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Welcome to 2023

A kitchen is a place where we gather to share special memories, heart-warming dishes and moments from our day. It is this quality time together that makes this space the heart of our homes. Our 2023 catalogue brings you our latest collections of beautifully designed kitchen textiles, creating a sense of nostalgia as we re-introduce our signature style.

The Ulster Weaver’s Team

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Feline Friends Bee Bloom

Bee Bloom

A contemporary twist on a traditional Arts & Crafts inspired print. With bee prints still a popular trend, you can be sure to stay ahead of the curve with our Bee Bloom collection.

Sinuous leaves and foliage intertwine with buds and blooms while bees buzz lazily through the cacophony of stylised sprigs back to their hives.

Honey and orange-coloured flowers blend with mint green hues while the block printed black leaves are the ideal contrast.

New for 2023 04
7BEBL03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7BEBL022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7BEBL02 Cotton Gauntlet
7BEBL04 Cotton Tea Cosy 7BEBL062 Cotton Pot Mat 7BEBL07 Cotton Muff Tea Cosy 649BEBL Packable Bag Medium: 5BEBL64 Small: 5 PVC Shopper Bags 028BEBL Cotton Tea Towel 7BEBL01 Cotton Apron 8BEBL65 New Bone China Mug Available to order from March

Dog Days

This ragtag rabble of playful pooches has heaps of personality! The style of illustration has drawn inspiration from the iconic sketches of Quentin Blake with the use of scratchy black crayons and rough gouache brushstrokes.

The excitement and energy of these pups radiates out from the design and the tangled leads spiralling throughout are an amusing backdrop.

The dogs may be scruffy, but the collection is absolutely paw-some.

New for 2023 06
7DODA03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7DODA022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7DODA02 Cotton Gauntlet 7DODA04 Cotton Tea Cosy
7DODA062 Cotton Pot Mat 7DODA07 Cotton Muff Tea Cosy 649DODA Packable Bag Medium: 5DODA64 Small: 5DODA69 PVC Shopper Bags 028DODA Cotton Tea Towel
M a tte fi
7DODA66 Oil Cloth Apron 7DODA01 Cotton Apron
M a tte f h
8DODA65 New Bone China Mug Available to order
from March

Farmhouse Ducks

Adorn your kitchen with rustic farmhouse charm with our Farmhouse Ducks collection. Hand-painted mallard ducks waddle, swim and shake their feathers across this homely range of kitchen accessories.

The soothing sage green tones are enhanced with pops of orange bulrushes and the paint spattered water brings movement and life to the scene.

An endearing illustration that’s set to be this season’s bestseller.

New for 2023 08
7FHDU03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7FHDU022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7FHDU02 Cotton Gauntlet
7FHDU04 Cotton Tea Cosy 7FHDU062 Cotton Pot Mat 7FHDU07 Cotton Muff Tea Cosy 649FHDU Packable Bag Medium: 5FHDU64 Small: 5FHDU69 PVC Shopper Bags 028FHDU Cotton Tea Towel 7FHDU01 Cotton Apron 8FHDU65 New Bone China Mug Available to order from March

Feline Friends

Celebrate your feline friends with our newest print! Each cat is depicted in a different style of illustration which gives a rich collage feel.

Watercolour and ink cats meet expressive oil pastel kittys, while outlined mice sneak around the cats for a playful feel that brings the whole design together.

Practical primary tones add an energy to basic greys and browns. Pair with other items in the range for a purr-fect graphic aesthetic.

New for 2023 10
7FEFR03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7FEFR022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7FEFR02 Cotton Gauntlet 7FEFR04 Cotton Tea Cosy 7FEFR062 Cotton Pot Mat
7FEFR07 Cotton Muff Tea Cosy 649FEFR Packable Bag Medium: 5FEFR64 Small: 5FEFR69 PVC Shopper Bags 028FEFR Cotton Tea Towel 7FEFR66 Oil Cloth Apron
M a tte fi
7FEFR01 Cotton Apron 8FEFR65 New Bone China Mug Available to order from March
M a tte

Forest Friends

A fantasy woodland in a striking blockprinted design that will add a touch of country style to any kitchen.

Deer, foxes, badgers, rabbits and owls inhabit this stylised block print design with ‘pollen spot’ pattern.

Available in two seasonal colourways – Sage Green & Terracotta, or Navy & Springtime Yellow - this woodland-inspired design is sure to be appreciated by anyone who loves animals and nature.

