


Bursts of melon and jasmine with a light woody balance

Summer House


Delicate floral fragrances mixed with red berry and green leaf

Citrus Fizz


A blend of mandarin and ginger with a hit of clove and spicy vanilla

Night Flowers


Drift away with soft aromatic scents of herbal lavender and lemon

Seaside Sundae


Orange and melon united with calm sea air, dried flowers and vanilla

Walk on the Wild Side


A spicy blend of bergamot, patchouli and saffron with a hint of clove

Italian Suite


An uplifting blend of fruity flavours, herbal perfume and vanilla

Winter Wonder Land


Explore the magic of Winter with this authentic fir tree scent

Scented Tin Candles (38 hour burn time)

002CFZ Citrus Fizz Scented Tin Candle

002CMO Cotton Meadow Scented Tin Candle

002CNG Clean Cut Grass Scented Tin Candle

002ITS Italian Suite Scented Tin Candle

002SDA Seaside Sundae Scented Tin Candle

002SRH Summer House Scented Tin Candle

Please refer to page 111 for scent descriptions


Votive Candles (22 hour burn time)

014CFZ Citrus Fizz Votive Candle

014CNG Clean Cut Grass Votive Candle

014CMO Cotton Meadow Votive Candle

014NFS Night Flowers Votive Candle

014SDA Seaside Sundae Votive Candle

014SRH Summer House Votive Candle

014WWS Walk On The Wild Side Votive Candle

014WWL Winter Wonderland Votive Candle

Reed Diffusers

009CFZ Citrus Fizz Reed Diffuser

009CNG Clean Cut Grass Reed Diffuser

009WWS Walk On The Wild Side Reed Diffuser

Please refer to page 111 for scent descriptions

009ITS Italian Suite Reed Diffuser

009SDA Seaside Sundae Reed Diffuser


Room Sprays

841CMO Cotton Meadow Room Spray

841CNG Clean Cut Grass Room Spray

841NFS Night Flowers Room Spray

841SRH Summer House Room Spray

Scented Drawer Liners

996CMO Cotton Meadow Scented Drawer Liner

996CNG Clean Cut Grass Scented Drawer Liner

Fragranced Room Sachets

840CNG Clean Cut Grass Fragranced Room Sachet

Please refer to page 111 for scent descriptions

996SRH Summer House Scented Drawer Liner


Car Air Fresheners

007CFZ Citrus Fizz Car Air Freshener

007CNG Clean Cut Grass Car Air Freshener

007CMO Cotton Meadow Car Air Freshener

007ITS Italian Suite Car Air Freshener

007NFS Night Flowers Car Air Freshener

007SDA Seaside Sundae Car Air Freshener

007SRH Summer House Car Air Freshener

007WWS Walk On The Wild Side Car Air Freshener

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Aquarium Aviary Baking Bee Keeper Bees Butterfly House Cats in Waiting Catwalk Causeway Geo Cotswold Cranes Dotty Sheep Field Mice Foraging Fox Geo Leaves Gingham Yellow Hanging Around Home Grown Hot Dog Hound Dog India Blue Indigo Batik Italian Paisley Kitty Cats Lisbon Tiles Madame Butterfly Mediterranean Plates Melody Mourne Heather Murlough Mutley Crew Oriental Birds Rooster Sperrin Top Dog Wildflower Wildwood

Apron (Cotton)

Apron (PVC/Oil Cloth)

Double Oven Glove


Micro Mitts

Pot Mat

Tea Cosy

Tea Towel


Dining Oven/ BBQ Cloth

Table Runner



Accessories Placemats


Scatter Packable Trays Bags

PVC Bags (Medium)

PVC Bags (Small)

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