New for 2023

Navy & Yellow

7FFNV03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7FFNV02 Cotton Gauntlet 7FFNV01 Cotton Apron 029FFNV Cotton Tea Towel 2PK 7FFNV04 Cotton Tea Cosy

Sage & Terracotta

7FFSG03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7FFSG02 Cotton Gauntlet 7FFSG01 Cotton Apron 029FFSG Cotton Tea Towel 2PK
7FFSG04 Cotton Tea Cosy

New for 2023

Forest Friends

A fantasy woodland in a striking blockprinted design that will add a touch of country style to any kitchen.

Deer, foxes, badgers, rabbits and owls inhabit this stylised block print design with ‘pollen spot’ pattern.

Available in two seasonal colourways – Navy & Springtime Yellow, or Sage Green & Terracotta - this woodland-inspired design is sure to be appreciated by anyone who loves animals and nature.


Rose Garden

Reclaim the romance of roses with this audacious and lively super-bloom collection. A bold botanical to carry the latest urban nature trend into your kitchen with thick dark brushstrokes contrasted against a white base.

Move over magnolia - these vivid red and pink roses bloom wildly amongst the deep green tonal leaves.

This collection is certain to blossom where it’s planted and be an eyecatching statement piece for years to come.

New for 2023 16
7ROGA03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7ROGA022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7ROGA02 Cotton Gauntlet
Medium: 5ROGA64 Small: 5ROGA69 PVC Shopper Bags 028ROGA Cotton Tea Towel 7ROGA61 PVC Apron 7ROGA01 Cotton Apron 7ROGA04 Cotton Tea Cosy 7ROGA062 Cotton Pot Mat

Woolly Sheep

A picturesque pastoral scene for country enthusiasts everywhere. These hand-illustrated sheep with their new born lambs will bring joy and delight to every style of kitchen.

The curly fleeces and friendly facial expressions add fun while the bright meadow flowers are the perfect finishing touch, all against a backdrop of muted warm green inspired by springtime walks through the lush Northern Irish countryside.

New for 2023 18
7WLSH03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7WLSH022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7WLSH02 Cotton Gauntlet 7WLSH04 Cotton Tea Cosy 7WLSH062 Cotton Pot Mat
7WLSH07 Cotton Muff Tea Cosy 649WLSH Packable Bag Medium: 5WLSH64 Small: 5WLSH69 PVC Shopper Bags 028WLSH Cotton Tea Towel 7WLSH61 PVC Apron 7WLSH01 Cotton Apron 8WLSH65 New Bone China Mug Available to order from March

New for 2023

Coastal Birds

‘Seas’ the day with this beautiful, hand illustrated, collection of coastal birds, set against a brilliant white base with sky blue accents. Created with seaside homes and interiors in mind, bring the colours and textures of the coast into your kitchen.

The colour palette is fresh with salty breezes of slate grey, mid-browns, and refreshing blue. The ideal gift for both bird watchers and coastal lovers, this range will bring the seaside inside.

7COAB01 Cotton Apron
7COAB03 Cotton Double Oven Glove
7COAB02 Cotton Gauntlet 028COAB Cotton Tea Towel


for 2023

Farm Birds

These strutting roosters and broody hens bring farmhouse chic into every kitchen they roost in. With their majestic, feathered plumes and bright red combs, the simple outlines of the hens make a perfect counterpart to their colourful partners.

7FARB01 Cotton Apron 7FARB03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7FARB02 Cotton Gauntlet 028FARB Cotton Tea Towel
The dainty chicks and tufts of grass add charm to this already delightful collection in a traditional palette of rooster red, rustic browns and iridescent blues. 21

New for 2023

Garden Birds

Gardeners rejoice! A homage to amateur gardeners and allotment owners up and down the country. This provincial hand-illustrated print features the wildlife we love to see, with the homely additions of bug hotels, balls of twine and terracotta pots.

A loving testament to the secret life of our garden friends and the enjoyment they bring to us all, in nature-inspired earthy tones.

7GARB01 Cotton Apron 7GARB03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7GARB02 Cotton Gauntlet 028GARB Cotton Tea Towel

Rabbit Patch

These gorgeous bunnies will bounce their way into your heart as well as your kitchen. Their floppy ears, twitchy noses and inquisitive expressions have been loosely sketched on a parchment-coloured background, off set with a complementing green hue.

The mischievous rabbits have been digging in the vegetable patch – the cabbages and carrots add another layer of frivolity to an already cheerful design.

7RABP01 Cotton Apron 7RABP03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7RABP02 Cotton Gauntlet 028RABP Cotton Tea Towel
New for 2023

Kids Aprons

Just Keep Trucking: Perfect for budding motor enthusiasts, this design has used crayon style brushes to enhance the naïve, childlike feel.

Underwater Wonders: This tranquil oceanic scene evokes a sense of wonder. Huge whales swim slowly along with shoals of fish sweeping past, jellyfish drift in the current and sea shells cling to corals against a gorgeous blue backdrop.

See You Later Alligator: Taking inspiration from vintage children’s book illustrations, this design was created using watercolour-wash and pen.

Born To Be Wild: A design for those who love playing outside, get excited about nature and enjoy creepy crawlies! Painted with thick gouache paint in bright popping colours against a turquoise backdrop.

New for 2023
for ages 4 - 8 25
7SYLA08 See You Later Alligator PVC Apron 7BTBW08 Born To Be Wild PVC Apron 7UNWW08 Underwater Wonders PVC Apron 7JKTR08 Just Keep Trucking PVC Apron Kids Aprons all have matte finish: L 55cm x W 45cm


Inspired by simple holidays by the seaside with a nautical palette combined with colours derived from deckchair stripes and beach towels.

7AQU03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7AQU022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7AQU02 Cotton Gauntlet 022AQU Cotton Tea Towel 7AQU062 Cotton Pot Mat
647AQU Packable Bag 7AQU01 Cotton Apron
Medium: 5AQU64 Small: 5AQU69 PVC Shopper Bags


The minimalist bees in this print are uniquely bleached from the blue background. This is offset by the bright yellow trim and accents found on each piece.


7BEES03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7BEES02 Cotton Gauntlet 7BEES04 Cotton Tea Cosy 023BEES Cotton Tea Towel 2PK 7BEES01 Cotton Apron

Butterfly House

Inspired by countryside walks and nature, our butterflies are made up of summer flowers and the colour palette drawn from blooming meadows and the forests of Northern Europe.

022BFH Cotton Tea Towel 647BFH Packable Bag 7BFH01 Cotton Apron 7BFH03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7BFH02 Cotton Gauntlet
Medium: 5BFH64 Small: 5BFH69 PVC Shopper Bags

Bee Keeper

This intricate and colourful design is vibrant with pops of fuchsia, teal and sunshine yellow on a natural oat background.


Available to order from March

7BKE03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7BKE022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7BKE02 Cotton Gauntlet 022BKE Cotton Tea Towel 7BKE062 Cotton Pot Mat 7BKE04 Cotton Tea Cosy 8BKE65 New Bone China Mug 5BKE69 PVC Small Shopper Bag 649BKE Packable Bag 7BKE61 PVC Apron
7BKE01 Cotton Apron


This Catwalk collection features playful cats posing in a rainbow of colour. The naive style of Catwalk allows the collection to have a simplistic appearance that will suit any modern kitchen.

7CWK03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7CWK02 Cotton Gauntlet 7CWK07 Cotton Muff Tea Cosy 022CWK Cotton Tea Towel 649CWK Packable Bag 7CWK01 Cotton Apron


This design takes inspiration from the roaring twenties and the decadence of the Gatsby era but combines modern neon bright colours and graphic outlines.

7CRAN03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7CRAN02 Cotton Gauntlet 7CRAN01 Cotton Apron 022CRAN Cotton Tea Towel
647CRAN Packable Bag

Cats In Waiting

A true classic, Cats in Waiting has been a mainstream in the Ulster Weavers family since 1990. The collection is continually updated to appeal to modern tastes, while the deep saffron and hessian colourway adds subtle detail and depth to this much loved range.

7NCAW03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7NCAW022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7NCAW02 Cotton Gauntlet 022NCAW Cotton Tea Towel 7NCAW062 Cotton Pot Mat 7NCAW04 Cotton Tea Cosy
7NCAW07 Cotton Muff Tea Cosy


New Bone China Mug

Available to order from March

7NCAW61 PVC Apron 7NCAW01 Cotton Apron 649NCAW Packable Bag
Medium: 5NCAW64 Small: 5NCAW69 PVC Shopper Bags

Causeway Geo

Taming the geological phenomenon of the Northern Irish Coast, and the energy of the wild North Atlantic, in a range that harmonises the tranquillity of the modern home and forces of the natural world.

Bold geometric lines and contemporary reimagining of the iconic hexagonal basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway, converge with the ribbed waves of Atlantic swells.

028COASTA Cotton Tea Towel 028COASTB Cotton Tea Towel 7COAST01 Cotton Apron 7COAST022 Cotton Micro Mitts

Geo Leaves

Inspired by tradition Nigerian wax print. This design features bold palm leaves drawn in a traditional style with a geo triangle design in the background. A brilliant design to introduce print and colour into the kitchen.

7GEO03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7GEO02 Cotton Gauntlet 7GEO01 Cotton Apron 022GEO Cotton Tea Towel
647GEO Large Packable Bag


Inspired by designs from the arts and crafts movement. This collection features fictional firebirds printed in a block print style. Look closer to see the pattern is made up of swirling flowers and leaves.

7CWO03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7CWO022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7CWO02 Cotton Gauntlet 022CWO Cotton Tea Towel 7CWO062 Cotton Pot Mat 7CWO04 Cotton Tea Cosy 647CWO Packable Bag 7CWO01 Cotton Apron
Medium: 5CWO64 Small: 5CWO69 PVC Shopper Bags

Dotty Sheep

A colourful twist on one of your favourite farm animals, with their mustard and grey wool the Dotty Sheep are a unique flock.

Available to order from March

7DTS03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7DTS022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7DTS02 Cotton Gauntlet 022DTS Cotton Tea Towel 7DTS062 Cotton Pot Mat 7DTS04 Cotton Tea Cosy 8DTS65 New Bone China Mug
7DTS66 Oil Cloth Apron 7DTS01 Cotton Apron 5DTS69 PVC Small Shopper Bag
649DTS Packable Bag

Foraging Fox

Sitting on a duck egg blue background the burnt orange foxes stand out on this beautiful and calming base colour.

022FFX Cotton Tea Towel 7FFX062 Cotton Pot Mat 7FFX04 Cotton Tea Cosy
7FFX03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7FFX022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7FFX02 Cotton Gauntlet
Available to order from March BEST SELLER
8FFX65 New Bone China Mug
5FFX64 PVC Medium Shopper Bag 649FFX Packable Bag
7FFX01 Cotton Apron

Home Grown

Inspired by the illustrations and colours found on seed packets from the 1950s, this fun print features curious cats and pecking birds. The bright magenta and acid yellow add a modern twist to this collection.

7HMG03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7HMG02 Cotton Gauntlet 7HMG04 Cotton Tea Cosy 022HMG Cotton Tea Towel 647HMG Packable Bag 7HMG01 Cotton Apron

India Blue

Inspired by the Indian Jungle this design has an ornate decorative feel. Also taking inspiration from oriental willow designs, elephants, tigers and monkeys are depicted enjoying the ancient temples of the jungle.

7IBL03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7IBL02 Cotton Gauntlet 7IBL01 Cotton Apron 022IBL Cotton Tea Towel 647IBL Packable Bag

Hanging Around

Bring the rainforest indoors with our Hanging Around collection. It features cute and curious sloths with bright and bold colours that really stand out.

7HDG03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7HDG02 Cotton Gauntlet 649HDG Packable Bag 022HDG Cotton Tea Towel 7HDG04 Cotton Tea Cosy
8HDG65 New Bone China Mug Available to order from March
7HDG66 Oil Cloth Apron 7HDG01 Cotton Apron 47

Italian Paisley

Zesty colours and retro patterns take us back to the 1920s Italian Riviera. The bright greens contrast with the oranges and purples, making a bold statement, encapsulating the luxurious decade with this ornate design.

7IPA03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7IPA02 Cotton Gauntlet 7IPA01 Cotton Apron 022IPA Cotton Tea Towel 647IPA Packable Bag 5IPA64 PVC Medium Shopper Bag

Madame Butterfly

The calming tones of this design are in stark contrast to our busy lifestyles and help create an oasis of serenity in the home.

7MDF03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7MDF02 Cotton Gauntlet 7MDF01 Cotton Apron 022MDF Cotton Tea Towel

Hound Dog

Inspired by the dogs of the Great British countryside, these loyal hounds can be seen sporting classic country checks, tartans and woolly scarves.

7HOD03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7HOD02 Cotton Gauntlet 647HOD Packable Bag 022HOD Cotton Tea Towel 7HOD04 Cotton Tea Cosy 7HOD07 Cotton Muff Tea Cosy
7HOD61 PVC Apron 7HOD01 Cotton Apron
Medium: 5HOD64 Small: 5HOD69 PVC Shopper Bags

Kitty Cats


5KYC69 PVC Small Shopper Bag 647KYC Packable Bag 7KYC03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 022KYC Cotton Tea Towel 7KYC02 Cotton Gauntlet 7KYC022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7KYC062 Cotton Pot Mat 7KYC01 Cotton Apron

Mourne Check

Influenced by the foliage of the dramatic Mourne Mountains, this collection discovers the natural vibrancy of Northern Ireland’s breathtaking landscape, in a range that amplifies colour and celebrates biodiversity.

7MOURNE03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7MOURNE02 Cotton Gauntlet 7MOURNE01A Cotton Apron 028MOURNEA Cotton Tea Towel
7MOURNE022 Cotton Micro Mitts


Blending old and new through colour and pattern. The soft cream background and richly coloured jewels and inspired by Russian folklore.

7MDY03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7MDY02 Cotton Gauntlet 649MDY Packable Bag 022MDY Cotton Tea Towel 5MDY69 PVC Small Shopper Bag 7MDY01 Cotton Apron 7MDY04 Cotton Tea Cosy

Oriental Birds

Inspired by the oriental trend, this Collection was originally hand painted and has been beautifully reproduced onto kitchen textiles using digital print, meaning none of the details and texture are lost.

7ORB03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7ORB02 Cotton Gauntlet 647ORB Packable Bag 022ORB Cotton Tea Towel 7ORB04 Cotton Tea Cosy 7ORB01 Cotton Apron
7ORB022 Cotton Micro Mitts

Mediterranean Plates

This maximalist design is a feast for the eyes! Evoking an al fresco brunch with a melange of fruits and foods topping delicately detailed plates and jugs. A must have for the family foodie!

7MPL03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7MPL022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7MPL02 Cotton Gauntlet 022MPL Cotton Tea Towel 7MPL062 Cotton Pot Mat 7MPL04 Cotton Tea Cosy
PVC Small Shopper Bag 647MPL Packable Bag
7MPL01 Cotton Apron

Mutley Crew

A quirky, fun dog design inspired by smudging different size paint brushes and then adding dog faces.

7MLC03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7MLC022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7MLC02 Cotton Gauntlet 022MLC Cotton Tea Towel 7MLC062 Cotton Pot Mat 647MLC Packable Bag
Medium: 5MLC64 Small: 5MLC69 PVC Shopper Bags
7MLC01 Cotton Apron


These bright and bold Roosters take centre stage on the soft cream background. This range is a long standing classic.


7ROO03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7ROO02 Cotton Gauntlet 7ROO07 Cotton Muff Tea Cosy 022ROO Cotton Tea Towel 649ROO Packable Bag 7ROO01 Cotton Apron


The popular woodland theme features cool tones of blue and green. These are subtly contrasted by warming browns and oranges to give a sense of seasonal change within the kitchen.

7WWD03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7WWD02 Cotton Gauntlet 7WWD04 Cotton Tea Cosy 022WWD Cotton Tea Towel 647WWD Packable Bag
7WWD01 Cotton Apron


Inspired by Spring wildflower meadows, our Wildflower Collection features a watercolour design that uses sunny yellow with complimentary pastel lilacs and purples, making you want to jump straight back into Spring and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


7WFL03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7WFL022 Cotton Micro Mitts 7WFL02 Cotton Gauntlet 022WFL Cotton Tea Towel 7WFL062 Cotton Pot Mat 649WFL Packable Bag 7WFL01 Cotton Apron
Medium: 5WFL64 Small: 5WFL69 PVC Shopper Bags


Aviary has a lightly washed and distressed look which adds subtle depth and texture to the pink and teal roses on this design.

64 022AVY
Cotton Tea Towel
Packable Bag
Cotton Apron


Printed on unbleached cotton to give a naturally rustic look, the minimalist colours and pen drawings give a vintage aspect to this range.

022BKI Cotton Tea Towel 7BKI66 Oil Cloth Apron

Field Mice

This autumnal design was inspired by the autumn harvest. Cute little field mice can be seen dancing between the wheat and making cosy homes amongst the wild flowers.

Cotton Tea Towel 647FMI Packable Bag 7FMI01 Cotton Apron

Hot Dog

Designed in-house, this adorable Hot Dog range features sausage dogs in pastel hues. Mini polka dots are mixed with bold spots to give this design a retro vibe.

Cotton Tea Towel
Cotton Double Oven Glove
Cotton Apron


Found in our archives this print has been given a new lease of life by adding a punchy white background and a bright look to the lemons.

68 022LEM
Cotton Tea Towel
Packable Bag
Cotton Apron


With a soft grey background and subtle pops of apple green and cheery red, this design will suit any kitchen. Each pair is drawn to share the same look and characteristics and is one of our most popular collections for dog lovers.

Cotton Tea Towel
Packable Bag 7WKE01 Cotton Apron
70 Mugs
Dog Days New for 20 New for 20
New for SS New for 20 New for 202 Available to order from March Shaped Tea Cosies 7CAT0412 Cat Shaped Cosy 7OWL04 Owl Shaped Cosy 7STD04 Scotty
8DTS65 Dotty Sheep
Farmhouse Ducks
Feline Friends
Foraging Fox 8BEBL65 Bee Bloom 8BKE65 Bee Keeper
Cats In Waiting
8HDG65 Hanging Around
Woolly Sheep
Dog Shaped Cosy

Cotton Aprons

All featuring adjustable neck straps

for 202

7BKE01 Bee Keeper 7BKE01 Butterfly House 7CWK01 Catwalk 7NCAW01 Cats in Waiting 7AQU01 Aquarium 7AVY01 Aviary 7BEES01 Bees
7BEBL01 Bee Bloom

Cotton Aprons

All featuring adjustable neck straps

7DODA01 Dog Days 7DTS01 Dotty Sheep 7FARB01 Farm Birds 7FHDU01 Farmhouse Ducks 7COAST01 Causeway Geo 7COAB01 Coastal Birds 7CWO01 Cotswold
3 r202 3 r202 3 r202 3
7CRAN01 Cranes
or 202
7FFSG01 Forest Friends - Sage 7GARB01 Garden Birds 7GEO01 Geo Leaves
r202 3
7HDG01 Hanging Around 7FEFR01 Feline Friends 7FMI01 Field Mice 7FFX01 Foraging Fox
202 3 or 202 3 or 202 3 73
7FFNV01 Forest Friends - Navy

Cotton Aprons

All featuring adjustable neck straps

7IPA01 Italian Paisley 7KYC01 Kitty Cats 7LEM01 Lemons 7MDF01 Madame Butterfly 7HMG01 Home Grown 7HOT01 Hot Dog 7HOD01 Hound Dog 7IBL01 India Blue
7ORB01 Oriental Birds 7RABP01 Rabbit Patch 7ROO01 Rooster 7ROGA01 Rose Garden 7MPL01 Mediterranean Plates 7MDY01 Melody 7MOURNE01A Mourne Check
r202 3 r202 3 75
7MLC01 Mutley Crew

Cotton Aprons

All featuring adjustable neck straps

Oilcloth & PVC Aprons

Oil cloth aprons feature an adjustable neck strap.

7WKE01 Walkies 7WWD01 Wildwood 7WFL01 Wildflower
r202 3 76
7WLSH01 Woolly Sheep 7BKI66 Baking Oil Cloth Apron 7BKE61 Bee Keeper PVC Apron 7HDG66 Hanging Around Oil Cloth Apron 7HOD61 Hound Dog PVC Apron 7ROGA61 Rose Garden PVC Apron 7WLSH61 Woolly Sheep PVC Apron 7NCAW61 Cats In Waiting PVC Apron 7DODA66 Dog Days Oil Cloth Apron 7DTS66 Dotty Sheep Oil Cloth Apron
r202 3 202 3 77 or 202 3 r202 3
7FEFR66 Feline Friends Oil Cloth Apron

Kids PVC Aprons

Small PVC Shopper Bags

Bag Dimensions: H 25.5cm, W 25.5cm, D 11cm

All bags feature a magnetic fastening clasp, are fully lined and have a secure zipped pocket to store items such as money or a phone.

5AQU69 Aquarium 5BEBL69 Bee Bloom 5BKE69 Bee Keeper
2 3 78
5BFH69 Butterfly House 7BTBW08 Born to be Wild 7JKTR08 Just Keep Trucking 7SYLA08 See You Later Alligator
202 3 202 3 02 3 or 202 3
7UNWW08 Underwater Wonders Kids Aprons all have matte finish: L 55cm x W 45cm 5NCAW69 Cats in Waiting 5CWO69 Cotswold
2 3 79
5DODA69 Dog Days (matte finish) 5ROGA69 Rose Garden 5WFL69 Wildflower 5WLSH69 Woolly Sheep 5KYC69 Kitty Cat 5MPL69 Mediterranean Plates 5MDY69 Melody (matte finish) 5MLC69 Mutley Crew
3 5DTS69 Dotty Sheep 5FHDU69 Farmhouse Ducks 5FEFR69 Feline Friends (matte finish) 5HOD69 Hound Dog

Medium PVC Shopper Bags

Medium Bag Dimensions: H 39cm, W 31.5cm, D 15cm

All bags feature a magnetic fastening clasp, are fully lined and have a secure zipped pocket to store items such as money or a phone.

20 2 202 3
5CWO64 Cotswold 5DODA64 Dog Days 5FHDU64 Farmhouse Ducks 5FEFR64 Feline Friends 5AQU64 Aquarium 5BEBL64 Bee Bloom 5BFH64 Butterfly House
02 3 80
5NCAW64 Cats in Waiting
81 02 3
5ROGA64 Rose Garden 5WFL64 Wildflower 5WLSH64 Woolly Sheep 5FFX64 Foraging Fox 5HOD64 Hound Dog 5IPA64 Italian Paisley 5MLC64 Mutley Crew

Packable Bags

647AQU Aquarium 647AVY Aviary 649BEBL Bee Bloom 649BKE Bee Keeper 647CWO Cotswold 647CRAN Cranes 649DODA Dog Days 649DTS Dotty Sheep 647BOU Bountiful Floral 647BFH Butterfly House 649NCAW Cats In Waiting
649CWK Catwalk
New or 202 3 or 202 3
649FHDU Farmhouse Ducks 649FEFR Feline Friends 647FMI Field Mice 647FDL Fleur De Lis 647HMG Home Grown 647HOD Hound Dog 647IBL India Blue 647IPA Italian Paisley 649FFX Foraging Fox 647GBL Gardens of Babylon 647GEO Geo Leaves - Large
New or 202 3 New or 202 3
649HDG Hanging Around

Packable Bags

647KYC Kitty Cats 647LEM Lemons 647MPL Mediterranean Plates 649MDY Melody 649ROO Rooster 649ROGA Rose Garden 649SSD Sausage Dog 647TWI Twitter 649MGE Menagerie 647MKB Monkey Business 647MLC Mutley Crew 647ORB Oriental Birds New rSS2 3
647WKE Walkies 649WFL Wildflower 647WWD Wildwood
New rSS2 3
649WLSH Woolly Sheep

Cotton Tea Towels Food & Drink

022BKI Baking 022BAE Bon Appetite 022CFD Cosy Food 022LEM Lemons 022LPY Life’s Peachy 022LSR Lobster 022MPL Mediterranean Plates 022SLM Salmon 022SFO Super Food 022TPF Tropical Fruits

Birds & Bees

for 202 3
028COAB Coastal Birds 022CWO Cotswold 022CRAN Cranes 022DBE Daisy Bees 022AAC Arts & Crafts 022AVY Aviary 028BEBL Bee Bloom
202 3
022BKE Bee Keeper
New for
023BEES Bees 2PK 022BTL Beetles 022BID Birds & Iris Blue 022BFH Butterfly House
& Bees
022DCS Dawn Chorus 028FARB Farm Birds 028FHDU Farmhouse Ducks
New for 202 3 New for 202 3
028GARB Garden Birds 022MDY Melody 022OTRI On The River 022ORB Oriental Birds 022ROO Rooster 022AQU Aquarium 022BAA Baa Baa 022BPR Block Print Rabbits
Animals New for 202 3
022CNTR Canter 022FMI Field Mice 022FFX Foraging Fox 029FFNV Forest Friends Navy 2PK
New for 202 3
029FFSG Forest Friends Sage 2PK 028DODA Dog Days 022DGA Dogs Galore 022DTS Dotty Sheep
New for 202 3
028FEFR Feline Friends 022NCAW Cats In Waiting 022CWK Catwalk 022DAN Chihuahua
Animals New for 202 3
for 202
022DOA Dogs Arrived

Cotton Tea Towels Animals

022GBL Gardens of Babylon 022HDG Hanging Around 022HMG Home Grown 022HOT Hot Dog 022HOD Hound Dog 022IST I’m Slimming Tomorrow 022IBL India Blue 022KIA Kittens Arrived 022KYC Kitty Cats 022MDF Madame Butterfly 022MGE Menagerie
022MAG Moggie Mayhem
022MKB Monkey Business 022MLC Mutley Crew 022PHO Palm House 028RABP Rabbit Patch 022TUL Turtles 022WKE Walkies 022WWD Wildwood 022WFX Woodland Fox
New for SS2 022WHA Woodland Hare 022WOW Woodland Owl 022WSQ Woodland Squirrel 028WLSH Woolly Sheep
3 91
New for SS2

Cotton Tea Towels


022AFL Abstract Flowers 022BLM Bloom 022BOU Bountiful Floral 028COASTA Causeway Geo 028COASTB Causeway Geo 022GAC2 Gardeners Calendar 022GEO Geo Leaves 022HYV Hygge Vases
022IPA Italian Paisley 028MOURNEA Mourne Check 022PPA Pot Plants
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028ROGA Rose Garden
022TCP Tea Cups 022TLE Tropical Leaf 022WES Wedding Sampler 022WFL Wildflower 022YBB Yorkshire Born & Bred 100RED Glass Cloth Red 100GRY Glass Cloth Grey
100NVY Glass Cloth Blue

Cotton Tea Towels

022CEB2 Celtic Blessings 022CEL2 Celtic Celebrations 022CEP2 Celtic Panels 022CES Celtic Shamrocks 022IRI Irish Recipes 022IRT Irish Toasts 022IRW2 Irish Wild Flowers
1602MLN Moch Leno
New for 202 3 Cleaning Cloth 94
022MCI Map & Crests of Ireland
028CHRH Christmas Houses 028GEFD Georgian Front Door 028SKAN Ice Skating Animals New for Christmas 2023 028MIRO Mistletoe & Robin 028NOPO North Pole New for Christmas 2023 028OCTR O Christmas Tree 028ROBE Robins & Berry Border 028SANS Santa Scene 028SWWE Sweater Weather New for Christmas 2023 028TYSH Toyshop 028NIBC Night Before Christmas New for Christmas 2023 02812DC
Twelve Days of Christmas New for Christmas 2023

Merry Mutts

These excited pooches have donned their cosiest Christmas jumpers and are getting into the festive spirit. They’ve posted their letters to Santa, wrapped up their gifts and are ready to help you usher in the Yuletide season by bringing Christmas cheer to your kitchen.

7MEMU03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7MEMU022 Cotton Micro Mitts 649MEMU Packable Bag 028MEMU Cotton Tea Towel 4MEMU80 Cotton Napkin 2PK 7MEMU01 Cotton Apron
New for Christmas 2023 97

Christmas Cats In Waiting

An Ulster Weavers classic gets a Christmas makeover. Our furry friends don their festive knitwear, each finished with a complimenting red trim or a contemporary scalloped border. This range will add an element of fun to any festive table-scape.

7CCAW03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7CCAW022 Cotton Micro Mitts 647CCAW Packable Bag 028CCAW Cotton Tea Towel 4CCAW80 Cotton Napkin 2PK 7CCAW01 Cotton Apron

Frosty Trees

Frosty Trees utilises a contemporary pastel palette of cool pink, soft sage green and icy blue all with a bold hit of black, offset by a little golden metallic printed ink. A simple textured Christmas tree design, beautifully set on a bright white backdrop.

7FROS03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7FROS022 Cotton Micro Mitts 647FROS Packable Bag 028FROS Cotton Tea Towel 4FROS80 Cotton Napkin 2PK 7FROS01 Cotton Apron

Nutcracker Parade

Originating in Germany in the late 17th century, handcrafted nutcracker dolls were originally given as gifts over the festive period. This parade of immaculately dressed soldiers show off brightly coloured uniforms and complimenting plumed hats.

7NCRP03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7NCRP022 Cotton Micro Mitts 647NCRP Packable Bag 028NCRP Cotton Tea Towel 4NCRP80 Cotton Napkin 2PK
7NCRP01 Cotton Apron

Sunny Santa

Nothing says Christmas quite like… flip flops? You bet it does when Christmas is set in sunnier climates! Santa has cast off his big red suit in favour of boardshorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and a pair of sunnies. Too hot for the reindeer, a fiery red vespa helps him make the rounds.

7SYSA03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 647SYSA Packable Bag 7SYSA01 Cotton Apron 028SYSA Cotton Tea Towel 4SYSA80 Cotton Napkin 2PK

Tis The Season

Nothing says Christmas quite like this spectacular Christmas scene! Gifts, Christmas tree’s, sleighs, reindeer, Santa and his bright red sports car! The sage-green background in bang on trend and sets off each element to perfection. Tis The Season with this fun, family friendly collection.

7TISS03 Cotton Double Oven Glove 7TISS022 Cotton Micro Mitts 647TISS Packable Bag 028TISS Cotton Tea Towel 4TISS80 Cotton Napkin 2PK 7TISS01 Cotton Apron

Design Your Own

If you can’t find what you are looking for why not design your own! The possibilities are endless in the variety of products we can design, source and produce.

Bespoke Tea Towel Guide

• 12 Colour Screen Print, Made in Northern Ireland

• Minimum order quantity is 252 units for 1-6 colours, or 504 units for 7-12 colours

• Choose from your own bespoke swing tag, header card or wrap band

• We can also provide your own branded care label too

• For a more cost-effective option we can print your design on a tea towel with a white border and our own Ulster Weavers care label.

Development Process

1. Submit your artwork or collaborate with our in-house design team to develop concept ideas

2. Receive layouts showing the design on your products for full visual effect

3. Once you are happy, we will send you full-scale CAD print out for approval

4. After finalisation we can proceed to bulk production

5. We always aim to have your items ready for delivery within 12 weeks

This is just an initial guide of how we can work together. Project times may vary depending on lead-times of design, production and packaging manufacturing. We will always ensure to work within your budget and time frame offering full support and guidance.

We can also supply other bespoke items, such as aprons, oven gloves, bags etc. Please contact us to discuss these opportunities further.

If this sounds like something of interest, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at:



Merchandising Options

Metal Tea Towel Stand

H 156cm, W 56cm, D 69cm

Unit Code: 9917

This metal tea towel stand is available when purchasing a total of 168 tea towels in up to a maximum of 28 designs and must only be used to display Ulster Weavers products.

The stand has seven display rungs on each side and includes two Ulster Weavers header cards.

Cardboard Packable Bag Display Box

H 23cm, W 33cm, D 17cm

Unit Code: 9925

One of these cardboard display boxes is available to order when purchasing 60 packable bags in up to 10 designs. The box can hold up to 30 bags.


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